Interview 1543 – Iain Davis on COVID-19, LOKIN-20 and the Death of Statistical Sense

by | May 5, 2020 | Interviews | 73 comments

Today we’re joined by Iain Davis of for an update on how Britain is reacting to the coronavirus madness that is sweeping the globe. We talk about COVID-19, the Coronavirus Act and other legislative nightmares, the statistical chicanery that is perpetuating this crisis, and how people across the UK and around the world are reacting to the new normal.

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  1. Very informative interview. A couple of weeks ago I was slightly optimistic, as I was seeing the first signs of people on social media hinting that they were not happy about a further 3 weeks of lockdown (I’m in Scotland.)

    I was even happier when one of my most stridently left-wing friends re-posted quite a lengthy post on Fakebook describing why the writer supported the NHS workers, but felt uneasy about participating in an organised applause event. About a week later that post came round again – it had gone viral.

    After all that optimism, I’ve been HORRIFIED at what seems like almost 100% support among my Fakebook friends and acquaintances for MORE lockdown. My only hope is that maybe the ones who don’t approve of lockdown, like me, can no longer bear to be on the platform. I usually only go on it to indulge my hobbies of climbing and mountaineering. Now my climbing friends especially seem to be totally freaking out about this flu-like illness. People who are normally happy to dangle from a rope on a sheer rock face or skip across a knife-edge ridge will now not even leave their homes or a conversation without saying “Stay safe!”

    When I posted a photo of fox in my garden, one of the guys who taught me to climb commented “Keep away! It might bite! Oh stay safe!” I know he meant well, but – whatever happened to Braveheart?

    A climbing friend posted a poll a few days ago asking people whether they thought the lockdown should be continued. Every single answer was “No!” or “No way!” I answered “Absolutely, for anyone who is fit and healthy”. Several people added comments asking me if I was not concerned about potentially infecting the physically vulnerable. I replied politely, and got even more kickback, with people acting as if I wanted to kill the elderly. After my comment, all the other responses were even more vehemently “No”. I did not see one single “yes”.

    I haven’t been on Fakebook since, and I’m resigned to losing many friends. The climate is more divisive than the Brexit debate – way more so. If you don’t agree with the lockdown, it’s like saying “I kill kids”.

    I met one of my mum’s friends in a shop, and she was wearing a face mask. She looked a bit embarrassed and said, “Well SHE said we should wear them!” “She” is of course Nicola Sturgeon, our First Minister, who is almost worshipped where I live.

    • I meant to say the poll asked if people thought the lockdown should be ended, not continued!

    • I think Minnie that perhaps most people don’t yet realise the full implications of the lockdown. I get the impression that the majority still believe it will end and we’ll all go back to pre COVID 19 life to a large extent.

      When they are faced with the changes to their lives, the mass unemployment and the terrible health consequences (though I suspect this will be soled as a “second wave”) there will be increasing opposition.

      I certainly hope so anyway.

      • I hope there will be increasing opposition – but by then it might be too late! It’s so depressing. I was talking to one good friend about 10 days ago, and I said that I didn’t think I’d be allowed back into a climbing centre again, as I won’t be having the vaccine. She was really surprised at the idea – it hadn’t even occured to her that that might be the case.

        So I think you’re right. People just think we’ll all get back to normal and everything will be fine again. *Sigh

        Who was it that I heard recently saying that most people won’t wake up to this encroaching fascism until the jackboot literally comes through the wall!

        • It’s very depressing. The propaganda is so negative, and it plays right to the emotions – the heart and the fear response – not to the intellect.

        • Anecdote – Kill the Fear

          Last Thursday, April 30th 2020 – A north Dallas suburb –
          I filled up with gasoline at $1.24 per gallon, cheaper than a soda at 7 Eleven. Sunny and Temperature about 80 to 85 F / 27 C.

          I visited two grocery stores. The traffic and the grocery stores were very busy.
          Not one person in the packed grocery stores was without a mask, besides me.
          I was the only person without a mask.

          Just prior to leaving my place, I made some signs on Word portrait style with gigantic font to fill the page.
          I taped the printout to cardstock for support.
          Two signs which read…
          Kill the Fear!
          YouTube…Dr. Brownstein.

          I made four sets of those two.
          On the back window of my SUV I taped one set using masking tape.
          This way, as folks drove into or out of the parking lot, they would see the signs.

          At each store, I taped several sets on the sides and front of my rolling grocery cart before entering the store. With the signs and maskless, I showed up like an orange suit inmate at a policeman’s ball.

          No one said anything. In fact, folks kind of made it a point not to say anything. I did not get stares, even at the registers.

          At the last store, I left my cart with a set of signs facing the entrance as people would drive into the shopping center.

          I kept the signs on my car until this morning (Tuesday), because last night’s rain wilted them. My neighborhood knows how I feel as they drive by seeing the back of my SUV in the drive.

          • You’re brave! Well done.

            I was wondering who Dr Brownstein was… I looked him up on YouTube and realised I already have one of his books, on iodine. It helped me cure my underactive thyroid four years ago.

          • In North Texas, there are many individuals who are doing what they can or what works for them.
            A group anyone anywhere can join is
            “North Texans for Truth”

            Some are Corbett Report Members.
            All age groups.
            Some folks who live near each other in Dallas recently made up some flyers and were distributing them.

            In my low income neighborhood, most folks are just trying to buy groceries and pay the rent.
            Catching the virus doesn’t seem to be a big concern.
            The other night, across the street on the front lawn of a small duplex, was a large gathering with banquet tables and food and Mexican music.
            I love neighbors like that. We get along great.

          • You can say that again endthefed. Homey I must have channeled you. I had a bunch of signs left over from our neighborhood association. Mine read “YOU ARE BEING LIED TO! Find out how. Corbett Report .Com”
            Put ’em in the park and down on the service road to I-44.

          • GBW,
            You da man!

          • No no Homey YOU DA MAN! When I was spray painting the old HP Neigh..Ass signs white I told my self it was what Homey would do.

      • I think that people also struggle to believe that the government and the MSM could lie to and manipulate them to such an extreme extent, and have zero concern for their welfare, and that cognitive dissonance will cause them to side with the belief that’s most comfortable, the one that these restrictions and removals of our civil liberties and all the consequences of that are being done with our best interests at heart. After all, we live in one of those good old democratic societies, not a fascist regime, right??

      • I truly believe we have entered the foretold End Times of the Bible. The worst prophecies of the Book of Revelation are now in play. Most notably, that of the Mark of the Beast, which appears to be how St. John viewed the “immunity passports” soon coming, which will be required to work, travel, and “buy or sell.”

        Are we going to stop all this? No. That time passed decades ago, when good men did nothing to block incremental tyranny.

        Our only jobs now are two fold:

        1) stay alive, and keep our family alive, as long as the Almighty needs us on Earth;
        2) reach as many people as we can, with the Truth.

        Taking the “vaccine” and the “immunity passport” is an irreversible sentence of eternal death. The gene-rewriting mRNA of the “vaccine” will literally make you “something other than” human.

        Get right with God, now. Build a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. He is our ONLY defense in all this. Stand warned, however, that most “churches” are on the Devil’s side, and will tell you that Romans 13 requires you to “obey the government,” including taking the “vaccine” and “immunity passport.” That’s absolutely not true, but when you choose your master via a 501(c)(3) tax exemption/quasi-license, you do what your master says.

          • What’s with you being “cute” about my username? It’s Beacon Terra One, not “Be A Con”…

            As for the church…


            “Please know that donors may deduct contributions to our organization as provided in section 170 of the IRS Tax Code. Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts to our organization or for its use are deductible for federal estate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provision of sections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the Code. Our Federal Identification Number is 58-1539359; and our Group Exemption Number is 1674.”

            We’ll see how long this church stays open when if it tells people not to take the “vaccine” and “immunity passport” Mark when “required by law.”

            I listened to a short amount of the video, and I found it very interesting that the Babylon System narrative about the Wuhan “wet market” was cited as “fact.” Half truths, and truths mixed in with falsehood, are ALWAYS more dangerous than outright lies.

            Further, this church is obviously seriously confused about the teachings of Christ, as seen here:


            And then there’s the libel about Christian Russia, peddled by those who support anti-Christ “Israel”:


            Gog and Magog are the Khazars, the fake “Jews” who took over the Land of Israel in 1948.

            Obviously, this church is full of “Christian” Zionists.

            • Beacon Terra One,
              Sorry about my Texas accent on your name.
              Got it.

              Look…I don’t squabble about people’s religious beliefs.
              Each to his own.
              I am a Voluntaryist.

              However, I have three brothers who are in the Ministry.
              They ain’t Baptist.
              I sent them the video.
              Sermon VIDEO EXCERPT of Rev. Danny Jones

              So far, two have responded.
              One said that he was on track with the timeline that Jones was talking about, because he has been keeping up with the alternative media.
              The other brother said he needed to do some research, because he was unfamiliar with the timeline of events.

              That video is not for everyone.
              No one has to agree with Rev. Danny Jones and his faith.
              However, he does more than most at the pulpit as far as educating folks on what is going on while citing references.
              Personally, I believe that leaders of congregations should help to disclose the facts (with references) about what is going on in the world.

              You can diss his beliefs all you want.
              That’s your prerogative.
              You can choose who you want to associate with.

              I am a Voluntaryist.

            • When I was a little kid, there was a character in a book series name Beatrice. For the life of me I couldn’t get why the parents called her “Beat Rice”!

              People from all over the world comment here. Conterra is Italian for “will contain”, “will include”, “will hold”. Sure it wouldn’t have made sense, but I’m not Italian, so, who knows!

              What I do know is that HomeRemedySupply is a man without guile. It’s just not in him to be rude to or have fun at someone else’s expense.

              • You are right Pearl.
                No malice nor snarkiness here.
                Just like your demeanor. You are like a bouncy lamb with no malice.

                I thought the name was a play on “Be a Contrarian” or something like that.

                Thank goodness zyxzevn spelled it out for us after that Corbett episode. 67
                For the life of me, I never could say that name.

                Sometimes the keystrokes don’t reveal the tone.

              • Pearl, the collegiate rivalry between Universities is suppose to be good fun on a Saturday afternoon in American physique. You and I know there is another agenda. I do have an answer to your observation having been on the giving and receiving end of Rice University . 30 years of rallies and tail gate gatherings in Houston and here in my fair City. Purtin’near every one here knows the chants on game day. Beatrice Beatrice
                cookup sum Rice, Beatrice Beatrice Beat Rice.
                Comical huh?
                Or just 2000 fans yelling Beatrice ! It is rather comical to watch mob think.
                NOw ya know.

              • GBW, in my case it was my incorrect phonetic interpretation of the feminine name Beatrice, which I hadn’t encountered in print before so that when I did, I repeatedly read it as a compound word, beat-rice, not the correct way which sounds like Bee-uh-triss. (Teaching each of my children to read has provided many silly mispronunciations that I wish I’d catalogued, but didn’t. I miss those precious years!)

    • Perhaps you could make one last post to facebook and show them Larken Roses’s latest video (or give them instructions to find it if it is banned)

      Shutdowns: Pointless, Stupid and Evil

      He succinctly makes the point that the Shutdowns will kill way more people than Covid-19 ever will.

      Then unfriend* all the people that support the shutdown as who wants to be surrounded by stupid and evil friends who support the murder of innocent people.

      *I have to declare than I have never been on facebook so it is easy for me to say!

      • Thanks for sharing the video. I will enjoy watching it. I think it will be a long time before I go back to Fakebook!

    • You’ve got to seize your “No!” Sayers and flip them right on their heads.
      Here’s what i said to my sister and brother:
      “When you comply your Big Brothering behaviors, you are KILLING children. You’re modeling fearful victim behavior instead of courage in the face of irrational tyranny, teaching them to accept oppression. You are giving them a neurosis which makes them think human contact is dirty and dangerous, at an age when it is essential to developing healthy immunity. Letting this your final ever opportunity to mount strong unequivocal demand for freedom as well as indictment of the perpetrators of this dark SCAD, you are sabotaging herd immunity and emboldening the authoritarians thereby guaranteeing a 2nd wave + endless lockdown + increasing oppression + crime waves + security measures + misinformation purges + total shutdown of internet + censorship + economic devastation + famine right here in your hometown + world war + horrors beyond your worst nightmares. Take off that mask!”

      Feel free to copy and/or modify phrasing if you d like to try it….

  2. I observed that every country uses the same method of falsificating their statistics in favor of fear mongering. Every country has switched off their most essential human rights. All the different governments act as if they were soldiers who have been given one order from one person. And this in great speed. Every government hesitates to give back these rights and people of all countries have to struggle to get them back. Why does people don´t notice that? Why don´t they take this as it is: A well structured war on all people of the world. Is it too much of a crazy conspiracy as to believe it? This is what shocks me most.

    • It certainly appears to be a very well coordinated effort among the western democracies and their usual allied states.

      I hope the acceptance we currently see is based upon a misplaced belief that things will “return to normal.” When it doesn’t I suspect we will see increasing resistance.

  3. The smoking gun
    In virus-science (virology) this is similar to
    the free fall of steel-frame buildings.

    Coronavirus: Are Our Scientists Lying To Us?
    The video explains with science references how the virus came from a lab.
    And how scientists are lying to cover their own asses.

    In nature viruses mutate in small steps. But in this virus, there
    is an insert of code. That does not happen in nature.
    And such an insert is very common in laboratory, in
    gain-of-function research.
    The insert makes the virus far more capable of entering a cell.

    When “experts” are talking about it, they just avoid the topic
    or start lying.
    Because in their field the insert is a smoking gun.

    Personally I think that this is why the “experts” in the governments
    started panicking and forgot to look at the actual death rates.
    Most of these experts were involved, including Fauci and many other
    people in power.

    I think that we can make a case against these scientists that
    have been doing gain-of-function research far too much.
    Because these scientists themselves caused the Covid-19 crisis!
    And they know it.

    • Gain-of-function, means that they play with the genes of a virus.
      The idea is to see what effects it has.
      Usually the scientists try to find ways to make a virus
      ..more dangerous..

      They can modify the genes via a mutation of a single code.
      Or they can insert genetic code. This has often be done
      and has been published in scientific journals.
      And this insertion is what we see in the codid19 virus.
      The video is great at explaining that.
      Also why this makes the virus more dangerous.

      It would great to have some specialists in this area together
      and get a real scientific discussion.
      This is all on the edge of my knowledge, and there are people
      that know a lot more about this stuff.
      The video shows that the focus of the discussion should be on
      this insertion, because we don’t see that in nature.

      But what is more important now, is that the scientists
      are clearly lying about this topic.
      They know that such insertions do not occur in nature,
      and they are very common in laboratory experiments.
      Yet, many tell that this was just a natural mutation.
      Probably to hide their ass.
      Just as Monsanto was making up stories to hide their asses.

      In laboratories we can also make viruses with ANY code
      via some tool that can make RNA sequences.
      It would also be easy to make any kind of new virus with that tool.
      I think the original idea was to use it for gene-therapy.
      This would be nice to discuss with some specialists as well.

      • zyx – have you seen any of Dr. Judy Mikovits videos? She has been interviewed several times in the past few weeks.

        She is a Phd – studying viruses for 40 years. She has done the gain of function work herself. In 2013/14. She was doing it when the scientists got together and said “this is too dangerous” and Obama shut it down.

        She is adamant that this virus was created in a lab. No question. She thinks it was either Fort Deitrick, Wuhan or North Carolina.

        If you want to hear the science behind this thing then listen to her interviews. You’ll have to play it back 5 times because she gives you all the details. Hosts, insertions, cell lines, cytokine storms. Hard to keep up, but great to hear.

        And she has quite a story with Dr. Fauci.

        She has worked with Bobby Kennedy Jr. for years. And Del Bigtree. Her take on vaccinations is really interesting. I will never get a flu shot again.

        • I’m sorry to hear about your health,debra.

          I assume you have tried everything under the sun so please forgive my impertinence but have you looked into any of the doctors that people have referred to on this site. Or a therapy like the ozone therapy?

          Of course I don’t know what your situation is but just thought I’d put it out there.

        • Former AIDS Scientist Judy Mikovits PhD EXPOSES Anthony Fauci,Dr Birx & UNCOVERS Medical Corruption

          In this video she states that dr Fauci is responsible for
          many deaths. Starting with Aids.
          But also with Covid-19.

          I think that she makes a very good case to
          get all these corrupt scientists to trial
          for crimes against humanity.

            • the origin of Fauci (according to wikipedia) is “sickle maker”. mini reaper suits him better.

              more important: anybody know of evidence of increased food shortages happening in poorer countries?

              I find the various search engines random-as. sometimes impressive sometimes bunk, but often a surprise

      • I understand just enough of gene stuff that I know such mutation is almost impossible, probability less than one in a million years.

        I cannot understand, nor I want to, what is going on in heads of scientists conducting experiments ‘gain of function’ type. The only reasonable explanation is production of bio-weapons. A reason, that they want to be convinced they are capable to create monstrosity, is viable just for meatheads. If they cannot create blue-monstrosity they are for sure able to create yellow one.

        Close to no one is aware that once upon a time there was a science conference where they talk about guidelines for gene research.

        Yea, mad world, ….it has to be this way, when millions Gaia worshipers look on the other side

    • “In nature viruses mutate in small steps. But in this virus, there
      is an insert of code. That does not happen in nature.
      And such an insert is very common in laboratory, in
      gain-of-function research.
      The insert makes the virus far more capable of entering a cell.

      When “experts” are talking about it, they just avoid the topic
      or start lying.
      Because in their field the insert is a smoking gun.”

      67 what do you make of the statement by scientists and doctors and dawn, that this ‘virus’ is not actually a virus, since it does not pass Koch’s postulates?

      • In my post I try to stay follow the peer-reviewed science.
        Going outside that area, makes it hard to convince many scientists.

        I think Koch talks about a natural communication system
        of transfer of rna and dna?
        Such a system can exist AND viruses can exist.
        In that model, viruses are like the cancer version of the
        communication system.

        And make you sick.

        There is likely a combination of factors that
        makes a virus more active or more dangerous.
        Food and pollution are important factors.
        But there are many more factors.

        • My point is:
          The gain-of-function research inserts segments into genes.
          Viruses, whatever they are, do not do that naturally.
          This is shown in all kinds of papers about viruses.

          So, the presence of an insert is a smoking-gun of
          a virus-lab leaking viruses.

          The “experts” know this, have done this gain-of-function,
          and try to divert the problem with clear lies.

          I think it makes a good case to put those scientists
          on trial, for causing the crisis.

          Additionally we can add Fauci to the list for:
          1. being involved in the gain-of-function research.
          2. withholding medicine that has shown to work.

          Bill Gates should be sued for damaging the health
          of kids in India and such.

          Certainly there are more people involved.
          And there are more cures withheld.
          But you can’t put them all on a (road) sign.

          “Dr Fauci has caused 100,000 deaths.
          because he was involved in creating the virus,
          and withheld medicine that actually works.”

          Now I need to add something about:
          Killer Bill.
          Wanted by India for damaging
          healthy children with experimental medicine.

          (I would not use the word vaccine to avoid
          discussions with anti-real-world-science people)

          • Posted above too..
            Judy Mikovits is now a whistelblower in
            Plandemic The Movie


            She explains how the corporations have caused
            millions of deaths.
            She explains how Fauci is a criminal
            and also responsible for many deaths.

            Patents destroyed the science,
            and made money the main goal of science.
            This brought people like Killer Bill into the field.

            And supported statements from the recent doctors,
            Judy talks goes on and on..

            • It’s interesting zyx, Judy actually admits to doing the gain-of-function research herself.

              I could be wrong but I think she was working on this gain of function when Obama shut it down. In any case, she was working on it at some point. She is absolutely passionate that’s for sure.

              There are reasons, not nefarious, for the gain of function research. And I wish I could spell it out scientifically but I am just grasping what a host cell means so you’d have to investigate yourself.

              By the way, it is so funny to have watched the videos of Judy Mikovits over the past couple of weeks. She is brilliant, no question, but I swear they give her cue cards now because she would just, as you say, go on and on.

              Until they ask her if Fauci should be indicted.


    • Note:
      Smoking gun… to start war with china?

      Trump is comparing it with Pearl Harbor
      Trump does not know that Pearl Harbor was a case
      of “make it happen”.

      It seems that the smoking gun can also be
      used to start some kind of war with china.
      (I mean the country, not the cupboard)

      And we know that many US scientists were connected
      with the Wuhan laboratory.
      Even the Facebook-fact-checker has stated so,
      because she worked there.

      Why aren’t the scientists that make such dangerous
      viruses not prosecuted.

      So, what is it going to be?

    • More evidence that Covid-19 “may” not be natural

      Around 23:00

      1) RaTG13 – The closest relative never existed before. It was added
      later to the database, and is likely made up or artificial.
      So Covid-19 does not have a natural relative.

      2) Covid-19 – The mutations are now occurring in its genes regularly,
      but they did not occur relative to other viruses when it first appeared.
      So it was manufactured.

      Before that:
      Hydroxychloroquine works in Spain and France
      While it is ok for pregnant women and people with heart problems,
      it is considered dangerous in the US (due to politics and censorship).

  4. How are the UK politicians and businessmen going to meet
    with their prostitutes now? Or visit the secret orgies?
    Some will probably break. Cocaine/heroine is just not enough.

  5. Mr. Neil “coronavirus-will-cull-you-all” Ferguson gets caught “in the act” of breaking the lockdown he clearly dreams of imposing to everyone else:

    Fear not: Mr Gates can finally put him under his protective wings at the Foundation. For Mr Ferguson this is a small change: a new office and a new email address. The salary still comes from the same person. 😉

  6. There is of course much more to this CoV[ert} 19 psyop than bastardized stats, fear propaganda and authoritarian pronouncements and other features that produce the full spectrum assault on reality for the manipulation and advancement of One World Governance and One World Resource capture. One such piece being deployed was developed by the usual suspects, with the US Joint Forces Command taking credit of a psychological means called “Sentient World Simulation.” SWS seeks to superimpose an artificial reality on actual reality enhancing manipulation prospects. This op combines an AI computer driven reality and combines it with our living reality. SWS operates as a synthetic mirror of the real world with auto continuous calibration of the real world to sense, adapt and react to real events, such as the level of the people’s fear to CoV[ert] 19 and to then create a reality that is added to the real in the interests of those running the operation. Hence the almost Goldilocks operation of this event so far, not too much or too little change and pressure. It has been deployed in the past and I am dead certain it is being used in this all in push to advance One World goals such as sustainable development/Technocracy. I link to a discussion of SWS :

    • bladtheimpaler, thanks for your explanation of SWS and for providing the link to the article on the subject. It’s fascinating. And it makes total sense. Scary sense.

      I was surprised to see that it references a video James Corbett created way back in 2015, called “Sentient World Simulation.” It’s good two YT channels (including this one: saved the video, since it was scrubbed from its original site when James terminated his relationship with a previous colleague. (The Corbett Report is also listed on pieceofmindful’s blogroll. It’s be interesting to count all the blogrolls where TCR website is mentioned.)

  7. #LaughingAtTyrants

    I was listening to a popular hip-hop/pop radio station on my way to work this morning and the host was absolutely making fun of California Governor Newsom, calling him a moron and laughing hysterically at his newly issued list of acceptable outdoor activities that citizens now have “permission” to do. He was saying anyone is dumb who accepts these orders or thinks the governor has the right to tell us that we can or cannot do these things. People were calling into the show and mocking the list and sarcastically asking if they could do other certain activities not on the list. We need more of this! Laughing at Tyrants is the best medicine!

    Just so all you California residents know, the Governor has now given us permission to “watch the sunrise or sunset”. I know, I realize this may have come as a shock to you, but we are actually allowed to use our eyeballs as we deem fit, legally of course! Thank god we have permission from the holy, all wise politicians! These people are delusional…
    Here is the list:
    – Athletics
    – Badminton (singles)
    – Throwing a baseball/softball
    – BMX biking
    – Canoeing (singles)
    – Crabbing
    – Cycling
    – Exploring Rock Pools
    – Gardening (not in groups)
    – Golf (singles, walking – no cart)
    – Hiking (trails/ paths allowing distancing)
    – Horse Riding (singles)
    – Jogging and running
    – Kite Boarding and Kitesurfing
    – Meditation
    – Outdoor Photography
    – Picnics (with your stay-home household members only)
    – Quad Biking
    – Rock Climbing
    – Roller Skating and Roller Blading
    – Rowing (singles)
    – Scootering (not in groups)
    – Skateboarding (not in groups)
    – Soft Martial Arts – Tai Chi, Chi Kung (not in groups)
    – Table Tennis (singles)
    – Throwing a football, kicking a soccer ball (not in groups)
    – Trail Running
    – Trampolining
    – Tree Climbing
    – Volleyball (singles)
    – Walk the dog
    – Wash the car
    – Watch the sunrise or sunset
    – Yoga

    • Oh this is great scpat. Sometimes those morning shows can be hysterical.

      Yes, we do need to keep our sense of humor.

      That’s essential, isn’t it?

    • Excellent news scpat!

      The more we make these technocrats look stupid, the better.
      If the public start perceiving them as clowns, then we are on a winning roadway.

    • Actually, I didn’t do a search. Archive(dot)org was my first stop. There are a lot of users who’ve uploaded all kinds of things like that. I was surprised to find most (if not all) of Antony Sutton’s books there, as well as old interviews.

      Thanks for mentioning this one. I’ll check it out.

  8. Robert – this is funny. I just recommended Judy’s videos in a post up above.

    I find her believable. You have to focus when she talks because she seems to think everyone watching is also a Phd and understands all the scientific terms.
    But I am used to her now so it’s easier.

    Oh, yes, they have cleaned up her videos, as they have others, to compete with mainstream I think. She comes across a little more serious when she is not wearing the baseball cap, but nicely dressed and coiffed.

    But I appreciate her knowledge. I don’t hold anyone up on a pedestal anymore, or point blank believe them or all of what they say.

    Everyone has an agenda – even alt and independent media guests.

    Take what we believe and leave the rest?

  9. Glad to report that I have not noticed anyone with the clap in my area, must be a British thing ?

    • Ha! That’s great!

      • Yes that was excellent Octium! 🙂

  10. Hi all

    I’d like to offer a correction. In the video I said the Care Quality Commission (CQC) had oversight of all social care but less so over health care. This wasn’t accurate. The CQC have oversight over all health and social care.

    The point I failed to make in the my conversation with James was that when I said the provision doesn’t include nursing homes I was referring to the gathering of statistics not their regulatory function. I did not make this distinction clear and my statement was misleading in this regard.



  11. Alchemist, what an amazing call to the conscience of the baton-wielding policemen the Marine vet made.

    The way they slowly left the line and wandered away seemed to indicate that he had “reached” their hearts and made them feel unmanly, ashamed, maybe even traitorous. Once one or two broke ranks, that gave “permission” for the others to gradually follow suit. And, hey, maybe a few of them DID ditch the riot gear, turn in their badges the next day, and are ready to join the next protest — on the right side! That’d be a story the MSM would suppress.

    • Yeah, Alchemist. We can hope this “double whammy” attracts the attention of a worldwide network of courageous veterans/doctors who think as clearly as he does, speak as eloquently, have equally compassionate hearts, live in/near large cities where protests are being launched, and own electric megaphones!

    • Hey, Alchemist et al., meet Cordie Lee Williams, DR, at the 8:15-min mark:

      Attending another Sacramento State House protest today, the USMC veteran and chiropractor takes a five-minute time out to answer questions from Del.

  12. This interview was just as interesting as the two-part series you wrote, Iain. Keep up your vigilant work! And thanks for sharing further thoughts on the subject — plus a correction — in the comment thread.

    In the middle of this simulated reality (or “sentient world simulation”) called COVID-19 that Corbett Report members roundly reject, there exists a real reality that we enthusiastically embrace. I was recently reminded of one such “real” moment when someone sent me a four-year-old video called “It’s a Girl”:

    Do any of you remember watching it? Perhaps you also recall that a couple of weeks later, after having taken time off to enjoy his new baby, James returned to work and penned “The Greatest Blessing”:

    In it, he quoted one of his long-time listeners, David Skripac, whose congratulatory email read: “As you probably know, having two healthy wonderful children makes you the luckiest person in the world. No amount of money could ever replace the gift you just received. If only other people in the world could better understand this, the world would be a far better place.”

    Though I happen to know David, I realize that most of you don’t recognize his name. That’s because he’s too busy to read these comments, much less post responses to Corbett’s material. David’s work schedule keeps him hopping, and all his non-work hours are devoted to family and to a book he’s writing.

    A week or so ago, David spent a few of his precious free hours penning an article for Global Research: (Mentioning the article here is entirely my idea, by the way — though I’m sure the author won’t object.)

    If anyone is motivated to make a comment here on his GR piece, I’ll gladly notify David. Perhaps getting a “plug” will inspire him to keep “plugging away” at his book, which is . . . well, I’ll let him announce its title and topic to fellow Corbett Report members when it gets published.

    OK, how do Iain’s interview and James’ just-turned-four daughter and David’s good wishes to second-time dad James, and David’s own new “baby” (his Global Research article!) all connect with one another? Each exemplifies the title of Iain’s blog: We’re all, indeed, In-This-Together.

    • Thanks CQ,
      James Corbett’s daughter turned 4 recently.

    • Thanks for bringing my attention to David Skripac. An excellent essay and someone I am very eager to read more from. Great stuff.

    • I think this is a clear case of resignacide.

      Someone had to take the fall for those much quoted erroneous first figures of the plandemic.

      One wonders if this will start an epidemic of resignacides.

      Researchers, cabinet ministers, bat soup sellers….

  13. May 7, 2020
    Zero Hedge
    Authored by Iain Davis via,
    COVID-19 “Nonsense” Is Exposing Britain’s Once-Reliable Office Of National Statistics
    (links in article)

    The mortality statistics for COVID 19 have been incessantly hammered into our heads by the mainstream media (MSM). Every day they report these hardest of facts to justify the lockdown (house arrest) and to prove to us that living in abject fear of the COVID 19 syndrome is the only sensible reaction.

    Apparently, only the most lucrative vaccine ever devised can possibly save us.

    The COVID 19 mortality statistics are the reason millions will undoubtedly download contact tracing (State surveillance) apps. This will help the vaccinated to secure their very own immunity passports (identity papers) and enable them to prove they are allowed to exist in the post-COVID 19 society, whenever the State demands to see their authorisation.

    But how reliable are these statistics? …

    …Ultimately, all of these deaths will be registered. The ONS will record them and it will be possible to know how many died, the causes of death and the trends identified.

    Except in the case of COVID 19.

    The Coronavirus Act 2020 received Royal assent on March 25th. This had significant implications for the registration of deaths and the accuracy of ONS data in relation to COVID 19…

    …There were some notable changes to normal coronal procedures…
    …This thinly veiled threat to coroners made it clear that speaking out about any concerns would be considered a breech of judicial conduct. A career-ending act it would seem…


    This quite bizarre death registration process compelled the ONS to issue guidance to doctors signing MCCDs. Not only is there no need for an examination to pronounce death from COVID19, nor is there any necessity for a positive test or even an indicative CT scan…


    The overwhelming majority of medical and care staff, coroners, pathologists, ONS statisticians and funeral directors have no desire to mislead anyone. However, in the case of COVID19 deaths, the State has created a registration system so ambiguous it is virtually useless. The statistical product recorded by the ONS, despite their best efforts, is correspondingly vacuous….

  14. thanks for the reference. excellent!

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