Interview 1751 – Riley Waggaman Provides Updates from Russia

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Interviews, Videos | 48 comments

Riley Waggaman of the Edward Slavsquat substack joins James once again to update The Corbett Report audience on the situation in Russia. From mandatory clot shot genetic slurry injections for conscripted Russian cannon fodder to the latest developments on the Ukrainian front, you won’t want to miss this important conversation.

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Putin’s speech during accession ceremony of new territories to RF

Russian defence ministry maps suggest rapid pullbacks in Ukraine

Russia begins vaccinating mobilized citizens

Edward Slavsquat substack

Interview 1703 – Riley Waggaman on Russian Myths vs. Russian Reality

Russian Military Launches Coronavirus Vaccination Campaign

Russian doctors demand end to compulsory COVID vaccination for mobilized citizens

Putin & compulsory vaccination

Putin, Sputnik V & mass vaccination

Vaccine safety in Russia: No VAERS. No transparency. Only threats.

R-Pharm deal with AstraZeneca to produce Oxford COVID-19 vaccine

Russia to create its own mRNA shot. Sure, why not?

Argentina’s health ministry says Sputnik V causing more serious side effects than AstraZeneca, Sinopharm jabs

Sputnik V: What you’re not being told

Russia’s COVID shot collusion with AstraZeneca

If Putin Was a 5th Column Traitor, What Would He Be Doing Any Differently?

Putin Is a Serial Decision-Making Procrastinator, and Russia Is Paying the Price

Finland and Sweden complete NATO accession talks

Ukraine applies for fast-track NATO membership

Russia Moves to Put Captured Azov Battalion Fighters on Trial

Putin ally Viktor Medvedchuk exchanged for 200 Azov Battalion fighters

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s approval rating soars above 90%

Eastward gas flows via Yamal-Europe stop, supply via Ukraine stable

British Defense Secretary Says Putin Is a ‘Gift’ to NATO

Edward’s Squatcast


  1. Some sort of major conflict will probably be necessary anyway in order to move forward in the NWO agenda. It’s so much easier to build upon ruins, especially to create a global body of international alliance even larger and more powerful than the UN is. It’s also quite convenient to enforce rules that would otherwise be so difficult to apply. As we’ve seen recently, a supposed state of emergency can even make people accept locking themselves home and wearing masks outdoors without protesting.

    Order out of chaos, right?

  2. Thank you for that reality check.

  3. Really liked this guest, he distilled it really well for me, finally I feel like I know a bit of what going on with that conflict. Pin cushion, sounds like James has been listening to Peggy Hall.

  4. James, I feel like you show unusual bias here. You may be 100 percent correct in your report on Russia, Sputnik V and Putin. However you seem to show disdain and mock those in the “independent” media that either don’t report on this or don’t seem to agree with you.
    You call people in the comments “Kremlin agents”. This really seems striking to me.
    Simply addressing the push back you get and answering the questions with facts would be enough without the mockery of those questioning your viewpoint.
    I do agree, it is very troubling in regards to the vaccine mandates that Edward reports on. I have not thoroughly looked into this issue, and as you have encouraged, I don’t simply trust Edwards opinions without scrutiny. So far it appears that he is the only source I have seen on your podcast reporting on this?
    Sometimes is feels to me like in your eyes there is an absolutism in regards to “Governments bad all the time”. It does seem possible that Russia/Putin is making some decisions (whether simply for their own benefit) that oppose our Western tyrannical leaders. His recent speech DID call out some things in regards to our flawed monetary system and has opposed the West in action at times.
    Personally I don’t feel the need at this point to demonize Putin outright. Same way I did not condemn everything Trump did. (I certainly don’t believe in 5D chess) Some “leaders” are disruptors to Western tyranny and that is a good thing. Some appear to side at least partially with freedom at times. It is not all black and white for me. Nothing is absolute and certain in regards to these matters. No one podcaster or researcher has the “answers”. In my opinion Tom Luongo of Guns, Goats and Gold does some good research on Russia.
    You appear to be very sure of your views of Russia, but the mockery of others gives me pause…I certainly don’t have all the answers.

    • Goldismoney
      “….Sometimes is feels to me like in your eyes there is an absolutism in regards to “Governments bad all the time”…..”

      I think Mr Corbett is an idealist and, in his attitude, is consistent. He is one of the few online people who I fully trust believes what he says.

      I would like to believe that he is correct, but I am sorry to say I think “The Populists Delusion” is a pretty accurate description of the human condition and the best we can hope for is limited government that does not actively hate its subjects.

      • Buddy


        Your comment has nothing to do with what I wrote there…. we all have moments like that but most of us can keep on point at least some of the time

    • The anti-Russian psyop is being played all over the world.

      The problem is that it will eventually lead to nuclear war.

      Russia had and has legitimate concerns and the US has supported the OUN-B fascists since WWII.

      And they, along with Azov, the Right Party and C14 (all Nazis) run the government which is supported and run by NATO.

      Libertarians are purists with little answers to geo-poltical problems.

      Their focus is on the individual as the Supreme being (other than God) and therefore their analysis is always biased.

      That said, all points of view are biased. Finding the bias is the role of a critical thinker and you found it by concentrating on words used and how.

      Good for you! This is an excellent example of critical thinking.

      As to mocking, if jovial ok but if ad homienm it is a fallacy.

      Ensconced in his own point of view I would wager it is a fallacy committed unconsciously.

      There has been no bigger psyop than this war by the US and NATO other than WWI and the Creel Commission (and NATO was not an organization then).

      The ruling elite knows the US has been psyoped to hate Russia for decades.

      That is why it is working,well, that and ignorance.

    • Putin should take it up with Klaus Schwab. Schwabs naming him publicly as a WEF young leader ( even if he was too old at the time?) doesn’t exactly boost his credibility as one of the good guys.

      • Well, I believe Putin is a member of the WEF. It isn’t just a visit we’re talking about then. Also, his relationship with Schwab goes back to 1992.

        • We’ve got a Kremlin agent here! XD

          But more seriously, again, their relationship started back in 1992 when Putin was a nobody, to then have him as a member of the WEF 30 years later.
          Don’t you find any of these two elements, or even perhaps their combination, suspicious?

    • Goldismoney,
      I have to say I feel the pretty much the same way. Specially when Mr. Corbett doesn’t have a script (like in his documentaries), I noticed an occasional tendency to fall in binary-mode (good/bad).

      I also tend to share Duck’s view. I mostly trust Mr. Corbett’s information, but I surelly do not expect him to be 100% immune against bias (after all, we’re all human).

      In this case: “mandatory vaccine from Moscow”, I have serious doubts, after listening to Vanessa Beeley’s reporting on on friday, sept 7’s broadcast (starting at 20:35) ; She refered to Aussie Cossack’s short video , as well to a response by (which I failed finding the text), as well as her own responses.

      I would refer to an interview by Eva Barlett, interviewing Thomas Röper (of about Life in Russia… done in 2020. I also trust Miss Barlett to be genuine.

      BTW, I do not consider myself either pro or anti Russia/Putin…

      Regards to all.

      • Hey Claude,

        Here’s a follow-up article by Waggaman (Edward Slavsquat blog) in his own defense, that is, against a UK Column podcast, wherein Vanessa Beeley, Bücher Von Thomas Röper, et al. question the validity of Waggaman’s report of Russia’s mandatory Covid vaccine policy:

        Strictly on a personality level, Waggaman strikes me as a straight shooter. I happen to like him.

        Nonetheless, this divergence in the alt media world with regard to the Russian/Putin question, of which this “mandatory-not mandatory” vaccination story is but a small part, I find to be quite interesting. It would seem that such diverse opinion, and or view of reality, has been simmering under the radar since the start of the Russian incursion into Ukraine, and is now boiling to the surface. Particularly telling, was a most surprising, yet very humorous and off the cuff comment that Corbett made on what he speculated might be the reaction of the “Kremlin” mouthpieces amongst his subscribers…. What???

        Wow! Very telling, indeed. Such a quip couldn’t have happened out of the blue and for no reason. So, something’s been up.

        Anyway, I’m glad Corbett is decidedly biased. I’m glad he’s calling out Putin’s insanely duplicitous rhetoric. And why not? It’s no different than that coming from any other two-faced political stooge. Which I think was the point Corbett was trying to get across. And, perhaps he’s also trying to tell us that Russian propaganda – never mind the West’s – is massively pervasive, too.

        Good job, James.

        • Hey Spotlight 😉

          Thx for your reply.
          It would be pretention on my part to argue. I read Waggaman’s article you refer to. It seems very convincing.

          Still, I maintain, either way, my scepticism. If that qualify as being a ““Kremlin” mouthpieces”, so be it. But I won’t fall in this dividing “partie prit”. Nor do I believe that James need anybody to defend him.

          As James says: “Don’t take what I say at face value… Do you own research”.


          • With an adorable imoji wink you screwed up my nom de guerre big-time! Ha ha….

            If expressing a shared point of view with someone is seen as somehow defending that someone, then so be it. I stand accused.

            Anyway, you raise a good point about not wanting to fall into a dividing “parti prit”, and yet, like it or not, there does seem to be forming a division along ideological lines. And this is a division not just among “run-of-the-mill “conspiracy pundits if you will – and I ought to apologize for even using the term “conspiracy”, but, you know what I mean. This is happening within the sphere of those who have made a career out of countering the official narrative, and yet here, in this particular quadrant, mud is being flung…or, has flung, past tense.

            To get a handle on what’s going on inside Russia since the incursion, Corbett has tapped Waggaman twice now that I know of, and his latest report on Russia is being thoroughly impugned by the likes of Vanessa Beeley and associates. One need not fall into a parti prix – taking sides on the matter based on preconceived ideas, or what not – but, Vanessa and company’s complete refutation and divisiveness should certainly pique ones interest, analytically speaking, at least. Otherwise, one could pass it off as no big deal, but to me that’s like preceding like some zombie in lala land.

            But, hey, that’s just me.

            Unfortunately, though, from experience I’ve gained, unless the individual players in such a squabble desire to elaborate, there’s virtually no way to get to the bottom of it except through ones own subjective speculation. So, in other words, it’s probably a waste of time to pursue it…. But, nonetheless, one should take note.

            By the way, you wanted to draw attention to the pre-Covid January 28th 2020 Eva Bartlett interview with Thomas Röper. Why was that? How does that interview pertain to the current issue, other than to demonstrate how one German expat living in Russia expressed how free he found living in his adopted society? Which is neither here nor there, and completely superfluous. As a matter of fact, for what it’s worth, I can’t say that Röper was terribly convincing answering Eva’s more pointed questions on purported freedoms, him doing so with a nervous and evasive tic, imho.


    • Thanks for pointing that out. That was my mistake. The file should be there now.

    • Seems fixed now (00:18 CEST).

  5. Dear JC and Corbetteers,

    I feel a need to comment on the positions I have taken on the Ukraine conflict.

    The interview above presents a few worthy notes. One point that struck me was that of people predicting that nothing would happen and then lionizing the invasion. I am guilty of this. I was struck by a melancholy when the invasion was announced.

    The great tragedy is the creation of the core of the conflict; the refusal of Ukraine with tepid dithering by France and Germany to engage in the Minsk Accords. There was a massive escalation of shelling of Donetsk in mid February, I documented it using OSCE reports. It is this “defence of the oppressed” to which I succumbed. The Nazi infested coup installed government of 2014, and its continuations which denied any possible resolution of the conflict just lended more inclination.

    The best article I have read on the recent “momentous” speech by Putin is by Patrick Lawrence:

    My article on the speech takes a historic perspective, but lands squarely in Russia’s favour. Again, I have fallen for the trap of “the little guy”. Choosing between the smaller of the USA+NATO and China+Russia is a fools errand, and fool I am.

    The way to deny profits to war profiteers is to not fight. There are no “winners” in war, just the dead and their grieving relatives.

    • I have bitten my bullet:

      600 words can speak most deeply. The single line paragraphs are:

      (Einstein): “Peace cannot be kept by force: it can only be achieved by understanding.”

      “There is only one sensible course: Peace.”

      “Lets pay the diplomats billions of dollars to find a way out of this terminal nightmare.”

      “People die.”

      “The answer is not a number, it is the choice to create life and society in preference to death and destruction.”

      (Jimi Hendrix): “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

      The rest of the article is just framing and fill. Its saving grace is its brevity.

      Peace be with you,


    • “Not funny, Octium” I say while laughing. Gallows humor.

  6. Great interview James!

    I’m glad that Riley came back to talk about the jabs in more detail
    after only brief mention at 5:15 at which point he said:

    “Let’s be honest here, these people were, the military personnel,
    were coerced into getting this unproven genetic medical experiment.”

    Sputnik V and Sputnik light may very well be manufactured by AstraZeneca,
    how ever they belong to the category of adenovirus vector vaccines,
    which are a totally different animal from the gene-modifying mRNA jabs.

    Now I am in no way saying they are safe or any safer than the mRNA jabs.
    However we don’t have any evidence that they were designed to modify
    a person’s genes.

    It seems Riley Waggaman = Edward Slavsquat ?
    And ‘mobilization’ = conscription ?

    • I think the term genetic injection is used because genetic material is being introduced. The adenovirus injection theoretically uses viral mechanisms to introduce the instructions for the spike protein into the nucleus of the cell, or rather to produce the mRNA that then makes the spike protein. It’s genetic material they are introducing, thus still a genetic vaccine. This to me is worse, since theoretically this one goes into the nucleus of cells and does interact with DNA. In fact, the J and J injection has had just as bad of a track record as the mRNA jab.

      Perhaps it would be less bad since cell mRNA is used to translate the spike protein, but it’s still completely pointless and useless and dangerous. And that’s if you trust what they say is in it and I no longer do. I trust nothing about vaccines anymore. Even the other jab the protein subunit jab has caused deaths. Forcing people to take jabs is wrong.

      I suspect that they want to condition the population to take weird technology without question for their weird transhuman agenda.

      The only way I would ever do gene therapy, which these viral vector and mRNA jabs are (mRNA and DNA are genetic material) would be if I was dying from a serious disease and was part of a clinical trial. It’s very risky and completely pointless as far as preventing an illness. So the idea that the Russian jab is safer, I think is probably incorrect.

      • Let’s not forget the nanoparticles in the mRNA but also Astra Zeneca jabs. They themselves cause lots of health problems and can be used for tracking people.

  7. One word, made into a recent acronym, fits the topics in this discussion – it entered my mind immediately- SAD!

  8. (split to avoid possible too many characters)
    (1 of 2)

    My premise: I am unaligned with any nation or organization or group. An independent uninjected Earth Being.
    To begin, “Riley Waggaman”? With a slight accent & swap of mammal, akin to “Really Wag the Dog”?
    Opening premise from Waggaman, akin to “getting dirty fixing broken sewer defeats the purpose” (?!)
    I say, “gonna get in some shit before it gets sanitary”, but tags me, was it “Kremlin bot” in this particular Corbett video?
    Corbett begins with a sarcastic ‘tone’, which is another disappointing premise for such serious subjects.
    As-if ANYONE (Putin) pointing out the disastrous injustices of “the west” (or “east”) is illegitimate UNLESS spoken by an unsullied individual, of which there are NONE on planet Earth, including the respected journalist/documentarian, Mr. Corbett & myself).
    Withdrawal from Lyman to be Corbett’s second issue, while posting a VAGUE (Reuters) map, does not examine closely ENOUGH to see that Lyman is across a major river from the contiguous area of Luhansk making it a possibly sensible move in establishing defensible boundaries that will not escalate loss of troops & equipment.
    This surprisingly shallowly-researched & selectively referenced ‘piece’ (of work) from Corbett is the first where I find myself lacking interest in subjecting myself to more demeaning & less-than-credible “updates” from a guy who lit-up my ‘bullshit detector’ with his first bullshit introductory statement. Remember James, “Betrayals don’t ever come from your enemies” ~ Rosana Miho
    (1 of 2)

  9. (2 of 2)
    I began critiquing Corbett’s references:
    “Russian defence ministry maps suggest rapid pullbacks in Ukraine”
    (Yahoo News/Reuters, not “Russian defence ministry”)
    “Russia begins vaccinating mobilized citizens”
    “Edward Slavsquat substack”
    “Interview 1703 – Riley Waggaman on Russian Myths vs. Russian Reality”
    3 Waggaman links
    “Russian Military Launches Coronavirus Vaccination Campaign”
    (The Moscow Times, online, pro-western, now based in Amsterdam, Dutch publisher.
    Article is from Nov. 2020.
    Significant [in my view] is mention of 500,000 Russian active duty personel,
    “more than 2500” vaxed at that time.)
    “Russian doctors demand end to compulsory COVID vaccination for mobilized citizens”
    (link to Waggaman’s substack)
    “Putin & compulsory vaccination”
    (link to Waggaman’s substack)
    “Putin, Sputnik V & mass vaccination”
    (link to Waggaman’s substack)
    This is so “MSM” tactics of linking to one’s own writings repeatedly that
    I nominate this “update” from Corbett for the First (to my knowledge)
    My (benefit of the doubt) speculation is that this was some kind of “test” of critical-thinking/do-your-own-research.
    NO THANKS James, for luring me to take all this time I spent.
    I refuse to watch a video of some guy talking about his own “references” with the occasional pro-western publication and NATO links.
    Just ‘calling it how I see it.
    (2 of 2)

  10. Negentropy,

    I’ll look more into this tomorrow on my day off. But I’m in agreement, this is NWO agenda moving along. I think that’s why I’ve been so irritable the last few weeks with most everything in the news, people I’ve listen to in the past, ect. It’s so obvious to me now that it’s all a sham and leading to the same conclusion. Divide and conquer, controlled opposition – it’s always the same game that wins. They even tell us what their plans are and we all sit around, dumb and blind (self included).

    Essentially I feel irritated with myself and others because I’ve been feeling powerless. It’s times like this I got to sit back and remind myself that the only thing I do have control over is myself, especially how I choose to respond/react and where I put my focus.

  11. Thanks for some sane discussion about Russia that doesn’t involve Putin or Zelensky apologists. Although I’ve appreciated some independent journalists’ critiques of Zelensky, I’ve been utterly baffled by their devotion to Putin. These are people who get the Left/Right games in Western politics and adamantly opposed lockdowns, suffocation devices, shots, and mandates. Why don’t they get the globalist East/West charade?

    • I really don’t like to name names and will emphasize that I’m grateful for their reporting on other issues, most recently debunking the lies that Russia forced the referendum republics/areas to vote to join it at gunpoint. The two that come to mind are Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett. I’ve followed their work for a while and am dumbfounded over their embrace of Putin.

      They seem to view Putin’s annexation of the eastern regions as some kind of humanitarian move rather than an opportunistic one. They’ll point out how well Russia treats them, when of course Russia is going to treat people whose land they want to annex well. They publish Putin’s speeches as if he’s some kind of savior from the West. Listening to Putin is like listening to any other egomaniac politician.

      So I am grateful that there are people who see leadership of both East and West as the globalist scourges they are.

      • I’ve never thought Putin was a nationalist. He’s a globalist through and through. He may pretend to be a nationalist, but he’s on board with globalist agendas. That was part of the point of James’s interview.

  12. JC gives a voice to someone who has been focusing the the biosecurity control matrix to speak of the situation in Ukraine.

    The interview omits encyclopedias of background and context. It is a conversation about the biosecurity threat masquerading as a commentary on the Ukraine conflict. Its fine for the former, but fails wholly on the latter.

    I was forced to be more introspective because of it. For this I am grateful.

    War is evil. War requires at least two parties. They all deserve revulsion.

    • I appreciated the interview for the fact that it addresses an area neglected in independent media (that I’ve seen) that’s lacking, which is showing legitimate reasons that Putin is no hero. We all know that the Western media lies about Putin, but some have reacted by defending Putin and taking sides with Russia.

      Even some folks like Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams who don’t support Putin or Zelensky devote most of their efforts to debunking pro-Ukrainian propaganda and don’t go far into why Putin’s no good, either. I don’t fault them for that—just saying that calling Putin out for the right reasons (like that he is a globalist on board with the biosecurity state) is an area that’s lacking.

      I’m certainly no expert on everything independent media says but have seen enough support for Putin in its ranks to make it refreshing to hear an interview like this one.

  13. How can people be so gullible? Do you really believe that there is a real conflict here?
    The powers that be predicted a global shortage of food and energy. They have put plans in place to manage these resources on a global level. Then, viola! The bread basket of Europe is at war with the engery bucket. And the stooges fall for it.

    • I believe there are different levels to this and other conflicts. In the sense that literal explosives and fighting are killing people, and behind-the-curtains forces and their puppets are dividing populaces and stirring up hatred among people, there is real conflict. But go high enough up in the ranks, and the powers that be are on the same side. It is we the commoners against they the oligarchs. The oligarchs want enough people alive to exploit for their own power and gain but not so many that they drain resources.

      I personally believe there’s a religious aspect to building a globalist order, too.

    • ksmen

      What? you think that there is only ONE faction that has no friction as they snap over who gets the biggest slice of cake? No point in worrying if THAT were true.

      The Mafia spend plenty of time fighting each other and I see no reason to expect that the Rulers dont battle out whos gonna be the biggest Boss, even if they work together to get what they want.

      The problem with waking up is that its easy to get into the mindset that its ALL fake when really its just that we Plebs do not understand they game the powerful play with each other.

  14. They are doing it to create a food and energy crisis, just as THEY predicted. Then, they can step in with their global control plan. But, not before they publish their book and Gates hocks his fake food.

  15. Negentropy, I LOVE YOU. I feel as if I am the only person on EARTH that can see right through this. The over-the-top drama and the team building was so obvious.
    The WEF said they needed global control of food and energy because of future famines and energy crisis. How convenient that Europe’s bread basket is warring with Europe’s energy bucket.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  16. I’m on Riley’s Substack and have been since his first interview with Corbett.
    The guy puts out lots of material…so much so, that I can’t make time to read it all.

    It was nice to have him again on Corbett’s platform with an interview.
    Hearing him voice things is different than the printed word, and it helps on gaining perspectives.

  17. Loft
    “..I’m no historian but I understand that TPTB have always supported both sides in a ‘war’…”

    That depends on WHICH ‘TPTB’ …. Bankers will fund both sides, but the Local Ruling Elite mostly really DO want to kill off their rivals and steal their stuff. There is not just ONE Elite, there are lots of them sneaking around doing stuff, from the people running the White House to the local HOA. They all want more power and stuff for themselves,

    I keep harping on about it but “The Populist Delusion” is a really good primer on that kinda thing….its cleaned up my understanding of politics

    Think of it like this

    “ and Gates has just said it’s ‘too difficult’ to reduce people’s consumption of meat… more gaslighting?…”

    The Big Cattle Barons and meat Packers do not want what Bill GAtes wants…they will fight him if they can on that even if they may be allies on something else

  18. Great interview. Thanks for inviting Riley back. Always good to get his behind-the-curtain observations.

  19. Came for the beer, stayed for the Nachos. I enjoy the comments section as much as the main event. Often more! Just catching up on the latest… . (I gave the news a slight break for a few days. Probably need to stop completely for 3 days.)

    I see lots of folks committed to their belief process, to the degree that they cannot entertain other possibilities. If we learned anything in the last few years, it is 1) Things are not what they seem, false flags and misdirection have been in place for a long time before 2020, 2) who knows what is really going on NOW in China for example, or Russia, or Ukraine for that matter. We rely on sources that we like or trust (or totally mistrust and guess that the opposite is true!), and often stop searching for new information that may derail our current rendition of ‘reality’. I know directly people who were living in far west Ukraine, but left near the end of 2014 because of their interest to live longer. (Yes, violence began again in 2014 if you didn’t know – against ethnic Russian speakers).

    IMHO it is irrelevant if the WEF is in Cahoots with Russia, or China. It seems not to me at this point. What do we really know? As Waggaman stated recently even he discovered (as others did before him) that it is NOT mandatory to have a Covid Vaccine for the new troops from the Russian Federal Gov’t. And do we really know what is in the jabs? Emphatically no. Do we know what is actually going on in China? No again. Do we know if jabs in China are real or fake or saline? No. What if China is telling the WEF “Yes we will give the jabs and help decrease our population so the few Elites amongst us will rule and enjoy”. But what if they are just faking it. ETc.

    I just look to the events and players before during and after WWI and WWII, and see that it is the same game plan, with the same focus, by the same would be Masters of the World. Except this time they want every country subjugated, and every individual subjugated. So in that vein, Russia is at the moment maintaining sovereignty as a Nation, and seemingly supporting individual sovereignty. For China who knows? What reports we get in the West would seem to support the concept of a Technocracy well in progress, and one that it already much closer to what Globalists’ wet dream of Governance. China also wants to maintain national sovereignty. Individual sovereignty is another matter. This doesn’t quite jive with the one world government, so …. again who knows. Readjusting of plans? Or is it a matter of every Big Player wants sovereignty, and the technology of the day is data collection and usage of data for profit/control/leverage.

    It appears that Peace, Freedom, and Sovereignty are the main issues of the day – individually and collectively. (I know they are not popular terms as these concepts and reality have been demonized by the msm. “Don’t be selfish!” Great good, etc..) Not much else to say now…. May the future generations look kindly on us.

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