Have You Taken The Conspiracy Test? – Questions For Corbett

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Doug writes in to ask if I’ve taken The Conspiracy Test. In fact, I haven’t! So, let’s take it together! And what better topic to test our conspiratorial skepticism on than the Global Warming conspiracy?

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The Conspiracy Test

About that overwhelming 97-98% number of scientists that say there is a climate consensus…

Shock Poll: Meteorologists Are Global Warming Skeptics

A survey of the perceptions of climate scientists 2013

YAD06 – the Most Influential Tree in the World


Judith Curry Explains Climate Modeling to the Layman

Climate Change is Unfalsifiable Woo-Woo Pseudoscience

Orwell’s Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change

West Antarctica Temperature FALLS 2°C in 20 Years from Some Good Things Happened Today – #NewWorldNextWeek

Antarctic Ice Sheet Mass Gains Greater than Losses

Interview 255 – Dr. Richard Lindzen

Interview 1177 – Judith Curry on The Republic of Science

Who Wants To Be A Carbon Trillionaire?

And Now For The 100 Trillion Dollar Bankster Climate Swindle…

Interview 1676 – Whitney Webb Exposes How Green Finance is Monopolizing the Planet


  1. Things like this need be seen for what they really are: mind-control weapons. A pile of sophistry and psychological manipulation the purpose of which is to program susceptible minds.

    Merry Christmas James, appreciate all your awesome work.

      • It was so childish, immature, devoid of intellectual structure and basically inane that I found it inversely suggested that anything they extolled as fact I would take as factual-less. This was crafted by Queensland Uni ! That was the most disquieting point for me.

  2. So I am supposed to be skeptical while keeping open mind? Isn’t this like believing two opposite ideas? Basically a (learned?) cognitive dissonance? What about forensic examination of falsifiable data? Anyway. It seems the focus of this test was more production value than an actual test of … whatever was supposed to test. Maybe it’s not a test but a sort of a psychological operation to divert back some of those, who are on the fence about stuff? Like some of those commercials who pose as news as of recent.

  3. Thank you James for doing this test for us. At least we won’t get eye cancer 😉 Whoever comes up with this and programmes something like this must be so depraved that I have to ask myself whether there really is a human being behind it.
    Have a great Christmas and a happy new year – whatever it may bring.
    Best wishes from the new normal Germany!

  4. Funny how they use logical fallacies.
    Logic fallacies = Logic error = bullshit.

    Climate Alarmism:

    The data has been manipulated by a few people
    supported by a huge influx of money.
    The money keeps people in line with the manipulation.
    Just look at the conspiracy of Santa Clause:
    everyone is in on it.

    The money pays the (media) influencers and lobbyists.
    Not much goes into actual science as you can even see in the video.

    The hockey-stick was invented by just a few people,
    and they needed to fraud some data.
    Which was done by replacing real-world data with a model.


    It would be fun to have a counter-example for each of the
    fallacies in the video:
    the Manhattan project
    the drugs-conspiracy (no-one is telling us who gives or gets drugs)
    sect-like thinking in political groups
    CIA in South America
    global cooling (theory around 1960)
    architects and engineers for 911 truth

    • Problem in science:

      The problem with scientists is that most are “nerds”.
      Who stay long at work and are bad in social interactions.
      This means that they can be easily manipulated with social pressure.

      They are also easily led into hypothetical theories instead of
      looking at real world data.

      Many are not so smart, but still have a career in a
      scientific or educational organization (they are the same somehow).
      And due to their “imposter syndrome”, they have no critical thinking.
      And they automatically follow “The Science” as dictated by
      the people that they regard to be on top.


      What is real? What is not real? And how can we tell?
      1. Check logical consistency (logical fallacies, correct maths)
      2. Check scientific consistency (evidence and counter-evidence)
      3. Check for mistakes, fraud, and crime
      4. Check for bias
      5. Check trust (how well can the reports or evidence be trusted)
      6. Check for unknowns

    • I always tell people to go watch Soylent Green, a 1973 movie that was laying the groundwork for the whole “Global Warming” scam. Interestingly, it was set in the future, the year 2020, a time when the world was subject to year round heat waves, world wide flooding from the melting Ice caps and overpopulation.

      And because this was “just a movie”, it can be placed under the heading, Sci-Fi.

      Pure nonsense, and only one of endless programming psyops the population is subject to both overtly and covertly/subconsciously.

  5. James, would you consider interviewing Valentina Zharkova? Her website is solargsm.com
    GSM stands for Grand Solar Minimum, a long cycle that started in 2020/21 and will continue to 2053.
    The last GSM cycle known as the Maunder Minimum took place nearly 400 years ago when rivers such as London’s Thames froze over. Whilst she says the current GSM will not be as severe as the Maunder minimum, we should expect very cold and longer winter seasons and very hot summer seasons in the northern hemisphere, more rain on the Equator and particularly more rain in the Sahel region.
    As the activity of the sun controls climate across all planets, and yes, there are no petrol-guzzling SUVs or coal-fired plants on other planets, Zharkova emphatically stares that CO2 reduction is utter nonsense.
    During the time of the last GSM, dynasties and Empires fell as the reduced growing season caused food shortages and people rose up against their leaders. Mmm . . .

    • Or David Dybyne. He has the YouTube channel Adapt 2030.

  6. Since the advent of the Internet where anonymity breeds no civil accountability it has become necessary to not get hooked into others sometimes over-zealous agendas of focus and concern.

    Plus understanding from a long history of political/social activism that “truth” does not always parallel fact. (IE: Building came down on 9/11 is a truth. Why they came down [presented facts] was lied about and exposed from EVIDENCE.)

    My approach to harvesting truths concerns where do I spend energy…

    1st Does the event/story effect me in any way? Meaning I stay away from pop culture nonsense…sports, celebrities, media personalities, etc.

    2nd If the event/story can effect me (9/11=PATRIOT Act, travel restrictions, etc.) is there anything I can do about it?

    3rd If I believe/feel I am being lied to and I care about it then I will research a wide variety of sources seeking “evidence” no opinion. (Holocaust, COVID, Lee Harvey Oswald, 9/11, God, Sandy Hook= all lies) from unchanging EVIDENCE or lack there of.

    4th Who is presenting the story and do they have a past history of misrepresentation or nefarious agendas (governments, corporations, religious zealots, the UN, various billionaires, etc.)

    5th I eschew the use of the word conspiracy since it was put into the pop culture lexicon by CIA asset “journalists” to be able to force the public to question the anti-war activists of the 60’s. I prefer to use collusive or agendas, etc.

    With a mental hygiene specialist background as well as personal exploration into the weapons of mass distraction using Freud, Skinner, Bernays, Pavlov, color and sound “therapy,” various group control methods, I have chosen to use my music and blogging with facts as my effort to help others to wake or stay awake.

    And mostly I stay tuned into any possible change in my harvested facts, willing to embrace change.


  7. Why would anyone even do this stupid test?
    You must have a lot of time to spend.

    • Ditto.

      There is a chance anyone looking up that trash site will land on this very video. Even after that trash site goes offline.

  8. Is it me or has there been an increase in “anti-conspiracy” material, including books. What gives?

    Could it be a manifestation of WEFs (et al) agenda to fight misinformation?

    Maybe con-vid was overplayed, and created more skeptics and now its time to put the gene back?

    Maybe its the drop in all institutional trust signals? I mean, the drums on “re-building trust” are still playing. Although one wonders what broke it in the first place.

    Maybe it, the reason behind the “anti-trust” drums, doesn’t matter as much as how we (human beings with and willing to use our God given brains) respond to it. I humbly propose ignoring them out of existence.

    • I would guess that it is part of the Global Takeover propaganda machine’s effort to fight off the increase of knowledge and activism going on.

      I mean with the J6 nonsense, Little Biden, all the $$ to a war effort that has nothing to do with us, the pedo stuff with Epstiene’s “list” coming out, Biden sinking in the polls and falling off the edge of reality, et. the controller’s may be in a panic a bit.

      IMO it we will soon be unable to ignore all the crap they will be throwing into the stew.

      • Just watched Tucker interviewing one of the founders of Babylon Bee. They were covering the intervention of “fact checking” firms into our national conversation.

        Plus the reality that over 100 of their comedic bits have come to surface in reality.

        Guess if one were to expound on that, just how many, if any of the “fact checking” firms, aren’t connected to some 3 letter agency??

        Before I stopped blogging/commenting anywhere but here, I offered folks an idea regarding “polls.” Don’t know anyone who has ever been polled and if a poll validates something you are behind then all the ones that don’t have to be believed as well.

  9. I feel convinced. I mean, how could all those people be in on the game? Big monolith conspiracies are impossible and therefore all conspiracies are equally impossible.

    Ahh, finally a fresh breath of relief. Nobody is trying to shut down the economy or take out the markets or annihilate bodily sovereignty or expire the concept of private property; no, these things are happening completely accidentally. a big stone off my chest!

    • @mkey


      You often have a way of shining a beaming spotlight onto the heart of the matter through a sort of laser of dry sarcasm.

      Like a big dry spoonful of raw organic sugar, I think that this ‘helps the medicine go down’ for many of us.

      Thanks for that.

      • I strive to both inform and entertain, dear sir. Besides, one really can not assault over the top blatant propaganda with anything but witticism.

        You have piqued my interest with “raw organic sugar”. Tell me more.

        • @mkey

          You have succeeded in this noble endeavor good sir 🙂 and well said

          haha well I was just going for a metaphor that sounded a little bit more healthy than whatever Mary Poppins was hypothetically lacing her medicine with, but (as you may have noticed from my recipes) I do not add sugar to very many things (organic or not).

          Besides my just not liking the flavor of overly unnaturally sweetened foods, I think the industrial cultivation and processing methods for most forms of sugar are degenerative/detrimental to both soil ecology and human health (not to mention the corporate big ag imperialism and slavery money aspect) in general (given how much people shovel into their mouths each day in all the processed food here). Sugar in canning is helpful for shifting PH in jams and elderberry syrups and stuff, but I would rather use fermentation for preservation where possible.

          Okay now I am rambling on about sugar and I have to get to work for my last day of tree planting for the season so I better go eat some sugar free granola and put on my tattered steeltoe boots.

          Hope you have an enjoyable day!

          • “Organic” sugar just tickled my curiosity, I’ve never heard of such a thing. Maybe molasses derived from locally grown sugar cane would fit the bill.

            • @mkey

              For whatever the labels in the Europe are worth, they have organic sugar on the shelves!

              Although it should be marked organic poison,I think.

            • @mkey

              Yes they have organic sugar available in stores here as well. If I need to buy granulated sugar for a recipe, I typically use organic coconut sugar (it is made from boiling down coconut tree sap in a similar fashion to how we make maple sap into maple syrup here in Canada).

              I also have a few friends with big properties and they tap their 100 year old plus maples and share a few five gallon buckets of sap with me each spring. I like to boil that down past the syrup point until it crystalizes to make maple sugar (which is harvested from an intact ecosystem without any chemicals involved).

              With regards to the highly processed (often genetically modified) sugar people eat in most processed foods and get at the grocery store, it is typically farmed in a way that involves destroying existing tropical ecosystems to clear the way for monoculture farms so pretty nasty ecologically speaking (organic or not). The same could be said of most coconut farms, but their are a few that plant a diversity of trees and farm them all together (as a part of a multi-layered ecosystem that provides habitat, builds soil, creates microclimates (oases) in arid regions and also produces multiple crops) like the ancient Food Forest in Morocco.

              Geoff Lawton discovered the ancient food forest of Inraren—a cultivated patch of 65 acres, lost in the jungle and fed by deep, underground springs. Researchers believe it’s been harvested continually since before the time of Christ, which makes it one of the oldest ‘sustainable’ or perhaps even regenerative agriculture systems in the world.



              I try to buy coconut sugar/oil from farms that are seeking to emulate and build upon that kind of cultivation system so that my money is funding biodiversification, water table stabilization, soil building and localized regenerative food cultivation education (through the locals they hire and train) vs funding more monocultures that bulldoze jungles and forests to make more space for a single crop.

            • @mkey

              Fun fact about mass produced sugar:

              Some say that we have Napoleon Bonaparte to blame for the much of the normie masses being sugar addicts now a days.

              Prior to 1850, this sweet substance was a hot commodity that only society’s most wealthy could afford (well that is in Europe at least, as indigenous peoples in what is now “north america” had been harvesting an abundance of maple sugar from the forest for thousands of years before that). Then, mid-nineteenth century, Napoleon changed all of that, flooding the European market with affordable sugar and perhaps inadvertently sparking an epidemic of obesity and diabetes a century and a half down the road.

              During the time when sugar was only obtained from the tropical sugar cane (and was prohibitively expensive for most Europeans) supplies were cut off by the English blockade of continental Europe during the Napoleonic Wars, the demand for sugar grew throughout Europe. Napoleon encouraged new research with sugar beets, and between 1810 and 1815, over 79,000 acres were put into production with more than 300 small factories being built in France. After Napoleon’s fall, sugar again was readily available from the tropics, and prices collapsed due to excess supplies. However, after the decline of slavery in the West Indies, the European industry became more competitive with the tropical source of sucrose, and by the 1850’s, the industry had become well established and operating over most of the continent.



  10. And I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit.

    For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.

    James is a man of sorrows. Music helps a little, it’s a little less temporary as the bliss of ignorance, but it does help.

  11. I got a reply from a guy called “Jamescorbettshow”
    He talks about crypto..

    According to the “conspiracy test”, there must be many people
    in on it. So certainly it is not a scam..

    On telegram there are a lot of those scammers, using the name and picture
    of some telegram-channel that they found you on.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, zyxzevn. I guess playing whack-a-mole with scammers is an impossible game, but I’ll see what I can do about that particular account. More to the point: I know most people in this community understand this, but just for the record: anyone claiming to be me in the comments section with a random “jamescorbett” email address is not me. Do not ever trust that.

  12. God how I hope the majority of us are not as stupid as they think we are. CRINGE.

    • Have no doubt in your mind: the vast majority of people is that stupid. You remember the masses of masked, freightened fools? Do not forget.

      I do not say this to dissuade but to reinforce the resolve that is goong to be required to have this situation turned around.

  13. because you actually went thru this ‘test’ online with us, I believe the site actually exists – was shaking my head and laughing out loud thru a good part of it. While I would never go to one of these sites myself, i suppose joe/jane normie prob would – a sad state of our world and the normie mentality. Thanks for a good laugh James….

  14. Omg James, you should have taken the 911 test or the Plandemic test. It’s so ridiculously basic with the exact same format. This test was really designed for novices, is cartoonish and insulting to anyone with even a cursory knowledge/understanding of literally anything! Thanks for this, because although the website was utter garbage, your links are nuggets of gold! Thanks for all you do. Bobbi

  15. The Propaganda Wall and Reptiles

    In my view, the “Conspiracy Test” is one of many devices which are implemented by these reptiles who wish to reinforce their own biased “official propaganda narrative”.
    Using the positioning marketing tactic of “everybody knows” (consensus), this “Conspiracy Test” device is designed to firm up the Propaganda Wall.
    It brings to mind Corbett’s #PropagandaWatch Series https://www.corbettreport.com/?s=propagandawatch and his tag https://www.corbettreport.com/tag/propaganda/

    I looked to see if the “Conspiracy Test” had the fluoride topic. Nope.

    “Water Fluoridation” is a premier example of “The Propaganda Wall” on the North American continent.
    Authoritarians and other reptiles are hell bent on keeping that fluoride propaganda wall from crumbling.

    Here is a recent example of How Reptiles Reinforce The Propaganda Wall:

    QUEUED to 17:27 minute mark
    After spewing venomous propaganda lies, reptilian lizard woman Dr. Mary Swift, Chair of the Texas Dental Association Community Water Fluoride Committee, repeats whole-cloth fabricated, slanderous poison about the Green Fluoride Study to Dallas City Council Committee Members.
    Dr Mary Swift says:
    “This particular study, the Green study out of Canada…and the study’s authors refused to release the data….”

    RE: The QUOTE ”the study’s authors refused to release the data”
    This Dallas law firm’s LEGAL May 24th pdf contains deposition testimonies, court documents and ‘Public Records Act’ documents.

    Scroll to page 68 of this document.
    At least read the quote: ”To this day, a false narrative has been perpetuated that the Green et al authors are refusing to release the data.”
    If you scroll below page 68, you will see how the false narrative was spread on the social media.
    Actually, the pdf contains a much bigger story of fraud and corrupt influence, but I won’t get into it here.

    On the Dallas fluoride fight, we have uncovered some stuff that should blow-up the reputations of local authoritarian reptiles.
    An explosion of revelations about Dallas Council people and the fluoride issue will come out in the coming weeks.

    We want people to read the fluoride science for themselves starting at page 60 of the Dallas Water Utilities Memorandum 2023-12-01.

  16. Mr. Corbett,
    The Odysee link points to the “Archive” link.

  17. Climate crisis? Why not use H2O? Water, which is hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen is a fuel,zero emissions, climate crisis averted. How does John Kerry’s solution of eliminating farms and cows solve the problem?, it creates another one, a food shortage crisis. How do people not see this?

  18. Thanks for that entertaining video. Your site has been definitely the last nail in the coffin of the catastrophic anthropogenic climate change narrative for me personally. I started to be open to this notion ~10 years ago with some talks by Ivar Giaever and Richard Lindzen, after which I didn’t give the topic much thought and even respected the climate movement to some extent (as I hoped they would bring in change towards other REAL nature preservation topics or due to their closer connection – back then – to the peace movement here in Germany) – nowadays I cannot stand them and their anti-scientific stance and their demoralizing prophet-of-doom mentality and their extortive measures anymore…

    If you are interested in the CO2 concentration scam – Markus Fiedler (https://markus-fiedler.de/neuigkeiten/) wrote some nice articles about the climate scam and adjacent skeptical topics and held some interesting interviews about this recently (in German).

    Please follow this link to a focused article about this topic specifically (please use your translation software/online tool of choice to read it in English):

    He shows, that also in lexica from the 19th century, chemical measurements of CO2 concentration showed similar values as today (410 ppm on average with measurements ranging from 315 ppm to 574 ppm at different measurement sites)…

    Irrespective of the broad concensus (whatever that’s worth) of prehistoric levels of CO2 being multiples of the current level without ever having reached any catastrophic tipping points…

    Cheers and have some great Christmas holidays!

  19. All I say is:

    Composition of Earth’s Atmosphere:
    Nitrogen 78.08%
    Oxygen 20.95%
    Argon 0.93%
    Carbon dioxide (natural), Neon, Helium, Methane, Krypton 0.0388%
    Carbon dioxide (man-made): 0.0012%

  20. For what it’s worth, I like to look into the background of websites and organizations like this to see who is behind them. The School of Thought is a Texas Domestic Non-Profit Corporation filed on July 14, 2016. You can find more information on them here: https://www.bizapedia.com/tx/school-of-thought.html The registered agent and one of the directors is Barry Silverberg who is also the director of Non-profit Studies at Austin Community College in TX. Another director is Jesse Richardson of Brisbane, Australia (https://jesserichardson.com.au/biography) The third director is James Strachan, also of Austin, TX.

  21. Wow this is turns out to be the true summary episode of debunking climate change, that the “60 seconds” episode never was. I think it is more useful to show this to skeptics of the conspiracy fact, to stir curiosity. Maybe it is easier to summarize a topic when responding to a list of opposition questioning.

  22. I just posted my video on this: https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/conspiracy-theorists. Description: In response to James Corbett’s analysis of the 1997 film Conspiracy Theory, I develop 16 levels of conspiracy theorists based on my own progression. I then name 9 rhetorical divisives that end the conversation rather than moving the question forward. I end with another Corbett where he takes the test on whether you’re a conspiracy theorist.

  23. lol- I cant even believe that’s a real website. (‘Poe’s Law’ applies to a lot more than just religious fundamentalism.) It’s not the only such effort, i.e, https://current.withgoogle.com/the-current/conspiracy-theories/#the-problem

    They’re just so laughable. It would be one thing is they addressed conspiracy nonsense and conspiracy fact, but they’re all about misdirection.

    Anyway, Im reminded of this quote by Garry Kasparov: “The point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.”

    I once saw someone on FB refer to Russell Brand (whom I dont watch so know almost nothing abt) as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ in a dismissive way. Nonsense we’ve all heard. When I asked, ‘Why? What makes RB a conspiracy theorist?’ The person couldnt answer. No one of the in the thread who agreed with him could answer. So, the propaganda really does truncate some people’s (even seemingly intelligent ones) ability to think critically, in a more nuanced way, which was basically what I said when I replied: ‘There’s also conspiracy fact. Here you are dismissing the guy as a ct and you cant even explain why’. He replied with this:

    “The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory, is that conspiracy theorists believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is actually chaotic. The truth is that it is not The Iluminati, or The Jewish Banking Conspiracy, or the Gray Alien Theory. The truth is far more frightening – Nobody is in control. The world is rudderless.” ― Alan Moore

    — an obvious caricaturization of the reality & insult to commonsense.

    I told him to read Quigley’s ‘The Anglo American Establishment’ and Ganser’s ‘NATO’s Secret Armies’ and then see what he thought. Both are free online in pdf & I linked to them, but Im sure he didnt bother. That requires effort. The truth is the opposite of what Moore states, ie, that “it’s more comforting’ to believe in nonsense. Facing an ugly and disturbing reality can be very psychologically destabilizing for many people. That was certainly the case with 9/11 for me. I had PTSD after coming to the realization re 9/11 in 2005 & have never been quite the same since. Maybe that was bc I so was directly affected by and witnessed the events, but I dont think so. I used to think getting the information out there was the problem. Now I realize even when ppl have the data, most ppl will choose not to engage with it & certainly not speak out.

    Anyway, pardon my rambling. I wish you and yours all the best, always.

  24. Global Warming may be taking place, and CO2 in the Atmosphere may be increasing, however discovering a Correlation between the two does not mean that one causes the other.
    Indeed, we are in a “Global Warming” phase since the last Ice Age, and CO2 has been higher in the past, yet it came back down.
    I see CO2 as something the Plants and Trees need to survive, as humans and Animals need Oxygen. The Plants absorb the Carbon and release Oxygen. Perhaps the toxins in the air and water are killing enough plant life to distort the balance and thus leaving us with more CO2, however CO2 is not a Toxin and not the problem.
    From my prospective, blaming CO2 for Global Warming is being pushed as a new mechanism of control. This is how the world Oligarchs go about Taxing the Air we breath. Clean water will soon be worth more than Oil (Perhaps it always was and we just didn’t appreciate it enough)
    The Hippocrates pushing this Carbon Tax fly around the world in their private jets polluting as they go, yet blame others for breathing too much.
    Then they pay Useful idiots to do the dirty work for them.

  25. 26:31: It’s not because they made it up. But God is real. And climate cultists don’t (somehow) believe. He is real and made all things perfect. The weather is as we need it in our various regions. The food the earth produces is as we need. Etc. Satanic globalists are doing everything they can to make you believe in anything but God.
    Praying for you, James. You’re doing the Lord’s work for real.

  26. “with philanthropic support from Gabriel Weinberg” interesting (who cares about the “Department of Government” of that 5 Eyes project)…

    Weinberg is known as the founder of DuckDuckGo, the search engine that claims to be privacy-focused.
    “Founder Gabriel Weinberg started the firm in 2008 with capital raised by the sale of the social-media firm he ran as an MIT student.”

    “Before the acquisition, the company’s legal name was actually Opobox, Inc. and was doing business as The Names Database.”
    So that privacy guy Weinberg literally collected names and then sold them for $10 million. He really seems to care about our privacy.

    He has also made investments in Locately:
    “Locately employs location analytics technologies that combine GPS signals with mobile surveys to understand how consumers make decisions.”
    More privacy!

    So that GPS tracking firm Locately was financed by Weinberg, along with others from Boston, notably “MassChallenge”.

    “MassChallenge Driving Dual-Use Innovation

    Since 2018, MassChallenge has built a leading Safety and Security practice, enabled by critical partnerships with organizations such as the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Air Force, the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) and The MITRE Corporation as well as private firms such as BAE Systems, Raytheon Technologies, and Boeing that bridge the private-state innovation ecosystem.


    “MITRE” isn’t just listed as “partner”, it’s also listed under “sprint partners” for the “BlueTech” (“maritime surveillance, underwater warfare, autonomous systems”):

    “MITRE’s early leadership has been described as “a mix of men” affiliated with the Ford Foundation, the Institute for Defense Analyses, RAND Corporation, System Development Corporation (SDC), and the United States Armed Forces”
    from Wikipedia

    MassChallenge on “Decarbonizing”:
    “Decarbonizing the planet is the greatest challenge of our time.”
    “Areas of Focus
    Smart City/IoT Technologies
    Alternative meat
    Negative Emission Technologies (i.e., carbon capture, carbon storage)


    MITRE’s news section links to biometricupdate, with headlines like “NEC infant fingerprinting system approaches move from vaccination delivery to legal ID” (or “Worldcoin soon back to business in Kenya”).

    “MassChallenge is proud to be part of this critical international effort to connect the power of startup-led innovation to the mission of NATO to guarantee the freedom and security of its members through political and military means.” shared MassChallenge CEO, Cait Brumme. “Uncommon outcomes require uncommon partnerships.”

    MassChallenge appears to be an essential part of the Military Industrial Complex, this section being located in Boston and coordinated through MIT. Or, as NATO puts it:
    “MassChallenge is at the nexus of innovation within the Greater Boston area, with access to the heart of its dual-use ecosystem of local research institutions, military installations, defence primes, venture capital, and industry experts. The office is located in the Seaport District, a hub for cutting-edge technology and home to new office towers, restaurants, and co-working spaces, all within proximity to the airport, marina, and public transportation providing access to the rest of the city.”

    So I went from Gabriel “privacy” Weinberg to NATO. It’s a rabbit hole.

  27. A different Way:
    The hypothesis: human contribution of CO2 to the atmosphere has thrown the earth out of equilibrium and has brought about the possibility of “extinction.”
    This hypothesis is always backed by tertiary data sets, so maybe instead of trying to disprove the validity of the data sets, let’s take a different path, one based on the system and not the tangential data.

    Equilibrium, as the hypothesis above argues, has been destroyed and we are now in a state of unidirectional flux. To unpack this, whether true or false, we must determine what the governing factors are, and that those governing factors are indeed at or approaching their maximum.

    The System:
    Gaseous phase of CO2, being produced by the planet and humans.
    Planet removes CO2 from atmosphere via sequestration.

    1. Plants photosynthesis
    2. Diffusivity (absorption) through Rain & open water

    1.Plant Photosynthesis
    – Population growth is directly proportional to the amount of food available. For thousands of years, it took 19 people to create 20 peoples worth of food. This was a large factor why human population remained static for thousands of years. Once humans industrialized agriculture, population growth sky rocketed. Plants are no different, the Dutch have added CO2 to their greenhouses to increase yield (https://www.dw.com/en/dutch-farmers-boost-production-with-co2-waste/a-2214482). For the hypothesis above, plant life would have to be at maximum growth.

    – If you have ever blown smoke into a glass of wine, and then tasted the wine, it tastes awful because the smoke has been absorbed by the wine and is now a part of the liquid. This same phenomenon happens when rain falls to the ground. This can be experienced by seeing many miles further after a good rain has fallen, as all of the impurities (CO2 included) have been diffused into the rain from the surrounding atmosphere. For the hypothesis above, all raindrops would have to be approaching maximum saturation of gas by the time they hit the ground, as well as the surface to air layer of all open water on the planet.

    So maybe their data sets, charts and graphs are just a red herring from the truth that is right in front of us.

  28. Reading what was written on that site simply reminded me of MSM dialogue…as you say James…geared to young or ignorant minds, hence the ‘aliens’, comic book attention grabber…pretty puerile.

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