Interview 1615 – Manifesting Solutions on Declare Your Independence

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Interviews | 26 comments

James joins Ernest Hancock on the Declare Your Independence radio show to discuss how we can shift the conversation from what “they” are doing to us to what we can do for ourselves, and, more importantly, why we are fighting in the first place.

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  1. hi can’t find contact link, or any link’s

  2. sorry prob be there after show

  3. Ernest Hancock “Be the change you want in the world.” and “MRNA shots make GMO humans.”
    Great interview James!

  4. Love the desert. Yes, it’s clean. At night you can see half the stars with low horizons. Rattlesnakes keep the mice population down.

    • I hear ya.
      30 years ago, on a wind-still evening in the middle of nowhere, while hiking down an Arizona desert gulch, the aesthetics stick with me to this day.

      • I recall driving through the Arizona Desert back in 1981. When I stopped to take a pee, it dried up within seconds.
        I think that even an Acre of that Farm Land Bill Gates has been collecting would be more productive with less effort, but then he is collecting it for a good reason,eh!

  5. Hello my friends,
    I just wanted to inform you that there is another group of people that does on the street activism. It does this via the medium of stickers, its called the “White Rose”. They have created a variety of images with truth related material that you can download and make stickers, flyers etc. The group is only on Telegram I think (that’s how I found it) but I am not sure about that.
    Telegram link (you will need to install the app) :

  6. James,

    I just want to say I am fascinated by the fact that you are focusing on Solutions Watch. In a broad way, I think that we who advocate for an open society are just tired of the media. I stopped listening to the corporate media a long time ago. If I do hear something from them like “wear a mask,” I do THE EXACT OPPOSITE. It is very clear by now that they hold no interest in the welfare of society. In fact, my life seems to profit when I do the exact opposite of what MSM recommends.

    Thank you for focusing on solutions. We are attentive and ready to run with practicable solutions.

    “There’s a better world waiting for us out there, Sixsmith, and I’ll be waiting for you there”

    Frobisher to Sixsmith in ‘The Cloud Atlas.”

  7. +1 for focusing on solutions. From watching their propaganda, to Aircrete and rural agricultural property! Staying informed on what the beast is up to is important, but focusing on it infects you with its negative energy, which is depressing, and robs people of energy. Focusing on solutions, on building something better, is positive and energizes people. Works better.
    As to recruiting people from the matrix, especially higher level technocrats, what ‘we’ have to offer that ‘they’ don’t is (among many, many other things) honesty, sincerity, integrity, and basic good will and human decency. Life in the corporate structure means harming other people and other creatures. Harming everything, really. Peace and real fulfillment cannot be found on that path. Ultimately, no matter how much money and power you get, it is empty and unsatisfying. Non-aggression, and helping rather than harming is better. All but the most twisted corporate sociopaths can feel the truth of this, and many of them would jump off their runaway train if they are offered the chance to be part of something better.
    Thank you!

  8. Thank you SO much for doing Solutions Watch. I’ve been collecting stories of positive news: better energy technologies, groups and people awakening, etc. A while back, we created a campaign to help people think positively. We did man-on-the-street interviews and nobody could name even one desired alternative to the circumstances they hate/fear. How sad. This was our project video:

    • Indeed, watching Main Stream Media will lead to Depression and put those manipulated by it in a Mindset where they think that they can do nothing.
      Yet, it is necessary to know your enemy, if you are to defeat them, so I prefer a Realist approach.
      Yes, it is important to have a Vision of what a more prefect World would look like in order to participate in moving the World in that direction, however, good things often go bad and those who are not vigilant are often lead astray.
      I know many who have chosen not to listen to “Conspiracy Facts” about who controls, Fiat Money, Vaccines, Social Media, and anything else they have determined to be negative. My view is that, these things would make me depressed as well, if I were not doing something. The first step is to expose the evil ones who Play the Sheeple, then once you know their Game, you can begin to fix things.
      The evil ones what more Centralized Authoritarian control, thus we need to Decentralize/Localize.

  9. has a list of mindless, damn near effortless, things that you can do that does massive damage to the powerful. Disproportionate to your actual size. May not seem like it but each step counters an attack on each of us as individuals.

    • This is a good 5 Min video I picked up from the link posted above by “Save 10% of Earnings”;

      I think it shows how the AMA and the ADA are actually Private Clubs that influence (Use) Government for the benefit of the Organization.

      When I attended a Local Water Board Meeting to Protest the adding of Fluoride to the municipal water supply , I was told by the head of the Water Department that they monitor it to the exact specifications given to them by the ADA. Indeed, this is the same ADA that has been recommending Mercury Fillings for the last 70 years, which has been proven to be the #1 cause of Mercury Poisoning.
      Indeed, their are lots of good Doctors and Dentists, however, in order to Practice on people, who have a lot of patience, they need to be Licensed by one of these Private Clubs.
      I think this all started in the States with Lawyers being Licensed and becoming Members of “The Bar” before they could “Practice” Law in Corporate Courts.
      Indeed, the control of others, by way of Deception, was exposed by Jesus Christ some 2000 years ago, and many of his followers lost their lives over the following centuries before the Roman Empire self-destructed.
      Perhaps we are seeing something similar to the Fall of the Roman Empire playing out today.
      Was the rise of Vatican City and the power of the Pope a good thing gone bad?
      If power corrupts, and ultimate power corrupts ultimately, then I think we can predict when it began to go bad.
      Less Government is Better!

  10. Ya, Ernie’s a character. I hope James will continue to do a number of these types of Interviews each week. I always seem to get some first hand knowledge out of them.

  11. The GameStop Save Story made possible by many users of Reddit exposed how educated people can make the crooks pay (at least monetarily). Yep, the bastards Shut-down Trading in order to cut their losses because they could. (not because it was Just or even Legal)
    Below are quotes from “5 Min. Forecast”;

    “GameStop and everything connected with it is more than a financial phenomenon. It’s a cultural and social one, too — worthy of our entire 5 Mins. today.”

    “To my knowledge, nothing like this has ever happened before in capital markets, where millions of small traders, many of them using their $600 stimulus checks, worked in tandem to cripple wealthy institutional investors, leveraging their very own trading strategies against them.”

    It looks like this Reddit “Community” of Investors is working on exposing the manipulation of the Silver Markets as well.
    “What will they do next”, is the question being contemplated by the Control Freaks, and I am sure that they have some Authoritarian answer which will save the crooks from total exposure. Yet, they have been exposed to the point where even “Tucker” is talking about it on FOX.

    • How does any of this work out to crooks paying their way? Worst case scenario, they’ll just be bailed out with tax cattle/debt slave/funny money.

    • Geez!
      YouTube went full Gestapo on this Heller video that they censored.
      Heller’s “Antifa bookburning visuals compared to Nazi bookburning visuals” got “bookburned” by YouTube.

      The Tony Heller YouTube story is so nutty insane, that at first glance, one would think it came from “The Babylon Bee”.

      Here is a recent Babylon Bee headline:
      “Portland erects statue in honor of Antifa rioters who tore down all the statues”

      • I don’t know about the Bee, Homie. Their stories usually make me go something like “could this be true?… naah” while the gulagtoob is going full on pandemonic psyco queen bitch from hell on a bad perm day kind of crazy and evil.

  12. Regarding the Reddit “WallStreetBets” story.
    I logged the essentials here on a SUB-THREAD, including the SILVER play (ploy).

    As I reflect on it now, I feel like some Big Banks and Hedge Funds “played” the momentum and narrative to their advantage.

    One tactic they often use is to hype something to run it up. They make money on the upswing dragging the little guys in. Then they sell and also short the market to capture the money from the little guys.
    I call it a “head fake”.
    It’s a ploy to give an impression of a movement, just like with American football plays.

    I think that they did this with silver recently. I think that they helped to intentionally support its run-up in price, even though they might be short. They made money on the upswing last week (late January) and also this Monday (Feb 1st), then crashed silver on Tuesday.

    Years back, I well remember when they butchered Chipotle food joints (Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG)) in the stock market. The PR narrative ran up the stock price, but as Chipotle made announcements about “no GMO food used”, suddenly the corporate sabotage started happening. News stories started coming out in different cities, repeatedly, about customers getting food poisoning. It was the oddest “coincidence”. Chipotle couldn’t figure out where the food poisoning was coming from, because suddenly it would just pop-up somewhere at one of their locations. I feel it was deliberate sabotage, because there appeared to be no connection to food sources on the bulk of the bad PR press narrative. Monsanto was grinning.
    This happened around 2015 to 2018. Their stock price went from about $740 to $255. Some big players made a lot of money on this short. Then the stock started climbing again. Today it is $1530 a share.

  13. Does anyone know if the scripts that they use to refresh the ipfs copy are freely available?

    I might be able to help to automate things (both from possible code modifications and hardware to run on) but I haven’t looked into it deeply.

    • Should be simple, but it isn’t, sadly. I think whoever adds any (media) content from this site to IPFS should get the same hash and therefore the system will know where is that file seeded from. If one runs some webcopier application and mirrors the whole site in a folder, that mirror should be addable to IPFS and shareable with anyone who might be interested.

      The point Ernes made about the neccessitiy of downloading everything again for refreshing what is shared on IPFS didn’t make much sense to me, but I may be missing something. An incremental update should be possible, especially with all the multimedia files that don’t change.

  14. A very good interview. Nice to live in the country and be left alone. I did that with hippie friends in 1971/’72 in South Dakota. Our farmhouse overlooked the Missouri River Valley.
    But reality soon enough came calling.
    A good friend of mine says that the human race will die off because people just won’t f$%k anymore. They won’t want kids. They’ve got enough to live on until they die.
    If we are to fight for a future, what is that future?
    Where does human nature change in the futures?
    Human nature hasn’t changed since the last ice age.
    James, thanks for the solutions scenarios on your channel.
    But I think it’s too late.
    Too late for me anyway.
    Wishing you all, all the best.

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