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Another Stupor Bowl has come and gone to dazzle the masses and, as many already know, the commercials are where many of the big propaganda themes for the year are introduced. So this year, video editor Broc West introduces some of the worst ones to me for my take on the cavalcade of conditioning. That’s right, in this edition of #PropagandaWatch you can literally watch me watching propaganda in real time! Ain’t the internet grand?

COMMERCIAL #1 – TurboTax Live 2019 Super Bowl Commercial “RoboChild”

COMMERCIAL #2 – Mapping the future of our forests with Microsoft AI

COMMERCIAL #3 – SimpliSafe: “Fear Is Everywhere”

COMMERCIAL #4 – Not Everything Makes the Cut – Amazon

COMMERCIAL #5 – Washington Post Super Bowl message: Democracy Dies in Darkness

The Question Concerning Technology


  1. Calibrator… Thats what I got from it. The distopian world of Anthony Burgess popped into my head. The visual impressiom was Alec and his druggies reacting to the forced narrative of the corporate state. I wanted to smash it up and got a strong whiff of ultaviolence from the images. Especially the robot and Alexa shot and bingo the safe ” home” in neon. How freaken weird. Bullocks!

    • Russ; the Trunk Monkey is the funniest, irreverent,
      pro-going-monkey on something clips I have ever seen. Got in touch with my inner monkey!

      • The only thing funnier would be a monkey coming out of the trunk while putting on a yellow vest!

  2. RE: AI

    If I may, please, enjoy Professor James Mickens, fellow at Microsoft, and his recent presentation on AI at a Unix security conference (don’t worry, it’s totally funny even if you’re a non-techie):


    TLDW; Why trust something inscrutable to perform tasks that *should* be scrutinized?

    Bonus: “James Mickens – Not Even Close, The State of Computer Security”

    E> (hacker heart),

    P.S. Keep it up, James; always a pleasure.

  3. Is it really lazy of me to want a like button so I can thumbs up peoples comments?

  4. As much as I’m against modern vaccinations I do think there is merit to the principle. If you receive a tiny dose of a virus that does not kill you now – you will be more resistant to it in the future.

    Before Richard Dawkins came out with the idea of memes, I had the idea of “Mind Viruses”. Ideas that spread between people’s minds like a virus.

    We could think of the ads as vaccines for mind viruses. If your average sheeple receives a tiny dose of negativity in the form of an ad (Alexa taking over the world in a harmless, humorous way) then when someone armed with real information (like a Corbett report subscriber) talks to them, they will be less surprised as they will have already seen it – and even if they are not dismissive of the facts, they will not pay deep attention as in their mind they have virtually lived through the scenario and survived.

    I think this is how predictive programming works.

    One of the reasons why I don’t watch TV myself is so that I can be truly surprised when I encounter a TV watcher who is talking about some dumb idea they caught from the TV.

    Only if I’m truly surprised, can I really engage them like it was *their* idea, and maybe make them question it by me questioning them.

  5. Well spotted second meaning…

    However, a suggestion to those planning to put an Alexa device into a microwave:
    scorching an electronic device may make your microwave oven unusable for food (toxic fumes form deposits on inside walls and front window).

    Oh, and don’t forget to put sunglasses on (bright white flames), or better put a camera with tripod in place and let the internet join in the fun.

  6. I like Harrison Ford’s dog. Sharper than many humans.

  7. Prelude:
    I tend to buy German made beer – not American beer, because I don’t want fluoride in it.

    A Positive Note – ‘We’ helped to shape the narrative of the recent beer wars – Corn Syrup
    Many people are opposed to corn syrup for a variety of reasons, (e.g. GMO corn, corn syrup can be unhealthy, etc.)

    Bud ran a Super Bowl ad demonizing corn syrup. ($5 million for 30 seconds.) The ad mocked Miller and Coors for using corn syrup.
    See the link in my comment of Corbett’s fake news economic article…

    It has escalated into a “big beer war”. Click “big beer war” at the link I mentioned.

    My point is that this is a positive on how the public can shape the narrative.

  8. Fluoride – Another potential positive message tied to the Super Bowl, if we share it.

    Tom Brady
    The Super Bowl game was Sunday, February 3, 2019.
    The New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 to become the champions of Super Bowl LIII.

    Patriots quarterback Tom Brady secured the sixth championship ring of his career, giving Boston its second major league championship in less than six months.
    Due to his numerous accomplishments, records, and accolades, most analysts and sportswriters consider Brady to be the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

    Tom Brady opposes water fluoridation and wants people to protect their health.
    Read more here https://www.dogsagainstfluoridation.com/news-activism

    Tom Brady quote:
    “Whenever the media claims any of the dietary methods that I pursue are new age or even quackery, I tell them that some of the biggest advertisers on television and in the stadiums I played in are marketing all the wrong things.”

  9. Anybody else catch the irony from the “best” ad, saved for last by Broc?
    Washington Post hitting us with one fake news story after another in an attempt to show us why their news matters! 🙂

  10. I apologize in advance. I just don’t know where to post this recent article…
    Exclusive: Facebook ex-security chief: How ‘hypertargeting’ threatens democracy

    It is a long-ass article, but the more you read the more insight that is gained into the corporate world and internet security.
    The article is not really about just Facebook, but covers ground where Alex Stamos has tread.
    I’m not saying everything in the article is gospel, but one can read between the lines.

    Some keywords or topics or…
    Yahoo, Facebook, NSA, trolls, social media, Russian hackers, more hackers, white hats and black hats, Chinese hackers, DNC, GRU, Cambridge Analytica, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, NBC, Russian FSB, child sexual abuse rings, fraud, kidnappings,….

    Tidbit EXCERPTS…
    A “warrant canary” is an indirect, wink-wink way that an ISP can signal to users that the FBI has obtained a court-order to surveil their accounts, though the order forbids directly alerting the user.

    By his senior year of high school, Stamos’s skills were drawing attention. He received an unsolicited letter from the National Security Agency… …was offering him a full college scholarship in exchange for a ROTC-like commitment to work for it afterward. “Which is really creepy,” he says, “because you have no idea how they found you.”

    Jeff Moss, a/k/a The Dark Tangent, had launched the first DEF CON conference in 1993, with about 100 people in attendance, Moss estimates. As a gauge of how the community has grown, the most recent one, in 2018, drew 28,000… …Though Moss sold Black Hat in 2005, he still runs DEF CON. He also holds other positions, which hint at how important these conferences turned out to be. Now 44, Moss serves on the Council on Foreign Relations, the Cyber Statecraft Initiative of the Atlantic Council, and the U.S. Homeland Security Advisory Council.

    …he delivered a talk at DEF CON 21, entitled “The White Hat’s Dilemma.” In it he talked about the Hippocratic Oath that doctors began adhering to more than 2,000 years ago… …We are the technological priesthood of the 21st century, or perhaps of the third millennium. Everyone here has fixed their family’s computers,” he noted in his talk. “Every time you do that, it reminds you of the incredible complexity of the world that underlies our day-to-day activities and that the majority of people do not understand. And we do. Maybe that gives us moral obligations just like doctors have always had.”

    • Tulsi Gabbard is also a member of the CFR
      I did not know that.
      She is known for her “anti-war with Syria” message.

      Not long ago, Joe Rogan interviewed an illiterate, prowar NY Times reporter, Bari Weiss. Weiss denigrated Tulsi. Rogan politely called her out on the diss. Then Jimmy Dore went after Weiss, making her look like applesauce.

      I like people standing up against the war machine.

      Joe Rogan has had some recent headlines as far as the alternative media goes.
      He had the CEO of Twitter on. Many folks felt he did not ask tough enough questions. Rogan later addressed their concerns in a monologue. Rogan also addressed Alex Jones.

      I like Rogan’s style. He is articulate, with no real pre-set agenda. He is just someone conversing with someone else in a civil manner.
      Interest – His “interested in things and people” factor is refreshing.
      I think he draws a wide audience base, often younger. Mixed Martial Arts NFC Fight enthusiasts probably tune into him often.

      • I chuckled at Just like Trump continues to pump “fresh” sludge into the swamp (Bolton, Abrams…).

        In Texas, I guess “Haltungsjournalisten” might be pronounced “Halt tongues of journalists…and”.

        calibrator, I often enjoy reading your comments at Corbett Report.

        A couple of my younger brothers are Lutheran ministers. One went to a college in Germany and so had to learn German. Then, in Germany, he had to learn Greek. I told him he was a masochist.

        Actually, our American grandparents of the early 1900’s spoke an Americanized low German. But us 5 grandsons, nor our parents, never learned it.
        All my brothers enjoy their beer, some a little too much at times. I guess this is a German trait. Our Father would pass the Schlitz beer can around to all 5 boys at the large dinner table until it wound up with the youngest in the high chair.

      • Here is the Joe Rogan podcast that I listened to. (I don’t listen to all his stuff.) I also listened to his message to/about Alex Jones’ response to Dorsey.
        For me, it gave me a better understanding of Joe’s demeanor.
        (21 minutes)
        Joe Rogan Apologizes for Jack Dorsey Podcast

      • There is a direct correlation between the creation of the secret elite and advertising today. I can only encourage every one who commented here to read Docherty and Macgregor books. The Hidden History.. WW1…chapters 1,2&3
        show some interesting uses of the power of propeganda, the use of programming the populace, and planting Trojan Horses well ahead of times in strategic locations for future use. I found it mirrors this entire page of conversation in many ways. Where was the sinister born that we have to tolerate today? They make a pretty good case. One that I can say blew me away was revealed in chapter 2. The relationship between Sir Alfred Milner and Jans Smuts . Probably as equal to and well thought out in detail as Tulsi Gabbard and all that was discussed above and below. Do we have the flogging of Chinese workers? Do we have concentration camps for woman and children? Yes we do.

        • Calibrator, No way in a few sentences! But will make it short. 5 sentences.
          As per Docherty and Macgregor. Smutts,
          once Rhodes close friend and confidant, allegedly defected to the the Boars and was quickly promoted to the position of advisor to Kruger. Strangely, both he and Milner wanted exactly the same outcome, war.
          Smutts had a road to Damascus change from angalophile to angaliphobe. Kruger made him States Attorney. He agitated the Uitlanders mercilesly with taxes, fines and fees and unshackled Fitzpatrick, a party to the Jamison raid, of his political parole to greater agitate the populace. He couldn’t have served Milners wishes better while undermining Krugers attempts to quiet the unrest. Was he a Trojan horse secret agent? The authors believe so for Milner was running out of time to get the war started before the liberals returned to power in England. The Oxford trained lawyer Smutts couldn’t have served Milner better from the inside of the Boar camp to achieve the secret elites objectives. Smutts thwarted Kitchners offers of peace making Britains victory complete.
          They learned a lot of tricks and methods that are blue prints of the NWO of today. The two books by Macgregor and Docherty fills in what Carroll Quigley left vague about the secret elites role in modern history.

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