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Given recent events in Canada and the gathering convoys in New Zealand and the US and elsewhere around the world, it’s a good time to ask: are petitions and protests and lawsuits the answer to our problems. Long story short: they’re not the answer, but they can serve a practical purpose on the way toward the real answer. Short story long? Watch this video.

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  1. First! Number #1 ☝️

    I’ll comment on the video in a minute ?

    • Great episode of SW! It’s all about trial and error, keep what works, discard what doesn’t. Whether it’s petitions, protests, lawsuits…etc. Here in The Mitten, there was a petition to repeal the law that allowed Big Gretch to lockdown the state. It worked, they got enough signatures, and the house ended up repealing that law. So it can work, depends on the situation. I just don’t want to see people give up before they even start, brush off fighting back as if it never works. That’s what they want you to believe. If enough people get behind a cause, you better believe we can create lasting change in this world!

      We gotta “stop the gears from flowing!” Right James!? ?

    • Please don’t make this a thing everyone. This happens regularly on public forums. It does nothing to help communities grow and develop. It just turns into an ego thing. No disrespect J.P.. I just want to point out being first to reply doesn’t help humanity. I know it is in jest but I have witnessed the repercussions in the past. If we are honest, we are all in this to gain knowledge, find solutions, help ourselves and in turn hopefully everyone around us. It is not a competition. This community is growing and there are already infiltrators, do not succumb to their way of thinking. (Not you J.P. that I know of, it is an honest effort but the consequences to the community can be dire). My two cents from experience.

      (This should be showing up as a reply to the “first” comment but it is not.)

      • I was joking around, having fun. Lighten up.

        Respectfully, I’m not going to stop having fun on here and sensor myself just because you’re too sensitive to handle it.

        • Not sensitive, sharing experience.

          Take from it what you will.

          Enough said on my part.

  2. Hate to be the bummer here, but I don’t think this library example is much of a win. What, exactly, did he win? Access to the library? He wins the right he should have? He had to invest a bunch of time and effort in order to not lose his right, so he lost the time and effort. So, does everyone have access to the libraries now? Nope, the mask mandates remain, unless you can prove exemption.

    A couple years ago, we all had access to libraries, then we didn’t, and now, after some intense litigation, we do again, and that’s a win?

    I like how Jordan Peterson described it in terms of rats. Adolescent rats try to play with the adults, and the adults play with the adolescents, but if the adults win each time, the adolescents lose interest. The adolescents have to win at least 10% of the time or they’ll give up. So the adult rats LET the adolescent rats win from time to time, so they have hope and keep litigating, mistakenly thinking they have some real power over the situation.

    Litigation, at best, minimizes our losses, but we never actually gain ground.

    • TheOMFGalaxyBrain says:
      “Hate to be the bummer here, but I don’t think this library example is much of a win.”

      I disagree.
      And it really doesn’t hinge on a “change in library policy”, which eventually did occur after Shad pushed harder.

      My contention is that any sane pushback against the official narrative has value.
      Pushback against Authoritarianism and the official narrative is the win.
      Non-compliance and resistance against the system is the win.

      We are not jello to be molded by the system.
      Anytime, anyone takes an action to break away from the mold, I contend that is a win for our side.
      Will my puny boycott of certain services and products change the system?
      Probably not. But I win, not “Them”.

      The real losers are those who go along with being molded like jello into the system.
      I’ll cheer on anyone who actually does something rather than be molded by Authoritarians. They are winners in my book.

      • “any sane pushback against the official narrative has value.”

        100% agree. If nobody did anything where would we be already? Where I am not many do anything publicly and it is pretty bad in my position. Hope is difficult. Of course behind closed doors and in whispers some people see the tyranny, but publicly no one stands up except in past protests which no longer happen as everyone saw it did nothing. They had plans of different approaches but I have seen none manifest. I try to occasionally drop seeds with the ignorant but I have yet to see a plant grow, more water perhaps but, I have spoken up with everyone I know and am now outcast, alone and sub-class.

        Everything is distracted by the Ukraine now anyways which as I see it is another covid story, may peace be granted to the innocents in that story.

        I would add omfgalaxy. I do agree with you in some sense. It is not easy to have hope.

        • Personally I have been on the edge of being the ‘madman’ making a stand publicly alone. It means I will probably lose absolutely EVERYTHING. And going by experience I don’t think it will make a difference except for my soul when I die. I already risk much just posting here.

          There are probably many in my position.

        • Hare says:
          “I try to occasionally drop seeds with the ignorant but I have yet to see a plant grow, more water perhaps…”
          Good on you! You are my kind of person. We are on the same team. I know it is tough sometimes.

          I can say this with absolute certainty:
          “Repeat the Message.”

          “Repeat the Message” when appropriate for your situation and in a way which fits your style.
          “Repeat the Message” is a powerful tool which we all have.
          It works.
          Maybe not on every dense head, but eventually, even if years from now, something will click for many.
          I know this works.
          I’ve seen it. Often.

          “Repeat the Message” is more powerful than most people realize.
          It is a solution which anyone can apply.

          We don’t have to drown people and overwhelm them, just gracefully “Repeat the Message” when it fits.

      • This is my push-back covid story.

        Last year, I purchased a nice big lanyard with a medical symbol on it, an alert message of ‘Heart Condition” and a concise “mask exemption” blurb.

        I sport it on my chest every time I hop on a bus or go into a shop. Naturally, I do not have a heart problem nor do I have a real medical exemption to show. However, the English-written plastic card (in a non-English speaking country) looks ominous enough to have people leave me alone.

        However, for the few recalcitrant ones who want me to wear a mask, I politely explain that I they can’t force me as wearing a mask would make me lose consciousness and I may potentially die. However, if they still carry on, I show them a nicely crafted paper demanding their name, address and identity card number that will be used in a legal proceeding against them, should I collapse and become seriously disabled.

        At that point, they generally leave me alone. However, I picked up the lanyard over a year ago, before the mass vaccination program started, but I soon realised that I could insert in the story some other naughty made-up not-so-hidden messages, i.e. I developed this heart condition as result of my first [insert your fave vax brand] injection and now I am a lifetime disabled. That would give extra food for thought for the still brainwashed normies.

        That has worked so far and I have been left alone … 🙂

        • ***** Read this anecdote !

          WoW! What a wonderful story of creative, clever pushback!
          I hope this story gets logged in the history books.

        • That’s quite a show you are putting out there, dear sir. God bless.

    • “….Litigation, at best, minimizes our losses, but we never actually gain ground….”

      In your CURRENT position vs Satan Klaus and the other oligarchs you win by not losing.

      Kinda like if your leg is spurting blood a tourniquet won’t fix it but might keep you alive until help gets there or something else good happens

  3. March 2nd is Texas Independence Day.

    Damn it…the Republic of Texas didn’t last more than a decade.
    Texas Independence Day is the celebration of the adoption of the Texas Declaration of Independence on March 2, 1836. With the document signed by 59 delegates, settlers in Mexican Texas officially declared independence from Mexico and created the Republic of Texas.
    In 1845, Texas decided to be a part of the United States.

    And now karma haunts Texicans with Federal “State of the Union” speeches each year.

  4. I see the Canadian Trucker Protest as a win, not because it shut down Ottawa for a short time, but because it brought out a lot of like minded people. It also forced the Oligarchs to show us what they have planned relative to rule by digital money and their ability to cut anyone who does not comply out of it.
    I read a Financial News Letter that was calling for anyone with money in a Canadian Bank to move it out ASAP. Indeed, I believe it was the Canadian Bankers that convinced Trudeau to retract the Emergency Order even though the Canadian Parliament passed it.
    I think that means that the Emergency Order is officially on the books for Trudeau to reinstate at any time.
    I would consider the exposure of how they can cut off anyone at any time for anything a wake-up call.
    If you have money in the Bank it is at risk.

  5. Hello all. I’m new here and would like to express my appreciation for James and all the work he does. I’d also like to share another of my go to sources, Del Bigtree and the Highwire. I’m including a link to a recent interview with a former investment fund manager. The discussion speaks to the truth of where we are now and how we move forward, sharing truth and doing what we can.

    • That was a nice interview with ex-Blackrock fund manager Edward Dowd.
      He has really been pulling the strings on people dying because of vaccines by looking at Life Insurance companies and also Funeral Homes for the fiscal year 2021. The Funeral Home business out performed the S&P for 2021.
      Ed Dowd has some other interviews and occasionally post updates.

      SUB-THREAD – Life Insurance Companies, Funeral Homes, Excess Deaths
      Lots of different stories.
      It is a long sub-thread and stops when you see Broc West’s name.

      • Thanks for linking these two reports, connecting the dots. And still TPTSNB don’t pull their experimental gene therapy. That leads me to believe it is working as intended.

  6. To Shad Budge and really any interested party pursuing this line of action. I understand you’re in Canada but I would not be surprised if you have similar legal measures on the book for litigation. Look into Deprivation of Rights under color of Law. It is a serious crime of official oppression and here is the summary under TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242 from the website

    “Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.
    For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. Persons acting under color of law within the meaning of this statute include police officers, prisons guards and other law enforcement officials, as well as judges, care providers in public health facilities, and others who are acting as public officials. It is not necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of the victim.

    The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term, or the death penalty, depending upon the circumstances of the crime, and the resulting injury, if any.”

    Should hopefully give those in positions of so called “authority” engaged in the criminality of depriving anyone of their natural rights pause. Perhaps look into filing criminal affidavit complaints against the officer and clerk of the library. Next time you have a run in with the RCMP require they provide their name, badge and indemnity insurance number. Anyone operating in this capacity has to have this line of insurance and complaints filed against the officer can include termination of employment.

    • Hey Shad, I actually live in the States here in North Carolina. Thing is lawyers are part of the British Accreditation Registry, these are esquires of the court. Not saying it isn’t possible to find a lawyer concerned with the rights of living beings but they are few and far between and I suspect there are tacit policies litigating covid related proceedings that can land attorneys in some hot water. It does tend to be very difficult to draw blood from these entities even in the pursuit of justice and lawyers want slam dunks with large pecuniary incentives.

      Maybe the route going forward is pro se litigation where you can do all the filings and complaints yourself. Cal Washington is prominent member of that community in Canada that has some success in this regard. Much of my knowledge comes from the Crrow777 podcast and the on going legal series which is just a wealth of knowledge. Cal Washington, Alphonse Faggiolo, Lena Pu, Dr. Graves and Mark Pytellek are excellent guests. Randy Kelton really goes after officers who refuse to take complaints. There should be laws on the book in Canada under something like official oppression.

      Alphonse Faggiolo has a site where you can possibly find help in the forums and access to contacts. Also Dr. Graves has a pro se course called jurisdictionary. It’s a crash course in court proceedings and filings in the US that can probably be formatted for Canadian application.

      I think you have a great win on your hands just in getting the library to back down. Perhaps going forward with this case may yield diminishing returns. A lot of the techniques are there to achieve results before ever getting to court, which you have done and should be applauded. All parties should think twice before harassing you or anyone else, hopefully. No further action may even be required. It took some real courage to do that.

      Hope this helps man. Best wishes.

  7. Some good news: Hypnosis has limitations.

    Mass hypnosis works very well as we have seen.
    Many people were programmed into mindless mask-wearing drones
    happy to get a clot-shot.

    But hypnosis works only at one topic, because it needs to
    continuously replace reality with the programming,
    And the topic is now Ukraine.

    So now is a good time to get people up to date on the real facts!
    Mask wearing is already being exposed.
    And people seem to become more aware of the side-effects.

  8. Just watched the beginning and saw where you were going with that flashback from 10 years ago… “Oh please. pretty please govt. let us have these concessions or favors from you..etc.”

    Of course that is playing into their system and won’t change much.

    But the Canadian trucker convoy was not going that route (no pun intended).
    They were going for all the marbles. They were not asking for concessions.
    They were demanding a total dropping of all federal Covid mandates. Every single last one of them.

    The problem they had was poor strategy and communications between the leaders and the truckers.
    Once the leaders were jailed, the truckers had no Plan B.
    In hindsight, we can see they were rather poorly organized.

    Of course they had all the cards stacked against them as well due to the MSM
    being in the back pocket of the government and spinning the story in such a way as to alienate the truckers from the normie public.

    Also the funding issue should have been thought out BEFORE they started their trek.

    • I don’t think that movement had any propensity for organisation. Its strongest suit was at the same time its strongest weakness. The funding was an obvious choke point and really nobody should have been surprised that it went how it went. Many of the moves played went straight into government slavemaster’s hand as it’s their system and they hold all the keys.

      • Yes I agree with you.
        I wonder if/when the next protest occurs they will have learned their lessons?

        Knock-knock… the American trucker convoys?

  9. Protests are fun social gatherings, but Guns, Gold and Gardens are the real solutions.

    • 3G ‘S’ wavelength.

  10. What is concerning about James & his solutions watch series, he doesn’t give real hard solutions. Just platitudes. Influencers with large followings & main stream all seem to be on the same page, wanting people to stay stupid & lazy.

    1-you have the power as individuals to bring litigation on your own
    2-lawyers want you to stay stupid
    3-you can learn this & take action

    The courts system in the western world is yours & you have access to it. Many, Many people are having huge results, the MSM & influencers will not talk about, because they do not want the slaves to stand on their own 2 feet.
    Suggestions to start with-
    1-Alphonzo Faggiolo telegram group, you can find a lot of people having results.
    2-Jurisdictionary course take a look at it. It works & its cheap.
    3-Reseach how to do BAR grievances, Judicial complaints, Criminal complaints in your area.
    4-Take action, learn & keep it simple.

    You have more power than you think. Government employee’s from cops to politicians get scared when their name is on a lawsuit too.
    James needs to talk about these solutions more often instead of general platitudes. You can use the system to be a real pain in the ass to these corrupt people.

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