What The Hell is Happening in Africa?

by | May 12, 2024 | Newsletter | 33 comments

Six years ago, I wrote “The Secret Battle for Africa.” In that editorial, I noted the extent of US Special Forces penetration into Africa and examined the geopolitical reality underlying this covert invasion:

Even a cursory review of the evidence shows that one important reason the US is deploying so many commandos to Africa in the first place is precisely to counter Chinese interests on the continent.

And, as I pointed out at the time, China was playing its own part in this neo-colonial struggle for influence in Africa. Rather than seeking a military footprint on the continent, however, China has been engaged in “checkbook diplomacy,” reinvesting its capital from the economic boom of recent decades in infrastructure projects and other Belt and Road initiatives in Africa.

Well, here we are six years later. How has this new scramble for influence on the African continent played out so far? And where will it go from here?

Today, let’s examine some of the key battlegrounds in the Secret Battle for Africa.


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  1. From the first recommended reading article:

    Fascism, Flynn writes, is a form of social organization:

    1. In which the government acknowledges no restraint upon its powers—totalitarianism.

    2. In which this unrestrained government is managed by a dictator—the leadership principle.

    3. In which the government is organized to operate the capitalist system and enable it to function under an immense bureaucracy.

    4. In which the economic society is organized on the syndicalist model; that is, by producing groups formed into craft and professional categories under supervision of the state.

    5. In which the government and the syndicalist organizations operate the capitalist society on the planned, autarchical principle.

    6. In which the government holds itself responsible for providing the nation with adequate purchasing power by public spending and borrowing.

    7. In which militarism is used as a conscious mechanism of government spending.

    8. In which imperialism is included as a policy inevitably flowing from militarism as well as other elements of fascism.

    • Mkey, hmm good morning!
      From the first on the Comments to first on the recommended reading list.

      Jeffery Tucker s article on some older books by Flynn and Reimann

      … “Nothing new about the Great Reset. It is a corporatist model – a combination of the worst of capitalism and socialism without limits – of privileging the elite at the expense of the many, which is why these historical works by Reimann and Flynn seem so familiar to us today. ”

      This Africa pillage could not be done with the knowledge of the American people. As usual, The American people by and by are unaware that the American Military does not work for them but for the World Fascist Corporatist Bank Families, the Elites with a capitol E. Whatever that entity may be actually labeled.
      Without a national or regional loyalty but with command by something or someone’s need for Private security at the beck and call of others. Shocking!
      You tell ‘ em James, as did Reimann and Flynn, in a book, and maybe the sleeping American giant will wake up and listen.
      McCarthyism doesn’t seem so crazy after all.

  2. What a way to start the day. Quit the rehash of what I feel is RIIC-Trilateral and CFR 2.0.
    As was done to China, by the real Powers TSB,now the well groomed and obedient Chinese will be in charge to do unto Africa. None for China or Russia but for the same critters that built the infrastructure of China 18 years before Kissenger stepped foot in China.

    1. Install the security grid. ✓
    2. Make cash for future material swaps. ✓
    3. Install the bio- security state✓
    4. Install the above ground mechanisms to lock down full spectrum dominance.✓
    5. Introduce the CBDC, to the banking system✓
    6. Take over each country and destroy tribalism, nationalism, sexism and woke the population into individual technocracy drones ✓
    What did I miss?

  3. I’m more concerned with what is happening here in the United States. Congress is passing legislation that is heading towards a true totalitarian/technocratic state by compromised greedy, fear filled legislators.

    They are locking up Trump’s ability to “drain” the swamp or empty the nation of all the illegal aliens that are sucking at our resources and ability to take care of our own, if the controllers don’t steal the election again or assassinate him.

    There is no obvious resistance to this. While Israel’s behavior of stealing Palestine from the true Semites of the area in cooperation with England and create the largest prison in the world truly needs addressing, this phony crisis actor behavior on campus’ is creating a cover story of victim hood once again for our “greatest friends” in the Mid East who suck BILLIONS of dollars from us to wage those attacks on others.

    Most so called “alternative” media is just pretend hand wringing to appear sincere but serves the agenda of the take down of humanity with yet more “inside” reporting of this and that using the same or similar language of fear and not language of resistance/organization against it all.

    Too many “alternative” folks are just fat, lazy, keyboard commandos profiling how clever and knowledgeable they are with no dog in the fight. Those of us in our 70’s and 80’s who laid it on the line decades ago see no hope that another free generation of Americans will ever be seen again.


    [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

    • Fresh off the “press”….

      >>AIPAC-funded senators Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Roger Marshall (R-KS) have put forward a bill seeking to designate student protesters as “terrorists” and put them on the No Fly List for protesting Israel.>>
      – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      “I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, [Israel] control[s] America, and the Americans know it.”
      – Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3rd, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

      • a bill seeking to designate student protesters as “terrorists”

        I was shown a facebook recording of badman orange at the podium saying that the protests of students at schools were so wrong that “it makes me think we should bring back the death penalty”. I was sure it was some kind of deep fake. But having watched it twice, I reckon he really thinks that way and said so.

        • Instead of guessing what Mr. Trump thinks, understand if you are under 50 most everything you have learned about life…humor, evils, pop sayings, etc. is ALL part of the dialog of the controller’s propaganda machine…the Entertainment and Media biz.

          Feelings, thoughts, guesses, etc. aren’t facts, only facts are facts.

          Regarding Israel…
          “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”
          – Voltaire
          – – – – – – – – – – – – –
          Regarding the media…
          “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
          William Casey CIA Director (from 1st staff meeting 1981)

          • whadya know the day after I saw trunk reminiscing about bringing back the death sentence for the students protesting genocide, theres suddenly 2 articles about other uses he has for the death penalty. looks like the narrative blob is oozing.


            I understand that so much of what we think and talk about can be other peoples constructs intended to manipulate one way or the other. But I have done 11 more solar returns than your cut-off age so maybe I have a fighting chance of having an occasional original thought.

            • @Vadoum,
              Wow. Thanks for the link. Slipping into darkness.

              Without any TV for over 50 years until free cable in 2016, I carry very, very few common beliefs and propaganda ideas/songs/sayings, etc. as most. In the metaphorical sense, I am not of your world. Didn’t know who Trump was, or even Tom Brady 🙂 or Fox News, etc.

              The coincidence of events/articles/regulations, etc. is not as you probably know.

              >>I have a fighting chance of having an occasional original thought.>>

              🙂 good sense of self deprecating humor is aces.

              I would encourage you to check out some of my video essays and songs.

              From 11 years of living in my cool 1973 Dodge Van and researching in public and university libraries and secret and public meetings, etc. I am offering what I call Brain Food, not Ear Candy 🙂

              Except for my Hollywood stuff, my presentation is more like old school coffee house Berkeley church basement stuff.

              I MISS THE OLD DAYS (song)

              [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

              • your link yields “404 page not found”. I have so many censoring style events with the computer (and some shirty people). that I wouldnt be surprised if it is I that am “not found”. I have appreciated some of your work,, and as for what my social brainwash score is, who the f is Tom Brady?

            • Thanks for the heads up on my link. No idea if it is “them” or just computer nonsense??

              Here’s the new one:

              Brady is a recently retired QB for the New England Patriots. Considered the “GOAT” [Greatest of all times”] by many. Lots of wins and records… Super Bowls, Playoffs, Come Backs, etc.

              There was no “reply” box on your comment, guess we hit the limit on it??

  4. I had to pull up a map of Africa and refer to it repeatedly when reading “What The Hell is Happening in Africa?”
    I learned not only more about the international resource-grab-war in Africa, but I also got to brush up on my geography.

  5. Socialism: A political system based on denial of property rights, going by two names. 1. Communism. 2. Fascism. Fascism claims to allow property, subject to control by authorities. Property without control is NOT property. He who controls, even if temporarily, is the owner.
    Capitalism: An economic/political system based on property rights. It can be distinguished from govt. (public) property by the denial of private property owners the use of coercion, i.e., force, deadly threats, fraud, only violence in defense, while authorities are morally exempt when initiating, denying property rights, e.g., eminent domain law.
    The terms “tyrannical capitalism” or “crony capitalism” are oxymorons. A businessperson who conspires to use the coercive power of the state is NOT acting like a capitalist, nor will the public grant a moral exemption. Private citizens do not get immunity from right’s violations, as public figures do. They are judged as guilty and accountable, unlike their co-conspirators. See the movie: “Born Yesterday”.
    To be a capitalist is to be a rebel, an anti-authoritarian, an anarchist, even if that person doesn’t understand why.
    To be anti-capitalist is to deny property rights. Denial of one right is the denial of all rights, in principle.
    Most are capitalists in our personal, private social interactions, when we respect each other, act civil. It’s logical to be polite, use non-violence (persuasion), using reason, rights, and expecting to “live & let live”.
    Violence is inhuman, pathological, distructive. Yet, it is excepted in politics, e.g., law & chaos.

    • Voluntaryist

      “…… Fascism claims to allow property, subject to control by authorities. Property without control is NOT property………’

      But in Capitalism, in the real world, Owners are STILL subjects to laws about how they may use their property…..you may not sell your personal gun to a person you know to be a felon, you may not sell your Oxy prescription to the local druggie, you (generally) may not burn your own house down because you feel like watching the flames and you may not torture the dog you paid for to death without risking jail for animal cruelty.

      Thus, either there has never existed a true state of capitalism in the modern world OR there must be MORE to ‘capitalism’ then just property rights.

      • “But in capitalism…owners are STILL subjects to laws about…their property…”
        Not in a capitalist society. Thus, “…there has never existed a true state of capitalism…”
        Correct. There has never been a non-violent government. Some would say that means there has never been “no govt.” because to govern is to be violent, i.e., initiate deadly threats.
        An inability to conceive of political interaction based on reason, rights, choice, does not preclude its possible existence, in fact, before coercive govt. arrived in the Northern American West, the societies were civilized, NOT “the Wild West” as depicted in the Eastern dime novels that overdramatized to appease popular demand. California mining camps were almost free of serious crime, even though, theoretically, they should have been very dangerous hell holes. Why the discripency? Why was it different “in the real world”? Political writers that claim govt. must be violent to avoid chaos are subsidized, heavily supported by authorities in the unfree world that indoctrinates/propagandizes to stay in power. Also, the opposite political theories and historical observations are brutally repressed. Only after the empires have collapsed does the truth come out, but people are reluctant to study past civilizations and relate, especially if “revisionist history” contradicts what they were taught in the govt.schools.

        • Voluntaryist

          ‘…California mining camps were almost free of serious crime, even though, theoretically, they should have been very dangerous hell holes…”

          Not really, if you did something too outside the norm they LYNCHED you- the will of the community enforced by violence.

          Yes, to govern IS violence, which is why there has always been some form of government, since people are inherently prone to act badly unless fear stops them.

          Ideally that form is based on group standards rather then alien ones.

          On collapsed empires- I would argue that mass slavery in the Roman world was quite evil but it was probably NOT an improvement (EVEN FOR THE SLAVES) when barbarians rode in and burned stuff down and stole everything (including the people0 they could.

          • “Not really.” Yes, really. A historian researching the CA gold rush discovered the gold camps were 97% men who were strangers looking to make their fortunes by striking it rich. He was struck by how civilized they were, even though camp governors were ordinary men for all over the world. In 1990 he began to narrow his focus on camp politics, e.g., criminal justice, trials, crimes, and decisions. Rapes, murders, violent crime was practically non-existent. It was all petty theft, druken brals, contract disputes.
            No, governance need NOT be violent, as all forms of informal, spontaneous social interactions show, worldwide. Why? People all over are inherently civil, reasonable, respectful.
            Fear of punishment is NOT a factor, even in violent law. Murders are the result of lack of emotional restraint, spur of the moment, followed by remorse.
            The collapse of empires is the end of systematic violence, end of govt. A period of decentralized small social interactions followed, free from authoritarianism.

            • “….He was struck by how civilized they were, even though camp governors were ordinary men for all over the world…..”

              Yes, because if you did something bad the other guys KILLED YOU.

              How much violence is necessary to keep order varies, if you have a homogeneous group of people with the same expectations and culture you need it less- but it is still there.

              “….Rapes,…. practically non-existent….”

              Not a suprise, with the shortage of women there they were probably considered a high value assest, raping one would be like maiming a cowbows horse.

              ‘…..Why? People all over are inherently civil, reasonable, respectful……”

              Ok, cant help myself HAHAHAHAHA, now I got THAT out of my system I must ask you if you have spent much time in the inner city? Or on a playground? Or around actual humans.

              IF people are respectful its because they have something TO RESPECT. That is something is either the source of goods or the source of punishment.

              “….Murders are the result of lack of emotional restraint, spur of the moment, followed by remorse…..”

              I actually KNEW a murderer, he never showed remorse at all, except that he ended up getting punished. I also kinda think that you can find plenty of people who have zero remorse about killing each other. Maybe YOU would feel remorse about murder, but thats just because your a bit more domesticated then most- not a bad thing as long as you live on a nice safe farm. That thought leads to the last, below

              “……..The collapse of empires is the end of systematic violence, end of govt. A period of decentralized small social interactions followed, free from authoritarianism……”

              hmnnnnn ….so its MORE peaceful when a bunch of vandals or Visigoths ride up and burn your villa down, rape your wife, and enslave your kids to do the dirty work thats beneath THEM?????? Sorry, pretty sure that the Roman British were NOT happy to see Anglo Saxons boating up to their shore.

              The Chinese were better off when their Gov collapsed and Mongols rode them down? The Inca ought to THANK the guys who smashed their government????

              Its NOT that we disagree so much on morals or what people OUGHT to be like, but you appear dangerously unaware of how they actually ARE

              • No, we agree on morals and how some are psychopaths. This is the same discussion Hamilton and Jefferson had 200+ years ago. It was Hamilton’s justification for coercive govt. When T.J. asked him where those given the power of life/death over all would come from since we don’t have angles to choose from, he had no answer.

                We see that political power of life/death concentrated in the hands of an elite is irresistible to psychopaths and corrupts the average person also.

                The downfall of empires has been from the inside, not from the outside.
                Read, “The Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire” for the history that varifies the inevitable path of coercion systemized. Or, observe the history of the USA.

            • Voluntaryist, you have entered the quack echo chamber.

              Some people will insist that the government is needed to keep you in check. They are in the billions, they are the actual enemy and they can’t be killed.

              That’s why a violent revolution can not succeed.

              • Mkey

                If ”Billions of people” think that Gov must exist to keep negative human traits in check…… then how exactly do you think that a tiny minority of harmless eccentrics who think it Need NOT exist will ever prevail?

                Simple answer: They wont.

                They never have and they never will

            • Yes, EMpires OFTEN fall from withing- the Inca one fell from without. The Roman EMpire was weakened from within, but fell because of external forces pushing IN on it. You are correct that coercion leads to an empire falling, just as it leads to society existing, JUST AS BIRTH LEADS TO DEATH or breathing oxygen lets us live while damaging our cells.

              On Jefferson….
              Did Jefferson whip his slaves?

              Where did he feel the right do do so came from….? You are taking his words outside of their context and applying them as HE never would have.

              The fact is that whatever rights they espoused the Founding Fathers knew that they were to e limited to a small set of people- the only one who might go further that I can think of was the almost insanely radical Paine. THAT kind of thinking led to the French revolutionary Terror and Napoleon.

  6. Everyone wanted to grab Africa back in the imperial days, but they could not keep hold of what they had without support from Europe…..it took decades of enforcing alien rule on africa to make ANYTHING worthwhile come out of the place and i do no see any great power today having the gumption to do what you need to do more then just loot the place.

    I recall that the Chinese had an insane incident a few years ago where the Chinese managers got scared and shot up a crowd of African workers having a chimp out over pay or something like that.

    Africa and Africans are fundamentally different to the people who want to exploit them and i do not really see any of the Great Powers of today having the foresight to do long term, generational, colonization. If no one will do that Africa will remain a horror show, and a source of illiterate masses of immigrants with which to destabilize Europe.

    The weird thing is I’m Reading SM Stirling ‘Draka’ series right now (horrible dystopia but weirdly insightful) and considering the resources available there, when you introduce modern tech, Africa should be a wonderful place to live instead of a dump. I guess the good thing is probably no one will start an actual world war over anything there.

  7. Thanks so much for including my “We Don’t Love RSS Enough” post!
    I think styling feeds (among the other suggestions) can really be a game-changer!

    • I wish that were so, since I love RSS and have to get the feed for several podcasts from 2nd party sites because the folks who put the podcast up dont bother.

      People are using tech that they take for granted, and mostly dont understand, and unless it gets harder NOT to use RSS it will stay a fringe thing. Sad because its so much easier and better, but most people use smart phones as kiosks, not real PC’s

  8. Somehow I was removed from the email list and when I came to visit the site, there’s an option to subscribe to the email list. I clicked that link and was brought to a page that gave me subscription pricing. I had already subscribed back in November

    • Email subscriptions are handled (for a while) now by substack. It should still be free.

      Yes, the free option is on thw bottom. Every good business needs to leverage the fact people don’t read through.

  9. So glad to hear that Pfizer is going to teach the Africans quality control (QC). Is that the type of QC where every vial of the clot shot has different contents? Pfizer might need to go to school on QC first.

  10. Maybe with all the non West plans for gold back cirrencies, we need some real gold? Africa has a lot under ground.

    A pdf file on my old external hard drive. Can’t remember where I downloaded it from but I found it here: Zero Hedge was Wikispooks source. Lot of good stuff on Wikispooks. Easy search tool.


    The Financial Sense University archives has many articles linked thru Archive.org on gold manipulation, leasing, banks not being able to deliver, gold maybe not in Ft Knox?



    Even Ron Paul was a contributer there.

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