The Climate Death Cult’s Mask is Slipping

by | Mar 10, 2024 | Newsletter | 70 comments

Have you heard the latest nonsense from the climate cultists?

No, I’m not talking about recycling human hair to change the weather.

And I’m not talking about the hot new fad of defacing works of art (and the US constitution) to end climate change.

No, I’m talking about the incredible, newly discovered (and peer-reviewed!) scientific fact that the act of breathing in and out is itself an offense against the weather gods. Or, in the slightly higher-falutin’ language of the clickbait headline writers:

Humans Are Fueling Global Warming By Just Breathing, Study Claims


But have you actually read the study that generated these headlines? And, more to the point, did you sift through that pseudoscientific propaganda to get to the bloodcurdling reality that lies beneath the headlines? When you do drill down, you’ll discover that the real utility of a “scientific” study like this one stems not from any perceived scientific merit, but from the role it plays in furthering a very dark agenda. And, armed with that knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to confront the cultists’ agenda.

Intrigued? Here, let me explain . . .

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  1. RE:
    James Corbett’s March 10th article The Climate Death Cult’s Mask is Slipping

    I adamantly agree that, as James points out, we must “rekindle our love of life” and hold close “the unstoppable power of the dynamic human spirit”. Retaining our humanity and compassionate understanding is foundational to our being.

    Throughout reading his newsletter, my thoughts kept ricocheting to “Narrative”, to “Story”.
    How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!)

    The winning Narrative floats to the top. It has the most visibility, an agreed upon consensus. And thus, it shapes the culture.

    I think that there is a lot of context mixed in with gaining a winning narrative.

    One piece of context is Communication Channels.
    A narrative needs to have a communication pathway.
    When the mainstream government and corporations control many of these pathways, then their narratives will be the messages on those pathways.
    As Corbett has often emphasized, a solution for us is to direct people to alternative pathways of integrity.

    Another piece of context with gaining a winning narrative is Mush Brains or not.
    If the receiver of a message has an inability to evaluate the narrative, then they certainly won’t recognize false narratives.
    Thus, it behooves the mainstream government and corporations to create Mush Brains.
    They are doing a pretty good job of making Mush Brains.

    • “If the receiver of a message has an inability to evaluate the narrative, then they certainly won’t recognize false narratives.”

      In a nutshell this is it. Speaking with those around me, I am not hopeful but we have to keep trying!

  2. What will they do when they discover that our climate is governed by the sun; that the migration of the earth’s magnetic poles foretells severe climate changes; that the destruction of the AMOC (Gulf Stream, basically) will bring on serious global cooling; and that, if astronomical theory is correct, the sun will ‘micronova’ at some point during this current century, bringing out dependence on electricity to an end. People believe that the ‘bunkers’ that the ‘elite’ are building are due to the fear of civil unrest. Instead, it is quite possible that they are privy to the solar forecast, and are preparing.

    • Who’s they? If you are referring to them I’m pretty confident they already know full well.

      • They means any source pushing the climate change agenda. And yes, I would agree that the climate change agenda has nothing to do with climate and everything to do with control of the peasantry.

    • well obviously they will need to block out the sun with some a cloud of micro- dust Not doing so would be too much of a risk.

      • Anthony.b I think you may be right.

  3. I may be convinced into the necessity of breathing into a bag, but what do we do about farts? We are climate doomed.

    • Haha Yes, love it!

      I think our farts could be bad for the planet. I do think its diet related though. For instance, when I mix a dose of taco bell with some arbys and mcdonalds, the methane nitrous oxide mix coming from by backside could sedate a horse

      • I don’t dine at these establishments, but beans, cabbage and even eggs can lead to a similar… output. Sometimes I am left baffled and stupefied, even speechless.

        Maybe they’ll equip us with a flatulence meter so that we may take our just part in the greater scheme of settling the methane ladden climate debt.

        Fair is fair, as long as our gubment is doing it to us, we may not complain. I hope I’ll get a stainless steel model without a remotely controlled shut off valve.

    • Maybe the gov will make us wear charcoal impregnated underwear. At one time they were making car manufactures put charcoal canisters in automobile fuel systems.

  4. “Late last year, PLoS One published “Measurements of methane and nitrous oxide in human breath and the development of UK scale emissions,” which posits that “[e]xhaled human breath can contain small, elevated concentrations of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), both of which contribute to global warming.”

    One of the most disgusting and idiotic things is that there are those, (I guess we would have to call them people) who actually are getting money to research (sic) this kind of stuff and far worse are those who are supplying the money. If truth be known, it is probably our money that is being used. Is there something that goes beyond insanity?


  5. Mark Levin guest the late Dr. Patrick Michaels, director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute in 15 mins of brilliant assessment of reality…

    Basically…in one hundred years of study, world temp has warmed up 9/10ths of ONE DEGREE.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Speaking at the Rio conference, Deputy Assistant of State Richard Benedick, who then headed the policy divisions of the U.S. State Department said:

    “A global warming treaty [Kyoto] must be implemented even if there is no scientific evidence to back the [enhanced] greenhouse effect.”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    In 1996, former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev emphasized the importance of using climate alarmism to advance socialist Marxist objectives:

    “The threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster key to unlock the New World Order.”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Carbon dioxide is necessary for plant growth. Less then 150 ppm and all plant life will die ending the production of oxygen and thus, ending the existence of humanity. More Carbon Dioxide in the air means crops grow better and require less water.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    There is no man-made global warming. Just like the “pandemic” lie, not one piece of scientific evidence is available supporting the theory. It is all an attempt to create a global tax and global governance.

    The controllers have been feeding lies to humanity for a long time…Saviors/after life; Oil and Water shortage; need for wars; etc. And most recently the revelations by civilian researchers of the Mud Flood and Mandela Effect twists of hiding our true history. Many are learning S.M.A.R.T technology doesn’t make one smart.

  6. JC: “But humans are the answer, not the problem.”

    I know it strains credibility, but the people designing and implementing this dystopian agenda are also “humans,” though certainly a particularly virulent strain. These are also the same “humans” who have created the artificial technocratic world that has produced obscene pollution and degradation of the natural world. They have engineered human life to become dependent on a de-sacralized, exploitative way of living: eating poisoned, synthetic food, wearing synthetic clothing recycled from the oil industry, being addicted to all kinds of technological “wonders” that turn them into mindless zombie sheeple.

    So the question is really, how to recover our true, intrinsic humanity. How do we return to a human way of life that recognizes that humanity is embedded in the vast web of Life and that lives accordingly? Technology itself is not the problem; it’s that technology is mainly in the hands of the globocap psychopaths and is being developed only to enhance and enforce the evil agenda of globocap, not to benefit humans or nature.

    You see, I live close to nature and my love is for nature. I see that the beautiful, living world is being poisoned and suffocated with chemicals, radiation, plastics, pharmaceuticals, etc. that emanate from the psychopathic domination of nature by these “globocap humans” who are a cancer; these same “humans” who are demanding that regular good people all over the world claim the culpability for this poisoning and accept responsibility for reducing the degradation that they, the psychopathic “humans,” are producing. All while they continue their maniacal rampage of tearing up our beloved planet in order to create tons and tons of stupid, worthless junk that they’ve managed to convince people they need and want. (That study about how “breathing is contributing to climate change” is the most deranged thing they’ve come up with yet!)

    So as James and many others are saying, we need to, first, see what is going on (immense gratitude to James et al.) and then reject the alluring poisoned apple that globocap is seducing the world with. I applaud James’ vision: let’s find our grounding in real human values in harmony with nature and, in community of fellow humans, together create a world we truly want to live in.

    • This is going to take generations, at best, to improve satisfactorily. Can we agree that a primary goal would be a world where truth and transparency reign supreme? We are part of the grand evolution of humanity. Our individual lifetimes are very small in comparison. We are simultaneously cursed and blessed with our clearer perspectives of the seemingly dysfunctional patterns, but can do nothing to alter the larger developments, while the bulk of humanity has yet to evolve vision. We must ALL attain mastery of ego before Utopia manifests.

      • What you say is true Hanky. It will take generational time for humans to unlearn some inculcated habits that keep many humans stuck in very dysfunctional habitual patterns. However I question what you say, that “We must ALL attain mastery of ego…” I believe it’s not so much a matter of mastery. That would imply that ego is a de facto entity, that it automatically inheres to everyone and therefore must be mastered (subjugated, suppressed) in order to have a society that is equitable and just, that functions fairly for all.

        I would instead say that ego is not the same as individuality. Humans are able to realize themselves as unique individuals with their own propensities and characteristics, their own views, opinions, and sense of what is “right” without reifying that individuality as a “Me,” an identity that is separate from the web of Life. It is like a little bubble in the sea; it proclaims its existence and then, pop!, it is gone. The sea remains as always. When we’re able to identify more with our “sea” aspect than with our ephemeral “bubble” aspect we are able to function through our bubble-beings (individual identities) while simultaneously knowing that we are emanations of the Whole.

        That is the evolution I believe you are intuiting. It’s simply a shift out of a limited identity into a more all-encompassing identity. When this is genuinely accomplished, the vaster identity subsumes the limited identity. That is, the ego cannot claim to be that vaster identity. The vaster identity always knows who it is, that it is not the limited, personal identity. The personal identity goes on functioning, having opinions preferences, qualities, talents, etc. Sometimes, maybe often even, it perceives entirely through the personal identity. But there is always a deeper knowing of who it truly is, the Intelligence of the Whole which is perceiving through every living being: animal, plant and even to some degree mineral life. Life is made of Intelligence and Intelligence is Living.

        So I believe this is our evolutionary path and yes, it will take generations for this shift in how individuals know themselves to have the mass effect needed for full societal change. Meanwhile, even having that kind of shift in our awareness as where we are heading will help to radically alter how we live and interact with each other and all Life.

        • Words for these concepts are pretty insufficient, especially the word ego. I was thinking of it as a natural and necessary means to further individual and family survival. But it regularly overcomes objectivity and fairness. So it counters societal advances in morality and other basics. It is a hard concept to define, but until most people understand it, progress will be elusive.
          The problem arises when we hitch our individual identities to goals set by the ego. This will cause havoc until we evolve past the shiny and distracting prizes that it offers.
          We ALL need to improve in our understanding and control of that part of our psyches.

          I appreciate your interest in this area of grander progress, and thank you for your thoughtful reply.

          PS Although I am considered nonreligious, there are a very few tenets that I favor, based on nothing but faith. One is that Truth is preferable to Lies. The other, more directly related to the topic at hand, is faith in the miraculous power of healing. This gives me hope that Honesty and sanity will ultimately prevail, although it is not close at hand.

          PPS I don’t want anyone to think that I am minimizing the importance of James’ work. On the contrary, it is a vital part of our mental (logic) and spiritual (courage) evolution.

  7. There is another solution. Don’t kill everyone; let’s go live in outer space. Meanwhile, for those stuck in this hellhole of Mother Earth, by means of a new fashionable mask, we can simply direct all our exhalations into collection tubes, then compress the dangerous gasses, and rocket them off into outer space.
    There are, of course problems with this scheme too. Firstly, scientists have carefully determined that outer space is very large, and confusing. But AI can tell us where, in outer space, we should send our gaseous waste products to. Unfortunately, we don’t have a boogeyman, like Putin or Bin Laden to target (but that may be remedied soon). Also, there are still technical difficulties in collecting all the flatulence, and compressing it, without causing a huge combustion hazard. But here again, we can address this problem by exempting Congress from contributing to the collection/concentration scheme. If necessary, we can also exempt the NFL and the NBA from contributing. Anyway, as they say, when there is a will, there is a way.

  8. Corbett says “recycling is a scam,” but the article linked to concerns only plastic, of which just a small portion is economically recyclable under current technology. Cardboard and paper, which comprise the greatest part of clean waste at my place, apparently is readily recycled.
    In the future, if any, I suspect reclamation techniques will improve and people will be mining landfills.

    • taxpayer

      mining landfills is a pretty funny idea- but i think your probably right. They would need some kind of auto sorting tech or the waste would have to be very valuable or rare at that time.

      Lol, or luxury goods, I read a novel (Julian Comstock) where the world basically collapsed back into aprox 1850ish tech and people were indeed mining landfills and the toxic dumps like Love Canal for the cool stuff, including things like crockery, the way barbarians used to rob roman ruins for glassware/

      • Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s the environmental scare being purveyed then was landfills. There were to many, we were running out of space, things were being land-filled that should not be, and we were all going to be buried in our own garbage. One university (forgive me for not recalling which, it was thirty years ago, at least) decided to find out what was going on inside these landfills (I am sure it was funded by a grant, ie us taxpayers). They went to mostly already full landfills and drilled bore holes to see what they brought up. One of the things they found was that paper was taking up more than its share of space compared to plastics. Plastics have also had a bad rep from greenies because of their expanding use since the 1960s. Most plastic items get squashed almost flat from the over bearing pressure of burial. Paper did not decay away as readily because bacterial action was reduced in the lowered oxygen environment of compacted landfills. They actually brought up old newspapers and telephone books on which the print could still be read.
        Are telephone books still made and used in these days of smart phones?

    • Luckily, there’s a test to determine whether recycling any particular product makes sense, is there a market for it outside of GovCo coercion? If so, fewer resources will be used recycling that product than replacing that product. Good for profits, good for the environment. Mandated recycling programs are a scam. If there is a profit opportunity in recycling, it will happen without government coercion. The profit realized is due to a reduction in resource use versus replacement. Which, conveniently, is “better for the environment”.


  9. Methane. Notice that no one pushing the climate change agenda has ever spoken about the destruction of the Nordstream system, which pushed more methane into the atmosphere than the history of human breathing, cattle farting, etc.

  10. Another eye-rolling study from the climate cabal. But that got me thinking. Let’s start by doing away with some obvious pollution; namely, private jets. Think of all the carbon emissions from all the private jets of all the Davos and Bilderberg folks, etc. flying around. The globalist must be the first to “put their money where their mouth is”, to “lead by example”. (what a wonderful rally cry to shout at the next globalist gathering) Here’s how we might start, in the U.S. at least.

    Find a sympathetic congressman or woman to introduce a bill to ground all private jets/airplanes. Or if that seems too broad, start with personal private jets. Make it illegal to fly a personal private jet with extreme financial penalties or jail time if one does. I think just introducing a bill like this will give the globalist/climate cabal pause.

    There really is no need for anyone to travel by private jet. A globalist can simply fly commercial to get to wherever it is they go.

    • Are you mad, Maxx? Thought (and thot) leaders don’t fall in with plebs. Private jetting also does not include damp waiting lounges, scanning nor invasive probing.

      They work hard to impose those on plebs only, thank you very much.

    • @Maxx

      Most private jets use High-bypass geared turbofan engines which are basically a gussied up version of the same thing people in the 60-s and 70-s would have used. Those jet engines were slightly adapted versions of a technology designed by the Nazi Ministry of Aviation, with a first run date of 27 May 1943.

      Commercial jet air craft in use today are also nothing more than gussied up versions of that same archaic nazi tech.

      The stagnation in fuel, engineering and propulsion system tech in the area of aviation (to anyone who has been paying attention and using their pattern recognition capabilities) shows how even “rich” people are brainwashed and/or forced to settle for hand-me-downs when it comes to technology in that arena. Or, those few oligarchs that have access to alternative forms of transportation/propulsion have to at least pretend that their private jets are the coolest most high tech things available.

      The fact that we have supercomputers in our pockets, nano-tech, drone swarms and AI chatbots writing poetry and making freaky art, and yet we are using essentially the same aviation technology that was invented during the second world war should raise some red flags, but for many people, they have been conditioned to see this highly anomalous aberration in one area of technological / scientific stagnation as “normal”.

      This to me, is a testament to how effective the propaganda of today is, to be capable of convincing billions of people that we as humans are capable of creating all the technologies I listed above (and more) and yet no-one has been able to come up with a better energy generation/propulsion technology than some nazi scientists close to a century ago.

      • What’s your take on this obvious technological chasm? We are running severely behind in many and I do mean MANY departments.

        Internal combustion engines, batteries, nuclear reactors, construction (materials and technology), agriculture… to name just a few.

        I understand that one of the breaks we have on is capitalism itself, which is essentially anticompetitive. But there is surely more to it.

        • @mkey

          Great question.

          I do not have the bandwidth and time to really get into it tonight but i`ll briefly summarize.

          Also, I do not claim to know “the answer” to this, I could be way off, but these are my thoughts.

          Well first and foremost, the reason for the artificial stagnation (at least in the public sector and published university material) in the area of science I was talking about above would be the motivation of control, perpetuation of the current macroeconomic order and profiteering.

          Secondary reasons could make up a list a mile long as the next level up in engineering/physics/propulsion (which has been studied extensively and mastered by some humans) unlocks aspects of our reality, foundational physics related to said technologies and existential realizations that would send out profound ripple effects into religions and how we see ourselves as human beings in this universe.

          If we used water and high voltage electricity to produce hydrogen for internal combustion engines people would have free fuel all over the place, people’s required work week would plummet, they would start turning inward, thinking for themselves, getting creative, perhaps waking up and who knows, maybe realizing what a scam our current system is and boycotting it/rebelling against it.

          Same goes for zero point energy tech, but even to a greater extreme. It would decentralize people’s ability to use their free will to create change globally. If people used it for good, that is a whole lot of healing, regeneration and beauty, equality, empowerment and major shifts for our species.

          Though, if I am playing devil’s advocate, and thinking like a paranoid military industrial complex officer/corporate exec, pondering the potential of open sourcing some zero point energy extraction generator and/or electrogravitic craft to end pollution on planet Earth, what about the crazies that like to blow stuff (and people up)? Would they get ahold of said tech and start really going to town (not in a nice way)? Perhaps they would, who knows…

          I see most of the “terrorists are everywhere! Be afraid and look to Big Brother for protection!” propaganda as nonsense, though, at the same time I think it would be naive to ignore the fact that every now and then (religious propaganda and CAI brainwashing or not) certain currently ubiquitous Earth life experiences end up creating a human being that is mentally disturbed and decides to kill a bunch of people with what ever technology they can weaponize to kill as many people as possible.

          Are humans ready for open sourced unlimited access to clean energy? I don’t know to be honest.

          I am glad you pointed out how there are several areas of scientific study that have an observable stagnation and “chasm”. I would say that medical science also falls into that category (Royal Rife’s suppressed sound healing tech etc).


        • (..continued from comment above)

          Given humans apparently like to build big shiny rectangular structures and ‘pave paradise with a parking lot’ ( ), would giving them unlimited access to cheap (or practically free) energy result in them accelerating the deforestation already well underway, mining the ocean floor and turning the Earth into a giant complex of cities, feeding lots and mines?

          If humanity was to all the sudden have access to the types of technologies described by lets say, Steven Greer in his Lost Century film, this could (and perhaps would) empower mentally damaged and spiritually blind people (transhumanists/techno-optimist bright green environmentalists) to accelerate the ecological damage in “developing” the wilderness areas in the name of “progress”.

          Instead of the ‘Star Trek the next generation era’ ecologically conscious, equitable, moneyless “united federation of planets” society many of us might envision zero point energy generators and electrogravitic propulsion could allow us to create, given the actual average attitude and level of human consciousness on Earth at present (in aggregate) and their view of the value of forests and wild animals (as demonstrated through their current purchasing choices) we could end up with a ‘Star Wars Episode III Revenge of The Sith era’ Ecumenopolis where the majority of the planet is suffocated by concrete and metal, becoming a global militarized imperial fascistic empire, guided by the same greed, fear and xenophobia that guides many people’s actions now on Earth, except ‘on steroids’.

          So whether the people who have access to the real leading edge clean/unlimited energy / propulsion tech are megalomaniacal crazies or not, perhaps at the end of the day, our world is better off with us being bottle necked technologically with petroleum based tech as the most energy dense and efficient tech (given the current average driving motivations of humans on Earth) ?

          What do you think my friend?

          All I know is that there is a mighty and unlimited power within a handful of heirloom seeds and it is a type of power that is more inclined to create, regenerate, nourish and heal (and it compels people to share rather than horde) so I focus on gathering and sharing that power (rather than high tech “power”) on my own path at this point in time.

          Thanks for the comment.

          • Those are good points.

            When it comes to money as a motive, I have my reservations. It will certainly come in handy for controlling the useful idiots, but people who conjure up this thing out of nothing certainly don’t value it, past its unperceived value of being a good tool for controlling the population.

            Here and there I ran into some stories about a singularity (machine?) that may be driving/influencing technological progress in certain directions, as to enable it to leave this planet.

            Similar could be derived from various Elohim timelines where some of the “demigods” may have been left stranded (without access to technology) and are unable to leave due to the radiation belt. Again, they would try to influence certain aspects of technological progress to enable them to leave.

            It does sound reasonable that whoever is in control they would not want people to have too much free time on hand. However, considering the actual employment figures, dwindling entrepreneur numbers, and the rise of the welfare state, I would be forced to conclude that at no point in history more people people had more disposable time at hand.

            It doesn’t seem like they are making good use of it and waking up. They are mostly just dumbing themselves down with all sorts of side activities.

            • @mkey

              Thanks for the thoughtful response and interesting speculation.

              RE: “It does sound reasonable that whoever is in control they would not want people to have too much free time on hand.

              I would be forced to conclude that at no point in history more people people had more disposable time at hand.

              It doesn’t seem like they are making good use of it and waking up. They are mostly just dumbing themselves down with all sorts of side activities.”

              Great point, I suppose when you give a bunch of people that have been conditioned their whole lives to covet chemical/digital sourced dopamine hits, shiny disposable factory made objects, social media accolades, comfort/sedentary living over hard work, creativity and adventures and superficial pleasures over the deeper fulfillment that comes from choosing actions that are in service of all life, dumbing themselves down and engaging in a bunch more waste of time industrial civilization “recreational activities” is to be expected. Many addicts will remain addicts, even if you were to lift them out of the poverty that some might blame for them becoming addicted in the first place… once a thing becomes a long term pattern, it re-wires the brain, and it gains a momentum and life if its own.

              Though perhaps, a few courageous and compassionate souls would lead the way if they had access to such tech.. creating an epic system to desalinate ocean water and re-green the Sahara or something and inspire others to do the same.. who knows..

              I suppose it might take the combination of a radical un-learning process or existential slap in the face for people to realize what a precious gift life is (en-mass) and decide to live in a way that honors, nurtures and helps to unfold life onto it’s highest potential along with unlimited free/clean energy for “free time” to actually be used by most to unlock human potential in any meaningful way.

              What are your thoughts on what people like that lady (who blocked me on substack) who was cheerleading the clearcutting of the last little areas of ancient/primary temperate rainforest in BC because she thinks it would be “good for the economy” and how having access to unlimited “free” energy would influence their behavior (and people like them)?

            • @mkey

              Incase you do not know what substack lady I am talking about (and for anyone else reading this that is curious) I shared some of my interactions with the old growth forest clearcutting cheerleader lady I was referencing in the comment above in this post:


              In essence, she is a wealthy ex-mainstream media journalist that has the view that since it is profitable and it creates jobs to clearcut the last remaining intact areas of primary temperate rainforest (with healthy 800-1200 year old trees and biodiverse symbiotic species) on Vancouver island that we should do it.

              She is not desperate for money, so her want to clearcut the old growth forests is not out of some misplaced desperation thought that she has no other choice to make money and feed her family than to do that, but rather, she simply sees ancient trees and the ecosystems they dwell in as expendable collections of “natural resources” waiting to be harvested so that humans can “grow the economy”.

              I personally, do not see how giving a person such as that lady (and she is not the only one) access to infinite free/clean energy would deter her from continuing to promote clearcutting forests and destroying ecosystems in the name of turning ‘natural resources’ into products, in fact, I would think that giving a person such as her access to more energy to power extractive machines and extend their reach further into wilderness places would only embolden, accelerate and proliferate the activities she (and people like her) promote and fund.

              Perhaps I am just being a pessimist, and you (or others here) think that a lady such as that would have a miraculous change of heart and begin having reverence and respect for the natural world, and if so, please explain why you feel that would be the case.

              Thanks in advance for your time.

              • People get programmed and that’s usually ugly. It is typically posited that an addict remains an addict for the duration of their life, but at a certain point in time they may learn to control their addiction, and coincidentally save their life.

                That woman, like much of the populace, does seem blissfully out of her mind. Which ties perfectly into the system of false beliefs, the ultimate god for the masses, mon-eye, for which, to the masses, no sacrifice is too repugnant.

                It is a long lasting battle, after all, for which the only indication that we have not lost is that it’s still not over.

  11. Whatever the problem, non-violent cooperation is the way (means) to solve it. The initiation of deadly threats, fraud, generated from “The Most Deadly Superstition” (Larken Rose) is species suicide, in the long run. That superstition of servitude, self-enslavement/obedience as salvation, is not arrived at intuitively, normally, logically. It must be programed into the young, “tabla rasa” mind, crippling cognition to make extortion possible. See: Ayn Rand’s “The Comprachicos of the Mind” as explained at “”.
    We should focus on this root of all problems, NOT the leaves, branches, limbs of the problem. Time is of the essence, running out, and we may yet perish.

    • “…Whatever the problem, non-violent cooperation is the way (means) to solve it….”

      Not really, it works some of the time but obviously 90% of problems solved in history have been solved by violence.

      There is no property rights without violence, no personal rights either without a % of the population being kept in line by threat of violence, no

      THIS short film is rather funny….. but drives the point home when you consider that at the end of only thing the man need fear is that a bigger, more powerful actor (the police) punishes him for his actions after he ‘settled’ the issue.

      “Get off my land”- Douglas ray short film

      • I didn’t mean to imply that violent self-defense is ineffective, or wrong. I am not a pacifist, nor was Gandhi.
        I used to believe as you do, even revolted by pacifists. Gandhi, Thoreau, and Gene Sharp (mostly) changed my mind with his in depth analysis of all the wars fought in N. America, especially the only one that “appeared” to be absolutely necessary, The American Revolution. The revolt was a paradigm shift in political thought, but the means was not the best. Canada got independence without war. And Washington got credit, even though it was the “Minute Men”, the uncontrollable militia, who used guerrilla warfare, learned from the indigenous Americans, that kept the British from victory until the British merchants and citizens could lobby effectively for peace. Think, N. Korean “Police Action”stalemate, Vietnam and Afghanistan withdrawal (not surrender).
        Were these wars solved by violence? Or, did their end prove the futility of war? I submit the latter.
        We have a long way to go in working out the politics of non-violent, i.e., voluntary association, but that is an essential challenge, the only way forward that promotes civilization.

        • “….Were these wars solved by violence?….”

          Yes, indeed they WERE solved by violence…. the Taliban now rules because they used violence to drive out their opponents.

          Vietnam was won because the North Vietnamese and their allies were willing to use and endure more violence then the south and their allies.

          South Korea is not ruled by the northern government because violence stopped them.

          I am not trying to be rude when I say this but you need to step Outside of the idea that “SOLVED = WE WIN”

          Its not a ‘moral’ question, its just a fact that ALL THOSE WARS WERE WON, just not by the USA. They did solve the issue for those that won them.

          “….We have a long way to go in working out the politics of non-violent,…’

          The issue is that ‘we have a long way’ means that it has never existed, ever. Democratic ideas about rights existed among the Anglo Saxons because the average saxon was able to inflict sufficient violence that no ruler could just abuse them at will. If you have no ability to organize and make it costly there is zero need for a ruler to recognize any right that you may or may not have.

          The book that cleared this up in my mind is “The Populist Delusion’ by Neema parvini (‘academic agent’ on ytube)

          • Duck: “…N. Vietnamese…were willing to use and endure more violence then the south…” NOT even close. 1. Vietnam fought The US Empire. It was NOT a civil war. 2. The Empire was much, much more violent, killing 2 million-4 million, mostly civilians, suffering 50K dead.
            “S.Korea is not ruled by the North because violence stopped them.” A cease fire stopped them, because both sides had political backlash at home. No side “won”. War has no winners.
            “…’we have a long way’ means that it (non-violence) has never existed, ever.” ??? See the movie “Gandhi” or read one of Gene Sharp’s books. Gene lists 198 non-violent “war” strategies, depending on the particular struggle. It requires more planning than a violent war. And it has/continues to work, worldwide.

            • Yes, 58,000 Americans and 3million human beings lost their lives in that war.

              • loggin

                The fact the the USA did NOT succeed in its war aim of preserving the South and the North (and their allies) DID attain their war aim of taking over the south SHOWS THAT ONE SIDE WON AND ONE SIDE LOST.

                “… 58,000 Americans and 3million human beings lost their lives in that war….”

                Then clearly the US lost ignominiously- basically like giving up and running away after getting a bloody nose when their opponent had the equivalent of multiple stab wounds.

            • Voluntaryist

              “….1. Vietnam fought The US Empire. It was NOT a civil war. 2. The Empire was much, much more violent, killing 2 million-4 million, mostly civilians, suffering 50K dead…..”

              Which makes my point- they were more willing to accept casualties then the USA was. Their tolerance for violence was higher, so they won.

              Had the N.V. not been willing to inflict violence and accept causalities then they would NOT have become the Government of ALL Vietnam.

              (KOREA) “……A cease fire stopped them, because both sides had political backlash at home. No side “won”. War has no winners……”

              The North invaded the south with the intention of making them part of the North….the North FAILED and thus South Korea is not part of a unified Korea.

              I would say that the existence of South Korea pretty firmly shows that THEY WON.

              “….See the movie “Gandhi” ….”

              I will talk about what REALLY happened with Indian Independence in a moment but first will point out that almost the first thing India did after the departure of teh British Raj was to stage mass violence and murder of civilian population

              “…..The migrations took place hastily and with little warning. It is thought that between 14 million and 18 million people moved, and perhaps more. Excess mortality during the period of the partition is usually estimated to have been around one million.[8] The violent nature of the partition created an atmosphere of hostility and suspicion between India and Pakistan that affects their relationship to this day. ….”

              As to the end of the Raj it was almost entirely due to pressure brought by the USA and (some internal UK factions) to break up the British Empire.

              Had the UK not been bankrupt by WW2 (and beset by internal enemies) they would have had zero issue holding onto India for another 50 years at least.

              “…..It requires more planning than a violent war. And it has/continues to work, worldwide….”

              Where exactly has it worked?

              It CAN only work when the cost of violence is some how too high to pay (as in ‘I need those people’ or ‘Some other power will intervene’ – which is why the Bolsheviks were able to mass starve millions of surplus peasants in the Ukraine)

              Even Gandhi said that non violence was only useful against an opponent that had some kind of morality, IIRC.

  12. I have always been anti-superstition, intuitively questioning, needing to know the details, since earliest memory, around 4. I rejected my parents attempt to sell me “the Santa Myth”, assuming it was a joke, then as they pressed me, I felt afraid, wondering why they should be saying this. Finally, I forgot the fear, played along when I heard about the coming gifts. But, I never believed.
    The same happened, at 8, with the “god myth”, religion. I was only told one side, before I made up my mind, which took me many months of thought. My neighbor was a preacher who tried to “sell” me. I resisted because he couldn’t resolve the continuous contradictions. So, my parents, who would not tell me their belief, as to not unduly influence me, took me to Sunday school. I was quickly kicked out for my critique of “Genesis”. Finally, I reached two conclusions. 1. God was a story people “liked to believe” more than they liked logic. 2. I was very fortunate to have my parents refuse to help me decide because it taught me it felt extremely good to think for myself, be responsible.

    At 9, 10, I was expelled for refusing to participate in “The Pledge”. It made me feel uncomfortable to make a promise I didn’t understand, to something (the “Republic”) I couldn’t conceive. My teachers acted surprised when I asked for clarification, then upset when I pointed out their answers contradicted themselves. Suddenly, I was viciously attacked physically, dragged to the principle’s office, and expelled without explanation. I was confused, but not badly shaken. I hated school, so it was like being released from prison. I didn’t tell my parents. I used my “freedom” to read the encyclopedia from A-Z, read novels, a few comics. I really loved “Mad Magazine” for its unique social, political views. When my parents found out the second time and I explained to my father I had broken my promise to pretend to “pledge” because they added the words, “in god I trust” and I was an atheist, he forgave me and made a promise to get us out of that place if I would go back. I agreed because I knew my parents both worked two jobs to improve our finances.

    At 12, 1954, I wondered why the world was so violent, people so quick to attack one another, without cause. I saw all the gangs in my gheto, and experienced the violence firsthand. I saw a parallel with society, in politics, e.g., gangs called “police” revered, gangs called soldiers, honored for making war, killing/destroying. I decided most people were not able to think, to analyze their actions objectively. I thought there was something broken in their mind that made them violently attack others, and it was always a danger I had to keep in mind.

    • Really impressive. Kudos to your parents for supporting your independence and your critical thinking, your open, curious mind. And kudos to you for being the precocious, open, curious and independent person you already were. One heck of a wise and perspicacious kid.

  13. Roger Pielke is a very well known and respected sceptic. He recently walked away from a tenured professorship at the U of Colorado to publish on X, Substack. He commonly reveals differences between the media and the official (IPCC) science.

    In particular he uncovers articles that use rcp 8.5, a deliberate created worst case scenario as a basis for forecasts. Usually in the media.

  14. Mr Corbett says, quite charitably “……These are not necessarily bad people. Many of them have simply proven more susceptible to a lifetime of indoctrination, which has taught them that humans are a cancer on this planet…..”

    This is what happens when good people stop trying to rule the masses- bad people end up controlling all the NPC’s who are either too stupid to think, or more likely too invested in the status they get for copying the ideas of those coded as high class.

    In a way its kinda the same thing when kids get their heads stuffed with filth in schools and colleges their parents pay to send them too. Sadly I think its gone to far to fix now.

  15. The Edelweiss Pirates were not much a a resistance movement from the account I just read – they basically went round a beating Hitler Youth kids up and moved up to stealing stuff and occasionally murder and some leafleting and graffiti.

    Considering that the Nazi’s stayed in power in Germany until the end of the war and were actually rather popular with the average German the Pirates honestly just sound like a bunch of young crooks. There was not much resistance to the Nazis because they were a lot better then the communists for the average joe and the economy got pretty good after they took over.

    But… honestly…. would we think some American teens were peace activists or fighting tyranny if they had done what this kid detailed below did and tried to sabotage US armaments production, helped German POW’s escape and derail trains in the USA ? Or would we think they were traitors and criminals?

    “….. He had lived with his grandparents from the age of seven, after seeing his communist father badly beaten by SS men and jailed for high treason. In a deserted bomb-disposal bunker, the Navajo group of the Ehrenfeld district of Cologne supplied black market food and shelter to runaway forced labourers, concentration camp escapees, fugitive Jews and German army deserters. They attacked Hitler Youth patrols, derailed ammunition trains, catapulted bricks through the roof of a munitions factory and sabotaged machinery….”

  16. Thanks you for this James. Very well articulated and exactly spot on!

    • @JCh129



      Do you have any seeds started for the garden yet my friend? 🙂

      My apple seedlings, Tulsi, Peppers, rosemary and tomato seeds are starting to leaf out inside now. I am excited to get planting some trees and medicine plants soon.

  17. This is sort of like a straw man that no one is seeing through so it is holding great persuasive power, sharp thinkers employing it to be part of their attack capital to persuade that everything is OK.

    Need more discussion of GOSAT-2, coal mine fires especially in India and China

    • “In the 2013 Sumatran fires,
      Gaveau et al. (2014) estimated about 154.83 Mt CO2-eq was emitted due to the
      peatland burning. Kurata et al. (2016) predicted that the peatlands fire (comprise above
      and below-ground biomass) in 2015 resulted in around 653.2 Mt CO2 emitted based
      on satellite data. Austin et al. (2018) applied the reference approach to analyze six
      national inventories of Indonesia, and estimated the average annual GHG emissions
      (2000-2012) due to peat fire was 160Mt/year. This value is relatively comprehensive
      and reliable. ”

      “Indonesia’s GHG Emission Profile
      From 2010 to 2020, Indonesia’s emission levels have grown 29 percent overall to 235,768 Gg
      CO2e. FOLU and peat fires are the main sources of Indonesia’s emissions, followed by the
      energy sector. The agricultural sector’s emission profile remained relatively steady between
      96,955 Gg CO2e and 105,363 Gg CO2e during this period, and FOLU sources of emissions
      averaged around 358,435 Gg CO2e per year. According to a Ministry of Environment and
      Forestry (KLHK) report, extreme emission years were correlated with El-Nino events in 2006,
      2009, 2014, and 2015.”

      Given that 1000 Gigagram = 1 megatonne, that seems a high proportion of Indonesian greenhouse gas equivalents comes from peat or coal seam fires.
      Please check my figures.

      It seems to be very tricky to divert people to arguing over human breathing.

  18. BlackRock Puts Climate at Center of $7 Trillion Strategy

    CEO Fink wrote in an annual letter to corporate executives

    These are the people driving climate policy. Vast private wealth like the Rockefellers who have been very explicit in their goal of a global government and cutting global economic output (Club of Rome). The Rockefellers and the other oil fortunes like the Pews and Getty who fund these huge green NGOs like CERES, Greenpeace etc.

  19. Excellent article James.

    The image that has the “save the planet kill yourself” sign reminds me of an excellent perspective that was presented in a book I read recently. Here is a short quote from that book:

    “…If the goal of the environmental movement is to have no impact than the best thing they could do is die – that would have no impact”

    from Trees of Power: Ten Essential Arboreal Allies Book by Akiva Silver (here is a picture of the page that quote is from in the book for anyone seeking more context: )


    One of the reasons I highlight Akiva’s work here is that the guy is a very down to Earth person, his livelihood is based on ecological literacy, the health of forests and direct observations of climate and how it impacts trees (he has a vested interest in caring deeply about how human activities are impacting said forest ecology and climate patterns).

    In that book I mentioned above he also presents some excellent suggestions that would fall under the “WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT THIS?” section which invite human beings to see themselves (and live in a way that defines themselves) as givers, creators and symbiotic members of ecosystems (with the potential to serve as “keystone species” on Earth) rather than seeing ourselves as destroyers, takers and the “cancer” that the climate change/global warming cult propaganda attempts to condition people into internalizing).

    I really appreciate your highlighting that humans can be an asset and regenerative force with regards to the environment and live in a way that is in service of life (if we rekindle our love of life) as this is an important message and a call to action which I am trying to do my own small part to act upon and share in my work.

    Keep up the great work James!

  20. RE:

    “Yes, there are plenty of problems in what governments, militaries and corporations are doing to the environment. No one is denying there are many things that must be changed if we are to preserve this world for future generations. But humans are the answer, not the problem…

    …Now, it’s time to confront the propaganda head-on and rekindle our love of life. It is the only true antidote to the poisonous propaganda of the death cult.”

    Well said James.


    The truths you expressed in those words are were the main focus of what I sought to address in this essay:

    About half way down that post linked above I also shared pics of select pages from the book I referenced in my previous comment which speak to the subject matter of this article.

    Thanks again for putting this together.

      • Cheers buddy! 🙂

        (oops I better be careful, carbonated beverages and burping have been known to produce greenhouse gas emissions too!)

      • haha I looked up if the global warming cultists have published stuff about beers and greenhouse gas emissions out of morbid curiosity and found this:

        “Global awareness and concern regarding the impact of climate change continues to be a focal point as businesses seek to achieve better business in terms of reduced cost and risk while achieving positive impact on the world around them. As this issue advances on the list of global priorities, businesses in the beverage sector have already begun implementing strategies to reduce their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and thusly their impact on the global climate.”

        Human beings are wasting their time and money on some pretty ridiculous “industry round table discussions/studies”..

        • When it gets to the point when the MSM implement daily climate change fear porn (as is the case with the CBC) and follow that up with breaking news stories such as “Climate change is now a mental health issue” you begin to wonder how thick they are (or the general public is).

          They know full well that the mental health issues (which are real) are not brought on by climate change, but rather by the incessant fear porn they are providing to the masses, causing them to be stressed out to the max.

          Like with the scamdemic, had they stopped the testing, Covid would have died overnight.
          And with climate change, stop the daily fear porn and it will become a non-issue for everyone.

  21. “You have managed to retain your intellectual sovereignty in the face of the largest, longest, most well-funded and well-coordinated propaganda campaign in human history. That fact alone is truly remarkable, and it’s a testament to your resilience and to the unstoppable power of the dynamic human spirit.”

    After a long, hard day at work, feeling like I am surrounded by madness and even starting to wonder whether it’s me that’s lost the plot, I cannot tell you how much it means to me to read these words. Thank you.

  22. Had to take another look at my calendar. As I read, I thought, “Is it April 1st already?” But seriously, I thought the greatest climate change threat was all the hot air expelled by politicians. I was also reminded of bumper stickers appearing on vehicles in 1973 of President Nixon telling everyone to fart in a jar, America needed the gas.
    This really is a fine article. One of the most galling aspects of a “scientific” study like this is that someone (or many someones) wasted a lot of government taxpayer funds to reinforce government propaganda. The anxiety and frustration I feel over that is probably causing my body to produce more methane.
    Also, I do agree with Taxpayer’s comment on paper recycling. The mostly rural county I live in brought in nearly $20,000 in 2022 by selling recyclable paper and card board.

      • The county worker told me that they have a compactor that compresses and bales the paper into large squares. He explained that there is an online web site where they can list what they are wanting to sell. Interested buyers will contact the county. It sounded like interested buyers would make a bid. The buyer would send a large truck to get the load of paper bales.
        I did not get into the details, and wish I had since you asked.
        Paper mills have re-pulpers to recycle their own “breaks”. Paper is made in a wide, continuous sheet, from the liquefied wood pulp to the finished rolls. If this sheet breaks, the paper just runs out under the machine rollers until the operators can stop the process, fix what caused the problem, then get it restarted. Having been a part time laborer at a mill, I have had the job of clearing the “broke” paper from under the machines.
        I can imagine there being middle-men that buy the recyclable paper and resell it to mills, just like the pulpwood dealers who sell the wood that is ground or chipped and cooked into the pulp mash to make the paper.

        • Thanks for the detailed reply. I wasn’t enquiring for exact specifics, but the type of industry that can make use of such material.

          In my area there is a lot of talk now about burning the left over refuse, however they insist on burning the part with less calories in it.

          I.e. the damp refuse, after removing paper and plastics from it. While a third party is charging exorbitant rates for taking that paper and plastics and dumping it elsewhere.

          It’s a big con, essentially. There aren’t many options to make use of paper and plastics since they made sure we don’t have any industry, so now that’s another great option to move large sums around.

          • I am in south central Tennessee. Just four years ago a major paper mill near here closed, limiting the market and lessening the competition for pulpwood. The “robber barons” of the 21st century and the last quarter of the 20th century in their greed started relying on cheep overseas labor, shutdown our industries and invested there. When the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway opened to shorten barge traffic routes from mid-America to the Gulf Coast it increased the incentive to close more US plants. I know, because I applied for the job, that Scott Paper Company started buying tree-length pulpwood in this area, loaded it on barges, shipped it to Mobil down the Tenn-Tom, where it was chipped and loaded onto ships, sent to China, made into toilet paper and tissue and sent back to the US for sale.
            When I found out about the county recycling project I started separating the recyclable stuff. For now, at least, I am sure the paper is going to American re-manufacturing facilities, and it brings in revenue to the county.
            America needs to make a u-turn and bring our industries and jobs back home. It will be hard, because we have been on the road to a dystopian future for most of my life. (And this frog is almost cooked.)
            Many recycling businesses are cons, because recycling is energy intensive and more costly than the products being recycles. It is mostly a government con, though, because tax laws and gov incentives subsidizes it to promote the government con narrative.
            I spent most of my working life at a chemical complex. In the fifties and sixties, they used to landfill, on-site, some really nasty wastes. Ground water contamination was discovered in the seventies (after EPA was created), so, no more land filling. (Hence, all the Super Fund Sites around the nation.) Rotary kilns were developed to burn the toxins with a minimum of pollutants returned to the atmosphere. The waste ash was deemed land-fill-able in suitably constructed landfills. This may have all been fine, but I was still leery whenever the unit I worked in was down wind of the kiln.
            Good luck to you and your community in dealing with this dilemma.

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