Interview 1764 – One Nation Under Blackmail with Whitney Webb

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Whitney Webb of joins James once again, this time to discuss her new, epic, 900-page, two-volume tour de force, One Nation Under Blackmail. In this conversation, Webb and Corbett dive into the sordid tale of Epstein and his compatriots and begin to unravel the incredibly complex web of the intelligence/organized crime/blackmail syndicate.

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EXCLUSIVE: Ms. Popularity! Ghislaine Maxwell’s life behind bars is hardly bleak as the sought-after ex-socialite strolls with a prison pal, is chosen to lead ‘Battle of the Units’ checkers competition and guides inmates to the best romance books in library

One Nation Under Blackmail by Whitney Webb – / TrineDay

Who Is Bill Gates?

‘The Bachelor Billionaire’ – New York Magazine 1985

Wexner Israel Fellowship

Harvard Center for Public Leadership

Klaus Schwab 2017 Young Global Leaders clip

Ghislaine Maxwell attended Cuomo, Kennedy wedding in 1990

The Maxwell Family Business: Espionage




    Your genius is needed to help create visual tools for navigating through the types of complex histories and relational networks WW and JC address in their work.

    To James’ point: there’s no possible way a person can wrap their mind around this info in a single sitting. Having a visual tool that can represent people, relationships, events, and sources (links documents, videos) would help people orient more quickly and understand the influences, timelines, and relationships more thoroughly.

    Who’s game??!

    • Littlebird
      This guy did that stuff for a while but his books are super expensive since he committed suicide

      THIS is a free program for doing notes (YouTube is full of tutorials) that you can display visually as well as doing #links inside so you can click from one to the other…. readable by any text reader so not software or platform locked .

      Professional types appear to like “the brain” which is pretty cool (I do not think it really does much more then you can do with obsidian but it’s mind mapping is visually better)

      Logos media database

      Mr Grove often shows the history blue print on his videos as he talks about something

    • I wrote out the connections included in Chapter 1 of Volume 1 and it was absolutely maddening! The next few chapters were much lighter on the barrage of names. Book should’ve included a graphic (they already jewed us down on the price)

      • “(they already jewed us down on the price)”

        What do you mean by that?

        Did the book not meet your expectations or was it too much for you?

      • CRM114

        You could do a mind map or the graphic then post it here or somewhere.

        Obsidian Notes is great for that, if you do zettlekasten with the book you could post it for others

      • Ever see the film “Hurricane”, a true story?
        Those determined Canadians put all the story and details up on their walls. One piece at a time…..and like any puzzle, it revealed it’s links.

    • Tag
      That would be wonderful to see.

      Obsidian Notes is free and will run on anything, mac windows linux, even phone I think, and your note cards are always accessible to ANY text reader on any machine.

      • Not MY map… lol…I am n I see the previous post is still in moderation for links.

        that’s Jan Irving’s, Logos Media, mind map. he s using “the Brain ” which looks super cool but I like obsidian better because you can not get locked out of what you wrote by software going away.

        I do not have her book yet, but I did do a couple of books for myself in Obsidian.

        It’s just got be kept regular otherwise you get the meh’s……Basically it’s just sitting and reading, underlining what I like and then typing what I wanna keep I to the computer. I got super side tracked by doing Dr Jones “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” this year on actual cards. It’s like three volumes and I had some stuff happen half way thru the year.

        If your doing the ebook you could probably cut and paste what you want into your own obsidian notes but not sure you should publish the whole book like that

        • PS to my above. There could be a companion to the main presentation that again, does not present “as much proof and detail as possible” but gets at the truth by way of “The important facts/people/events/connections you probably don’t know about, but probably should.” like Ali Muhammed, for instance. Of Smedley Butler, and what he had to say, or all the deaths surrounding witnesses of many investigations… A companion work.

    • I had this idea where you could cut/copy/add live and fresh content to create a verbal “It all comes down to this” for the major events that lead us to the present, so there is a cohesive story. We may be at the last gasp to get the stories from people alive during the most fundamental shift that at an atomic level allowed the cowing and control fo the information and people, the killing of a president in daylight, lies in broad daylight, and only coverup.

      James’s WW1 doc is full of content. As are all of his documentaries. Whitney Webb is of a kind, so they are a brilliant team. (wwii still too touchy? We need/must get over that to get to the truth.)

      I see almost a cliff’s notes of “in their own words” strung together to show how events tie together, avoiding all the details of proof, but providing only facts, and proof to stimulate more study into the areas. It will require editing, but the idea is if presented by or in context of lost voices (Smedley Butler..) and modern historians/investigators, then the presentation itself will provide the sources to discover the depth of investigation.

      At some point we have to come to grips that our silenced and censored investigations and understandings are largely correct, and we know what happened and probably even who to blame.

      So then the circle is closed and we stop blaming people for not believing us, realizing it’s just a lying and pervasive “media” that convinces a small but vocal (incited) people to defend the lies presented by the entertainment/control media, creating the impression of “majority”. We start to understand the only barrier to truth is the coverup they think they have all sewed up. that this eggshell thin veneer is enough to keep us at bay.

      They can’t kill us all, but each time the truth is brought more into view, something happens to distract and further their grips.

      We are seeing who THEY are.

  2. I think the “intelligence agencies” ARE “the mob”. They are one and the same. So yes, we could certainly call the international crime ring The Mob, but it’s not the same old-school mafia. The corruption has gone so deep that there is virtually no distinction between those titles.
    Whitney mentions that Robert Maxwell was trying to consolidate groups of criminal/intelligence groups in NY shortly before his death. These agencies and schemers have always worked together (likely with some occasional infighting). We may never know who “gives the orders” or “calls for a hit” but there are clear, albeit complex connections indicating criminal corruption/infiltration at the highest levels of finance, government, and intelligence organizations.

  3. Inisfad
    “..WHO ordered it….”

    Good luck trying to find that out , lol, did you ever hear mobsters telling their tales? Half t the time THEY do not know what happened either.

    British intelligence was always all about the Trade Empire, from the days when the British East India company had it’s own armies, probably the Dutch VOC was the same….crime often is just another form of Trade just like taxation is not unlike protection rackets.

    The OSS/CIA was created by corporate lawyers and political as an extension OF Business interests (hence the term “banana republic” for a nation dominated by United Fruit Company and the annexation of Hawaii by private business people. see smedley butler who said as much in his speech ‘war is a racket’)

    The integration of Organized Crime by the CIA was AFAIK started in WW2 though I think you should note that many rackets attributed to the “mafia” were actually done by Jewish Mobsters who were something like 50% of that kinda thing…..but for some reason the (((guys))) marking movies thought Italian mobsters were more interesting. I hear that the Russian Mafia is also Very Jewish which would explain how Maxwell (and Epstein) and Mossad could get on so well with them having something in common.

    Kinda related

  4. If folks literally claim to have a Demonic Passenger then it certainly explains why so much of what the powerful promote creates mental illness and surely opens the next generation to Entity Possession….

    Chris Knowles of Secret Sun blog has some interesting ideas on t he True aims of MKULTRA,
    Interesting that Jung and Dulles knew each other.

    As Chris Knowles said, does it make a difference to the way that they Behave if it’s true or if they are crazy??

    • King James 1 of England’s Demonology is not a grimoire (a how-to occult manual) but is a warning against occult involvement in the form of a philosophical dialogue. He points out the danger of going bat-shit crazy from indulging in religious superstition. It turns out that casting spells and indulging in ritual witchcraft really do drive a person insane. Sanity means cleanliness. There is something spiritually unclean about people involved in the dark occult.

    • That’s an intriguing comment about Jung, but the page, and the entire site, now appear to be suspended.

  5. Hate evil, love good;
    maintain justice in the courts.
    Perhaps the Lord God Almighty will have mercy
    on the remnant of Joseph. Amos 5:15

    Then some soldiers asked him, “And what should we do?”

    He replied, “Don’t extort money and don’t accuse people falsely — be content with your pay.”
    Luke 3:14

  6. There is a simple litmus test for differentiation between the top tier and those who are not: if you know about them, they are not top tier.

  7. my goodness, this woman. i mean whitney webb, she can talk and talk and talk. i really like that. would love to put her in my living room on the couch, give her tea, take myself a cup and just say: please tell me everything you know =). i would not need to give her a question, she obviously can talk nonstop.

    • And what of the hours and years of research and writing?
      Was she talking talking talking all that time?
      Fact is, men talk more than women, and dominate 75% of mixed-gender conversations, elemental research my dear Watson. Isn’t it amazing to hear a woman speak so uninterruptedly? Then again, in these instances, she’s being paid to teach.

      Most persons will do what they are being paid to do, particularly if it is about their passion.
      Probably a bit frightening to think of what she might be willing to say about…well, just anyone. You or I.

  8. What is stunning about the work is book one. The National Crime Syndicate, which most people do not know of and not just Operation Underworld but everything surrounding the Bahama’s, Castle Bank, Lansky, Cellini, Paradise Island and Crosby.

    Most people think of organized crime as the Mafia but Webb understands that the Mafia was only one vote in the National Crime Syndicate set up in 1933 by Meyer Lansky.

    Taking this information and connecting it to Dewey, Nixon, Bebe Rebozo, and showing just how spooks and the National Crime Syndicate work in tandem we can see into the murky world that spawned Reagan and the 1980’s, death squads, blackmail etc.

    Wexner, for example was part of the Mayfield Road Mob out of Cleveland. He owned Victoria Secret and Abercrombie and Finch.

    He too was and still is, a member of the National Crime Syndicate which is why you never hear of him anymore.

    He helped build Newport KY, the first Las Vegas in the forties.

    Hank Messick did the best work on organized crime in America from the thirties to the 70’s. He wrote many books and was an investigative reporter during the Kefauver Committee in 1951 that could, had it not been overthrown, reveal whopping connections.

    Also, read Spooks by Jim Houghan if you can find it.

    Written in 1978 when the Safari Club was started it fills in the actual details of how the CIA works with heroin smugglers and the National Crime Syndicate for illicit operations.

    Tremendous work. The story really starts with Arnold Rothstein and the 1919 Black Sock scandal and his eventual murder by Lansky but, hey!

    It is up there with The Great Heroin coup.

    Thanks Whitney.

  9. Leslie Wexner, Moe Daelitz, Lansky, Siegel and others helped build the Dessert Inn in Las Vegas.

    But that was after Wexner’s work opening Newport, KY and other gambling spots.

    These ‘rug joints’ as they were called dominated local Tammany Hall.

    Cincinnati and Cleveland were very important to the Natl. Crime Syndicate.

    For after prohibition they moved into illegal gambling, which was really legal for everyone was bought off.

    This is where Wexner made his monies. With the National Crime Syndicate during the heyday of organized crime and Hoffa and the beginning of legal gambling in Las Vegas, where the Flamingo would be built, all by the Natl. Crime Syndicate and they split the spoils.

    They also ran guns to Israel. Gus Greenbaum the editor of the Las Vegas Sun was in cahoots with all of them and they all trafficked arms to Israel for more settlements.

    And they all got rich on the skim.

    This too is a cross-over with Natl. Crime Syndicate and CIA/Mossadh.

    • Thanks….that’s an interesting post

  10. Been going on for long long long. I’m sure the Romans were busy with the same observations.
    What’s behind it all? Is it the Universal Whore , as Marx implied? Lots of illusions/ measures?
    What’s the driving force behind all the addictions/possessions? Possession itself as a principle?
    Those who possess are most often possessed by what they claim to possess.

  11. Guilt by association with no solution. No mention of the “leaders” just all apparently lackeys. Sounds like a good story

  12. Good question. It would be good to know the names of the real string pullers. I do think there are people that are out of public view who are some of the shot callers but have anonymity as a cover.

    Maybe it’s like the Bilderberg group, but more secretive. Or perhaps they are all out in the open now because they think they are invincible and untouchable.

    You mention the cartels and mafia. I find organized crime fascinating. It’s morally reprehensible but the structure is interesting. There are prison gangs that are connected to drug cartels in Mexico who are still active while being incarcerated in prison, they essentially run things from a prison cell. I think the people at the top don’t have to worry about laws, not the ones the state has anyway.

    I think the people with the most money though are the first place to look when looking for suspects. Someone richer than Bill Gates, or maybe someone who is more of a mastermind behind an enterprise. It’s fascinating to think about this. I think a lot of it is about power, the desire and lust of power over others. I don’t know what makes people like that tick and why people would use influence to harm others on such a wide scale, unless they are completely psychopathic. And if you look at the mafia and cartels to get a feel of the mind of some of these types of people, that is indeed what they are, power hungry psychopaths.

  13. This was a great interview. I can’t imagine anyone else doing it, but would be great to see a dissection of each chapter. Chapter by chapter. Interview format. Great fun to see you together.

    I imagined a report you could do together, with a light segment where you can do a Saturday Night LIve style “Jane you ignorant slut” where you to literally read the verbatim stupidity of the MSM attempts to maintain attention and control.

    Really enjoy you two.

  14. This network goes far, far back but one place to look is IOS (International Overseas Service) and Robert Vesco and how he smashed the IOS and stole $244 million.

    Vesco was known as the Kid from Detroit and he bilked what was a criminal slush fund made up of monies from organized crime, tax fraudsters, arms dealers, private security agents of $244 million dollars.

    IOS was also used as a cut out for the CIA and it too had its own banks.

    This was in the early 70’s and IOS was an international mutual fund that was comprised of smaller mutual funds that were bought by criminals.

    Vesco too wanted islands and tried to get many to live on to set up a mutual fund slush fund free zone whereby the island, in this case Abaco in the Bahamas, could be transformed into its own government run by investors in the mutual fund council that would rule the illegal funds in the sub-mutual funds.

    Vesco fled to Costa Rica finally but eventually ended up in Cuba.

    Patricia Richardson Martinson was a woman who served, much like the elite girlfriends and wives of the rich that Epstein put together, as a paramour for criminals, former CIA officers, drug traffickers and more.

    She herself was a drug courier.

    The resemblance to Vesco and the islands, the economic free zones for capital and the CIA and organized crime, cannot got unnoticed.

    This was also Paul Allen’s dream and as shown in Spooks by Jim Houghan, Vesco took his idea as stated above.

    This is very similar in both operation and vision with Jeffrey Epstein and those around him.

    And again, organized crime is front and center for Vesco was organized crime.

  15. I find the demonic book aspect to have interesting overlap with the recent Dr Strange movie.
    In it, we are taught that a demonic book that possess the reader can be used to do good and save the world. Also, a secret society that is named Illuminati is built to safeguard the world. And the movie constantly ask the audience “Are u happy?” As if pursuing happiness should be the topmost desire in our lives.. maybe at the sacrifice of other values or maybe to the acceptance of artificial happiness.

  16. Amazing interview. I am old and interested enough to know a lot of the names involved but had no idea of the connections.

  17. Dear James and Community,

    This is a wonderful interview. Good ol’ Broc has done a wonderful job of adding relevant archival imagery and video to add to the discussion at hand. Well done all.

    Ignoring the details, it was the conclusion of the interview which made me smile. Two researchers with respect for each other’s work do a little gentle back slapping. The smile on Whitney’s face when issued praise from James speaks loudly. James does not stand tall over Whitney, but beside her resoundingly impressed with the thorough research she has demonstrated, and the work that he knows must have gone into the work. Whitney also acknowledges assistance from her researcher for part I, and other assistance.

    Well done Whitney and co. for the “book” and to James, Broc and her for the detailed and well produced interview.

    I am glad to add this as a reference to the article I produced back in mid-August on the then upcoming book. The article mentions the various international operations which emerge from Whitney’s research, specifically the October Surprise and the off-the-shelf Enterprise exposed by the Iran Contra “scandal”. I included in the article references to (videos of) Daniel Sheehan who was the primary lawyer exposing some of these events through USA courts to serve as a useful independent voice on these activities.

    I share both Webb and Corbett’s goal to create material which can be referred to in the future. This is why the interview is added to an article written 3 months ago.

    Whitney states that she wishes most of all for people to learn about and discuss the topic and its implications. I hope that my little article has contributed to that purpose.

    Peace be with you,


    • A little follow-up. I can see that a few persons have followed the link above. Thank you.

      I hope you found the article interesting, an even more hope that you found the references to Daniel Sheehan informative. I believe him to a valuable source on a collection of topics. He is, of course, constrained in some aspects, though less so now that he is retired.



    • Ignoring the details, it was the conclusion of the interview which made me smile. Two researchers with respect for each other’s work do a little gentle back slapping. The smile on Whitney’s face when issued praise from James speaks loudly. James does not stand tall over Whitney, but beside her resoundingly impressed with the thorough research she has demonstrated, and the work that he knows must have gone into the work. Whitney also acknowledges assistance from her researcher for part I, and other assistance.

      Thank you for saying this. It’s what I saw and did not comment on, but thought about.

  18. There is a clue in the interview. The question is not “who” but “which families”. Recall these people think in decades, which means generations.

  19. I’ve pre-ordered the paperback copy – both volumes. I’m in the UK so I couldn’t buy it from Trine Day and I didn’t want to give Bezos any more money, so I was glad that had it.

    I’d love to know if there will be an audio version.

    • Thanks for the tip Minnie – will check out Hive. 🙂

  20. I was blown away by this interview with Whitney Webb.

    I feel like Corbett did a good job as interviewer by pulling out nuggets from the tome such as Leslie Wexner.

  21. At about the 16:20 mark of the podcast, when Whitney is talking about Wexner self-describing an important influence in his life, the soundtrack gets distorted.
    We really don’t get to hear what Whitney reports, for a crucial part of the explanation of Wexner’s behavior.
    What caused the distortion, and why just at this point?
    One explanation is that it was caused by an evil spirit, who does not want the explanation to be heard.
    A literal case of running interference.

    • I also thought that it was an interesting moment for the sound to go wonky. As soon as Whitney started talking about Wexner’s demon, the audio gets distorted.

      • I was only listening, not watching, while at work cleaning house and I thought they had put in an audio clip of him saying something. It seemed odd, but since I wasn’t watching, I thought that must have been what happened. It wasn’t until James told her the audio had gone wonky that I realized it WASN’T an audio clip. Very weird, indeed.

  22. Fabulous James and fabulous Whitney. I am off to look for somewhere to buy the physical copies in the UK.

  23. I really want to get this bundle, but I’m slightly concerned. James, are these books appropriate for the *moderately intelligent*? I feel like I’m too dumb for these lol.

    • I’m as moderately intelligent as the next. I am 100 pages in. It’s mostly names, groups, locations, and dates that connect each other.

  24. Something I thought about as I was pondering about this interview (and also before it a few times).

    Has James ever considered turning any of his mega projects (How…conquered the world, Who is Bill Gates, WWI etc.) into books?

    I’m sure readers worldwide would benefit as would James.

  25. How many of the Foxy TV faces are straight CIA? Goudy? Hannity? Graham? Which face on TV isn’t under control through blackmail?

    • I could barely withstand this flow level. This is how Mogolians feel in Rambo movies.

    • Glenn Beck

      My ears went up when I heard this statement by Glen Beck:
      “…Today’s guest (Whitney Webb)…I think this is the most important hour that I have ever been part of in broadcast. I’ve done this for 45 years….”

      I have never paid any mind to Glenn Beck, and virtually ignored anything from him, although I would often hear his name.

      I did not realize it until just now, but it seems that Glenn Beck has been in the Dallas – Ft Worth area for some years.
      Here is his house, which he has previously tried to sell…
      (Scroll below for some other eye-opening mansions)
      To me, the maintenance and cleaning of such a place seems like a big headache, but I guess different folks have different value sets.

      Nov 5, 2022
      How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves | Whitney Webb | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 162

      Corbett’s interview with Whitney had much, much more meat on the plate. I’ll dine here any day.

      • I almost didn’t even watch the video when I saw Beck’s name associated with it.
        Let’s just say I am NOT a Beck fan (and leave it at that). 🙂

        You are right, Beck can’t hold a candle to James when it comes to giving an interview.
        Mind you in both cases (his and Beck’s interview) neither had to do very much to allow
        Whitney’s information to come pouring out.

        • Funnily I stated singing ‘Crystal Chandeliers’ when I saw Beck’s house. I wonder how many cleaners he has ?

  26. Thank you for this very interesting interview. I was wondering if the mafia was going to fight the implementation of digital money by the governments. Now I understand that the mafia is part of the governments. Just the same when all the drug deals are paid with hard cash one would think that the mafia or the drug lord would have a stake into making sure cash money does not disappear. Where is the mafia when you need it? ah! ah! ah! This whole world of intrigue, money, sex and drugs as described in this interview is so beyond us the ordinary peasants…Thank goodness I have a big garden…

  27. Finally actually got around to listening to this interview and now I’m only half way through but I just remembered where I think I’d heard about Adnan Kashoggi for the first time and it was here, in relation to the forefather of the IPCC, Canadian oil mogul and wannabe New Age cult leader Maurice Strong:

    “…In 1975, as a byproduct of the Congressional investigations of illegal foreign and domestic campaign contributions, the Securities and Exchange Commission wondered if Khashoggi’s huge sales commissions could actually be a clever means to pay bribes by U.S. corporations to foreign officials. When the SEC tried to serve a subpoena on Khashoggi’s executives in March 1976, he left the U.S. and did not return until October 1978. It’s difficult to understand why Strong would be needed to keep Khashoggi off the board of a publicly traded U.S. company while Khashoggi was so busy avoiding an SEC subpoena.

    Nevertheless, Strong insisted, there was pressure on him to let Khashoggi in the door. Strong and his future wife, Hanne Marstrand, first met with Khashoggi at Khashoggi’s brother’s house in London. Strong also met Khashoggi at Khashoggi’s own apartment in New York’s Olympic Towers. More often, he met with Khashoggi’s brother to inform him about AZL since Khashoggi continued to be its biggest shareholder…”

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