Will There Be Bail-ins? – Questions For Corbett #063

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A listener writes in to ask about the economic crash we’re about to experience. Will there be bank bailouts like in the 2008 crisis, or bank bail-ins as we’ve seen the banksters preparing for? Or will this be a different type of crash altogether? Join James for this exploration of the global banking architecture and how the banksters have been scheming to pick your pocket the next time they’re in trouble.

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Bail-in: The Birth of the New Financial Order

Why Bank Bail-Ins Will Be the New Bailouts

Basel III: international regulatory framework for banks

Adequacy of Loss-Absorbing Capacity of Global Systemically Important Banks in resolution

New G20 Rules: Cyprus-style Bail-ins to Hit Depositors AND Pensioners

The Confiscation of Bank Deposits and The Derivative Debt: Ellen Brown on GRTV

Bail-in in the new bank resolution framework: is there an issue with the middle class?

Why Gold, and Why Now


How To Beat the Banksters at Their Own Game


  1. Or perhaps the currency reset will bring about something even worse. These times are so unprecedented that I think the financial aspects may prove to become a minor issue.
    If you look at the genocide of the elderly, the pushing of the stimulus checks to become UBI, medical passports, the critical theory based outrage groups, and the overwhelmingly submissive population; we have a real problem on our hands. Which very few people can see.
    What is the next group to be targeted for elimination? What will the next BLM target be? Will the masses of asses realize in time that the powers that cower intend to kill them? This is an all encompassing strategy designed for ? Agenda 2030? Georgia Guidestones? Worldwide destruction? Atlas is shrugging and the majority still has no clue. Liberty will win, but it’s going to have quite the price tag.

    • ‘..Or perhaps the currency reset will bring about something even worse..’

      I expect the solution in the form of Tecnocracic E-credits or whatever will be introduced with a ‘gift’ of short lived prosperity. A spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down without people complaining too much,

      • But how would that compare to the state deciding to eliminate another section of the population? This whole affair smells of the worst aspects of the worst forms of government.

        • You could be right, I dont know.
          But right now it appears they are pulsing the choke like a constrictor snake tightening every time its prey takes a breath rather then just flat out trying to crush. I think there may have been the beginnings of enough push back to rattle them back into the slow slope, but I dont know.

          • Pushbacks would have been expected. And in their favor as so few did so. All it did was identify targets and encourage them. Note how quickly they stopped highlighting the pushback and gave us the Floyd. They’ve done well.

    • I’ll second this. Not to join a depression train, but all of this is going to hurt a LOT of people. Completely needlessly. Well, with or without need, I guess that’s subjective.

    • While I agree with your description of these overlords, I don’t think they are desperate. They have already killed the economic infrastructure, the distribution networks, the small businesses, even much of large corporations. Currency is a joke as well.
      The new age movement was crippled by its insistence on wishing, rather than taking action, its success. Television is still a dominant force, especially when you include the people who use their computers as one. Only watching mainstream sources. The constant fear of a majority of the people also keeps them from thinking clearly. If they ever did so at all. The nearly universal abuse of destructive drugs, such as alcohol, pharma pills, meth, Anna, etc., have also dumbed people down to an incredible extent.
      And let’s not forget the rising popularity of far left movements such as BLM, antifa, the LGBTABCDEFG, militant feminism, etc.
      We basically have a state sponsored communistic replacement of our corrupted republic. And how many people really understand it? How many still think in terms of left or right? And of those, how many are so submissive that they insist on waiting for someone to tell them what to do?
      Whenever I see the looters on the net, I never see any planning from the opposition. Just random people making a halfhearted stand. Or peaceful protesters passively allowing the mobs or police to abuse them.
      We are actually at war right now. Our means of survival have been destroyed, we just haven’t felt the impacts of it yet.
      While I believe we should keep preaching the gospel of freedom; I’m armed as well.
      I’ve been accused of promoting violence here. Of being a warmonger; or wannabe Rambo. But I doubt anyone here hates war more than I do. I’ve seen it, and am repulsed by it. But it is here. And to deny it is suicide. And also the biggest reason why the body count will be so high. Because we concentrate on tactics that used to be good, desperately wishing the terrain hadn’t changed.
      It hasn’t reached the point where I am at yet for such a response; nor would I join any revolutionary/civil war movement; but it has in many places. And in all of those places, the people have cowered in the face of the mob.
      We are truly in the last stages of atlas shrugged. As for me, I choose to withdraw from the battle like John Galt. But I don’t have the skills of that person. I’m more like the pirate, but a landlubber.
      We are in desperate times, because no one is willing to stand. Pacifism doesn’t work against the mob. The mob is a cowardly force and it loves to tear pacifists to shreds. I’m so saddened by the bloodshed to come. It is so unnecessary.

      • You’re so welcome! And I will.

    • Hi D, i believe the main way suggested is to leave it in the comments of the previous questions for corbett ie this one. He has mentioned you can do audio questions via speakpipe or send a video link. I assume these options are just via the contact link at top of page.

  2. If one is against bailing banks out, does that mean you’re in favour of “bailing in”? That’s what happens when a bank fails, depositors lose their money. Honest question, “bailing in” seems horribly unfair, I just don’t see how you avoid one without accepting the other.

    • Bail-in is more fair than bail-out.

      Bail-in reminds on regular bankruptcy and that is “supposedly” ok.

    • In some ways its better when that happened in the old days in that people are more careful about WHERE they put their money if they fear loosing it.

      People used to need to know their banks and bankers….the real bad thing is that banking has become so tied up that existing outside of the walled garden its system creates is getting harder and harder.

      People used to just pull their cash and do without banks- stopping people from doing that has been almost number one on the list of authoritarians for the last 50 years

  3. Not all central banks are privately owned, for example Deutsche Bundesbank and many others.

    GCC is/will be responsible for crisis?

    Please, it’s not history from millennia ago.
    What about years of printing money and other economic insanities?
    What about capitalism reaching its limits and further markets are needed as green new deal, space…?

    For years we forecasted it, it was not the question of if but when. Hope we won’t be blinded by plandemic.

    Don’t like GCC abbreviation because it means originally GNU Compiler Collection, an unmitigated good.

    • Mik
      Sorry to have to post when I know you wish I would not interact but I think you are wrong in your interpretation of the Deutsche Bundesbank.
      No replay expected or needed

      From wikipedia
      Its based on the FEDeral reserve system of the USA

      ‘… n its federal structure, it was modeled on the Federal Reserve System of the USA. It comprised the central banks of the states (Länder) of the West German occupation zones and the Bank deutscher Länder in Frankfurt am Main, which was created on 1 March 1948. The central banks of the Länder acted as central banks within their areas of jurisdiction.

      ‘…The Bank deutscher Länder, whose share capital was held by the central banks of the Länder, was responsible for issuing bank notes, co-ordinating policy and various central tasks including management of foreign exchange. The supreme governing body of the two-tier central bank system was the Central Bank Council (Zentralbankrat) set up at the Bank deutscher Länder….

      It exists as a money power unto itself, as did the system predating it

      ‘…… The Bank deutscher Länder was independent of German political bodies from the start, including the federal German government, which was active from September 1949. It achieved independence from the Allies in 1951…’

      ‘…The legislature fulfilled this obligation by passing the Bundesbank Act (BBankG) of 26 July 1957, which abolished the two-tier structure of the central bank system.[4] The central banks of the Länder were now no longer independent note-issuing banks, but became regional headquarters of the Bundesbank, nevertheless retaining the title “state central bank” (Landeszentralbank).
      The Central Bank Council remained the supreme decision-making body of the Bundesbank. It was now made up of the presidents of the central banks of the Länder and a board of directors based in Frankfurt….’

      It is pretty much like the FED only MORE free to do whatever it likes for its own reasons

      “…As the state’s banker, the Bundesbank provides accounts and performs normal banking services for federal, state (Land) and local authorities, as well as for the statutory social security organizations. All such accounts are required to have a positive balance, i.e. the Bundesbank is not allowed to grant credits to the public sector. This is due to negative historical precedents in connection with the financing of two world wars by the Deutsche Reichsbank. It also carries out securities transactions for the federal government (Bundesfinanzagentur).

      The Bundesbank as the keeper of the currency reserves

      Currency reserves are all assets of the Bundesbank that are not specified in EUR, including gold reserves, securities in foreign currency, credit with foreign banks, foreign exchange, etc. Currency reserves can be invested for profit and also provide a possibility of intervening in the market if the exchange rate fluctuates strongly. The gold reserves of the Bundesbank are the second largest in the world (after the U.S Federal Reserve). As of late 2011, the Bundesbank has over 3,000 tonnes of gold reserves…’

        • Not trying to stir the pot, and I’ve had my own squabbles with duck; but your link referenced a reply you had made to me. As in doubting BLM as a Marxist coup. Highimpactflix or vlogs just put out a video where the cofounder of BLM admits to being a trained Marxist.
          Again, I want to keep this statement separate from your beef with Duck. Also, I still hold that it will be a bloody failure on their side.

  4. Excellent book! Got mine in ebook form as well. But from B&N. I refuse to use Amazon.

  5. Or rather, this being the goal of which the financial arena is but one of the tactics used to achieve it. Good video. I hadn’t realized they’d gained so much ground! Tazer set to kill!

    • I thought that fell apart. I know the wildfires seemed to line up with their railway plans. And they have a lot of bridge to nowhere type railways out there. Of course, in my part, it’s supposed to be a wildlife management zone, so I’ll be better positioned.

      • Excellent interview. And the agenda is definitely being sped up. I also looked at the America 2050 site. Didn’t like it. Hegelian dialect all over it. But liberty will win.

    • ‘..Maybe it won’t take until 2050 the way they’re going. Or they’ll just torture us slowly once they have enough in place..’

      I wish I could say you were wrong, but comparing the world f 1990 to 2020 I can imagine how bad it could get in a a few decades.

  6. Apparently Cyprus banking was an off shore destination for Russian money, legal or illicit, escaping the Russian taxman. The Russian depositors were given a heads up just prior to the bail ins and had moved all their accounts accordingly. One set of rules for the ‘in crowd’ and another for the dweebs no matter where they hail from. Another example of the closed circuitry that exists within the planet’s ‘pyramid cap’ that already knows no national boundaries and is very desirous of turning the world into an even easier oyster to open and take as much of the flesh and pearls as they see fit.

  7. thanks I dont think i’ve seen that one.

  8. Frightening how much of that has already come to pass. A chill went up my spine on the destruction of small businesses. That having just been accomplished. It was odd hearing James run this like an actual radio show. Complete with commercial breaks! Now I have a new book to buy! Plus, I bookmarked the book Communalism that Bladtheimpaler referenced in the comments. I always feel as if I’m getting further behind the more I learn. Thanks. You’re always a lot of help.

    • None of us can do a lot on our own. But yes, you are a great help. Despite knowing how much planning has gone into this. How insidiously interwoven into our lives it has become; I have absolutely no doubt that liberty will win. Unexplainable, but true. Remember, many were called, but we answered.

      • It does. Though I admit the thought of how many will perish brings tears to my eyes on occasion.

  9. Behind the green mask is now on my wishlist. If it wasn’t for ebooks, I’d never be able to afford to read all that I do. Though I do miss the smell and feel of real books. But content is my main goal.

      • I do now. Thanks.

        By the way, just got through with a Phillip K. Dick story called The Variable Man. A man brought back from the past into our future, whose actions couldn’t be predicted. He changed the course of humanity. I find this relative as the powers that cower rely on us as if we were chess pieces, but we’re not. We’re all variable men. That’s important to remember.

        • Thats true, but if I’m not careful I could also be like the guy at the very end of the story “they live” was based on and not make that final leap


          For those that never read it I wont spoil it more then that 🙂

          I used to love old sci fi but now i walked here the future looks less cool.

          • Guess he didn’t master it in time to save himself. But at least he got the job done. Yeah, this future isn’t anything like I thought it would be. Where’s my flying car?

  10. Gosh! I really love this new “Questions For Corbett” format.

    JO brought up a great question and a very important topic (our money!) in this June 30, 2020 “Will There Be Bail-ins? – Question For Corbett #063”.
    I grinned with JO’s “GCC – Global Covid Crash”.

    Towards the end of the video, Corbett points out that this coming financial crisis is not at all like the 2008 crisis.
    Corbett brings up some of the factors which are like dry kindling waiting for the match.
    After the U.S. November election, I think a lot of Americans will be crying.

    PENSION FUNDS (People’s Retirement)
    There are thousands of pension funds cross the U.S. Most are in very deep water with no land in sight.
    CalPERS is the largest pension fund in the nation. It includes more than 1,300 school districts and 1,500 public agencies in California.

    Jason Burack with Wall Street for Main Street gives us a 9 minute overview of recent CalPERS exploits, complete with references.
    Jason talks about the news that has come out in the last few weeks about how the US’ largest pension fund, CALPERS, is now planning on leveraging up 20% of its total assets (or around $80 billion)(borrowed money) and then also using a dangerous risk parity hedge fund trading strategy.
    CALPERS Is Now A Hedge Fund?

    Burack brings up that the Chief Investment Officer at CalPERS was also involved in handling China’s 3 trillion in currency reserves as an investment officer for “China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange” (SAFE).

    • They might as well turn it into a hedge fund. After destroying our entire economic system, and patching it up with helicopter money, those funds would be doomed even had they not already been so badly managed.
      It’s becoming more and more obvious that the state is deliberately destroying all aspects of our society. And yet, almost nobody notices. That’s what ensures the bloodbath to come.

  11. Note that in Australia they have an equivalent of the FDIC bail-out for retail deposits but on reading the fine print, upon a bank failure, the mechanism for a bail-out will only be set in motion on approval of the govt. This means it is not an automatic process but subject to political whims. Across the Tasman in New Zealand there is no bail-out. This is explicitly stated on the RBNZ website that there will be a bail-in but euphemistically called the “Open Bank resolution”. Again I suspect this too will be political suicide for the political party in power so how it will exactly play out is also suspect. The solution is to divorce yourself as much as is practicable from this debt-based centrally controlled banking system and store value in gold, silver and Bitcoin under your direct control.

  12. James makes reference to “credit unions” as being one possible answer to the threat posed by potential bail-ins. Does anyone know whether they exist in Japan? In Japanese I believe it translates as “shin yokumiai.”

  13. Just in case you weren’t aware, if this apparently herculean read is too much (its put me off over the years), Joe Plummer has written a book Tragedy and Hope 101 which focuses on the more pertinent details, as apparently its 95% dry historical account with 5% gold nuggets among it. You can read or listen for free from his site https://www.joeplummer.com/tragedy-and-hope-101 (James interviewed him at the time he wrote it). I’ve just started listening myself.

    • BUMP
      Free Tragedy and Hope 101 via Joe Plummer

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