Trust the (Computer-Generated Gobbledygook) Science!

by | Jun 16, 2024 | Newsletter | 36 comments

“Trust The Science!”

This is the mantra of the technocratic tyrants. The rallying cry of the Orwellian thought police. The injunction of the modern-day censors who would seek to rid the marketplace of ideas of any and all opposition.

If you’re reading these words, you already know this. Or you should know this, given that the reason I was censored from ThemTube back in 2021 was because I dared to produce a podcast about the philosophy of science that sought to interrogate and dismantle the “Trust The Science!” injunction.

Let’s cut to the chase: in this post-COVID era, anyone with their head screwed on straight knows that “Trust The Science!” is a stupid, baseless, self-refuting piece of nonsense that is wielded by authoritarians as a cudgel against political dissent.

But as stupid as the “Trust The Science” phrase is, it’s about to get even stupider.

Why? Because a story emerged last month that completely undermines whatever misplaced faith the average propaganda-swallowing rube still harboured about the trustworthiness of “the” science and the supposedly self-correcting peer review process that “the” science is built on.

Strap in, folks. This story is bonkers. And it points to a future that’s so horrifyingly dystopian that not even the “Trust The Science!” thugs will be able to defend it.

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    • @jo-ann
      “TO SERVE MAN, it’s a cook book!” The Twlight Zone March 2, 1962

      IMO there is a real danger in embracing ANYTHING AI above one’s microwave.

      It is the work of psychological conditioning where you accept one then two isn’t bad and soon it is the medical survey directive to put one in “reconditioning” education or Gitmo or some such.

      It started with stuff like “space” movies and TV shows like Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. that feature “kind, helpful” AI that help save human kind from some bad guys, etc.

      Then the conditioning moves toward medical “miracles” and a dozen things to “make life easier”

      Just like tracking devices were introduced in pets so Fluffy can be found or Uncle Bud wandering from some brain issue is tracked down. And that of course came from social permission to the farming out of our loved ones unlike growing up in a family where the old folks were taken care of and loved and kids got to see what the aging process is like.
      Whereas now everyone seems 20 years old and the elders are rarely seen and encouraged to die.

      Look how absolutely fast the addiction to SMART phones and technologies has come upon us. No longer reading maps, remembering phone numbers, writing letters, etc. all those things that reflect our “humanness.”

      I wrote/sang about this the Summer of 1978


      • Right on. All you say is true. Thanks for the Twilight Zone episode, one of the only shows I’d watch after sixteen. And the song.

        Are you familiar with the whimsical “Robot Blues” of The Incredible String Band’s “U” album?

        • Thanks. I try to stick with facts as much as possible but educated guesses do come through.

          “Robot Blues” Pretty cool lyric for the time hey?

          Pop music has changed so much. So much about ego and vainity, etc. these days. Miss the songs that made folks think about things.

          I MISS THE OLD DAYS (song)

          • The Robot Revolution is awesome. Nice one. Thanks, starving for real music.
            I think I could live in bliss till it’s dance time with a turntable, platters that matter, and a boss Pioneer sound system. And a house full of instruments and blissed out geniuses fools and mystics.
            Decided years ago I’d like to die dancing to Cajun music. Right there on the dance floor, don’t disturb or step on please, just leave me there ’till the number’s over.

            Don’t worry, a hunka metal junk won’t become “conscious”. It needs plugging in, it has no life whatever.

            These “structurally intergrated hallucinations” are an LOL affair. This machine madness has gone way too far. I’m looking forward to when they leave in the “spaceships”.

            Want to listen to this song, thanks.

            Yeah, me too. This morn I confronted myself about this. “Wanna live enough to move on through the world “as it is”? my hard=ass self asked my whiny self. Not sure yet of the outcome!! haha

            Sure, I just don’t know where to land. I’m in some kind of waiting room awaiting permission to be part of life and society again. A brutal Saturn cycle so knowing that, all things pass, keep moving on, really helps. And I just dive into it with passion for it’s amazing keys and forget this shit show one day at a time. It’ll all come back around, always.
            Still up in Wash? Did a lot of time on Salt Spring Island during certain years. Worked for Dan Jason one time, founder of Salt Spring Seeds. Nice folk.

            I’m a folk artist, composer, too. About 35 songs of my own. It’s so special. To have an instrument. The deliciousness of the muse’s visits. Ahh, only song I’ve composed lately is “your cell phone is your jail cell”
            No one want to hear it. LOL!!!
            Again, thanks for the pleasure of the songs. One of my favorites is Greg Brown. What a composer. “Spring Wind” started singing me this morning.

            But if you need to get way down into this and just let it cleanse you with fountains of sorrow…. the song “That’s How You Learn To Live Alone ” will do it.
            By…sometimers sucks!! traveller, too many people with names…..let me see how it feels now…if I’ve moved somewhat on …

            • >>The Robot Revolution is awesome. Nice one. Thanks>>
              From a time when the doorways were still open for so many to explore.

              >>starving for real music.>>

              >>it’s dance time with a turntable, platters that matter, and a boss Pioneer sound system.>>
              Could see “record” jacket art work across the room.

              >>And a house full of instruments and blissed out geniuses fools and mystics.>>
              So many times setting around with others playing rhythms together on anything that could resonate and all stopping on the same note/beat.

              >>Decided years ago I’d like to die dancing to Cajun music. Right there on the dance floor, don’t disturb or step on please, just leave me there ’till the number’s over.>>

              Had some Jug Band experience in Berkeley/Bay Area. I used to make wash tub “base” even when I was in the biz in Hollywood.

              >>…I’m looking forward to when they leave in the “spaceships”.>>

              >>Sure, I just don’t know where to land. I’m in some kind of waiting room awaiting permission to be part of life and society again.>>
              Had an eye opening encounter in Venice, CA back in the day, dream walking in some sort of “waiting” room that felt very uncomfortable.

              >>A brutal Saturn cycle so knowing that, all things pass, keep moving on, really helps.>>
              The Human Scout mantra that offers truth of a higher nature hey?

              >>Still up in Wash?>>
              Many life times ago. At 6000 feet in the AZ White Mountains now off grid on the path.

              >>Did a lot of time on Salt Spring Island during certain years. Worked for Dan Jason one time, founder of Salt Spring Seeds. Nice folk.>>
              So many family folks still around here and there.

              >>I’m a folk artist, composer, too. About 35 songs of my own.>>
              Good on you, they are like children, reflecting one’s mental DNA.

              >>It’s so special. To have an instrument.>>
              I make my own. One of my books The Urban Shaman has a section on building flutes, banjos, etc.

              >>The deliciousness of the muse’s visits. Ahh, only song I’ve composed lately is “your cell phone is your jail cell”
              No one want to hear it. LOL!!!>>

              I understand. My Get Off The Phone has had about 2500 ears on it.

              Thanks for the Mary Gauthier link. Nice stuff. Like I said, we’ve got family everywhere, each hoping for a reunion of heart.

          • I’m loving this album of yours. I needed this today. And it’s no surprise I was listening to John Prine first. I’m sure you love him as we all do. Thank you.

            • Thanks. Wish I had the talent to produce better iMovie videos for my music. Don’t have any teenage relatives 🙂 with their skills.

              Yeah, John Prine…aces.

  1. Marvelous article.

    One thing to observe: especially the social sciences are vulnerable, I doubt that the problems also apply to the natural sciences or formal sciences. And I recall the reproducibility project, also about the state of affairs in the social sciences. The Wikipedia article on this project of course downplays the seriousness of the findings: “Lay people who learned about the low replication rate found in the Reproducibility Project subsequently reported a lower trust in psychology, compared to people who were told that a high number of the studies had replicated.” No shit, Sherlock.

    • True. When I had to read a soc book a few years ago , it was so full of mights and coulds and mays that I practically threw it back at the prof. The guy who wrote it evidently did a whole lotta work trying to prove, in his book on “marriage” , i think?, that his wife was wrong about the divorce.
      it was pathetic. In a University? Oi vey.

      I laughed at your “no shit sherlock”. Orson Wells’ “War of the Worlds/War of the Words” Broadcast was an experiment. They learned from it that the educated didn’t fall for it. That determined the “educational” (not) policy from then on. They were clear in their documents that they didn’t want people to have any leisure time to learn and come to think they ought to have it better. They didn’t want a political population.

      • Thanks for a new insight, never looked at Orson Wells’ broadcast in that way. I’m looking into the educational system for quite some time now. John Taylor Gatto’s book ‘Weapons of Mass Instruction’ paints a worrying picture. Scientific freedom at universities is now similar to the choice of color for a model T Ford…

        • Yep, and Dumbing Us Down. He wrote those while being repeatedly voted by other teachers “the best teacher in NY State”. There’s the history for sure. In “Weapons”. Brilliant title, too.
          Go back to “Teaching as a Subversive Activity” . Can download free. Amazing perspective. I learned from that one about how every thing has a “language”.

          I’ve had to fight from day one to be here. So when I decided to go back to uni, I did it for myself and I fought to get what I wanted out of it.
          Dang, when I asked, the kids told me their highest value was to never say anyting the prof didn’t want to hear.

          I sure found out why!! Haha. With the Diva as ran the theatre dept. forever. But, I was a couple of years older. Ha!!
          When that new political theory prof went on one day about how great it was to be in Hawaii and know what it is to be a “minority” member….as in the US she was always “on top” or something, I just burst out in my accustomed manner from the back of the class and said “No way! Anywhere you go you’re gonna be somebody’s nigger. ”
          She threw me out immediately. Ran into the only black guy in the class later, in his fifties, raising kids alone, sweetheart really, and he said to me “I understood you. It’s true. ” That was her only year there. Haha. She put me through hell tho. Student Support got me through that one. Janice was full blood Hawaiian, old style, a true jewel.

          Not so bad pulling rank. Finally. I
          ‘m still not much considered an “adult”, but picking a fight with me is a mistake unless you got all your ducks in a row.

        • Yeah, soon as the BS about covid started, I remembered all that about War of the Worlds, and that’s when I realized it’s all a WAr of Words.
          It’s all grist for the mill.

  2. Peer reviewing has always been questionable. It can be a revolving door, authors are peer reviewers of articles that are authored by those who are peer reviewing their articles, etc. In other words, Mr. A’s article is peer reviewed by Messrs. B, C, D, E. When Mr. B writes an article, it’s peer reviewed by Messrs. A, C, D, E. Etc., etc.

  3. Good article and videos, thanks.

  4. Timely video on AI – thanks.

    A couple of thoughts – this deep dive is well worth checking out

    “Everyone is now talking about AI, but few have the faintest glimmer of what is about to hit them.”

    One take I saw over the weekend regarding this paper struck me

    “The paper above strongly suggests that AI will be “the deflationary straw that breaks the global sovereign debt market’s back, and with it, the global sovereign debt-backed monetary system”…and FAR sooner than consensus thinks.
    The consensus Wall Street debate at the moment is around Fed dot plots and whether the Fed will do 1 rate cut or no rate cuts this year…but in the context of this paper, that debate is meaningless short-term noise. The only real debate should be “Will the Fed’s balance sheet be under or over $20 trillion by 2028?”
    The key takeaway is that the medium and long-term bond portions of the traditional 60/40 portfolio should be moved to “long duration assets with a floating face value and zero coupon”: Physical gold bullion…. “

    • I’m no expert, but it appears that Trends Journal has been calling it well in advance for years now. Office occupancy rates of 50% and less is about to bust the banks big time, according to that teams’ knowledge base. It’s begun to happen.

      Just a resource for you. I just listen.

  5. James Corbett, I immediately attempted to cross-post this to my substack, but substack gestapo has frozen me out of my account again this morning. Happens every time I post now since I was attacked by a “big earner” there, who of course comes there as a previous “great big earner” in Pharma. Surprise, surprise. Ridiculously easy to get these folks to undress themselves in plain view. Geez, not even a challenge anymore.

    I’m no worshipper of idols or men, nor those perfect female-men, whatever, but James Corbett, your work is so stellar and supremely important that I would do your friggin’ housework for free to make sure you can keep on doing what you do so devotedly and truly honestly. But the children would need to know…you know….maid service makes children grow up stupid. Barbara Ehrenreich witnessed this first hand while working as a corporate-employed maid to write “Nickel and Dimed”

    That is, as long as you wouldn’t mind my also simultaneously doing deep research on how Japanese culture appreciates the “bag lady living out of a grocery cart” phenomenon. Just for fun, you know?
    I haven’t done that since Portland, N.H. in about 1977. Such a beautiful town that was then.

    But you had to have had a Gilly’s experience to really know it. Gilly’s all night old train car cafe accumulated the most parking tickets ever given to a single individual concern in US history. No small feat there, and he never paid a single one of them. The cops hung out there, too, after all.
    His beans were amazing. His chatter was of historic local import. I need that kind of humanity again.

    So once again many, many heartfelt thanks to you, and to your lovely and I’m sure equally intelligent wife who works with you.

    Your work is just about the only place I maintain any faith and hope that there are yet humans about who can see and hear and think and smell bullshit.

    Steven Crothers publishes excellent refutations of “mathemagics” on Thunderbolts Project.
    The absurdities of arrogance. He particularly likes to dissemble so called “physicists” pronunciations from on high the MatheMagics Mount.

    Of course, they had a lot of fun going after the feminists. That was the most important field to debunk. That threatens us more than DEW’s and the upcoming draft for all US males and females from 18 to 26, the medical murder mafiosos, the military monsters, all that.

    Strangely, though, it was my degree track in Gender and Women’s Studies…I’m a woman, forgive me guys, I was interested in women’s lives, bad me, not because I hate men, but because it so often seemed men hate women, I could be very wrong, but the records do seem to attest…?….Inquisitions, and all? …anyway, believe it or not, it was during that self inflicted (necessary disclaimer: FALSE ) education that I learned clearly that Science Has A Social Agenda.
    I already knew that, didn’t quite have the clarity of the statement yet. They got that right!!!


    • gilly’s is in Portsmouth (bet you got force spell-checked?).

      so what does a women’s-study student say about the oedipal complex runaway train, whereby women, who do the lions share and in many cases all of the child rearing (its not right, and I worked hard to do both the shelter food sourcing + be half or more time part of my sons first 7 years)? what about how those first most impressionable 3 then 7 imprinting years, wherein many child “experts” especially mums who’ve “popped out many a unit” ( g carlin) will say: “those are the years when much of the personality is developed, or the deep rooted fears are set that can restrict or greatly characterize the remainder of ones adult life.. So one could say that the dominators of the world are all products of those women’s limitations or passed down neurosis or even their brilliance…

      I find people often able to turn on a dime. so much aggression is often fear based choices that sums up as outbursts: “I hate you as my husband”, or “as my neighbor”, can be diverted with accurate naming (facing the truth or the dragon or the hungry ghost, once named).

      I ask, not to blame all mothers, but to at least request that when they imagine Johnny with an AK in his hands, they’ll see a piece of themselves in that act, and just maybe, consider asking or imploring him, considering they’re likely the strongest influence he’s ever had, to cease fire.

      • Gilly’s is no more, for a long time now.
        No, I don’t respond to force.

        If you want to understand the creation of “psychiatry”, please read Michel Foucault’s historical studies. There are several relating specifically to the field of psychiatry, as he spent an entire year of his life in a psychiatric unit observing.

        Psychiatry was invented when the European courts were being pressured by the bourgeoisie to incarcerate those who had committed no crimes. The poor, the disabled and mentally challenging, and of course, the politics was all inclusive there.

        Its’ not a pretty history, go there at your own risk.

        Freud was one sick mothafucker. And daughter fucker, they all were, that’s why he made up the “penis envy” in response to thousands of women testifying to sexual abuse in the families…in Germany and Austria? God forbid, not Germany, where they killed more women in the Inquisitions than any other Euro nation. NO. Never. The “oedipal extraction” takes it to the limit. He could count on the Greeks there. Evidently his obsession. Who cares? Absurd to the limit.

        This mother absolutely forbade her sons to ever even imagine themselves in the Military Murder Corporation. I let them know I would tie then to a tree in the forest, naked, and keep them well until they came to their senses. I let them know under no circumstances did I bring them into life to go off killing.
        Only thing they ever took totally seriously and didn’t dare challenge. I ran from batons and rubber bullets ending the fucking draft. And here it comes again.

        I’m not interested in the endllessly powerful duality split agenda. I see the creation as it is. Whole.

        As long as men feel they can demand that women carry babies and birth them without choice, you’ll have mothers who aren’t really made for that.

        Imagine that 53% of humans actually appreciate beingness and have real lives of their own in which they’ve chosen to DO and learn certain pathways, for themselves. Just like the 47% do. But academia has recently redefined “majority” as “those with the greatest power”. So…..
        I also learned from Foucault that a liberal form of governance is a rule by interests. So that’s not new to me.

        Hey, how about international best seller, “Women and Madness”? Read it. Right up your interest alley.

        Ever read “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars? ” Rothschild considers Mothers his greatest enemy, as they are not eager to send their sons to war. Go read it. Perhaps it’s no more real than the Balfour Declaration. Somehow, according to you here, it’s mothers who model military war participation for their progeny, not dads. You got me there. I’m a blue nosed gopher.

        Notice how the Covid agenda targeted women’s reproductivity? Thought they despised abortion….what happened? Covid Shots cleaner than abortions? More profitable, even?
        I will continue in the next square here……

        • OL
          “No, I don’t respond to force.”

          there is no such place as “Portland New Hampshire”

          • LOL whoops, Portsmouth…top of the seventeen mile coastline…Portland Maine, next.
            Portsmouth had a Naval Base there, with nuclear subs.

            They were building that double barreled unwanted nuclear plant there in the most fertile area in Seabrook last time I lived there. Cried at the meeting where the ones in charge decided not to confront the local workers, as they were “putting meat and bread on the table. ”
            I insisted that was the only way it would get built, the president of the corporation wasn’t going to do it.
            NH didn’t even need it. Already produced more electric than it used. It was for Boston. When my first mate and I visited Hampton Beach in mid seventies, it was already gone and ruined. They’d put in a McDonald’s and the trash was everywhere. And Boston was everywhere.

            “A long and hurried flight, from the white man, to the fields of green; in a homeland, we’ve never seen. ”

            I’ve broken the speed of the sound of loneliness many many times. It’s a life on the run. For life.

      • I started out in the Six Year Medical Program in 1968 in Boston University. I left a year and a half later because those future “my son the doctor” dudes from New Yawk were buying their perfect lab papers, bragging about it even. And I learned that this was quite common. Precisely what this posting from James is all about, eh?

        I received an Honors Degree in 2017. I’m a perpetual student of all that life presents me though.
        Maybe, if science gets its shit straight and returns to the truly miraculous, you will have the opportunity to be the Perfect Mother.
        One of the outrageous articles in my course that had me spitting like a pro was that aggressive “male-to-female” dude who insisted that his kind needed to take over feminism.
        In my first year there, while in a Music and Theatre Major, I had to deal with a whacky new prof of political theory who thought she was something else again. I guess you might now call her “woke”? Anyway, that was her only year there.
        I was the elder in those years in all my courses. And I fought the bullshit every step of the way.And that Uni knew my background and knew better than to come after me personally.

        Getting a clue, yet?

        Hey, I’m just one. Go to the Mothers Across America..all those groups online against Vaccines and all….and make your pleading to all of them at once.

        It’s very timely. I’m sure that those millions of moms who don’t want their kids sacrificed to the american murder association will be more than eager to hand them over to Uncle Sam. Try to stop them quick!! Here’s your great mission in life.

        I’d advise leaving Freud out of it, though. Just saying. They ain’t dumb.

        • O.L.
          “Somehow, according to you here, it’s mothers who model military war participation for their progeny, not dads.”

          You are misquoting or misrepresenting. I hadnt mentioned “dads”. But I do agree that both are to blame in their own unique ways. I was interested in focusing on mothers because, in perhaps the majority of cases, I’ll bet that they have better access to their childrens hearts than fathers (sad to say).

          That was good to read your position: “under no circumstances did I bring them into life to go off killing.” I wonder why more parents didnt have that impulse? and/or whether some might get off the fence about it?

          • It is believed widely, I have no idea if it’s true, that once a dog bites a human, it will be dangerous because the dog will henceforth lust for human blood.

            If one teaches one’s children that it’s okay and necessary, or profitable to one’s life, to kill other mammalians, where do you draw the line? Children love animals. Those who were raised on farms, loving animals, went through great trauma when a beloved pet was served up for dinner.

            Raise them different, and they’ll be desperate to join the herd. Dead animals, alcohol, tv, the whole bundle. Cell weapons.
            As I had my last two in my forties, I didn’t miss the years of “your mom is so stupid” and “your mom is so fat” jokes going around. If you think Freud’s hatred wasn’t readily propagandized….? This culture has been fed mother hatred, for millenia. It’s a horrid conflict for the young. Splits them in two, as it’s meant to.

            A culture that teaches blame, resentment, and hatred of those who create life is a culture out to end all natural life.
            You may really enjoy an old book , “For Her Own Good: Two Centuries’ of Experts’ Advice to Women. ”
            It’s full of history of the “medical” and “scientific” paradigms. Fabulous. And an entirely different take on “patriarchy” in the preface. It’s an easy one. And super informative regarding the track that medicine took in the US. International best seller. Much translated.
            We;ve been raised on the words and pronouncements and philosophies and intentions of men forever. What’s so scary about hearing from women? Men are terrified that women will retaliate. They need to grow up. Peter Pan is useless in this time.

            Babara Ehrenreich of “Nickle and Dimed” and Deirdre English, an early editor at Rolling Stone Mag when it had great writers and journalists.

            An even better one? I’ve read it over and over. It’s core. “Stiffed: The Betrayal of The American Man. ”
            In their own testimonies.

            Anyone as bothered to pay attention to that first one wasn’t fooled one whit by 2020. We said FU to vaccines and docs by 1980. They’d tortured plenty of us already.

            But I didn’t get to the feminism until after I raised them. First time I went inquiring, at 20, was told after twenty minutes of chat that I was a closet lesbian and if I still bothered with males I was a …traitor?
            Cambridge, Mass, 1970. Yeah, No. They took over real early you know. Mothers and children got left in the dirt, where they remain to this day.
            Only nations under war have as many unsheltered people as the US. The US is one of only two developed nations in the world that mandate zero paid maternity leave. The Saudi’s are the other. Nice, huh?
            Vietnam affords it’s mothers , by mandate, 365 days at full former pay. I’m told that the people are very friendly. They’re doing well and didn’t sell off their poor to western whores, like Thailand.
            Men need to take their blinders off, do their homework, and realize that their “privilege” is one of only the “better” slave.
            “Maya” means “measure”.

            • I grew up around feminism. in a small town packed with 3-4 kid families, right around 1970, all the dads left town. the lot. As kids we were stunned for a few days and then got on with tree climbing and skateboards. The changes also included the nonsensical / circular arguments of relativism (a psychic fog bank obscuring the good red road).

              My impression is that speaking in absolutes (claims about social oppression by sex or color or bank balance) about anything usually leaves out or gets somebody in trouble. there are relative differences, but using relativistic thinking to justify whims will leave one without balls or tits.

              you’ve laid down more detail than I have time/space to talk with you about, but thanks for the yarn.

              I usually find myself sticking up for overtrampled fathers.

              what a bouquet of psychological bludgeoning we’ve made


              you wrote:

              “Maya” means “measure”.

              in what language?

              sanskrit: illusion
              greek: mother
              central american: a race possibly decendant from Atlantean times
              hebrew: water

              • That sounds like a great “who dun it?” .
                Anyone ever figure out what Pied Piper the dads all left town to? Where’d they go? Disappear? Remarry? ”

                Whatever all those horrid feminist moms did to those hero dads, they deserved to raise their 3 and 4 children alone. So there. Justice served.

  6. If anyone is not aware of the viral backlash toward feminism, and how it was quickly infiltrated and taken over, they might want to learn. From history, you know?

    Anyway, hopefully this doesn’t end up being all about how feminists are to blame for, well, just everything wrong. But if it does, I’ll refrain from noticing. Pretend- Ignoring is cheap as candy. A childish practice, easy as pie. Enough of it spiced well with heaps of denial, and the road to obese ignorance is assured.

    Sociology is the easiest “field” of academia to attack, as it has little in the way of “science” about it. Sociology “authors” get away with so many mights and coulds in their writing, it’s obscene. But they had to start somewhere, and easy is the place to begin.

    And yes, for many years now, those who are able to make the most mulah are those who have access to, and know how to use and manipulate the technology.

    Fortunately for us, you know a whole lot more than computer magics.

    No wonder they’ve hidden most of these papers behind academic paywalls. Maybe they could stuff Bidden’s diapers with them.

  7. Additional thanks for the mousey pic, James. Ahh, if Freud only had AI to assist his search for the male eel genitals. He wouldn’t have failed at his first post grad research. And we may have been spared his secondary “field” of killing and dissecting. A shame, that.

    Was that the Mighty Mouse who produced the Big Bang? I bet.
    Nothing sexy/sexist about science. Sperm, upon further research, have been found to have a very weak “thrust”, as their tails mainly jerk them from side to side. Men did that research, unfortunately.

    Renaissance “science” progressed from destroying newly unusable and imcomprehensible myths, and replacing them with built back better myths. Gotta hand it to ’em. They like to “win” , no matter how.
    Sokal’s article, admittedly “dated”, reads like one gobbledeegooker attacking others. Funny. He’s quite convinced of what he thinks he “knows”. This is how “professionals” battle. With their “professional” gear firmly protecting them. What a show. What a show. And the show must go on, and it will.
    So many, so many folks as are counting on their monies saving their soulless lives. I think they will find, all the money they made won’t buy back their souls.

  8. Just try…maybe different for the “small fish”? …just try chatting with Substack, James.

    They’ll throw more AI generated garbage at you before you’re finished typing than you can stomach in a week.

    Read somewhere about the Elon Alien Agenda taking charge there?
    Them Tube nixxed you for that fun Science Says post? Yep, being laughed at in an undressed state entirely undoes them.
    I’d like to remind everyone that the Congress just appropriated funds to revive the Military Draft, for both males and females ages 18 to 26. They want your kids, folks. Bad. The banksters, god bless their little monied souls, have always demanded you sacrifice your sons to their great human sacrifice rituals, WARS. Now they want to destroy the future mothers. Before they become feminists, I imagine?
    Pay attention people. What are you gonna DO about it? Moan and groan while the wheels keep turning? While you continue earning and securing what? An empty house filled with dead flags in place of your children?
    Wanna be the first one on your block to have your kid come home in a box? It’s an amerkan tradition, after all. For Europe, the Banksters’ Delight.
    Let’s feed the remaining unjabbed ones into the ever churning European War Obsession. Loyal to the “forefathers” it is. Those “Fore(skinned)Fathers”, British Barristers and Slave Owners all, weren’t in the least “patriarchal”. They were “revolutionaries”. Circling round the same old same old.

    Betsy Ross will soon be found to have been a controlled agent, of the CIA Beatles’ managers travelling back in time, and responsible for the fall of the “Union”.

    Blame is an equal opportunity game, sort of.

    James Corbett, sir, :

    , tho you’re not a subscriber to my stack, and why would you be? , might you find the time to shoot them an email, which I’m sure they’ll read faster than mine, and ask them why they won’t let me cross post this contribution?
    I’d love it if you actually got a real answer from a real person. “Chances are…..” LOL

  9. PS Here’s a fascinating dig Dr. Lee Merritt did five months ago.

    “Censorship and Information Warfare” / How the intelligence services have captured scientific publication and research.

    All of these linked articles you presented were fantastic reads. The one on creating an AI -generated-papers search and cull investigation system was real nice.
    The substack article was also amazing. Neil Postman wrote “Teaching As A Subversive Activity” with Charles Weingartner in the early seventies, one of my early influences I’ve been suggesting to others for decades.

    From the humping park dogs to the Mightily Endowed Mouse to the “structurally integrated hallucinations”, this article was an absolute delight and somewhat of a comedy central episode on “Science” TM.

  10. Now we’re on the subject of AI and because AI is all the rage now, don’t forget about the most basic and humble type of AI: the trusted thermo bottle. If you put a hot liquid in, it keeps it hot. If you put a cold liquid in, it keeps it cold. How does it know?

    • LOL

      is this AI speaking?

      damn, use a thermo every day, all day; now I’ll laugh every time, and folks will think I’m even crazier yet

  11. An area in Serbia got pummeled really hard yesterday, peach sized chunks of ice.

    Recently there has been some information bubbling up in local MSM about using silver iodide to seed clouds, which they justified by saying that “it has to be done”. Other MSM outlets were saying that using that compound to seed clouds will likely cause massive hail. Ooops, I guess.

    Exactly around the summer solstice better part of the Balkans got the “Sahara desert sand” occluded Sun. Not sure that I was ever able to observe such weather, let alone during the summer. A few days of that leading into massive hail in the general area. What a koinkidink.

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