What We Didn’t Learn At Bilderberg 2017

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What do we know about the secret, behind-closed-door globalist soiree that was Bilderberg 2017 in Chantilly, Virginia? Only what the Bilderbergers told us, and we know they’re lying to us about who is in attendance so why should we trust them about anything? This year James breaks down what we were and weren’t told about what was happening at Bilderberg, and what other globalist conferences might be worth keeping our eye on.

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Bilderberg 2017 – Official Press Release

Bilderberg 2017 – Official Participants List

Skeltong Catches Latorre At Bilderberg

Mark Anderson interviewed by Press For Truth

Press For Truth YouTube channel

New York City mayor affirms city’s plan to carry out Paris climate agreement commitments

2017 Chicago Forum on Global Cities


  1. Two participants that seemed odd to me were:

    Gianotti, Fabiola (ITA), Director General, CERN
    Rosén, Johanna (SWE), Professor in Materials Physics, Linköping University

    Why would two physicists be attending Bilderberg?

    • There was some speculation in the video I linked to in this past weekend’s newsletter on “CERN Exposed”


      But, in short, we don’t know. Also possible that it’s a red herring as Bilderberg knows that the only people who are poring over these participant lists and agendas are the conspiracy realists. We have to keep in mind that everything that is in these Bilderberg-supplied documents are things that the Bilderbergers want us to see. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is some sort of psyop or distraction, but there’s bound to be some of that mixed in and without reliable intel from inside there’s no way for us to differentiate.

    • James provided a link to PFT interview with Jason Bermas and here is the link to interview with the same guy made by We are change.


      Well, Jason Bermas connect the dots to usual suspects, but in doing this he inappropriately oversimplifies, or maybe he doesn’t know what is he talking about.
      I’m inclined to the latter, particularly after watching his interview with We are change.

      Jason is talking about qbits as sub-atom particles and to make things worse also adding to the mix about some harnessing of energy from parallel universes(WTF).

      Here are two links explaining qbits in quantum computing.

      Quantum Computing ‘Magic’ – Computerphile

      How Does a Quantum Computer Work?

      For AI quantum computing is not necessary. Years ago computer beat Garry Kasparov in chess. Pretty straight forward computing was used for this. Last year Google’s computer AlphaGo beat human in Go game. Complexity of Go game surpasses chess many, many times. AlphaGo uses neural networks running on standard computers.

      Google computer wins final game against S. Korean Go master

      Nice intro for understanding neural networks

      Deep Dream (Google) – Computerphile

      Neural networks don’t need supercomputers. Even internal structure of neural network is not so important as is quantity of data that is used in the process of their learning.

      Visualizing and Understanding Deep Neural Networks by Matt Zeiler

      But there are some problems of NP computational complexity, not solvable with standard computers, that are believed could be solved with quantum computers. For example cracking RSA encryption(public, private key).

      P vs. NP and the Computational Complexity Zoo

      And at the end of the day, there are problems that are not solvable, like Halting problem (Turing and, of course my favorite, Goedel)

      part 2

      Bilderberg cockroaches are always up to something, but we shall not mystify.

  2. California has the Brown Act, which prohibits informal meetings of 2 or more municipal board members outside of official meeting events. This is obviously intended to curtail shadow/unrepresentative decision-making outside of the public eye.

    One wonders why there is so little outcry (let alone a legal prohibition) over groups like Bilderberg, whose membership include elected/appointed governmental officials, and which has been established explicitly to operate outside the public eye, eschewing completely the notion of transparency in governance.

    And speaking of shadow governance, I am wondering if James is at all following the open source investigation of George Webb into the Seth Rich murder? It deserves great skepticism, but is nonetheless completely fascinating. George has even referenced the Corbett Report in his YouTube podcasts. Just wondering what James’ take is.

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