The CIA Preps Their Next JFK Psyop

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We all know that the last of the JFK assassination records are due to be declassified in October. And we even know what the government says it’s hiding from us. But do you know the story that the CIA is trying to plant in the public consciousness about what is going to be “revealed” in these documents?


JFK Assassination Files: Oliver Stone Testifies Before Congress on Government Records (1992)

JFK Records Act

Assassination Records Review Board

Bamford’s 2001 report on Operation Northwoods

25 year disclosure mandate

National Archives reveals JFK declassification plans

Countdown to 2017

What the government is still hiding about the JFK assassination

How the CIA Came to Doubt the Official Story of JFK’s Murder

The assassination of President John F Kennedy: the finger points to the KGB

Formation of the Warren Commission

Episode 287 – Meet Lee Harvey Oswald, Sheep-Dipped Patsy


  1. Lies, damned lies and declassified CIA documents. This is so ridiculous on so many levels one has to be amazed. They must be laughing their butts off.

    • mkey says: They must be laughing their butts off.

  2. I started laughing when I saw that one unreadable document. Reminded me when I used to scan old microfiche records. Yech! I’ve often wondered (just idle curiosity, not active) why they ever really released the Northwoods papers. It’s so easy to bury paperwork in government; yet they didn’t.

    • Yeah, really. It made me wonder how many tens-of-thousands of times they must have ran those documents through a Xerox in pre-Photoshop times to generate that kind of dcument degradation. It’s pure bullshit.

      • It’s hilarious to me that people expect an honest answer from an agency whose very job is to lie. It’s one of the reasons I never read them. That, and grad school ended my passion for that type of research. While it is true that who controls the past, controls the future; history is a perspective on the past. It doesn’t even require ill will for it to become a pile of government. Even though I graduated in 97, I bet I haven’t read a dozen serious works of history since then. It’s amazing how much wind an academic can put in between book covers.

  3. What a coincidence, i watched yesterday Oliver Stone’s JFK again (with all the extra’s). Without knowing this news.

    • While I’ve never really kept up with the JFK assassination, or his brother’s, I do remember seeing the Library (only from the outside) and another video interview from the police officer whose story contradicted the official story. He spoke out and was then promptly killed in the line of duty. He spoke of the spent casings being so neatly arranged. The CIA has always had a heavy hand. It’s one of their trademarks.
      I remember when the CIA agents who had kidnapped the Muslim man in italy were tried. While it only received 20 minutes (or was it seconds?) of airtime on CBS, and none on any other american “news” station, it did get a lot of coverage in germany and italy. These agents were as James Bond as the Muppets. But why do they need to be stealthy when they control all the news outlets? Plus, working for the state makes them untouchable.

  4. While reading that I felt I was stuck in some strange mixture of GoodFellows, Harrison Bergeron (sp?), and Monty Python without the humor. All stuck in a scene in a trailer park. I could only make it through about 90% of it. After that, the constant repeating, with changes, turned it all into mush.

    • Harrison Bergeron was a movie based on a screenplay by Kurt Vonnegut. It is an intentionally cheesy looking 1950s styled America where everyone wears this device on their head to make them average. A C grade is optimal. Brandon Fraser (I know) plays the hero who takes his off. My favorite character is played by the Eugene Levy, who plays the president, who is selected by lottery. He is absolutely fantastically insane! It is an amazing, and often over-looked, movie that would do well in the NWO Film series. Goodfellows was a pretty accurate portrayal of the NY mob. DeNiro and Pechi (my favorite lunatic in the movie) were amazing. History Buffs (a youboob channel) has a nice review of it. I would recommend both whole-heartedly.

      • Yes, Kurt was an amazing man. This was never a book, but a screenplay written by him. Suppressed immediately, but never entirely. I only learned of it by chance from a friend who loved these types of movies. He was such an amazing man. Did you know he never wrote drafts? When he finished a book, it was finished the first time. Not that the trash can wasn’t filled during the writing process. Every word had to be perfect. Having written (for myself only as a rule) myself, I view the first draft more as an exploration of an idea, with the cementing of it to follow in the editing. His mind must have been so amazingly clear. I loved Levy’s role: “Nuke ’em”. Now I need to go watch it again. Ten years ago is ten years ago too long.

      • Goodfellows
        Jump Into The Fire gives the flavor of the movie.

        …and listen to that bass!

        In a 1968 interview John Lennon said of Harry Nilsson, “everything influences everything, Nilsson’s my favorite group.” McCartney mirrored the statement. In the same interview, the two confirm Nilsson is both their “favorite artist” and “favorite American group”. Later that day, when a journalist wondered what they thought about American music, Lennon replied, “Nilsson! Nilsson for president.

  5. Yes Chomsky’s “Who cares” (about 9/11 today)?
    My response: “Who cares about Chomsky?”

  6. Moral squeamishness. Yes, many think they are beyond that until their own morality is tested. It may take years for it to bubble up, but by then it is too late for the deed has been done. Those that don’t have this quality are generally low-level psychopaths who aren’t capable of the mental organization required to be a successful assassin. A violent life-style has a habit of returning in the form of self-destructive behavior patterns.

  7. Isn’t it amazing how incredulous the Russians were that our “republic” could still stand after that abomination? Reminds me of when Jefferson wrote Adams about how the theft of the presidency by Adams’ son showed how it would still stand. Or even Nixon.

  8. I don’t think any of these idiots ever really wanted to commit to nuclear warfare. Maybe a completely insane general or two.

    Oliver Stone claims that at the time JFK became president there was a huge disparity between US and USSR armaments, making the “race” a matter of colloquialism and propaganda. I don’t know if there is anything concrete to support JKF’s intent to demilitarize the West-East stance. It sounds like that “he wanted to take on the bankers” malarkey.

    • Uh, speaking as someone who spent time in the army, I disagree. In fact, while I was in there was this whole concept of limited nuclear war being promoted. Those morons actually believed that if we nuked someone, they would play all nice and just nuke us back a little bit. There are a lot of bulletheads leading the way in the military. Look at mixmaster. All he can think of is a frontal assault military solution. Hardly a master of war. Never forget that in a bureaucracy, it isn’t cream that’s floating on the top of that milkshake. Smart people generally get out because the sheer insanity and stupidity of those above them make the idea of staying intolerable.

      • I don’t doubt there’s a lot of insanity brewing in the military circles, but there’s also a lot of stupidity, politics and careerism. I think (a pure conjecture) these generals don’t start wars that often, but they do get brought into a messy situation to take one for the team. Sometimes they get the chance to be on the forefront of a stellar victory.

        I’m not saying they don’t want to use nukes because of goodness of their heart. Were the US the only nuclear power we would probably had more opportunity to see the bomb used throughout history, but the only times it was used was back then when the US was the only nuclear power.

        • Generals are all for wars. They love the idea of others dying so they can grab the glory. The top levels seem to only see war as the only answer. These are the types that make it to the top. Smart people get out. Just as in every government bureaucratic system. One of the reasons a standing army is the greatest threat to liberty is because they are always headed by idiots. If you knew just how idiotic they were, you probably wouldn’t sleep as good as you do now. When you watch mixmaster on tv; remember he only thinks of the direct military option. For someone in his position, that thought should be on the back burner. But it isn’t in his. Bulletheads run the army. They have a one-track mind and it’s always set on stupid.

          Things haven’t changed much since Montcalm grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory over Wolfe which gave canada to england. One of the dumbest battles the world has ever seen.

        • I remember reading a fairly convincing story that the Russians got the nuclear bomb straight out of the white house. I believe it came through the state department. I wish I could remember more of it, but I had forgotten it completely until I just read your comment.

  9. One thing astounds me.
    I can’t believe that the Russia Ploy has gotten so much milage.

    You would think that the general public would get pretty tired of hearing all this stuff about Russia.

    Maybe the world is devolving into a more stupider state of “Ignoramus Maximus”.

    Yes, now we can -er with more.

    • I think the mileage is out of the fake left side of things. By constantly reinforcing the idea, the weaker minds of that side come to believe it. The fake right already has their mind set against it, not due to logic, but because of their hatred of the left. Or then again, it could be the CIA is just out of touch. While everyone tends to believe the myth that the powers that be are smarter than the rest, I’ve never thought that to be the case. Once you take out all the fluffy, descriptive words their spin doctors use to make them sound all-powerful, they are left looking quite inept.
      By the way, when you recently posted the links to the articles concerning the weapons being used against the mind; it reminded me that the cases of the face-eating zombies (in which the toxicology reports came up negative for drugs) that we occasionally hear of, could actually be victims of such weapons. Remember, in almost every zombie movie the government is behind it.

  10. A must read for JFK researchers is “Murder in Dealey Plaza: What We Know Now that We Didn’t Know Then” by James H. Fetzer published Aug. 2000. He goes into great detail from eye witness testimony, Zapruder film modifications, medical forensic investigations into the National archives, etc.. You can only come to the conclusion that Oswald was the “patsy” and 3 letter government agencies, including the Secret Service, were behind the assassination.

    Fetzer has a few others regarding JFK, but the most recent one is “JFK Who How and Why” published this year (2017). I’ve purchased it but haven’t read it yet. Looking forward to it, however.


  11. Off topic, but thought you might like to know what military weapons your local police have collected. Just off Activist Post. My county has about 50 M-16s and 9 12 GA. They are lightly armed. Plus, they are a bunch of idiots, so they are facing better armed good-old boys who live by don’t start none, won’t be none. Anyway, here’s the link:

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