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Remember when we looked at J. Edgar Hoover’s lame attempt to get the public to voluntarily send in their fingerprints to the FBI back in 1937? Well guess what? They’re baaaaaaack, and they’re at the post office this time. Find out about the FBI’s latest stupid attempt to steal your fingerprints on this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch.


First they came for your fingerprints…

The FBI Teams Up With The Post Office To Get Your Fingerprints

FBI tweet and replies


  1. This is very interesting considering that the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) requires that you provide your thumbprint when you get a driver’s license or ID card.
    And virtually every adult in the country has one of those two things, because the system is structured in such a way that you virtually cannot live in the society (outside of vagrancy) without one.
    I would think the FBI has full access to that DMV thumbprint database.

    • Yeah, that was my first thought too; some kind of psyop (probing, conditioning or other).
      I guess it could also be that they actually do want fingerprints though (index, middle, ring), in addition to the thumbprints.

      • Excellent example of presenting a manufactured dilemma to fill the dilemma slot that the real dilemma would have filled.
        Just like the manufactured self-driving cars safety dilemma that James drew attention to.
        Though this facial recognition one is even more nauseating and intelligence insulting.

  2. I had a great laugh going through the comments. Very funny stuff. Thanks, James. I went through most all of them.

    One caught my eye. It was redacted. Context of the original comment was a guy saying he already had his fingerprints taken by the DOD, NSA, etc. for work and if the FBI wanted them now they should get a warrant. The response, meant to be ugly, read OK, BOOMER (misspelled, of course). Behind that comment was another one from a different person that simply asked, Millennial? It was redacted but the BOOMER comment was not. Typical of Twitter.

  3. As ‘alien’ I was finger printed (each finger rolled almost 360 degr) and my eyes were photographed very carefully, all the way back then. So, I’m on file and my body can be properly disposed of should the need be. I guess filing my ID is much more understandable than doing this to ones own law-abiding citizens. As ‘alien’ I had to provide a detailed police report from my own country for my first US visa, which I do understand. I also was vaccinated as much as the law required as prerequisite for my greencard status. After all, I spent decades in the US already and you never know what people I was hanging out with. But that’s what one needs to do if one chooses to stay in another country. No idea how this is handled by other ‘Western’ countries.

    What makes much less sense to me is that people voluntarily give away their DNA (and even pay for it) and voluntarily give up the remainder of their private info. There are still many more of those less concerned people than those concerned; as with all ‘controversial’ topics incl. people who don’t mind at all to be surveilled 24/7 by 5G equipped LED lights, their Alexas, Siris, smart appliances, or Ring door openers. People don’t seem to care. Their convenience and ignorance outweighs any concerns. And industries, like telecom or their regulatory agencies, don’t make it easy to stay informed.

    Thank you for your thorough reporting. I could never pull all this information together myself!

    • geisha-

      Me too. A few years back I had to submit to having all of my fingerprints taken to get a security clearance for a job I used to have. So I’m fucked as well. If they start going after apathetic, drunk anarchists I don’t stand a chance. They could frame me for a grisly triple murder in Bisbee.

      Anyway, to the Corbett crowd this cheery nonsense season, kukelure.

  4. Very interesting anecdote.
    Thanks Dan.

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