What Can We Do To Prepare? – Questions For Corbett #025

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Questions For Corbett | 21 comments

This month on Questions For Corbett, James answers your queries on GMO bans, oil in the middle east, expatriating to Japan, voluntarism and parenting, Bernie Sanders, how to prepare for what’s coming, and much more. He also asks for your input on gardening, Rockefeller’s replacement and the Peace Corps.

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  1. James, Did you hear Olav’s question? I mean, did you HEAR him? I know you responded to the words, but did you hear him? Olav, like many others is a truth seeker. he, like myself and many others have been brave enough to put our worldviews on the alter of truth and set it on fire to find that many of the things that we thought were true, were in fact, not true. So we dig. We want to see the whole picture. We want to prepare against the imminent doom that is coming. Your response to his question was much more of a fairytale optimistic response than something that truly faces reality. I have said for years (tongue in cheek) that an optimist is merely a pessimist that refuses to face reality.

    Apparently you have either never read the Authorized King James Bible, or you simply choose to not believe the prophecies that are written therein. This united global oligarchy was prophesied of in Daniel chapters 7-12 and is also written in the book of Revelation. As well as many other various epistles and the gospels themselves. Thousands of years ago, these things were, in fact, written. That, in and of itself, is evidence that no mortal man was in charge of these words, but as King David declared “The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

    My response to Olav is: Olav, this life is very short and there is a much greater trouble coming than any man could possibly prepare to endure though. More than half of the population will be killed through murder and plagues. When this life is over, eternity begins and every man will be judged righteously. Escape the damnation through prayer and repentance unto the Lord. He will hear the cry of the humble, but will resist the proud. Jesus Christ the Messiah came to die on your behalf. When He returns, it will be to destroy the sinners out of the earth. Plead for mercy, seek the Lord, read His Word and pray. Hold on, for the weeping will endure but for a moment. The hope that we have is not in this life, nor in the ability of mankind. The end of all things is at hand and a new era will be ushered in. An era where the rule of law will be good for the obedient and evil for the rebellious. Just as everything was written, so shall it come to pass. Heaven and earth will pass away, but the Words of the Lord endure forever.

  2. Towards the end of the podcast, the question regarding health, I would like to point your viewers in the direction of the Weston A. Price Foundation—a foundation co-founded by Sally Fallon Morrell. Dr. Weston A Price, a dentist, traveled the world during the early 20th century documenting a variety of traditional cultures and what they ate before the adoption of a Western diet and the impacts this had on the developing youth; the research is astounding. With the works of both Dr. Price and Dr. Mary G Enig, Sally connects the dots and exposes the fraud promoted by the American Heart Association, the FDA, and congress; during the mid 20th century these groups demonized cholesterol and saturated fat to, not only promote the cooking oil industry, but to also change the eating habits of the American people; the decrease of healthy fats such as butter, lard, and animal fats and the increase of grain consumption, which is reflected when the original food pyramid is released in 1992 – this information has been presented in her Oiling of America lecture which can be found on YouTube. I highly suggest this content to your viewers.

    I know this is not a direct answer to the viewer’s question for a healthy news outlet, but this resource will help direct inquisitive minds in, what I believe to be, the right direction. Another suggestion is to read food labels… cook all your own meals from raw materials… look into the necessary vitamins and minerals needed by the human body and learn how to balance your meals around these figures… learn your body’s language and listen to its needs (watch for inflammation responses, acne breakouts, headaches, gas/bloating, bad breathe, etc)… monitor your stools and their frequencies… stay hydrated… Gnothi seauton

    So much about life is based around pattern recognition; when you start to listen and understand your body’s rhythm, you can start to rely less on the opinions of others because you know what works for yourself. We’re all unique individuals anyway (though, there are principles we should all strive to live by).

    • I agree with Beau Boeye and the Price Foundation recommendation. The bottom line, as I have advocated to my kids, is to be a student of yourself. You are not like others, including close family. Eat and do what is right for you and don’t live by an accredited formula.

      Personally, after a mild heart attack, I got totally off of refined sugar, a difficult task, and now eat a high fat diet, again against professional advice. At just shy of 60 I take frequent five mile (8 KM for the rational world) walks without fatigue. But what has worked for me may not for you.

      You can find so many stories why a vegan or paleo diet has helped a person while being perceived as opposite. However they have a fundamental similarity, they avoid processed foods and refined sugar.

      A final point, your doctor will give you a pill that will alleviate a symptom in minutes, but a change in diet may cure the problem, but it takes time, perhaps months. Patience is required, and again be a student of yourself!

    • I also agree with the Weston Price foundation recommendation. The Nourishing Traditions cookbook by Sally Fallon is a great resource for cooking according to his research using fermentation, soaking of grains and legumes, and using nutrient dense foods such as animal fats and organ meats.
      Another good resource for learning about supplementation is http://fixyourgut.com/.
      It’s a good, relatively unbiased review of various topics and research.

  3. I remember (and my memory isn’t really that great) that one of the factors that Assange went into hiding was because of that video of the Apache attack helicopter shooting at a group of journalists, then some samaritan showed up and was in turn attacked to the pilots’ attitude of indifference. I believe the video was later identified as released by Bradley Manning (?)

    At any rate, after that time the US gov. started clamping down (further) on whistleblowers. So my question is: did the US gov. know about the video and later leaks that was about to be released by Wikileaks? If they did then by letting Assange/Manning go through with the leaks they probably figured they could use that excuse to pass more laws to further restrict the internet. That could make Assange not quite a “hero” but more a dupe. Does he have some kind of history with US intelligence I wonder?

  4. James thanks for answering my question. I really did not mean for it to be rhetorical, it was just worded poorly. The intent was to ask if these trends and fads are pushed along by the power structure and I’m glad you picked up on that!

    On Mike’s question about responses to the “too many people involved in the conspiracy to keep it under wraps, so therefore there wasn’t a conspiracy” BS answer often trotted out by those who refuse to question the official narrative of these events:

    This argument is a CIA Psychological Warfare technique used to stifle investigation and/or deflect suspicion from Government and Intelligence Agencies, as outlined in CIA Document #1035-960, Section 4c.


    It was prescribed to combat criticism of the Warren Commission Report.

  5. We do not need to move to another country to put our families safe. The first paradigm is not one country v.s. another country, but rural v.s. urban area. The country comes second. But the best is not to move but to have several countries to find refuge into, preferably countries where the weather is suitable for all year long crops (tropical).

    For example I live in France, and I’m starting to build an permaculture, voluntarist & p2p economy based village in Thailand with friends. Some wants to stay there for holidays, some for winter, others all year long. No need to be an angst hardcore survivalist. It can be done part time, fun, healthy, teaching, opened to the outside world (e.g. welcoming people who want to learn in a resort/guesthouse way) and if anything goes wrong it can be turned into a real life backup plan. We never know how things can turn, nor when, nor where, maybe the country you run away from will be the one place which will be spared? Better not to put all eggs in the same basket.

    If one of you is interested, being a regular Corbett Report member, non trollish, of good will, feel free to email me (this same nickname @garbure.org).

    Talking about solutions, I’m discovering the work of Mark Passio, his name seems to pop up recently here and there, I just see now that @bubromer mentioned him in the last #QFC comments. His Natural Law seminar series is an absolute must watch for whoever sincerely wish to bring any efficient change in this world. Certainly the most empowering and crucial information I’ve seen so far on the Internet. This is were to start, no shortcut.

    Thanks again James for your work!

  6. In the context of a rational debate, to tell someone that they should be ashamed of themselves seems quite inappropriate. If you ask a question, you run the risk of getting an answer you don’t like. You’re question was not even very specific…. “do you have any comments…?” James gave you his comments, and I don’t think he said anything that was untruthful or mean spirited.

  7. Hope you are on the mend James x

  8. Thank you for the suggestion. Yes, I am aware of Blender but have never used it. I will absolutely give it a try. I actually prefer GIMP to PhotoShop so it would be great to have an open source editor as well.

  9. Regarding what can be planted at this time of Year,

    I like Chris Hutchinson’s website http://www.gardenate.com

    The nice thing about his site is that you can subscribe to a free weekly email reminder that contains a list of what can be planted in your own climate region for the next couple of months.

    The regular reminders are handy if you have been procrastinating, sick or just too busy to get out in the garden, as there is usually always something you can plant now.

    Unfortunately the website does not include countries like Japan in it’s list, however it should be possible to find a similar climate region to yours from the list of other Northern Hemisphere locations.

    I have discovered that autumn is often a good time to start planting anyhow. In the past I made the mistake of only getting out in the garden in spring when the weather turned nice (Feels good to be outside then) only to discover later in summer that I did not have enough water for my plants as things got drier. I’m limited to tank water as fortunately I am not connected to the toxic statist fluoridated feed!

    Water is not a problem for me in the winter or early spring however.

  10. Joe Rogan is one of the pre-eminent limited hangout artists working today; there’s no chance at all he’d give somebody like Our Man Jim a mike.

  11. Hi James,

    I have a question for your next QFC.

    Given the fact that you disseminate information that powerful individuals no doubt would prefer remain occulted, have you ever had a personal brush with the “deep state”? Are you at all concerned that you or your family may face reprisals as a result of your work?

    Not to stoke any paranoia, but given the gravity of some of the topics you broach this question has no doubt crossed your mind.

    Apologies if you’ve already discussed this previously.

    Stay safe

  12. Gardening.

    Some good ideas already.

    On a windowsill, ‘cut and come again’ lettuce and also try ‘microgreens’ beetroot and chard that you eat when they’re just a few weeks old.

  13. Assange + Wikileaks as a whole are a CIA limited hangout.
    This doesn’t mean they don’t attract good people of good will. It’s half their purpose to dupe and include good folks. This is psy ops, in the best Venetian traditions, even if the CIA are shit at it, compared to the European filth with their longer traditions in evil.
    Anyhow there are four keys to tagging fakes like Assange ;
    — they regurgitate old, known leaks as though new + sensational
    — they never expose any current and real CIA, MI6, Mossad ops
    — they get lots of coverage on mainstream media, usually positive (though fame and the attendant public voice is the main aim)
    — they support the mainstream version of 9/11, and/or ridicule, oppose real research on the topic.

    Even two matches here identifies a fake whistleblower. Assange is all four. Compared to that his (hilarious) background in a Queensland circus family is immaterial. But still entertaining enough. He’s certainly no journalist and never was.

  14. Hi from a new member (long-time parasite)

    I just wanted to make a comment which I suppose has implicit questions…

    To coin a phrase: A conspiracy of evidence is not evidence of conspiracy.

    That is, just because certain pieces fit together does not mean there is necessarily an overall pattern to be discovered.

    I say this because the reason I read & listen to so much of James’ work is that he generally avoids firm conclusions apart from where many pieces seem to fit together to form an obvious pattern.

    So, my point is, please continue to do this and please be on constant guard against any leaps of faith or reasoning.

    I read & listen to many sources of information for my own understanding of our world and one thing I’m constantly struck by is the fact that I will never know the whole truth about subjects. Even people very close to the source may have such compartmentalised information that they will never know the whole truth, so how could I?

    And so, I am accustomed to being in a state of ‘not-knowing’ and constantly on the look out for well-sourced facts and well-disguised diversions and dead ends. I find James’ work to also be comfortable with the state of ‘not-knowing’ and my support and interest will subsist as long as that attitude prevails.

  15. Along the same line about property (land) that Spoonful mentioned, I recently saw this interview on SGTreport.com and couldn’t help wondering if we really own property in America:


    It seems that we deal with everything through our legal fiction, and that if the United States is now run as a corporation then who owns the land? The government? From Federal to State to City almost all are incorporated. So when we live in an incorporated city does that mean that individuals are just renters, someone living on someone else incorporated land? Is this the reason that makes it possible for the US government to collect taxes since the individual is now “contracted” through his/her legal fiction? In addition, if the US is a corporation then what does it mean when an individual is punished with capital punishment? So at the top, is a corporation our overlord?

  16. Hi James
    With all this media coverage of the 100’s of thousands of refugees fleeing the Middle East through Turkey to Northern European countries, I have never seen anyone ask the question “why aren’t they headed for the other arab states?”, like Saudi Arabia, Qatar,the UAE. You would think that they would have more in common with their arab brethren than German christians.
    We have seen that Turkey is involved in “encouraging/ expediting” this exodus to Europe – are they doing this just to blackmail the EU into various concessions? Visa free travel for Turks, resumption of talks on EU membership and… lots of lovely Euros. Or is there another agenda?
    Thanks James ..keep up the good work!

  17. #QFC
    First off I am acutely aware that I’m leaving a question on a site whose architecture and content is orchestrated by you and as such I offer you my congratulations on the whole set up. Great work.

    Moving on. The following are hypothetical and philosophical questions one of which is along similar lines as a question earlier on in this thread.

    Suppose for a moment that official Amerika, the masters of the world, the elite and the mindless drones who prop them up by blindly following their orders were to disappear overnight. What would happen then?

    In my mind their would be a power vacuum scenario which would lead to turmoil and the rising of new powers, just as cynical as those they replace, just because human beings arguably have a distaste for what they perceive to be a void in hierarchy.

    This brings me to my question: are we as a species fundamentally at need of power moguls, overt or covert, out of millennia of conditioning or even intrinsically? Are we not evolved enough yet to deal with a void in hierarchy, or any kind of void, which would place the onus on us as, one hopes, morally minded human beings using the agency of free will within the confines of natural law?

    In the same vein, does Natural Law – whose proponents tend to be anarchists – mean the strong eating the weak, as someone has said, rather than order and harmony as said anarchists claim Natural Law represents?

    Ultimately is it not the purpose of the CorbettReport and your work generally to offer positive pathways “off the beaten track” which can, painfully but fruitfully, co-exist alongside the immoral power set up now known as “the new world order”?

    You have warned against the dangers of revolution many times so I believe a turn around in the structure of power is not on your list of priorities. But the question remains: how can we eliminate or even should we eliminate the need for power or is it a case of people power counteracting the worst of elite power?

    Surely the CorbettReport is about reclaiming some of the power that has been taken from us for so long so that there is a greater balance of power, power as a fundament however remaining intrinsic to human society which cannot be done away with (or do you disagree on this point?).

    I would like to hear your thoughts on any of these issues if and when you have the time and inclination.

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