June Open Thread (2024)

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The time has come for the monthly open thread. So, what’s on your mind this month?

Cows. It’s cows, isn’t it?

Maybe you want to discuss the “techno-cows” that are being bioengineered to squirt insulin from their teets.

Or maybe you’re here to ponder why Bill Gates is funding cow vaccines to reduce livestock farts (and has he consulted King Charles about this plan)?

Or maybe (just maybe) you want to discuss something non-cow-related, like the latest development in AI technology: artificially intelligent cow monitoring!

Oops, there I go again. Well, whatever you want to discuss (bovine or not), you can do it in the comment thread below (as long as you’re a logged in member of The Corbett Report community, that is!).

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  1. Truth Music, not Bioengineered mammalian secretions 🤣

    I just found this indy song the other day and wanted to share it here, since the song resonates with those of us that have discovered some unpopular truths.


    I wonder if JEP would play this kind of music on his show. It’s not exactly as high energy as what I’ve heard on Media Monarchy

    In the description Steve said “If you’d like to help us recoup the massive wine and cognac expenses we incurred making this, we’d be mighty grateful!” 🤣🤣🤣

    • absolutely wonderful song! two talented men.

    • It’s a shame Steve Falconer is such a fruit loop…

      • 😆😅😆 Fruit loop… 😅

        • My “comment is awaiting moderation”

          Gee, I hope it passes the sniff test.


          • You’re probably tested for “wrong” thoughts etc..

            I sometimes think about, simply to start counting how many times my written thoughts are being deleted, “disappeared” etc

            Maybe we should make such collections our new trend… 💤

            • It’s most likely because I posted three links in my comment. It probably went to moderation for that reason.

              • 😊 Yeah or… You see, the weather in Dublin is kind of good today, so the human algo’s probably sit on the canal, being served by someone who almost have to bow for the morons so, it may take a while…zzz

                I am NOT apologising for the googe-li-gak googlers, just letting you know how the 17-year old, self proclaimed “entitled elite” normally act from their sad little “kingdom”..

                Maybe one day… Maybe. A few of them realise…. Especially what they’re not… If they manage to survive the MK-Ultra/lobotomy torture that is and, if they are really lucky… Maybe 5% of their brain activity can be retrained… Let’s see…

      • You’re not wrong.

        The only work that he’s done that I find informative (in a good way) is the audio and visual work he did for Dr. Mark Bailey’s Book “A Farewell To Virology,” which is one of the most comprehensive, documented publications that I’ve read which very well explains exactly how the fraud of virology is substantiated in the minds of those that study it. But Falconer talks kinda slow in that so that those which are not as proficient in the English language might follow along, so I recommend speading the playback up to at least 1.5xs It makes him sound less monotone 😂




        • Yeah from what I gather the entire “viruses don’t exist” psy-op is intended such that in the not so distant future the government can say “see, they are crazy, those people on the Corbett forum they don’t even believe in viruses, we need to lock them up they are a danger to citizen safety”…so if you will please, I would prefer you took your hip hop to some other dance party… It’s pretty darn obvious really…if your posting this stuff you’re either a corporate/state employee or intellectually challenged… …but that’s just like, my opinion man. (Lebowski, 1998”)

          • catalyst,
            Thanks for your comments. I liked seeing them and the points you make.
            I grinned with (Lebowski, 1998”)

            “Yeah, well, you know, that’s just like, uh, your opinion, man.” – The Dude
            “this could be a-a-a-a lot more, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, complex, I mean, it’s not just, it might not be just such a simple [no virus]… uh, you know?” – The Dude

          • I am intimately aware of the deep narratives surrounding this topic Home’. In a nut shell, the only remaining debate is around the precise and full extent and influence in the causal chain leading to symptomatic expression. At the end of the day, if you don’t believe viruses are the catalytic factor in many sicknesses and diseases, then you will be persecuted by the technocratic world order for your stupidity.

            “You said it, man. Nobody f#cks with the Jesus.” (Jesus Quintana)

          • I reiterate, the “virus do not exist” narrative is very obviously a psy-op designed to derail the legitimate push back against the incoming bio-security control state. By perpetuating such garbage you only threaten alternative media space by association, which is why agent provocateurs enter such spaces vomiting the rubbish. Thank you for the little pat on the head by the way Home…I do appreciate a good ego rub and pecking order establishment.

        • *correction, if you are a corporate/state employee you are also intellectually challenged. So either way we are dealing with an intellectually challenged person… 😀 😀 😀

          • Catalyst, The topic is a bit controversial, no doubt. Mostly because we have all been brought up to believe that viruses are the cause of infections & diseases and “anecdotally,” we see evidences that seem to agree with that narrative.

            In 2012 I came across the Milton J. Rosenau M.D. experiments of 1918, which is only one of hundreds of scientifically controlled experiments, which attempted to prove the germ hypothesis. Even though the findings were noteworthy, I dismissed that information because of anecdotal evidences to the contrary.

            Then enter the 2020 mass psyop campaign

            That’s when more and more scientists and doctors broke their ranks and began analyzing the claims that were being made and the most astute of them went to the foundation of the germ narrative itself. Dr. Mark Bailey is one such doctor, although he began questioning the science prior to 2020, what we all were witnessing was enough to send him on a very grueling task of learning how exactly to read virology papers with their baffling terms and processes so that he could find out exactly how viruses are isolated and shown, scientifically, to cause infection. The burden of proof always rests upon the party that makes a claim and when their “proof”doesn’t substantiate their claim, then it becomes a matter of faith.

            I would suspect that a much larger percentage of Corbett Report subscribers are the type of people that prefer to search matters out for themselves and investigate the sources of claims that are made. Realizing that we have all been deceived in many things. It’s wiser to consider a matter with critical analysis, than to foolishly dismiss information that is in conflict with what we believe.

            It’s no coincidence that Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch were both funded by the Rockefeller interests and that their unscientific hypotheses (which have been disproven) have been the catalysts to generate support for immunizations which have been Trojan horses into the very bodies of people, which cause disease and toxicity so that there would be a greater demand for their pharmaceutical products.

            The history of the narratives of gems causing disease and subsequent immunizations/vaccines would actually make a very solid sequel to James’ excellent documentary “Rockefeller Medicine”
            If he dared to search out the official claims of the establishment in the matter and see exactly how they prop up their ridiculous narrative. It’s quite amusing, except for the fact that they’ve literally injured and killed billions of people.

            They will all have their day in court though. Revelation 20:11

            In the meantime, I will continue to spare as many people as I am able, from the tip of the needle and the toxic products that are prescribed.

            • The topic is not at all controversial, it is indicative of the poor education and exposure people have received. We image viruses directly with Scanning Electron Microscopes(SEM) and Tunneling Electron Microscopes(TEM). We study proteins directly with Xray Crystallography…I am not attacking the content of your character Set’, I am assessing your ability to reason and your motives for doing so. The “viruses are not real” is a psy-op with the intention as highlighted above. You may also be a bot… you’re definitely an NPC any way we look at it 😂😂😂

              • Where do you “image” these viruses and what are they doing when you “image” them?

                “Image” is a rather strange substitute for “see” or “look at”, wouldn’t you agree? But the whole of “viroliegy” is one strange, sordid affair. Some would even refer to it as a religion, but you would likely label them as fruitloops. Oh well.

              • the alleged virus particles have never been separated from the ‘virus-like’ particles, so there’s no way to say that what is seen through the electron microscope is a pathogenic virus.

          • Ad hominems only show the content of your character, catalyst

            • If anyone is prone to believe catalyst, what he did was repeat what Google offers in a mainstream search, rather than actually searching the matter out and investigating the information that’s presented. He tripled down on the attacking of my person and parroting the establishment’s narratives rather than addressing the information that I’ve shared.

              The information that I’ve linked shows that the images that are presented as “viruses” have never been isolated and purified from all other contaminants, and have not been observed to cause any infection or disease. They aren’t even living matter. They’re just fragments of cellular tissue that’s found in every living thing, as when a cell dies, it breaks down into tiny waste particles that don’t have a complete genome. But the images look spectacular, especially all the CGI they offer…

              Some people will investigate something as major as this, thoroughly to find out the truth, while others will reveal their lack of intellectual honesty and insult the character of the messenger.

              That’s something nearly everyone here has dealt with in our journey of discovering and sharing the documented truth of nearly every conspiracy that we’ve learned and attempted to share with others.

            • It’s not about believing catalyst, it’s about having a brain in your skull. I am fortunate in that I have a friend who worked for CSIRO doing cancer research about 20 years ago, delivering targeted Gene therapy to rats via adeno virus injection… Everyone here is well versed on the intention for the Bio-security Control State and the current psy-op’s at play. The information you have linked is designed to target the uneducated so to create a demographic of misinformed numpty’s in an effort to impose a future hierarchical state of control to further oppressed an already oppressed working class. The more you rebuke, the more opportunity you provide me to expose the agenda you are propagating. So please, cite us another bible verse in an attempt to reduce the appearance of this forum to nothing more than a bunch of disillusioned fools praising a grey bearded thunder man in the sky… I will however happily sing my praises to the grey bearded man in the sunny climbs of Japan…

              • Now it makes sense. You are among those that have willfuly decided to reject the truth and are given over to believe lies.

                God’s words do mention this in the prophecies of these last days.

                This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

                For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

                Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

                Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

                Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

                For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

                Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

                Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.

                For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

                And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

                Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

                Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

                Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?

                And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.

                For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

                And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

                Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

                And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

                And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

                That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

                The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished:

                But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities.

                Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, bring not railing accusation against them before the Lord.

                But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption;

              • Catalyst, instead of insulting, defamation and throwing all sorts of ad hominems at me, please post some links that show any scientific study where one virus has been isolated and purified from all foreign contaminants and shown to be the cause of any infection or disease.

                It’s a very simple request. If you’re so educated in that, show the science behind your faith in virology.

              • PMSL!!, you actually came good with that obvious prediction… just how simple are you exactly? If you are indeed just an idiot who has fallen victim to this Psy-op I feel for you, you almost seem to dumb to be a bot..again, I’m not attacking your character, I’m assessing your cognitive abilities and inferring your motives.

                literally google pretty much what you asked me for and you will find many instances of such research. But you asked for one so i will come good: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6178084/

              • The earliest work in this field that meets your demands was conducted by John Franklin Enders, Thomas Huckle Weller and Frederick Chapman Robbins in 1954 on Polliovirus. Now if there is nothing further I have to get back to quiet prayer and bible study…enough of this science quackery already!

              • “I have to get back to quiet prayer and bible study…”

                Wow, I never would have guessed that you spend time praying and studying God’s word after reading this.

                “you seem doubly stupid:”

                Color me surprised.

  2. Hi all,

    amongst my many other thoughts, I continue to wonder what to do about voting…let me explain.
    I am a voluntaryist/anarchist, and have been for over 10 years. I am Australian, and here in Australia all over 18 years of age are required to register to vote for national, state and local elections. Voting is hence compulsory for all over 18.

    For over 10 years I have attended a polling booth and simply placed an empty (sometimes writing a message related to not voting or rejecting some aspect message of The State e.g. plandemic) in the voting box. At the end of the day though, I view going to the polling booth is a fruitless exercise and am only going through the motions so as to avoid being handed a fine or prison sentence if I fail to pay the fine.

    We are expecting a federal election sometime between August this year and mid next year. I have heard that some people here have managed to get off the voting register and don’t vote, however have not been able to find any method online for achieving this.

    Are there any Australians in TCR open tread space with any thoughts on these matters?

    • Another aussie here, probably wont be much help but we suggested our kids don’t register to vote until govcorp gets onto them, mostly for the reasons you stated in your post. A) it’s a waste of time and b) we’re not interesting in being implicit in our own slavery. But as you are already signed up for it, as are myself and my wife I’ll share how we go about it to avoid the possible fine. Firstly , as you probably know the elections are pretty dodgy here with the mechanism skewed highly in favour of maintaining the 2-party status quo. For the non-Australians it’s even called the “2-party preferred system”, as if to rub our faces in it.

      So if that’s what we’re stuck with then I do what ever I can to stop the 2 ‘preferred’ parties from maintaining their regime. I don’t leave a blank voting ballot or donkey vote. A blank ballot means one less vote that could have been used against them. What I do is make sure to number all the candidates BELOW the line, and go from worst to best. So for example I will put Labor, liberal and greens last and work my way backwards from there so that the parties or independents who I believe are at least trying to hold back the tide end up at the top of the list. One Nation, Citizens Electoral party and others who have been consistently trying to do the right thing (at least righter than the mainstream traitors anyway) for decades.

      Now they may not form government due to all the normy votes going against them but they might get enough seats to be a thorn in the side of the WEF-aligned major parties and might even be able to hold the balance of power so that the crooks will have to negotiate on things. Malcolm Roberts is great at holding their feet over the fire and does a good job exposing them in the senate estimates meetings.

      The biggest problem is the media of course and you can see their tactics quite obviously. Once a (s)election is announced they will immediately go into ‘operation- more of the same’ and will only talk about the possibility of either labour or liberal winning. Other candidates and parties wont get a mention, or if they do start getting some traction they will get the ‘treatment’, and most people will believe the media and never go and check out the actual policies for themselves.

      So if you are already on their roll then make the most of it, put the ‘free sex and cannabis for fishermen’s party’ or ANYONE else before the major parties. Don’t do a blank vote as that plays into their hands. The other thing we do is vote early so we don’t have to deal with crowds on the day. There are some politicians who are better than others but they need our votes or they can’t do anything. We’ll never have a
      perfect solution for a corrupt system but by the same token we are not as powerless as they want us to believe. See Larkin Rose’s ‘The tiny dot’ for more on that point.

    • Plenty of people here will say voting is immoral or whatever, but personally it seems silly to not vote for the least evil possible- its only people who think that it matters ‘a lot’ are wasting their time.

      Democracy is just a tool to HIDE who actually has power, but it can at least slow down the progression of evil in some cases….there is surly a commie or a far right guy running??? Vote for them and you may scare the big parties into paying attention if you vote for the insane or outlandish candidate (hey…you could BE that guy if you like 🙂 )

      The more local your election the more chance you have of actually having power. Sometimes local elections get decided by a couple of handfuls of people and in a lot of cases (esp. here in the USA) your local bosses affect your life a lot more then the Fed Gov.

      The reason they MAKE everyone vote in a local election there is prob to swamp out the active peoples vote…what do you think?

      To be honest…if your only not filling in the slip because of moral reasons your wasting your time and would be more moral being open about it and taking the fine as a badge of honor. But thats just my opinion, so do what you think best 🙂

      But….Can you start a Cult and claim that voting is against your religion?? lol

      • By casting any vote you perpetuate the illusion, you are a participant.

        • No, I dont agree.

          I DO however admire your standing by your opinion (as you write below) and taking the punishment rather then bend.

          Democracy is , true, just a tool to hide who actually rules. So morally voting in ambivalent at worst since in any case THE SAME PEOPLE ACTUALLY RULE if you do it or not. You only perpetuate the illusion if you take it over seriously and get all het up about politics and think they will change anything.

          On the other hand….if you vote for far left and far right parties (or for the candidate in a lobster suit) you may actually get some response.

          Probably not much, but certainly more then you get martyring yourself…THAT said you do make more of an impression then just borking a vote in secret.

          I am not sure what your saying about Free Will….i certainly believe it exists as a thing, but maybe your talking about in politics and the illusion of control voting gives. The thing is most people really dont want freedom, they want choice (but not too much) and some goodies from time to time.

          • …and I admire your admiration of my suffering.

            Free will exists as a “thing” and therefore is within consciousness and thus follows reason…I hate to be the one to break it to you Duck but you are perfect in every way…deal with it! 😀

        • yes, a perpetual illusion. whenever I vote to miss getting a $20 fine for not having my name crossed off, I always ask “how do I abstain?”, the voting poll people take their jobs seriously, but nobody seems to have an answer? The question usually gets me directly to the boss on the day. the coversation usually repeats each season with me pointing to how the USA voters can write in “abstain”. which is a vote saying “I dont agree to any of the choices”. To which I get awkward silences and bemused shrugs. Many poll workers havent ever heard the word “abstain” before. the whole excersize is a bad joke.

          If we could understand why we keep listening to the same bad joke, we probably wouldnt be here, on this site.

      • I agree with you about voting locally for sheriff and school board and such. I suspect there is less cheating going on.

        I am convinced massive fraud occurs on a federal level and I think most our “elected officials” are totally corrupt.

        • cu.h.j
          “… I suspect there is less cheating going on. …”

          Maybe, maybe not 😉

          They made this into a HALLMARK MOVIE, lolol…..

          But maybe we should worry more about WHO is doing the cheating rather then it existing….. I mean, an old style Political Machine existed to rig things and ALSO quite often gave out good things to its clients.

          Maybe democracy really IS a bad idea when half the voters are dependent on stealing resources from the productive people, or where the voters have an religious/ethnic/racial animus towards the tax base….I sure would NOT want to live in South Africa even if the elections were 100% free and fair.

          Almost all the so called ‘democrat run’ cities are actually black run cities…and the patronage and corruption can not be worse then Tammany Hall.

          Corruption is NOT as bad to live under as incompetence and hostility.

          • I think part of the issue is lack of meaningful existence and productivity. This was partly caused by moving manufacturing jobs out of the country. Now everyone must compete for high skill jobs and some people just can’t. That’s part of it.

            The MSM really stokes animosity and hatred and it works very well. The lower classes aren’t the only drain on the tax payer. There is the parasitic elites that hate us that I resent just as much.

            I don’t live in a city anymore but do go back for work and the conditions there are horrible. People pooping and shooting drugs in the open and other craziness that would probably shock some folks outside of the US.

            I understand where you are coming from though. There are some exceptions to groups of people who cause trouble though so I do keep that in mind. Seeing kindness in people of different backgrounds working in the health care field keeps me grounded. Especially treating some of the children from different backgrounds I can’t have a hard heart towards them.

            But I totally get why people feel the way they do, i.e. the tax payer who is exploited from below and from above and is sick of paying for other people who despise them. If people only knew or could see the other side.

          • Some of these government types probably don’t live in the crappy area they govern so don’t get it.

            But yeah, there’s a lot of racial hatred towards white people and I mean real hatred that is palpable. People who have never lived in a city or ventured into an all black area don’t get it because they haven’t experienced it. It’s scary.

            Having said that, I have known some very hard working and good black folks who are not at all that way.

            • cu.h.j

              I know there are plenty of good black folks, thats not the issue.

              The issue is that AS A GROUP they (and other groups, I do not wish to single them out to an unfair degree) vote for extraction of wealth from more productive groups, as well as other political things which they take as being good for themselves (even if this may not be actually good for them).

              Personally I hate the idea of racial politics, but the fact is that they have become a thing as the ideology and culture that allowed our comfortable civilization to function no longer exist. We may run away to the country side if we wish to avoid the results PERSONALLY but the effects WILL eventually reach out to get us there too even assuming not having a care about what sort of world our kids will grow up in.

              The thing is that the people currently being targeted think that they are still in the position of power and privilege that they held back when THEY were being used to clear out the old livestock.

              The reason cities are as bad as you describe is because racial politics have been used (by several actors for different reasons) to de-police them deliberately and allow crime to make them horrible….you must realize that the US elites have been moving populations around as a bludgeon to strike other populations they dont like for a long long time.

              Think of it like farming, just with people.

              Kalergi was not some comic book villain, he was just a guy who wanted to change the livestock on his farm

              • I definitely think that racial politics and weaponized immigration are being used to harm native populations in the US and abroad.

                I do agree that it is becoming a huge problem though especially in cities. People don’t understand that if the economy collapses they will be sitting ducks, no pun intended.

                I think JC had a video several months back about the teenagers that swept through the shopping mall like raving lunatics.

                Cities will become very unsafe, much more than they are now. In fact, I won’t be working in a city pretty soon. I suspect that come election time there might be some craziness. I at least want to be away from it.

                I think they want the cities for themselves (the elitists) and are pushing people out. No one will stay if they are getting robbed or can’t go out after dark and it is becoming that way now.

                There’s a documentary about the 1992 riot in LA and if anyone is interested in what kind of stuff can pop off, I’d highly recommend it.

              • When I say “native populations” I’m referring mainly to the people who are paying the bulk of the taxes here. But I am aware of the cultural consequences of demographic changes such that the existing culture is replaced by something I think is inferior to what was there before.

                I have my biases being comfortable in a European context. So it is what I prefer and I’m am sure other people also prefer it to the alternative.

      • I vote with the calluses on my hands and the regenerated ecosystems, food abundance and health sovereignty they create.

        Democracy is a scam that wants you to hold out, sit on your hands and wait for your savior to come and make everything better (meanwhile the plutocrats squeeze the choke hold tighter and tighter around people’s neck as they depend on centralized systems).

        I advocate for becoming the leaders we would wish would be running our countries, in our homes, gardens and communities. One act of courage, act of truth, act of compassion and choice to regenerate the more than human world at a time.

    • New South Welshman in my mid forties, have voted once in local elections(don’t really remember why…lapse in awareness). I’ve been cucked by the state my entire life, fines in the 10’s of thousands I refuse to pay, prevented me acquiring a license and thus greatly hindered my ability to find employment. I am basically already in jail by my limited income. I am highly educated with multiple Diplomas(from a time when Diplomas were challenging to obtain). Australia is a nanny state, the police here have the mentality of high school prefects and an Intelligence at about the same level. They won’t jail you for not voting, but they will punish you like a naughty child. I think that is Australia’s primary issue, our population is increasingly(intentionally) under-educated(take Pauline Hanson for example). But they don’t call this place Aus’jail’ya for no reason, we have a “fantastic” prison system(thanks to our establishing monarchs). The true nature of reality is we can’t make decisions, the delusion of free will is what keeps us enslaved. Accept you may be imprisoned but don’t make decisions based on that fear, that is the manipulation.

      p.s. Watson has just digested this comment and will use what it learns to tighten the bars on this digital prison.

    • Not This Little Frog, paul823, catalyst (New South Wales)

      — Compulsory VOTING in Australia —
      Thanks for bringing up this topic. I’ve been around the block for a while, but I did not know about this Tyranny!

      And evidently, some other countries also have mandated voting. (e.g. Belgium, Brazil, Peru)

      Andrew Byrnes Law Group • Feb 02, 2024
      Can You Go To Jail For Not Voting In Australia?
      [Reading this all the way through…I am shocked!]

      EXCERPTS – NY Times
      One politician in East Gippsland Shire, in southeastern Australia, Ben Buckley, said in local media reports that he had refused to vote since 1996 — including in races in which he was a candidate — because he believed that it was an illegal coercion by the government.
      “If you’ve got a right to vote, you should have a right not to vote,” Mr. Buckley, a bush pilot, told a Melbourne newspaper in 2015, saying he had lost count of how many times he’d been hauled before a court for failing to vote.


      EXCERPTS – NY Times
      Australians are induced to vote with both sticks and carrots.
      Shirkers can be fined up to nearly 80 Australian dollars if they fail to show at the polls.
      But voting, which always takes place on a Saturday, is also made easy and efficient, and is often accompanied by a community barbecue that includes eating what locals affectionately call “democracy sausages.”


      • Soviet people also were induced to vote 🗳 by sticks and carrots 🥕 Carrots usually looked like goods sold at the voting stations. Nearly everything was hard to find in normal shops, so ANYTHING sold during the Election Day only to those who came to vote was a desired carrot 😂

  3. Australia will not improve as a nation until we displace our private high school, rugby, alcohol tribal practices and shake the hand of god from our back(an eye for each digit) . 90% of Australian politicians are groomed from half a dozen private schools.

    • So vote for the 10% who aren’t?

      • “So vote for the 10% who aren’t?”

        perpetuating the illusion…

        • Rigid trees always snap in the wind. By not voting against them maybe it’s you who are perpetuating the illusion that we cannot at least limit the destruction. The lie of ‘democracy’ is only one small part of the greater illusion. That being said I probably wouldn’t bother either if I wasn’t already signed up, maybe. So you’ve identified the problem, do you have any practical solutions?

          • …by voting you are a statistic that validates the state… reducing an observation of immutable physical reality to an axiom for stubbornness is unproductive and misses the mark… the practical solution is endure the further suffering we will no doubt be subjected to by these elitist, social engineering, technocratic clowns, as have the generations before us, and come out the other end alive and of sound mind so that we may attempt to improve the mindset of future generations…

            • Yes I know where you are coming from so I wont add too much. But it seems to be that the state exists whether we vote for it or not. That spirit of authority has and does exist all over the world in various forms, whether it’s called ‘democracy’ or Marxism or whatever. So on that basis if I can help skew the world towards a ‘better illusion’ then I’m happy to do that. As far as influencing the coming generations I’m not sure our freedom is going to be predicated on that. Most of them seem even further enslaved than what their parents are with few examples to the contrary. I think I know what you mean about eventually coming out of the catacombs to build a better world but I say why wait? I’ll keep speaking and acting in whatever way I can until I can’t any more, or it’s time to go grey until the storm arrives. All the best. 🙂

          • Further to that the syntax of our primary spoken languages needs to shift. Subject, Object, Verb(SOV) or other verb variants, are not reflective of reality. This form of syntax creates much confusion. I would suggest one of Subject, Compliment, Object(SCO). We are a long way off from this though. The current forces that be have worked very hard over the past centuries to abolish languages with such syntax, there are a few pockets left though… but if we lose them to time we can derive a new one from what is known. Doesn’t help that they train all the language models on SOV variants..but when the models get capable enough we can task the existing models to create synthetic data in a syntax of SCO and go from there… our future generations speak very differently

            • The Gutenberg press certainly helped in this bias…the syntax of our “holy” books creates issues, forget about the semantic content, it is secondary in nature to the influence of the syntax they are written in…very clever people these folk…English ‘ey…indeed!

            • Forgive me, that should be *Complement

            • “…there are a few pockets left though…”

              which languages are you talking about that do that?

              Good luck trying to change language though, the only created language that every got adopted that I know of is Modern Hebrew.

              I heard of some guy who tried to make Klingon a spoken language by making his son bi-lingual in it…. which is actually a kinda cool way to communicate in private TBH. THAT is a weird language though, I had the dictionary from the library one time and the suffix and prefixes made most of the meaning.

              • I understand Hebrew has aspects of a better syntax by inflection words that change temporal aspects, but probably no better than Japanese and Korean really. A language from an island in the pacific ocean piqued my interest a while back, I do not recall the name sorry, and some arctic circle languages(Siberian/Alaska)

                The interesting attribute of them is the subject is in the context of that which is happening, as opposed to that with is being done or will be done.

    • “…90% of Australian politicians are groomed from half a dozen private schools…”

      Lol, I bet thats the case! Read some books on Tudor England and you find the same families STILL running things in the 18 and 1900’s.

      • Ha, ha (in a sad way)…

        Having done my research on my former death camp (HOLOCAUST-DK) it’s exactly as your ‘Aussie-way’..

        What happens if you leave the country? Still forced to vote or?

        I lost my right to vote in nazi-DK when I had lived abroad 2 years…

        I don’t care about their brain-dead votes but, I DO care about the loss of yet another Human Right – clearly doesn’ t bother the Danish insanity!!

        • “I lost my right to vote in nazi-DK when I had lived abroad 2 year”

          something similar in Australia… but your “right to vote” was taken from you when these corporate juggernauts took the reigns of society, we live in a media matrix, or so some tell me 😀

          Better to liken Google, Microsoft and IBM to Nazi’s than to the state, but alas they are one and the same now (corporations and government that is 😀 ). Information gathering was their most powerful tool… IBM provided the Nazi’s the computers for this task…not much has changed 😀 …Hi Watson!

          In other news, did you see google was presented a privacy award from the Australian Attorney-Generals office…yep, you heard right… A friend of mine (academic) who attended the ceremony said it was essentially a privacy washing event…

          • Oh dear, did they get (give themselves) yet another award..

            Doesn’t surprise me…. They are all here in Dublin, Ireland and, know each other very well. In fact, they see themselves as “the entitled” here and, a lot of restaurants and cafe’s in our city lose waiters who simply will no longer work for the places these morons demand to be treated as royalties ( most of their employees are young people in their first call center job abroad… “royalty”!?!?)…

            IBM in West Dublin, have had the correct titel as the worst company to work for in the city..sales department “managed” by nazi-Danes or, that’s how it was until not so long ago… I don’t bother checking them..

            LinkedIn have,- among others, a 100% rude person from Berlin, Germany, working as a human algorithm, simply throwing people off the network for no reason, claiming us all “criminals”… Surname of the “fine” Berlin-subject happens to be from the “good” old nazi family Heisenberg…

            I live perfectly fine without Linkedin and, have no problem creating my own networks and best, – to be thrown off Linkedin, gave me the opportunity, to simply filter out all the bad apples I clearly had there…. Maybe the Heisenberg family think they can build yet another nuclear bomb with the Danes, as they attempted during WW2..

            What I find most disgusting in my research, is the sad fact that, the worst slave traders became the very worst nazi’s and, became the psycho’s who are now attempting to slaughter us all…

            One of the very worst Danish nazi families, whom the Danish state claim they still can’t find, “surprisingly” happen to live very open in South America.. The medical experimenter himself have passed but, his children have clearly taken over the “trade”. Most interesting with this shady family is – the state who claim not to be able to find them all more than 80 years after this insane war, – they still have this family on their pay-roll.. I wonder who else get paid by Danish tax-money!?!?

            In short, it’s all the very same rac, they haven’t changed at all and, are as evil – and un-intelligent, as always..

            Our History is NOT repeating itself but, is being copyed, – coped by small, small, 100% broke “entitled” members of the old Colonial families who think, that no matter how evil they are, they will always win….

            I always knew I would leave Denmark but, I never knew, I would come to the point where I now am, – hoping the Western world will lose..

            I don’t think other countries are better as such but, they are different… Thank you so much world for not being as completely insane as what I came from..

            “Amen” 🌹

  4. There are pix on fb of insane-looking ‘clouds’ that I wish I could share here and ask where anyone else is seeing. I’m in Texas. Y’all may have heard about the state of disaster declared in many counties here because of recent weather events? The normalcy-biased peeps are accepting the new cloud names because they don’t remember that wasn’t one of them when we learned about clouds in school. Meanwhile weather modification info is suddenly no longer relegated to alt media sites, but acceptable fodder for the masses to consume on the interwebs. Finally getting to my point, does anyone know of a protest group I can join? Thanks!

    • In my pre-truther days, I was an earth science teacher for 8th graders. Wish I had a chance to go back and seed their minds with chemtrail observational skills. Lately, we’ve seen some unconventional cloud formations here in FL but not with the torrential weather lash y’all have experienced lately. But hurricane season is ramping up now, so we shall see…

      • I hear you on the regrets, but as my former pastor said ‘there’s no such thing as a missed opportunity’. [He was also a finance guy in his day job 😉] But I guess no one knows of a weather engineering protest group? 🫤 Seems I’ll have to face the oncoming traffic of the interwebs to seek them. I’ll share here if/when I find something. I can no longer stand by griping about it ‘helplessly’. I have to do something more than trying to be a keyboard warrior. Most people with whom I’ve engaged, don’t wanna know. They can’t handle any more crisis atm i guess. 😔

    • hamirand,

      Storms and Rain in Texas
      In North Texas, many of us recently lost our power. And I lost my internet for almost a week, off-and-on.

      Tuesday, May 28 just as the sun was hitting the edge of the horizon around 6:20am, I was on the internet watching the weather radar after previously doing my very early morning routines.
      The Thunderstorms came with sustained winds of near 90 mph (144 km/h).
      Later after that day, two different neighbors told me about the brief funnel cloud (mini-tornado) which they saw in our neighborhood.
      Water was seaping under my front door as the winds blew. My shed in the backyard was tossed apart. Roof shingles were strewn throughout the yard.
      The streets and and yards of the neighborhood was a mess. Trash was blown everywhere. I found my trash container in a neighbor’s yard.

      Trees and structures and power lines throughout North Texas were messed up in a major way.

      This is one of the top ten wettest years and wettest Springs for North Texas.

      During the second week of May, I had harvested 7 large bags of peaches to give to neighbors. Many were not quite ripe, but I wanted to grab them before the birds or ants got ’em.
      I had well over a 100-200 peaches still on the small 10 foot tree waiting to fill out.

      On May 24, I checked on them. They looked good for picking and planned to do it in two days. On May 26, after an early morning T-storm, that steamy sunny afternoon I went out to pick the peaches.
      I had never in my life seen something like this…

      …BEES! Thousands of bees were on my peaches. They were drilling through the skin and digging burrows into the peach. Sometimes a dozen bees would be on a peach.
      I picked about 5 undamaged peaches, but it was very precarious, slow going. I had to be sure that no part of the peach had a bee on it. All the while, zillions of bees are buzzing all around me.
      At 5 peaches, I called it quits.

      I had never seen bees go to my peach tree before. It was a sight.

      I have many flowering plants for the bees. They love the onion blooms! <–(These are the thin green onions which you buy in grocery. In a year, they puff out and get a couple feet high with ball blooms.)
      I have a Vitex with its continuous flaming purple plumes.
      Comfrey and alfalfa (4 ft high) and oregano and sage and red clover and other types of clover and the fruit trees & vines all provide some flowers for the bees.

      • HomeRemedySupply,

        Thanks for the response. That is the 1st time I’ve heard of bees doing that! Did a brief search and read on Honeybeesuite.com that they will do that esp in a nectar dearth, which of course we have right now because the torrential rains are washing the nectar off the flowers. This and drought are a couple of the fun ways the weather-makers continue to diminish honey bee and other pollenator populations.
        Switching subjects, I tried in the past to join a freedom cell, but no one responded to my request. Is there a community you know of in Texas, or would you like to get in direct contact with me via email, etc? Don’t mean to be creepy; just trying to find (in addition to geoengineering protests) like-minded community. Thanks again!

        • hamirand,
          Which region of Texas do you live in?

          When I was an Organizer for our North Texans for 9/11 Truth group, I ran into people from all over the State.
          This was our first video – May 2008…
          North Texans for 911 Truth – Bold – Courageous – Honor
          (4 minutes)
          We distributed more than 70,000 DVDs and literally tons of printed material.

          Joe Stokes currently ramrods or helps with many of the community and activist interactions in the Dallas area. He was the main founder of North Texans for 9/11 Truth. Circle Grill at 3701 N Buckner Blvd in Dallas is where folks now often meet ‘to argue’ about conspiracy theories 😉

          [Later, I will be posting further south on this Thread about a major film showing in Dallas.]
          Thanks for the tidbit: “read on Honeybeesuite.com that they will do that esp in a nectar dearth, which of course we have right now because the torrential rains are washing the nectar off the flowers.”

          • Thanks HomeRemedy. I’m in East Texas. Dallas is 2 hrs away. I’ll go check themtube and maybe go ‘argue conspiracy theories’ if I’m in the Dallas area and not late catching a flight. 😆

            Oh, and ‘thank you! thank you veruh much!’ for hat tip below. 😁

            • I know that there are a lot of folks around the Tyler area, ‘cuz I’d run into them via the 9/11 group. A few folks were way east towards Texarkana.

              There is a Corbett Member (?Michelle?) who has some acreage out in the sticks somewhere near that Longview or Tyler region.

              As a kid, I lived in Henderson before schools integrated…back in the day when Saturday’s kids’ ‘B’ movies were a dime or quarter at the theatre.

              • Yes! Tyler is about an hr away from me. How do I get the attention of this (?Michelle?) on the Corbett Report June Open thread? 🤔 😄
                Wow, you’ve been around a while and seen a thing or 2! Speaking of desegregation, how ’bout Trump making Juneteenth (a specifically Texan event) a National Holiday? 🤣🤣 I’m dying. He couldn’t have known. But …someone else already did MLK Day, and he needed something! 🤷‍♀️🤣 Thanks for the info! Sorry it took me so long to respond. Cheers! Randi

            • Hi, I’m Mishelle in East TX, I rarely come around here, but you can find me at Kensho homestead.org
              This new forum seems to require a lot of scrolling. Does anyone know if there’s an ap to fix that? I get like 3 words per line in these threads. Who’s got time for that?! 🤪

              • Hi Mishelle, thanks for the contact info. I’ll go see you there. Idk about an app, but I’m on mobile browser; just switched to ‘desktop view’ and it seems to have corrected the excess horizontal spacing. Well, at least until I submitted the reply, and then it came back. 😆 Ah, well. 🤷‍♀️

        • “That is the 1st time I’ve heard of bees doing that!”

          Me too. I’ve never seen that behavior in my bees. But then there is always something blooming around here.

      • Do honey bees eat fruit?
        The short answer is yes.
        Honey bees, especially in a nectar dearth, find ripe fruit very much to their liking.
        They have been known to feast on plums, peaches, grapes, apples, figs, and pears.
        But the issue that causes all the disagreement among beekeepers is whether honey bees will actually drill a hole in a fruit or if they simply use pre-existing breaks in the skin created by a wasp, stink bug, beetle, bird, or some other creature….

        …Honey bees will actually drill a hole in a fruit. –Observations of HRS

        Honey Bee Behavior
        What is a summer nectar dearth?

        Hat tip to hamirand for this excellent source.

        • Just a thought HRS, but if that happens again you might try feeding the bees some sugar water in a shallow dish.
          I bet they would be happy to take the easier route of the liquid and abandon your fruit if you placed the dish near the tree.

          • Gosh!
            A light bulb came on in my head.
            What a simple logical solution…
            — directing attention towards another ‘easier’ or ‘more desirable’ target
            I think that basic concept is actually a far reaching aspect that can be applied in many areas.

        • I have evidenced two bees take apart and transport out two pieces of hard candy. It took them a few days, they left only parts of the “shell”. The shell being the outer part of the candy, what was left behind when they mined the inside. Not sure why they did it like that as the candy is hard both on the inside and the outside.

    • https://www.saveourskies.org
      Clean skies means clean water, clean soil, and a clean future.


      Brace for Impact: Unveiling the Truth Behind Our Skies, & SOS Swarm Webinar Tonight!

      Man In America’s Seth Holehouse and Kim Iversen Interview Reinette Senum. Join us TONIGHT for the SOS Swarm Webinar to learn how to undertake our grassroots effort right where you are.


      A SIMPLE Action to Take About the MILKY SKIES

      The “ConTrail” CON is Off the Charts!


      How to Explain this is NOT Normal…

      • Dweeberella, thank you so much for all the sources. I’ll go check them out!

        Sorry so late in responding.


  5. Talk about ‘predictive programming’.
    This one takes the cake.

    I’m sure most here have heard robot voices on the phone and other places.
    How about predictive programming meets AI?
    Check out ‘Amanda’.

    Or how about this bogus ad using Canada’s Chrystia Freeland
    and the predictive programmer’s get rich quick scheme.
    I’ve got a bridge to sell ya.

    • I should explain this a little more.
      I never bought into the term ‘predictive programming’ as it is commonly used.

      Let’s take a classic example.
      ‘The Lone Gunmen’ from the X-Files TV series, aired March 4, 2001.
      This show had a plot ‘eerily’ similar to the plot we saw unfold on 9/11.

      We are told that this show was programming the masses to an event
      that theoretically could take place in the future. Hence ‘predictive programming’.

      But I don’t buy into that for a second.
      The show wasn’t predicting what might happen. It was telling us what was going to happen.
      That’s a big difference!
      So there was no predicting going on.
      When you predict something, you don’t know if it will happen.

      But in the first video link I gave above, someone had married an actual human being to a robot’s voice that had been programmed with an actual prediction for an upcoming tennis match.
      Hence the reason I said predictive programming meets AI.

      The second video was also an example of predictive programming, but a lot more sleazy.
      Instead of using a robot-sounding voice, they had either spliced together various clips of Freeland talking or synthesized her voice from scratch.
      Freeland was ‘predicting’ that any Canadian could earn oodles of money by following her get-rich-quick scheme.
      Her lips don’t match the words coming out of her mouth, but most people wouldn’t notice that.

  6. Bovine-related: I am learning how to make homemade sour cream, butter, cream cheese, and buttermilk from raw milk, er, I mean “milk intended only for pets.” Tomorrow, I install our first swarm of honey bees we caught last week into their hive. Putting my real-life attention on homesteading skills even if it’s only by stewarding just 1 acre of God’s earth. I highly recommend The School of Traditional Skills for anyone looking to be more self-sufficient these darkening days. We raised and butchered our own home-grown meat birds last year. Anyone can reclaim the lost skills of just a century past and should learn to grow their own food if they want to give the elites the proverbial bird.

    Non-bovine-related: James talks about the power of NARRATIVE. That is exactly the power that the WEF has leveraged during the reign of Klaus Schwab. Though we would like to dismiss him and his minions as puppets of darker, higher forces, they have accomplished their given mission of being able to gather the movers and shakers of the growing NWO and feed them their NARRATIVE, even if it was dully packaged in technojargon and green platitudes.

    I appreciate James’s Solutions-oriented focus and have committed to giving my kids the narrative that with God’s help and with their regaining important real life skills (not to punch a clock or impress their peers, but to feed themselves and persevere through tribulation), they can become the Overcomers the Book of Revelation prophesies about and can thrive through any oppression that might come.

    • It’s refreshing and edifying to read your input. There are so many people in the (so called) “truth community” that reject God’s words and become antagonistic to the mere mention of the Lord or of the prophecies of these last days. Many identify themselves as anarchists and 2 Peter 2:10 sums them up, correctly. There’s no shortage of them 🙄

      I’ve watched over the last couple of decades, more and more people of the faith becoming more self sufficient in traditional life skills. Some think that they’re going to be able to hunker down on “their land” and weather the storm, while others realize that TPTSB have staked their claim of every inch of soil in the world, but they will not be able to police the wilderness areas during the upcoming trouble. That’s why Agenda for the twenty first century was implemented. These goats know what the scriptures say.

      During the upcoming tribulation the saints that remain in society will be public enemy number one and those that escape into the wilderness will be fed, nourished and kept from the dragon.

      I’m thinking that there may be tribal communities in the wilderness areas where this will occur and the real life skills needed to survive will certainly benefit anyone that does escape the upcoming campaign against the saints of God, but only with his guidance.

      Revelation 12:13

      “And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child.

      And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

      And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.

      And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.

      And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

      The “two wings of a great eagle” is a very interesting thing to note, as God delivered his people from the Egyptian bondage into and through the wilderness, using the same description that we see in Revelation 12:

      Exodus 19:4 ” Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself.”

      The time is nigh. May all of the blessings and graces of the Lord be manifested over you and your family unto that great and terrible day of the Lord when we shall be united with him in the air and return to the earth with him for that great slaughter.

    • If you can afford it, you might want to consider investing in a freeze dryer. I just ordered one myself when I found out you can freeze dry both dairy and eggs (as well as many other foods). I don’t have chickens or a cow (just a small vegetable garden), and it concerns me that animal products may not be available to buy at the store in the not-too-distant future. It’s great that you’re somewhere where you can homestead. If the freeze dryer is not an option, I hope you can preserve your bounty in other time-honored ways.

  7. In the early days after the second world war it was agreed that Nazi symbols used by the indigenous populations of North America would not be used on public display and in corporate logos etc. Why then did a group of men who left operation paper clip to form the Sante Fe Institute use the logo that they did? It contains both the Iron Cross and the Swastika with accurate proportionality. How come they did this? With these scientist’s historic link to the Third Reich they could not have done this by mistake one would think? can someone else have a look and tell me what they think? It seems very suspicious. Group of men make atomic bomb then start new Institute with access to vast wealth and adopt Nazi symbols as a logo…Is there something I’m missing???


    • I should clarify, these men were part of Los Alamos, tightly associated with Operation Paper Clip…why did they do this? Sante Fe Institute is just across the valley from Los Alamos…I just think this is sooooo weird…of all the people to use this symbol… The intelligentsia of society would not make this error surely…I mean these guys were simulating atomic weapons on early computers, they are clever.

      • Holy moly!! there are connotations to the black sun symbol also…three Nazi symbols all in one institutes logo….someone else have a look at this and tell me if you think I’m seeing something that’s not there…this obviously can’t be an accident.

  8. So it is very obvious that the COVID “vaccines” do not work at all, but that got me wondering- do all the other vaccines that the average US person gets over the course of their life actually prevent disease (side effects aside), or is that just another lie? Could anyone direct me to some articles on this?

    • Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries MD.

      Very good book on how disease was more likely related to substandard living conditions. I found the book fascinating.

      It is my opinion that vaccines are a scam and probably always have been, especially flu and Covid injections due to supposed rapid mutation of these viruses that jab is always behind even if you accept their narrative of how they are supposed to work.

      • Great, thanks for the recommendation, I will have to look into that book.

      • setatliberty They certainly did help, thanks for sharing the link to those.

        • You’re most welcome! Thanks for looking into the matter!

    • AnCap94 says:
      “do all the other vaccines that the average US person gets over the course of their life actually prevent disease (side effects aside), or is that just another lie?
      Could anyone direct me to some articles on this?”

      It is another lie. Ironically, some of the vaccines actually cause the disease.

      Vax Facts – By famous attorney Aaron Siri
      Starting in March 2024, Aaron gives VAX FACTS 1 thru 10
      [Aaron Siri is the Managing Partner of Siri & Glimstad LLP and has extensive experience in a wide range of complex civil litigation matters, with a focus on civil rights, class actions, and commercial litigation.]

      At the website https://www.sirillp.com/aaron-siri/ are videos.
      The May 25, 2023 Arizona Senate testimony video around the 141 minute mark starts to discuss some of the childhood vaccines.

      Hepatitus B
      …and now MMR
      (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

      —— ——

      Texans for Vaccine Choice [based in the Dallas Ft Worth area]

      There is an army of Moms in Texas. This is a wonderful website to go to for information, and they offer printouts of “General Vaccine Safety Information”.

      —— ——

      You will want to see this move. It is a thriller! Based on the Measles vaccine real-life lawsuit.
      PROTOCOL 7

      (Aaron Siri & Michael Connett are mentioned in the comments.)

      • Thanks HomeRemedySupply I will definitely look into these!

  9. According to NuttyYahoo, are we also Amalek brethren with the Palestinians? Do we understand what that really means?

  10. It appears to me that the Donald Trump election campaign (is “election campaign” the correct phrase?) is the biggest exercise in reverse psychology in history.

    • From what I am hearing its a civil war between the Left and Right wing jews….. The ones with a bit more sense are worried that goy will stop joining the army to fight for Israel while the left wing ones have drunk too much kool aide and believe some of their own goy-feed (or are just doing the normal stupid sawing off the branch they sit on)

      I also hear that there are a number of tech types who think they can use his administration to do some things they want and slide themselves in as the real power. Hmn…crazy jews or crazy gnostic transhumanists…what a choice. 🙁

      It will be interesting, and I kinda hope he wins because I’d rather see things burn down slow rather then fast, but all in all its going to the same place.

  11. James, What’s your assessment of the legitimacy and significance of ShadowGate that DoD whistleblower Patrick Bergy attempted to publicize, but was swiftly and heavily censored back in the the summer of 2020? Search of the term at your Web site comes up empty.

  12. Yesterday I was an angry citizen of this planet. Today Im absolutely pissed. I am losing friends at an alarming rate. What they have done over the past 4 years is nothing short of criminal. They knew there would so many of us that would ingest (inject) their poison because we just wanted “to live a normal life”
    The horrible ramifications of those that decided to get this ‘treatment’ is starting to unfold before my eyes.

    • Every day that you are alive basically just rubs their noses in it. If you are expecting an “I was wrong. You were right” apology… well… it ain’t coming.

  13. Greetings from Japan CR Members!!

    This a boots-on-the-ground review of the rally against the WHO Pandemic Treaty which I attended in Tokyo’s Hibiya Park last Friday (5/31). I was joined by two other CR members from Osaka.

    First, the turn-out was massive! That’s rare in a country where conformity and consensus are considered virtues, and few people join protests. The organizers (The World Council for Health, Japan) were expecting 50,000 attendees, and I think they got pretty close. It’s hard to tell because Hibiya Park has a circular layout with several inner circles separated by trees and ponds. When we got to the park at 12:30 PM last Friday, the entrance area was already full, and I was stunned to see people way in the distance, half a kilometer away, intertwined among the natural beauty of the park.

    Anway, it’s not the number of attendees that matters. It was the sensation of walking among thousands and thousands of like-minded people that I will never forget. It’s sometimes easy for we Awakened few to feel isolated from family and friends who just don’t vibrate on our level. To be surrounded by thousands of kindred spirits was such an encouraging feeling.

    There was a nighttime session on the same day at the auditorium in Hibiya Park. I had the distinct honor of watching from backstage with Dr. Masayasu Inoue – one of keynote speakers. Again, the venue was filled to capacity (3,500 people), although the overflow into the park had waned considerably. There were speeches by the organizers and a few skits by comedians whom I don’t know. The highlight, however, was a simulcast with the organizers and keynote speakers at the event in Geneva: Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Mallone, Dell Bigtree, et al. Each spoke for 2-3 minutes, and the majority of them used their time to thank Japan for taking a stand against the Treaty and to encourage continued resistance.

    One of the most motivating speeches as given by Philipp Kruse (LLM), the Swiss lawyer, who talked about there being no justice if everyone simply complies. Dr. Mallone’s speech was rather flat and full of haggard platitudes. Dell Bigtree mentioned his ICAN network’s backing RFK – “the only Presidential candidate who vows to take on Big Pharma.” I don’t think many people in Japan are even aware that RFK is running. And Dr. Meryl Nass, a frequent guest on CR, gave a recorded speech about the dangers of an unchecked WHO. That got a very positive reception.

    As for media coverage… crickets. Not a single mainstream media outlet in Japan dared cover this massive rally. We know who they are beholden to and why, don’t we? Japan is tapped to produce the replicon vaccine, and I’m sure you’ve heard that old Japanese proverb about what happens to the nail that sticks out.

    Anyway, we shall see what finally transpires with this WHO Pandemic Treaty. Fingers crossed that it get watered down to the point of simply washing away from the annals of history.

    Blessings from Osaka,

    Dr. Noh

    Out persistence must match their persistence.

  14. Corbett’s Introduction to the June Open Thread (2024)

    No bull — I thought that Corbett’s Intro to this June Thread was a very clever, cow-poking fun way to open the gates.
    It speaks to Corbett’s skill as a writer, a story teller…and if you have some beef with that statement, I’ll take ya to behind the grill.

  15. Part 1 of 2
    Not a documentary – A movie, a thriller, a NARRATIVE, a ‘true based’ STORY

    PROTOCOL 7 in Dallas, Texas Sunday, 6/9/24, at 5 PM at the Angelika Film Center
    (NE corner of Mockingbird Ln/North Central Expressway).
    – $10 General Admission – **Purchase tickets in advance** See link
    [Sidenote: Attorney Michael Connett of the EPA Fluoride Lawsuit will be in Dallas Sunday June 23rd with an event about Fluoride hosted by the Ministry of Truth. Michael currently serves as a Partner at the firm Siri & Glimstad LLP (Aaron Siri) where he represents people harmed by corporate negligence, misguided medical practices, and overreaching government mandates.]

    Hats off to Cyrena Nolan for ramrodding these “Ministry of Truth” Activist Actions!!!
    Texans For Vaccine Choice – Protocol 7

    (2 ½ minutes)
    Based on real-life events, comes the corporate thriller, Protocol 7. Alexis Koprowski, a devoted mother and small-town family lawyer, Adrian Jay, a renegade doctor exiled from the medical profession, and Steve Schilling, a virologist at a prominent vaccine laboratory turned corporate whistleblower, work together to hold a large pharmaceutical corporation accountable for allegedly fraudulent test results behind a failing mumps vaccine. Protocol 7 takes us behind the corporate curtain, exposing a chain of command that devolves responsibility, prioritizes profits over people, and fosters an amoral mindset of “just following orders.”
    An Andy Wakefield Film – Protocol 7

    ACTORS: Eric Roberts, Rachel G. Whittle, Matthew Marsden, Josh Murray, R. Brandon Johnson, Harrison Tipping, Alec Rayme, Emmy Robbin and more.
    Protocol 7

    (16 minutes)
    Dr. Andrew Wakefield returns to The HighWire with actress Emmy Robbin to discuss the highly anticipated release of his new film, Protocol 7, chronicling the true story of the historical lawsuit against Merck for fraudulent activity behind the mumps portion of their MMR vaccine.
    Segment from Thursday May 30, 2024 “The Highwire” EPISODE 374: PERILOUS PROTOCOLS

    • Part 2 of 2
      Review: Protocol 7 by WILLIAM STERR
      In 2010, two Merck scientists, filed a whistle blower lawsuit claiming Merck, the only company licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sell a mumps vaccine in the United States, skewed tests of the vaccine by adding animal antibodies to blood samples. Specifically, they said, Merck was able to produce test results showing that the vaccine was 95 percent effective, even though more accurate tests would have shown a lower success rate.

      These skewed results did two things: 1. they allowed Merck to keep its FDA license to manufacture the vaccine, and 2. these false results kept competitors from trying to produce their own mumps vaccines, since they were unable to match the level of effectiveness Merck had falsified.

      “Protocol 7” is a dramatized version of this case.

      The film begins with Merck’s Vice President for Virus and Cell Biology, Dr. Emilio Errani (Eric Roberts – “The King of the Gypsies”), berating his underlings Dr. Alan Stone (Alec Rayme – “Left Behind”) and David Kirk (Harrison Tipping – “Lame Duck”), for the failure to demonstrate 96 percent efficacy of Merck’s cash cow MMR vaccine [Measles, Mumps, Rubella.] He wants acceptable ratings – regardless of how they are achieved.

      This demand set off an attempt to “prove” efficacy through a variety of means or “protocols.” Ultimately, this involves adulterated test samples and falsified results – this is Protocol 7. Those falsifications, accomplished by Kirk, take place in the lab of Steve Shilling (Josh Harris – “Inheritance”), who, unable to accept this, becomes a whistleblower…

      … Director/writer Andrew Wakefield has created a well-acted thriller based on actual events which are still ongoing. Wakefield is himself controversial. Trained as a physician, he was stricken from the medical rolls in England in 2010 for his involvement in claims that autism was caused by MMR vaccines. Such claims were ruled fraudulent by the medical community. In “Protocol 7,” the claim is that the vaccine was ineffective in preventing mumps, allowing recipients to contract the disease later in life when its complications could be far more serious. The heart of the story is the attempt by Merck to cover up this ineffectiveness for financial reasons.

      Regardless of your feelings about vaccines, and despite the ongoing controversy which has even appeared in the American presidential race, this is a well-crafted film that presents its story in an entertaining and, at times, emotionally tender way.

      Runtime: One hour, 37 minutes

    • Thanks for the post. I saw him on The Highwire a while ago announcing the movie, but nice to hear more about it in the review you share.

      • Cool. I also thought that the movie review was well written.

        I met Andy Wakefield (in a fun, joking way)…

        On Sept 18, 2016, Regina Imburgia organized the film showing of “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe” in an old mall at the heart of Dallas.
        She brought food and made it into quite an event.
        Andy Wakefield was slated to come speak.
        [Regina is the leader on the fluoride fight in Dallas.]

        IMAGES when you scroll down halfway on the webpage

        I would circulate around in the mall.
        If people looked like they were trying to find the movie, I would direct them to it.
        I would recruit shoppers to come watch the film.

        In the far distance, I spotted Wakefield with two other people.
        I walked to them, and asked “Are you here for the film VAXXED?”
        – “Yes”
        I said, “Oh! You are going to love this film! And guess what?! One of the film-makers, Andy Wakefield is coming to speak!”
        Andy didn’t know how to respond.
        I patted him on the shoulder and shook his hand, telling him that I knew who he was but was just playing around.

  16. *********** WARNING ************

    Potentially controversial post.

    The average person on the street doesn’t have a clue about the machinations of the WEF, the WHO, Gates, CBDC’s, digital ID’s, vaccine injuries, false flag events, Al Qaeda, the Fed, etc.

    They go on living their carefree lives in blissful ignorance, nurtured by the MSM, the boob tube and Netflix.

    Considering all the time we spend researching, pondering and fretting about the above issues, who do you honestly think is better off living out and enjoying their lives, the average person on the street or us Corbetteers?

    This post is not meant to undermine or criticize James’ work in any way (or any other truther podcasters). It is just something I started thinking about fairly recently.

    I hope this will generate some meaningful discussion.

    • @Fawlty Towers

      It is a fair question, I have pondered the ignorance is bliss concept in this context myself from time to time.

      Put simply, the conclusion I came to is that ignorance is not bliss, but rather it is the choice to live a sort of hollow / half alive life. Comfortably numb, perhaps, but “blissfully ignorant”, no.

      We are not our brain, we are our soul, and what we choose in this life we carry with us beyond this life. Courage and compassion in the face of tyranny enrich your soul.

      I can totally understand how people can internalize states of ‘learned helplessness’, defeatism and/or seeing “evil” lurking around every corner (in the context of today’s hyper-centralized, materialistic, reductionist dominant culture guided by a transnational corporatocracy).

      On the other hand, I believe there is also truth in the saying ‘if you gaze into the abyss long enough the abyss gazes also into you.’ and the saying “what you fear you empower, and what you love you empower, and what you empower, you attract”.

      Thus, I feel that while it is wise to take an honest look at the ugliness of humanity, analyzing how it’s most deranged members are actively seeking to murder, poison and/or enslave their fellow humans (so that one can avoid such pitfalls, withdraw our support from their systems of oppression and help others do the same) I also feel it is even more important to apply one’s pattern recognition capabilities to seeing (and acting upon) that which is beautiful, creative, hopeful and empowering on this world. That includes the behaviors of human beings that serve to uplift, nurture, heal, inspire, unify and illuminate and it includes perceiving the beauty, geometry and wisdom present in the more than human world as well.

      Balance is Key.

      For just as if we gaze into the abyss long enough, the abyss will gaze back, so too if we gaze long enough into the radiant light emanating from the spiritual spark that exists within all beings and so too if we gaze into the workings and mind of the living planet Earth the source of that light and conscious spirit gazes back at us as well.

      Given that we do have actionable intelligence, viable solutions (at every scale) at our disposal and our actions (or lack of action) now will shape the type of lives that future generations live, I feel that we cannot in good conscience choose to remain ignorant, comply with tyranny (so we can go “back to normal”) or keep our head down and go on with ‘business as usual’.

      Do not allow the fear based disempowering propaganda to fool you into complacency. Despite the existence of a monolithic parasitic empire (orchestrated by a small group of people) that aligns itself against the majority of humanity, each individual possesses the ability to affect real change through their daily actions. I mean measurable, observable, significant change.


      • “Put simply, the conclusion I came to is that ignorance is not bliss, but rather it is the choice to live a sort of hollow / half alive life.”

        I disagree with you here on your opening position.
        It is my understanding that the normies (for lack of a better word) are not making the choices that I am describing. They never even get that far!

        No one comes up to them and says, I have some amazing information about x,y and z that would totally blow your mind. Would you like to hear about it?
        No one approaches them and so they continue to live their lives in ignorance.

        Yes some are approached (take my family for instance) but they have built up such powerful walls of cognitive dissonance that they won’t give more than a few minutes of their time to ponder the issue at hand.

        I gave my brother (who is a voracious reader) a copy of ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ a few years ago. After a couple of months I asked him what he thought about it. He told me he had only read a few paragraphs saying he already knows who Fauci is!

        So most are ignorant not because they made a choice to live a ‘hallow/half alive life’, but because they either were never approached by preaching truthers, or if they were, their cognitive dissonance prevented them from getting out the starting gate.

        I can totally understand how people can internalize states of ‘learned helplessness’, defeatism and/or seeing “evil” lurking around every corner…

        Yes I would say the vast majority were easily led into a state of ‘learned helplessness’ the past few years, but they have quickly gone back to their blissful lives once again. And I dare say have quickly forgotten all of the b.s. they lived through.

        Thus, I feel that while it is wise to take an honest look at the ugliness of humanity, analyzing how it’s most deranged members are actively seeking to murder, poison and/or enslave their fellow humans …
        I also feel it is even more important to apply one’s pattern recognition capabilities to seeing (and acting upon) that which is beautiful, creative, hopeful and empowering on this world. That includes the behaviors of human beings that serve to uplift, nurture, heal, inspire, unify and illuminate and it includes perceiving the beauty, geometry and wisdom present in the more than human world as well.

        Absolutely. I didn’t mean to say Corbetteers are always focusing on and fretting about the devious machinations of the elite. We also put good use of our time to solutions and ways to improve our lives outside of the matrix.

        • @Fawlty Towers

          You point out an interesting side of this with the people who are just surrounded in comforting lies and propaganda, brainwashed people and never really get exposed to the truth on some things.

          I think that in the age of the internet and people’s ability to choose to use their own intuition, discernment and brain to educate themselves and ask the hard questions, there are very few people that can make a solid argument that “well I just never had anyone tell me what was really going on, so how could I know!?”. That, for the most part, is just a cop out excuse for mentally lazy conformists hiding behind the infantilizing role of wanting mommy and daddy government to take care of them and tell them what is true and what is not.

          If anyone takes an honest look at the modern western world and they have a functioning heart (they can use their compassion and intuition to assess what they see) and they then seek to learn why things are so disturbingly Orwellian, soul suckingly oppressive and extractive, they will find the truth for themselves. Most however, when they sense that something is horribly wrong with the status quo, turn away, avert their eyes, shut their heart down and put their nose to the grindstone (to gather fiat currency, to buy disposable pleasures and addictive distractions to numb themselves out so they do not have to look up and see the truth). Thus, behind most of the excuses and given reasons why some people do not see what is going on, what we have is cowardice and complacency in a large portion of the population.

          The lives they live are not blissful, well they are about as blissful as the life of a chicken in a factory farm cage. The factory farm chicken might enjoy meal time and think that it’s sad existence is “normal” but that being is living a half life and a hollow life, being fattened up, drugged and imprisoned until it’s body can be harvested for profit. While human’s may not have their bodies harvested after their time in the factory farm that is modern industrial civilization and statism (well at least not most of the time) they do have their hard earned dollars harvested, their dreams, their potential and the chance they had to enrich their eternal spirit squandered, thus, for the most part, except for strange anomalies, even the normies, surrounded in oceans of normies are capable of opening their eyes to see the criss crossed poison skies, militarized police, global racketeering operations and deadly injections which are highly profitable to governments and corporations, and their failure to do so, does in fact represent a choice, and it is a choice that diminishes the potential of their life to enrich the permanent part of themselves that chose to come here in the first place.

          thanks for the detailed response.

          • “there are very few people that can make a solid argument that “well I just never had anyone tell me what was really going on, so how could I know!?”.

            “If anyone takes an honest look at the modern western world and they have a functioning heart (they can use their compassion and intuition to assess what they see) and they then seek to learn why things are so disturbingly Orwellian, soul suckingly oppressive and extractive, they will find the truth for themselves. “

            Thanks Gavin. Well once again I have to disagree with you on your assumptions.

            I actually belong to the “very few people that can make a solid argument that “well I just never had anyone tell me what was really going on, so how could I know!?”.

            Yes, the legendary truther Fawlty Towers was a normie not very many years ago. I didn’t have a clue what was really going on behind the scenes in this world.
            I was surfing the net like everyone else but Gootube had no reason to post any ‘filter bubbles’ for me to burst so I could learn about the deep state and their evil deeds.

            I discovered conspiracy theory land, not from a friend or neighbor or internet link that guided me to the truth, but totally by chance. In fact it’s very likely that even to this day I’d still be a normie had it not been for this chance happening.

            Of all places I started to learn about truthers in an online tennis forum! Some no-planer dude started posting around the anniversary of 9/11 and I read a few of his posts. I had no clue what he was talking about or trying to get at. But after reading his posts I was curious enough to start doing a few searches on his topics. The rest is history.

            So yes, if I could have been kept in the dark for such a long time, I could easily see the vast majority of the normie masses also being blissfully clueless.

            • @Fawlty Towers

              I appreciate you taking the time to respond and respect you for voicing your difference in opinion concisely.

              I would have been described as a “normie” until maybe 2008, but even before then I had been perceiving little “glitches in the matrix” (as they say) moments where I was offered windows into learning the truth, if I was to just muster the courage to peer through them. I more often than not, chose to just turn away and instead look to the more enjoyable (and less emotionally and intellectually strenuous) activities of youth, partying in Whistler, women, mountain climbing, skiing etc.

              Part of me would rather deny that I was given those opportunities to begin to learn the truth so much earlier in my life than I chose to actually begin learning, but they were nevertheless presented on my path, and I failed to take action until many years later.

              I am open to the potential that some people choose (on a soul level) to not be presented with opportunities to perceive and begin to learn the truth until later in life, but I do not sense that this is the norm with humans on Earth today (but rather the exception to the rule).

              In the end, when ever we decide to finally take action to educate ourselves and stop choosing the infantilizing role of being spoonfed what is true and what is not by corrupt institutions, it is what we do with that truth from there on out that defines whether or not we chose to unlock our unique gifts for leaving this world a little bit more beautiful than it was when we got here for those who will call this place home after we are gone (or not).

              I do not judge or look down on those that choose comforting stagnation when presented with a fork in the road between an easy path and a path that requires sacrifice and arduous work for the heart and mind, I know it is not easy, and I pray that before they leave this Earth, those people will also choose to take actions that make them smile as their spirit looks back on this life and the choices they made.

              Thanks again for the response, wishing you an enjoyable weekend.

              • Thanks again Gavin for your response.

                The view you take is that we are all able at some point in our lives to make a conscious choice to put our nose to the grindstone and become a ‘truther’. I don’t share that viewpoint.

                I honestly believe (as I have pointed out with my personal experience) that the vast majority of people on this planet (I am talking about the jabbed plus ‘x’) simply were never even given the opportunity to make that choice!

                And of those that were, a very small percentage were able to shatter the cognitive dissonance holding them back from learning the truth.

                I hope you also have a great weekend! 🙂

          • Hi Gavinm:

            There are probably way more people than you think that just don’t know what’s going on. I literally had someone tell me “I have never heard that before, no one I trust has ever told me…” in reference to 9/11.

            You may be assuming too much of the general public. Many people lack the intuition, curiosity, intellect that you display at this time. Are people bad for ignorance or just lacking the desire to know more?

            I think this depends on how the person treats others. There are some “normies” out there who are good people and would give you the shirt off their back, but know nothing about how the world works.

            In order to more effectively and appropriately disseminate this information to open minds it is necessary to know the listeners. Knowing ones audience is important before speaking IMO.

            I don’t like wasting my breath on people who can’t hear me, so I don’t. People have to want to know. It’s sort of like people dropping a habit. They must want to quit.

            • @cu.h.j

              Thanks for chiming in to share your two cents here.

              Never having heard about something before does not make someone blind and unable of perceiving a thing exists. If someone is burning a big pile of tires next door, I may have never heard from anyone else that they are burning tires, but the signs that they are doing that are quite obvious. Such are the signals and signs that we live in a very corrupt, toxic, oppressive, psychologically abusive, extractive and superficial society (a statist world dominated by a corporate plutocracy and central banking cartel).

              RE: “Many people lack the intuition, curiosity, intellect that you display at this time.”

              Curiosity and intuition are innate gifts in all humans (those are gifts that are present even in adults that have had a lifetime of conditioning, always, present under the surface, always whispering from the heart and subconscious). Intellect is different, and it may vary in some based on several variables. Intuition however, and curiosity are things we are born with. Think of the toddlers with their one thousand and one questions about butterflies and bees, and how they carefully survey moss on a log or snow on a branch, these are innate facets of what it means to be human.

              RE: “Are people bad for ignorance or just lacking the desire to know more?”

              Bad? No.

              Squandering their lives and God given gifts, yes.

              Those who do not want to know are sensing something deep down that they suppress, avoid and cover up with their choices, we are all given opportunities to know the truth and to learn, we can step up and use them, or take the easy path.

              One is not good and the other bad, it is just growing vs stagnating.

              Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

            • @cu.h.j


              how is the garden coming along? 🙂

              • I’m out in the desert boonies and since I bought vacant land and built from scratch it has been much more expensive than I planned but it’s coming along.

                I need to fence everything in to prevent critters from eating everything.

            • @cu.h.j

              Desert boonies sounds like paradise compared to GMO farmed deforested (once lush Carolinian Forest from horizon to horizon) southern Ontario where I live (to me).

              Depending on what type on desert we are talking about here, I would generally suggest starting with species like Yarrow and Rhodiola rosea to invite in the beneficial critters while also growing yourself tasty and powerful medicine.

              (for more info on Yarrow: https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/day-four-yarrow? )

              • Thank you for the information. A lot of desert spaces have been turned into cattle grazing spaces and in some more popular areas urban sprawls unfortunately. We probably still get sprayed from above.

                But other than that, where I am is pretty desolate and I have a fenced off area so the cattle can’t destroy a large section of the land I bought.

                I’m really trying to keep the land pristine and share it with non human neighbors that allow us to reciprocate. Some people really hate the rattle snakes out here. I happen to like them. I like their spirit.

                I’ll look into the resources you provide. I know Ontario is a beautiful place and it sounds like you are planting seeds of inspiration out that way. Keep up the good work!

                BTW, by desolate I don’t mean devoid of life but rather very far away from an urban area. I am way way out in the boonies.

            • Yes once again we are of like mind cu.h.j. 🙂

              As you say, Gavin seems to over-estimate the capacity/ability of the average person on this planet to gain access to the important truths that we here at the Corbett Report have somehow stumbled upon and now take for granted.

              It is as you say, a lack of “intuition, curiosity, intellect” and imagination and other intangibles that prevent Joe normie from getting anywhere remotely close to ‘the truth’.

              • I’m glad you mention “take for granted” I had not really considered that.

                I suppose knowing certain truths are in fact a gift. I’ll have to think about that more.

                Why is it good to know “the truth” if it can cause distress? Do we now have a duty to inform and try to prevent a dystopia for future generations?

                I feel kink of guilty that I have not tried to red pill more normies now, (sort of).

            • @cu.h.j

              What about creating a deterrent hedge of spiny perennials (like Hawthorn) to discourage the roaming cattle?

              Cattle are not ideal four legged allies (as they are not as agile and able to defend themselves as other grazing four legged beings) but it is possible to engage in regenerative animal husbandry with cattle if one plans ahead. Most cattle farming operations are detrimental to both the soil and human health, though there are a small number that ensure the cattle have a healthy diet and their movements approximate that of their ancient ancestors.

              RE: “Some people really hate the rattle snakes out here. I happen to like them. I like their spirit.”

              Ya it was the same with people when I lived out in the Okanagan in BC (Canada’s only desert) people tortured and killed rattlers for fun. I found their spirit and resilience admirable and respected them for the role they played in that ecosystem. I had a couple close calls when mountain running where a young one was surprised and struck at me (just missing my leg) but that was on me for moving around all fast like I was.

              RE: “I know Ontario is a beautiful place and it sounds like you are planting seeds of inspiration out that way. Keep up the good work!”

              It definitely is, the Great Lakes are unique, the Boreal Forest is amazing, but here in the south I do have trouble sometimes (knowing what this place once was, and is capable of being, seeing the endless GMO soy fields and idiotic strip malls sprawling out into the distance). I do appreciate the kind words and I am striving to do my small part to restore pockets of this place to her former majesty, biodiversity and abundance.

              One such endeavor is touched on in this post:


              Thanks for the thoughtful response.

              • I could check out how well Hawthorne grows in the desert. I did fence the bulk of my parcel so the cows only have a little access to a small section and this is not where I will be growing food. There aren’t a lot of cows but the small number that exist do some damage to the habitat.

                I had to move a rattlesnake from outside of my front door a few weeks ago. I have one of those snake grabbers that I used. It was kinda scary moving it but it was kind of a calm snake. Each snake has their own temperament and there was another one I met on the side of the road that was rattling like crazy. I was careful not to approach it.

                I’ve seen other non venomous snakes that are pretty cool too. There are tarantulas and bob cats and all kinds of wild birds that are fun to watch. I’ve seen some wild pigs too. I really like being out here even though the heat is pretty intense.

            • @cu.h.j

              RE: “BTW, by desolate I don’t mean devoid of life but rather very far away from an urban area. I am way way out in the boonies.”

              I am some what envious, I grew up being able to walk in one direction for a few miles and I would be able to get to a place devoid of the signs of “civilization” to a place where the only sounds were babbling brooks, bird song and wind on the grass.

              I used to roam deep into the desert wilderness alone in the south Okanagan of BC, to get to a place where if I screamed as loud as I could, no human would hear me and no matter what direction I looked I could not see a road or powerline. It brought my heart great peace and nourishment to be in such places.

              I would explore an ancient canyon filled with waterfalls, natural waterslides, berry bushes and trout and then climb up onto the desert plateau to sit amongst the tall ponerosa pines ans white sage, what a heavenly smell they have together.

              For some drone footage that shows one of the canyons I used to explore and built a camp in on those solo trips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_1r_NJS3rU

              • It’s important to keep those kinds of places intact.

                It is good for human beings to get back to nature without the light pollution and tech pollution.

      • Given that we do have actionable intelligence, viable solutions (at every scale) at our disposal and our actions (or lack of action) now will shape the type of lives that future generations live, I feel that we cannot in good conscience choose to remain ignorant, comply with tyranny (so we can go “back to normal”) or keep our head down and go on with ‘business as usual’.

        Again we need to be clear about the lines that are/have been drawn. Most people are simply hard-wired to be a normie, like it or not.

        Truthers like ourselves of course do have the choice to stay the course, keep abreast of what is being planned to subjugate us, and devise solutions to remain as free as we can. But most are never even given that choice! This is one of the points I am trying to make.

        • I agree with you about “hard wiring” in some cases. Some people just don’t have the interest and this may be innate or conditioned. And some people don’t know just how strong cognitive dissonance can be. It seems to me to be a strong as a psychosis (inability to see outside of ones world view and paradigm of understanding).

          If anyone is interested they can check out cases of “conversion disorder”. This is where stress induces physical symptoms that are debilitating.

          Stress and psychological trauma can induce paralysis, pseudo-seizures, panic, and pain. This shows how profound the psyche can affect the physical body and ability to reason.

          • Correction

            Some people don’t understand how strong psychological coping mechanisms are. These can prevent people from even hearing what is being said.

    • Do not be jealous of the cowards and lying sophists!
      I agree with a lot of the points G raised. To me, it boils down to a question of spiritual evolution. If you can really forget and ignore what you know, just for the sake of immediate comfort, you are a different creature than me. The duplicitness will come home to roost, and the price will be a thousandfold. And this knowledge will gnaw at you in the meanwhile too, if you have an evolved mind and soul.
      We are not in Kansas anymore, and there is no going back, in this movie…

      • Do not be jealous of the cowards and lying sophists!

        I never meant to imply I am in any way jealous of the normies.

        I just would like us to stand back and take a sober look at the lives we live and those that the normies live and compare them on a balance sheet.

        As far as them being “cowards and lying sophists” is concerned.
        It’s garbage in, garbage out with them. Nothing more.

    • RE: Fawlty Towers says: “The average person on the street doesn’t have a clue….”

      How the Middle Class Threatens Humanity
      Matters of Substance, Interest and the Middle Class Standards

      I’m going make the case that the “Middle Class Standards and Values” are the dominant force that is threatening to imprison us.
      Whether that prosecution is true or not, my mental jury is still out.

      Not long ago, someone who should know better told me that she has always been interested in the JFK assassination, but that she is still undecided as to whether it was one shooter.
      My expectations of her “awareness competence” fell apart like slices of water-logged bread.

      So, I started looking at where this person’s attention and interests landed.
      It was heavily mired in the morass of “Middle Class Standards and Values.”
      This is not to say that everything about the Middle Class Standards is ‘bad’.
      But it does bring up the notion of “Matters of Substance” versus shallow thinking.

      From Latin interesse: “differ, be important”
      Interest could be defined as “desired and directed attention”.
      Some synonyms: “wanting to know” “excited curiosity” “attentiveness” “inquisitive”
      “The feeling of a person whose attention, concern, or curiosity is particularly engaged by something.”

      I would argue that “Interest” is a major attribute of one’s “Aliveness”.
      A rock has no “interest” in anything.

      Clearly, some things in life are more important than other things.
      A primary reason that people migrate to The Corbett Report is because the topics discussed are seen as important.
      There is a strong interest in these matters of substance.
      It is not like James Corbett discusses some Celebrity’s antics on a recent singing/cooking/dancing game show.

      I would argue that many of the values embedded in the middle class culture are shallow.
      Some values may have a veneer which gives them an appearance of “importance” or noble altruism.
      Checking the ballot box every few years, and thus one has performed his sacred duty to enact change for society.
      Donating to mainstream charities.
      Mainstream activism without exploring issues. (e.g. climate change)

      It is my contention that many people are so engulfed within the middle class culture that their “interest” remains shallow. They do not have a strong interest to investigate matters of substance.
      This contention is easy to substantiate in several ways:
      ~~ 9/11 truth, Ok City, MLK, JFK, RFK, and the many topics at Corbett Report are NOT part of the public discourse and concern of the middle class.
      ~~ When the Pandemic occurred, look at how many in that “middle class standard” suddenly started to become strongly interested in matters of substance.

      I am often disgusted by the Middle Class Standards. They shouldn’t be “normal”. And they dominate the culture. And it is not by accident that they exist.

      • Great point you share about culture and predictive programming. Interests and identities are supplanted. I also think laziness and basic drives to seek pleasure and avoid pain are involved as well.

        Consumer culture entices these basic shallow drives in people to keep them captive. And then there are the toxic exposures to fluoride and aluminum which may impact peoples mental functioning.

    • Very good question and interesting to ponder. I’d say it depends. There are some things I now know that I wish I could forget but it’s impossible and I would have looked into it anyway because I am curious. To know the truth can cause pain and distress. I do believe there is power in truth however, so to me it is worth the discomfort.

      Some people don’t feel this way and certain things overwhelm them psychologically to such an extent they can’t accept the truth. Cognitive dissonance and/or Stockholm Syndrome acts as defense mechanisms for psychological protection.

      Some people just want to live their lives relatively care free and I can’t blame them. Others are too busy surviving to pay attention. And some are just not very curious or intelligent enough to comprehend the extent of the lies. In the past, I had not really considered that there are substantial differences in perception among people nor considered how strong psychological coping mechanisms can be.

      Can people live carefree and blissful in ignorance? Yes, it seems so from the outside. I saw people risking their health to be able to travel and have some degree of normalcy. It seems most people including myself desire “normalcy” in their day to day lives that includes human interaction, freedom to travel and pursue individual goals like career advancement.

      Some people just want to enjoy their lives and not worry and want to spend time with their families and send their kids to college. I worked with a woman who was working to put her three kids through college and worked almost every day. On the outside she appeared “normal” and lacked any signs of distress.

      People wonder why many “normies” reject people who tell them what is going on and even become angry when presented with ideas that conflict with their world view. They don’t get how much pain and discomfort “waking up” can cause. It can be overwhelming.

      I think the movie “They Live” and “The Matrix” very accurately depict what it is like to learn the truth. Some people want “the blue pill” rather than the profoundly uncomfortable “red pill”. The Covid scamdemic changed me forever and I will never be the same. It was traumatic and painful and caused intense emotional distress but I have experienced trauma in the past so pain is not unfamiliar. Some people cannot handle these emotions and will construct a delusion that is far more comforting than the truth. I can empathize with that.

      • I’m glad you understand the gist of my post.
        I agree with really all of the points you have made. 🙂

        “Some people just want to live their lives relatively care free and I can’t blame them. Others are too busy surviving to pay attention. And some are just not very curious or intelligent enough to comprehend the extent of the lies. In the past, I had not really considered that there are substantial differences in perception among people nor considered how strong psychological coping mechanisms can be.

        Can people live carefree and blissful in ignorance? Yes, it seems so from the outside. I saw people risking their health to be able to travel and have some degree of normalcy.

        Some people just want to enjoy their lives and not worry and want to spend time with their families and send their kids to college.

        People wonder why many “normies” reject people who tell them what is going on and even become angry when presented with ideas that conflict with their world view. They don’t get how much pain and discomfort “waking up” can cause. It can be overwhelming. “

        These are the ideas I’d like to bring to the fore and discuss.

        • I’m really glad you posed this question because I think it provides insight into why people don’t want to know and why people become frustrated when trying to share the truth.

          You ask specifically “Considering all the time we spend researching, pondering and fretting about the above issues, who do you honestly think is better off living out and enjoying their lives, the average person on the street or us Corbetteers?”

          I think if this kind of stuff makes someone worry and feel a sense of impending doom and causes substantial psychological trauma, it’s better to be ignorant.

          If someone is curious and wants to know the truth they have to develop healthy coping mechanisms to deal with how the world really works and just how evil people are. It’s quite a shock, the degree of psychopathy and sickness our overlords possess.

          I think it depends on the individual and how they handle psychological stress and if some people value knowledge over ignorance.

          In some cultures a terminal diagnosis is kept form the person suffering to ease psychological pain and fear. It is perceived as a kindness. I have comforted people who are dying or very ill and try to ease anxiety even though I knew that they might be taking their last breath. I don’t think it was wrong to do this and because I was not sure it was not actually a lie.

          In short, I don’t think waking up every normie is necessary or even beneficial. The caveat being if you’ve have a plan in mind. “I know this is bad but here’s how we will make a better world…”

          People want solutions or actionable plans because a lot of these issues are profoundly disturbing and frankly appear rather overwhelming.

          • “I think if this kind of stuff makes someone worry and feel a sense of impending doom and causes substantial psychological trauma, it’s better to be ignorant.

            I think it depends on the individual and how they handle psychological stress and if some people value knowledge over ignorance.

            In some cultures a terminal diagnosis is kept form the person suffering to ease psychological pain and fear. It is perceived as a kindness.

            In short, I don’t think waking up every normie is necessary or even beneficial. “

            Thanks again cu.h.j. Our thoughts are very much in sync in this discussion.

            To break everything down to bite-sized concepts for everyone here I had actually thought of the same example that you outlined above,

            I had started writing:

            “Have you ever heard of some bad news that affects you and your friend/loved one, but decided not to tell them because …
            Perhaps a diagnosis of a terminal illness?”

            Basically the idea is that simply knowing about something, a bad thing, can cause enormous stress if the person doesn’t have good coping mechanisms. And we all know that stress can often create illness in people.

            I have a few stories (concerning my personal safety) that I have been deliberately keeping from my mother for years now, because I know that she would freak out if I told her.

            • Yeah, I am really glad you posed such an interesting topic to think about and discuss.

              I think using ones time wisely and knowing where some people might be coming from before “red pilling” someone makes a lot of sense.

              I definitely provide information about what I know and point to good sources when people I know show a desire to hear me.

              My sister is the type who seems to be unable to handle what’s going on. She also has a very different ideological way of thinking than I do. I think she took the jab to travel but has never believed in imposing her choices in this area on others. I sent her a ton of stuff about the dangers of the mRNA jab and she hasn’t shown any signs that she is interested or can even understand what I’m saying so at this point I’m done “red pilling” her. It’s her body and her life and she can do what she wants with it and whatever consequences come from her choices are hers to experience if she has any.

              As an aside, most of the people I know personally have not suffered major health issues from the jabs. Maybe the batches they took weren’t the most toxic?

              I’m not taking any more jabs though come hell or high water because of the principle. I never took the Covid jabs and haven’t taken a flu jab since 2016. No one tells me what to ingest or drugs to take period. I don’t care if it’s a saline injection.

              Thanks again for the interesting dialogue.

  17. “Houston, we have a problem!” It is a problem of lack of knowledge due to lack of skepticism and the unwillingness to search out alternative histories and societal and political opinion. Pushing 80 years, and having studied the conspiracy for the last 50 years or so, I recognized long ago that we were lied to, also. Perhaps not nearly to the degree that kids today are lied to, but still….

    I remember my dad telling me about an incident involving his working on the Fort Peck Resiviour, with the WPA. He said that they had come to him one day and told him he needed to register Democrat by a certain date or lose his job. I kind of brushed it off at the time – I KNEW they couldn’t do that!
    I learned later, that he was probably being 100% honest about the whole situation. Then I found this in a pamphlet entitled “Promise and Performance,” printed in 1936. Taken from a website called americandeception. I was going to include the link, but the site is no longer available. However, you may be able to find some of this information at: https://deliberatedumbingdown.com/ddd/, as Charlotte Iserbyt’s son had started and maintained, the americandeception site to provide access to her work, and included the references I would have cited from there.

    “I HAND You herewith a list of doctors in Ohio county . Kindly separate the Democrats and the Republicans and list them in order of priority so we may notify our safety foremen and compensation men as to who is eligible to participate in case of injury .”

    (From a letter written by the State Relief Administrator of West Virginia to a county relief Supervisor, as read before the Senate by SENATOR HOLT, Democrat, of West Virginia)

    cc DEAR COMMITTEEMAN : Contact all houses in your division and get the names of all men on relief, also of those holding WPA jobs . Urge them to register Democratic on March 26 or else lose their jobs . Sincerely yours, (Signed) CHARLES MCDONALD”

    (Reproduced from a photostatic copy of a letter signed by Democratic leader of the 14th ward in Philadelphia on March 14, 1936, ten days before the Pennsylvania primary registrations, as printed in the Philadelphia Inquirer of March 28, 1936)

    So, when the 60s came around, feeling I owed something to my country by way of being born in the “greatest country in the world,” I joined the military, and when the government’s media told us we needed to stop communism in Asia, so we wouldn’t have to fight them here, I supported the Vietnam war. As time went on, I began to believe that we had been misled, and while I didn’t go about protesting, I DID begin to sympathize with the dissenters. I was given a copy of Gary Allen’s book “None Dare Call It Conpirascy,” in1972, and have been doing what research I could since then. The Corbett Report has become one of the best sites I have found for seeking truth. Thank you James.

    • I love reading personal anecdotes like this!

      Tuxand, I appreciate the write-up and the very interesting history.

  18. “For all of us, becoming indigenous to a place means living as if your children’s future mattered, to take care of the land as if our lives, both material and spiritual, depended on it.”

    ―Robin Wall Kimmerer

    In the essay linked below I explore the concept of uncovering, remembering, re-tracing and re-awakening the seeds of wisdom left by each and everyone of our indigenous ancestors. I invite the reader to discover and then cultivate those seeds in order to produce the harvest of fruit that takes the form of a process of ethnogenesis that is accessible and open to all with the courage to tend the ancient seeds within.


    I will be inviting you to embrace the truth that regardless of what skin color you have, or what flag you swear allegiance to, or what religion you subscribe to, deep in your ancient past, you had ancestors that lived in close relationship with the land, reciprocating her gifts, honoring all beings as animate and having a keen understanding of what plants and other beings they shared their homeland with. Those people are your indigenous ancestors. They had a relationship to place, one that involved sacred agreements to give back in reciprocity for the many gifts we receive from the more than human world. We too can begin to develop, nourish and cultivate our own relationship to the place where we live, to the land and the many learned beings we share the land with. That path is the path to becoming indigenous ourselves.

    In a world where most people no longer know the names of the plants and trees that also call the place home where they live and yet they know the names of a thousand corporations, they feel at home in a shopping mall and yet feel surrounded by scary strangers when they are in a forest.

    Getting to know the names of the non-human beings in the place we call home roots us into reverence and respect, confidence and empowerment. Getting to know our neighbors (human and non-human) allows us to begin to develop a place based reciprocal relationship with the communities we are a part of (human and non-human communities).

    My ancestors, had a deep reverence for the rooted beings especially (as is exemplified in the Ogham script) so I currently endeavor to work closely with rooted beings that are both indigenous to the place I now call home and those trees that those humans who are original inhabitants of this land received gifts from in the form of food and medicine. Three of the species I have began working with that fit that description are Tulip Trees (Liriodendron tulipifera), Paw Paw (Asimina triloba) trees and Birch trees of various types.

    The time has come for us to ask ourselves the question, Have we been tricked by “Civilization”? and where do our true allegiances lie?

    Do we swear our allegiance to a flag/nation state/”civilization” or do we swear our allegiance to the Living Earth and her divine Creator?

    • “or do we swear our allegiance to the Living Earth and her divine Creator?”

      Yes to the latter. Definitely no to the former.
      My creator made it absolutely clear that He alone is worthy of our loyalty and worship. He doesn’t share His sovereignty with any created thing. Wether its an angel from heaven or an old growth sequoia.
      I really love God’s creation and have spent my life doing my best to honor Him by being conscious of my role as a steward of nature. But I’m careful to make no idols of anything.
      I may be mistaken but you seem to be blurring the line of distinction between the creator and the creation.

      • @Slow Cured Anarcho Hippy

        Thanks for the response.

        God would not have created the Earth if that living being, home, classroom and sanctuary (and then put us here on her body) if she was not also deserving of our loyalty and reverence.

        Worship is something different and I was not advocating worshipping the living Earth as she is not a Deity. She is a conscious being imbued with a spirit in much the same way that you and I are, except she is a lot older than us and carries out much more important and sacred tasks than any one human being does. That does not make her a Deity, but it does make her a conscious being that lives and expresses herself in a way that is much more directly aligned with Creator than most humans are.

        The ancient Sequoia forest is an expression of love, joy and creativity of our Creator, and an organ of the living Earth, such things are a gift from God, and not to be taken lightly, exploited nor disrespected without facing severe consequences down the road.

        Religions that tell people that the Earth is here for our amusement or free to be pillaged because a religious text says we were given “dominion” are ego flattering and greed justifying lies that have led and will lead a great many to learn the hard way what happens when one harms the very fabric of life that sustains us all.

        RE: “I may be mistaken but you seem to be blurring the line of distinction between the creator and the creation.”

        You are. I am not a pantheist. God is a whole and complete being onto himself, a being that exists outside this 3 dimensional universe of time, space and matter. The composition of the Creator is not matter.

        Did you read my essay linked above?

        In it, I clearly distinguish between Creator and Creation.

        Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts and observations.

        • Gavin, you can still call me Steve. (Or Smith. h/t to Doyle. 😉)

          “God would not have created the Earth if that living being, home, classroom and sanctuary (and then put us here on her body) if she was not also deserving of our loyalty and reverence.”

          The fundamental difference in our theological viewpoints are that you are basing your’s on your feelings and I’m basing mine on the Bible. And having read and studied the Bible to some degree, I cannot recall where it is written that the earth, or any other inorganic material is a living being. That belief is a new age revelation that can’t be supported by the word of God.
          However, I’m certainly willing to be corrected if you can point me to a passage that does support it.

          That said, the planet we inhabit is definitely an incredible, miraculous gift from God that we should value, care for and be eternally grateful for.
          In fact, God’s original purpose for placing man on this earth was to subdue and transform the entire planet into a global Eden.
          Unfortunately, that plan went awry almost right away.

          “Religions that tell people that the Earth is here for our amusement or free to be pillaged”

          I know of no such religions.
          I also know that you’re referring to the Old Testament book of Genesis. But to characterize God’s instructions to man in that way is to mischaracterize the passage. I’m pretty sure that you’re aware of that though.
          Your animosity is misplaced Gavin. You are blaming God, or religion for the sins of men.

          “God is a whole and complete being onto himself, a being that exists outside this 3 dimensional universe of time, space and matter. The composition of the Creator is not matter.”

          Absolutely correct! He is the only uncreated being in existence and He demands our exclusive loyalty.

          I’m pretty much with you in your distain for religion. God doesn’t want people to be religious. He desires to have a personal relationship with them. That’s why He created us. Its why He didn’t annihilate us long ago. A fate we clearly deserved.
          He wants to have a loving relationship with people who have the choice, (free will), of loving Him back or rejecting Him.
          If we choose to voluntarily enter into that relationship with Him through His Son, I can assure you that we will, in large part, respect and honor all the blessings that He has given us. The heavens and the earth and nature as well as each other.
          Its when we choose to reject Him and His Word and create our own gods that we generally will treat nature and each other with disregard.
          Present company excepted apparently.

          I do truly pray that God will show mercy to people such as yourself who live with such high regard for His creation while unfortunately still rejecting His offer of salvation through Christ.
          But again, sadly, I just can’t find a verse that supports that concept in my Bible.
          He is a God of mercy though and His ways are higher than our ways. So I’ll continue to hope and pray.
          “Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?”

          • 🙂 Mr. Smith, I like your humor.

          • @Slow Cured Anarcho Hippy (aka Steve Smith)

            Glad you are still going strong and sharing your religious convictions with us all.

            Since, I was not aware I was talking to you (Steve) and and this is territory we have been over many times in these threads, I will not drag this out with a retort.

            I will only say that I wish you many blessings in this life and beyond, and when you return home to our heavenly father and look back on your life, may all the times you chose tolerance, compassion and kindness bring a smile to your face and contentment to your eternal spirit.

            May all the gifts, words, energy and actions you share with your fellow humans and non-humans accrue significant spiritual interest and return back to you ten fold in the years and lives you have ahead of you.

            So it is, and so it shall be.

            • Retorts can be very useful. 😊


              noun (2)
              re·​tort ri-ˈtȯrt ˈrē-ˌtȯrt
              : a vessel or chamber in which substances are distilled or decomposed by heat

    • >A Zionist worth listening to

      • He promotes peace.

      • Many Zionists want an ethnostate in Palestine. Some US nationalists (particularly white nationalists) say that they want a white ethnostate in the US. If the Zionists can have one, then America can have one.

        Rules for me and not for thee?

        Is an ethnostate inherently evil? Is freedom of association a natural right? What about forming a nation based on race and/or ethnicity?

        I’d say that it is not the notion of ethnostate that is wrong but the treatment of one’s neighbors or colonized in the case of Israel.

        For people interested in this issue should research how Palestinians are treated by Jewish settlers and also the ethics of the Jewish religion.

        The Jewish religion and ethnic identity and cultural norms are very different than those of European Christians. It is a tribal culture with different ethics and yet the claim is made that this is not true. It is disingenuous. I oppose “rules for me not for thee”

        However, I recognize that some people want to only associate with people similar to themselves and I really don’t think there is anything wrong with this. But harming people outside one’s ethnic or racial group because of belief in superiority and dehumanization is wrong.

        I can’t stomach listening to Zionists so I couldn’t watch the entire thing but skimmed through it.

        The interviewer says “Texas has no right to exist” and I’m not sure I agree with her. If people voluntarily form a nation AND are not exploiting other people and are honorable with their interactions with others outside their group, IMO they have a right to form a nation.

        • Do demographics change a culture or geographic place? I would say they can and do. This is why many countries have strict immigration laws.

          As a person who values individual liberty I would say this is probably wrong. But I can understand the point of view of the xenophobe, i.e. concern that their culture will change

          Also, I have learned that some people say Nelson Mandela was in fact a terrorist and that white genocide is condoned in South Africa. I have not researched the validity of this claim but I suspect that the South Africa hype probably has some deception.

          I know this will get me some hate but I don’t like the massive immigration occurring in America. The US government is partly to blame because they intervene and destabilize countries abroad facilitating this. But I do recognize that it does change the culture.

          I’m aware Japan is having more immigration now. I wonder how citizens there may perceive this.

          I must also concede to those who want some type of nation that there is validity to the idea of a shared culture and norms.

          • My opinion is that members of this comment board are mostly white of European descent and therefore share ethics and norms from that cultural framework. There may be some who grew up in Western nations and thus are within that paradigm.

            This paradigm and framework is not universal. China and Japan have different frameworks from the west as do Islamic nations, etc.

            This is not often acknowledged here or maybe even considered that not everyone has a universal way of thinking.

            I am not promoting moral relativism but I do think people should be aware of this basic fact. Most people here are thinking in a “western” framework.

            • This is relevant to consider because the Zionist in the interview thinks within a different framework than the person conducting the interview.

              He’s from a very tribal culture and it’s also an elitist culture. She’s from a universalist culture that has been promoted in the west.

              He’s probably trying to have good “optics” for Israel because a good Zionist is loyal to their tribe, “the chosen”.

              This is how many Jews actually think. It’s just how many people are raised. It’s not an innate characteristic IMO, but inculcated.

              To be fair, there are probably other people from different cultures who are also elitist. Gotta be fair because it’s in my cultural framework.

              • James, ban this anti-Semite! Israel is Our Greatest Ally!

        • Don’t assume that because I wrote that Dr Ben-Ephraim was worth listening to that I agree with everything he believes.
          I think he is worth listening to because he endorses negotiating rather than killing. Period.
          I will listen to anyone who would rather talk than commit violence.

          Until the aggression stops and dialogue begins, nothing gets better.
          Until the fighting stops, peace is impossible.
          And peace is more important to me than politics.

          • I never said you believed what he believes but the post brought some thoughts to my mind that I posted.

            Seriously why is the idea of an ethnostate bad or rather, I’ll say an “ethno-nation”?

            I really had to think about this a lot because I was taught that an ethnostate is inherently wrong but there are many arguments made for ethnostates or “ethnonations” that I cannot oppose on ethical grounds.

            Freedom of association is a natural right, right? Boundaries are a natural right, right? Borders?

            I’m saying that I can honestly understand that point of view. To me it is the treatment of outsiders that matter and forced expulsion of people who have done nothing wrong or stealing land from other people that to me is wrong.

            Freedom of association even if it is prejudiced or racist is not unethical. People IMO should be able to associate with whoever they want as long as it’s mutual. People do tend to associate with those in their own cultural group.

            I’ve been an exception because I like to know about people who are different. I’ve always befriended people who might be very different from me but I can’t judge others who don’t.

            • “Seriously why is the idea of an ethnostate bad”

              I don’t think any state or nation would be bad if it were based upon voluntarism rather than force. Ethnically exclusive or not.
              Sadly, none are. And I doubt that there ever will be.
              So in my mind, all states, read governments, are bad.

              • I more or less agree with you. People should not be forced or coerced.

                But to be honest, in practice, I can’t blame the citizens in Texas for being very concerned about the border issues.

                On a practical level, if people are flooding in the country, I can totally get the concern. It becomes a practical matter not an ideological one.

                I have taken care of lots of non English speaking immigrants who are totally dependent who very much expect to be taken care of here. Maybe the inner bigot in me is annoyed or the pragmatic person is informing me that the real world can be very different from the one in our heads and/or hearts.

        • cu.h.j., what do you think is meant by “the chosen” from a biblical perspective?
          Just curious.

          • Haven’t you yet read the words from the Zionist founders? At least some of them?

            Why don’t you do a little research and get back to me.

            • “Why don’t you do a little research and get back to me.”

              cu.h.j., Please hold the snark. There is no reason to be antagonist.

              You used the expression and I was just curious if you knew what it means as it was used in the Bible. Which is where it originated after all.

              I am not interested in how people might pervert the meaning of things. Men change the definition of words and change the meaning of things all the time. The word gay for instance. Or vaccine for that matter.
              I was just interested in what your understanding of what The Chosen People actually meant when it was first used.
              I thought that it might be something that you would be interested in learning if you weren’t familiar with how it originated and why.

          • Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like an elitist. The book “The Wandering Who” was very insightful and was written by a former Zionist who was raised in Israel who’s grandfather was a “terrorist” according to the author.

            He provides some very interesting information, starting points for anyone who is really interested in the Zionist state and Jewish history and culture.

            Here’s a link. His mention of the Zionist founders and what they write is interesting.

            Please note, I don’t agree with everything he says, but find the book interesting


          • I would really encourage you to read this easy book if you want a real honest look at Jewish culture.

            I have Jewish family members after all and was raised exposed to it a little bit. I have Jewish ancestry myself so I was curious about what kind of culture I come from (at least genetically-in part).

            Most of my ancestry is Anglo and European but I’ve got enough Jewish ancestry to want to know about this part of my roots. It’s good to take an honest look at where one comes from.

  19. Related to discussion in a previous Open Thread related to PFAS and other toxic materials in biosludge used on farmlands and elsewhere. Saw this repost today at Zerohedge.

    Messy business: Polluted ‘biosolids’ derail recycling of human waste
    Independent Commentary on Environmental and Natural Resource News
    By Kurt Cobb | Sunday, June 02, 2024


    One takeaway you might rejoice in: “Inquisitive readers might like to know that organic agriculture regulations prohibit the use of biosolids or sewage sludge of any kind.”

  20. This comment is in response to the various expressions of faith I’ve witnessed over the years in the CR comment threads, and I feel compelled to say something.

    First let me say, I believe the Bible is a very valuable book, particularly when it’s handled properly.

    Having grown up in Christianity I used to recognize the Bible as the “Word of God” (with “God” being the Creator of the universe) because that is what I was taught to believe.

    But in my latter years I have come to realize that notion is way too lofty.

    To ascribe authorship of a book that is clearly written & compiled by human beings to the Creator Himself is simply over the top.

    While various human beings may have been divinely inspired in varying degrees in writing their words down to convey a message within the Bible, I think it’s important to understand those *words* are *of* *those men* and not *necessarily* “of God”.

    It appears to me the religion of Christianity has overstepped its bounds by portraying the book’s content as belonging to the Creator by calling it the Word of God. In doing so Christianity bestows the Authority of the Creator God onto whomever wields that Book — and that is extremely dangerous.

    Countless men & women *unquestioningly* live their lives in accordance to the Bible (& to whatever is taught that is supposedly about the Bible or derived from it), simply because they believe it *is* “the Word of God”, and thereby, automatically true.

    While I fully recognize there are many beneficial treasures to be found within those pages, there is also SO MUCH DECEPTION that has been sown into the hearts & minds of men through that lofty notion.

    I recognize it may be humbling for Christians to come to grips with this notion, and I’ve labored over whether or not I should even bring it up on this platform, but I think it is important, particularly for those who seek to live in accordance to the truth/reality concerning the world in which we live & our place as human beings in it.

    I believe it behooves us all to audit our individual belief structures, particularly if we hold fast to what we understand to be a “Biblical” worldview simply because we recognize the Bible to be “the Word of God”.

    When the Bible is recognized for what it is: the words of men about who they understand to be God, then it becomes more apparent how we can potentially be led astray. And then, we can become more diligent in seeking the truth and shedding more errors in our understanding — and hopefully be made better people for it and more useful & effective in this lifetime.

    • Hi Carrie,

      As perhaps one who is most guilty of expressing his faith here in the comment section, I feel compelled to respond to your thoughtful post.

      I don’t want to make assumptions about your current situation. You wrote that you had “grown up in Christianity” while not relating whether you still consider yourself to be a believer. I don’t want to pry or put you on the spot, but knowing this would make it easier for me to understand how you arrived at your conclusions.
      What you seem to be omitting from the equation, and please correct me if I’m wrong, is the work of the Holy Spirit in both the creation of the Word as well as the interpretation and understanding of the Word in the recipients.

      “Having grown up in Christianity I used to recognize the Bible as the “Word of God” (with “God” being the Creator of the universe) because that is what I was taught to believe.
      But in my latter years I have come to realize that notion is way too lofty.
      To ascribe authorship of a book that is clearly written & compiled by human beings to the Creator Himself is simply over the top.
      While various human beings may have been divinely inspired in varying degrees in writing their words down to convey a message within the Bible, I think it’s important to understand those *words* are *of* *those men* and not *necessarily* “of God”.“

      I’m curious about what you mean by “not necessarily” of God.
      I, unlike yourself, didn’t grow up in a Christian household. I came to believe as an adult. However, I will readily acknowledge that the teaching that I received early on in my walk did reinforce a rather magical and childishly unrealistic view of biblical inspiration. Its only been fairly recently that God has given me the desire and circumstances have allowed me the opportunity to dive deeper and begin to establish a more mature understanding.

      The following quote is from Michael Heiser. I usually find myself in agreement with his reasoning and recommend him.

      “In the previous two posts I’ve laid out my thoughts on the relationship of the human writers to God’s role in producing the Scriptures. I have argued that it is flawed thinking to deny that Scripture originated with humans in ANY sense; that is, anthropopneustos is neither denied by 2 Tim 3:16 nor 2 Peter 1:20-21. Human beings are the immediate source of Scripture, but God is the ultimate source.“

      Heiser’s teaching is helping me greatly. You might be interested in checking him out. (https)://drmsh.com/naked-bibles-inspiration-discussion/

      I just want to conclude by saying that I strongly believe that that my God is big enough to make crystal clear what is essential. And that is the gospel.
      While it contains myriad controversial passages and interpretations, the Bible leaves absolutely no doubt about what one must do to be saved. And after all, isn’t that the main message that God was/is trying to convey?

      • SCAH,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I arrived at my conclusions after I began to objectively & diligently study the Bible because I was interested in finding the truth in what it said. (And when I say “truth”, I mean “what is real”.)

        I wasn’t looking to justify my belief structure. I was seeking to understand what the Bible actually said — what was it that the authors who wrote each of the texts within the Bible seeking to communicate to their intended audience. Who even was their intended audience? (And quite frankly, we, in the modern age, were not their intended audience.)

        RE: My Christian status…

        I confessed to be a Christian for most of my life (about 40 years), until I came to realize that in order to be a Christian, one must accept a particular tenet of faith concerning the nature of Jesus, even though that tenet is foreign to the Biblical text.

        After enormous personal Bible study, I changed my mind about what I believed concerning Jesus’ nature. And as a result, I no longer qualify as a Christian.

        However, I *do* believe the Jesus of the Bible *is* the Messiah that was prophesied to come in the Hebrew Tanakh (Old Testament).

        Unfortunately, though, since Christians are typically taught to read & understand the Bible backwards, all the while being told what to believe about it, most don’t have a proper & sound understanding of it — and therefore they often don’t realize how Biblically off-base they are in their Christian assertions.

        It is commonly taught within Christianity to consider the Bible through the lens of the New Testament first instead of the Old Testament and to use the book of John as the foundation for understanding the Book-at-large instead of the book of Genesis.

        This, coupled with a set of doctrinal assertions, has made it severely challenging to grasp what the Book actually says & means, let alone the purpose the texts within it were designed to serve.

        RE: My reference to words being “not necessarily of God”…

        When we quote someone verbatim, we are speaking *their* words. However, when we paraphrase or attempt to communicate what we understand to be the underlying message spoken by someone else, we use *our* words.

        While the overall message we convey may align with the message of the one who spoke them to us, we used our own words. In doing so, there’s the potential of misspeaking, and in that case we can easily convey something that is not in alignment with the original words spoken. (Consider the game of “Telephone”.)

        RE: You said, “…the Bible leaves absolutely no doubt about what one must do to be saved. And after all, isn’t that the main message that God was/is trying to convey?”

        Was that really God’s message or man’s? According to the Bible, who is it that needs “to be saved” and “saved” from what? What does that salvation even look like? Christianity tells us one thing, whereas the Bible, when keeping everything in its proper context, produces a different set of answers.

      • Here’s a video I did around a month ago of me sharing about my journey into (& through) my personal in-depth study of the Bible, followed by a bit about where I’m at now in my thinking as it relates to that — all very relevant, I think, to the comments I’ve made here.

        If anything, you’ll at least get to know me a little better. 🙂

        > Messyanic’s Beginnings & Beyond

        • Thanks Carrie, for you I will go against my principles and visit gootube. 😬

        • That video breaks my heart Carrie.

          Please study the book of Hebrews. Heiser did a great series of podcasts on the book that will help you understand that there is in fact a New Covenant. https://nakedbiblepodcast.com/podcast/naked-bible-173-introducing-the-book-of-hebrews/

          I’m so sorry that you didn’t receive the support and guidance from the church you were attending. Sadly, that is not uncommon.
          But you’re trying to figure this out by yourself and you have wandered far off the narrow road.
          You’re trying to navigate using a map of your own making that is based on outdated information.
          Please let the Spirit guide you back to the Lord. And please don’t eschew the help of reputable teachers on your journey.

          I will keep you in my prayers.

          • Why a broken heart?

            I have studied the book of Hebrews. And I understand there was a new covenant unveiled — one where the teaching/instruction/law of God was being put in the mind & written on the heart of men. It was unveiled back then. That’s part of the culmination of the story of the Bible.

            I understand that Jesus, who was the Anointed man of God, also called the “Son” of God, acted as the High Priest when he went beyond the veil into the Most Holy Place (heaven) before the throne of God and made atonement for all. I get that.

            And after he did that, the Spirit of God was poured out and people from all nations were able to receive “the baptism of the Holy Spirit” and thereby walk as sons & daughters of the Most High God (as demonstrated in the Acts of the Apostles).

            It is my understanding that the book of Hebrews was written prior to the destruction of the temple & the fall of Jerusalem. And its author was specifically addressing those living in that period of time before 70 AD, who had come to (or were coming to) the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ **in accordance to what the Hebrew Tanakh taught**.

            At the end of the letter the author encouraged the people to hold fast to their faith, looking to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, which is what the book of Revelation addresses in the end. (Heb 12:22, Rev 21:2)

            You say that I have wandered far off the narrow road. What narrow road are you referring to?

            • Carrie, I absolutely respect your right to believe whatever you feel led to believe. But I’ve met so many people in my life who have decided to go it alone when it comes to interpreting the Bible and have as you seem to have ended up discarding the parts that don’t fit their preconceptions, spiritualizing passages when the literal interpretation conflicts with their preconceptions and taking literally passages that should be spiritualized.
              I don’t know your educational background. I’ve no idea whether you’ve studied at seminary. I don’t know if you read and understand ancient languages.
              I know that I certainly am not qualified to call myself any sort of an expert on biblical exegesis.
              Perhaps you are better equipped than the scholars and teachers who have helped me throughout my Christian life. But somehow I doubt it.
              And don’t misunderstand me and think that I implicitly trust every teacher who has a PHD. I don’t.
              But I do seek the help and wisdom of people who have devoted much of their lives to the study of these things. If someone is knowledgeable in the languages of the Bible and cultural context in which it was written, I’m naturally going to have somewhat more confidence in the accuracy of their opinions.
              You on the other hand seem to have decided that your independent conclusions are more reliable than those of the people who are generally accepted as the experts.
              As I said, perhaps you are justified in that. But, I’m sorry, you just haven’t convinced me of that.

              I know that you won’t accept anything that I post that contradicts what you have decided is fact so there really isn’t any point in continuing to go back and forth with our “evidence”.

              You are probably thinking the same thing about me. I get that. But what you’re doing is asking me to believe that my eternal life, which actually IS important to me, is dependent on a normal human being that lied about being God.
              You haven’t come close to convincing me of that and I don’t understand why you would think that there is anything to be gained from believing that.

              Again, I will pray that you find the truth.

              Regarding the date of Hebrews, here is what some scholars have concluded.

              “Hebrews must have been written before the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple in a.d. 70 because: (1) If it had been written after this date, the author surely would have mentioned the temple’s destruction and the end of the Jewish sacrificial system; and (2) the author consistently uses the Greek present tense when speaking of the temple and the priestly activities connected with it (see 5:1-3; 7:23,27; 8:3-5; 9:6-9,13,25; 10:1,3-4,8,11; 13:10-11).


              • First, let me say, I am not saying that Jesus lied about being God. Jesus *never claimed to be* God. It is *other* men, who insist that he is God — people who have been influenced and/or indoctrinated by the religion of Christianity make that claim about him. However, according to the Bible, Jesus did not make that claim.

                Eternal life does not hinge on whether or not Jesus was “a normal human being”. (That may be what some may teach, but that is not what the Bible says.)

                Eternal life hinges on what we do with our lives — how we live them. Do we walk in accordance to the Spirit of our Creator or not? Do we do the Creator’s Will or do we oppose Him?

                Whatever we believe about Jesus’ life, death & resurrection does not matter *so much as* doing the Will of our heavenly Father. That is the ultimate aim. That is what Jesus taught throughout his ministry on the earth.

                The aim of the Bible’s message-at-large is for the Creator to be the God of all mankind and for all mankind to be His children. And we demonstrate we are His children by simply walking in His ways.

                I understand that you don’t know me, Steve, and you don’t know & understand the years of concentrated time & energy that I have put into studying the Bible, to include the Masoretic & Samaritan Texts, the Septuagint and the Hebrew and Koine Greek languages.

                You don’t know the trials & testing grounds I have been through. I am just words (and a face with a finite amount of speech) on a screen to you. I realize that.

                Unfortunately, because you don’t know & understand my credentials, and the words & ideas that I present to you are not resonating with the words & ideas you have received from others, you are dismissing what I have to offer you without even considering it with an open mind.

                For some reason you seem to think that I have not been led by the Holy Spirit in my educational & experiential journey as it relates to this subject matter, despite admitting frequently that you are still learning yourself.

                How are you able to make that determination? What is the ruler by which you are measuring the involvement of the Holy Spirit in my life & in my learning?

                These are rhetorical questions — I don’t want you to give me answers to them, but I do want you to think about them for your own sake.

                I, too, respect your right to believe what you will, but please know that **you don’t need to rely on** “the experts” to teach you.

                You have been given a mind to take in information and process it, and you have access to the Spirit of God to teach you what you need to know in this life in order to live, and to live it well.

                This is what the new covenant is all about. (Please read Jeremiah 31:33-34 & Hebrews 10-12 again.) I pray you understand this.

                May we both continue to seek the truth in all matters of importance to our lives and find it. And may we both walk in accordance to it and experience peace, prosperity & long life as a result. 🙂


        • “I am not saying that Jesus lied about being God. Jesus *never claimed to be* God.”

          I’m sorry Carrie. But that statement IS a lie.

          How can you read Ezekiel 34,
          “ 1For thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I, even I, will both search my sheep, and seek them out. 12As a shepherd seeketh out his flock in the day that he is among his sheep that are scattered; so will I seek out my sheep, and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day. 13And I will bring them out from the people, and gather them from the countries, and will bring them to their own land, and feed them upon the mountains of Israel by the rivers, and in all the inhabited places of the country. 14I will feed them in a good pasture, and upon the high mountains of Israel shall their fold be: there shall they lie in a good fold, and in a fat pasture shall they feed upon the mountains of Israel. 15I will feed my flock, and I will cause them to lie down, saith the Lord GOD. 16I will seek that which was lost, and bring again that which was driven away, and will bind up that which was broken, and will strengthen that which was sick: but I will destroy the fat and the strong; I will feed them with judgment.”

          (That’s God talking there Carrie!)

          And then read John 10,

          “ John 10:11
          “I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.”

          (That’s Jesus talking there Carrie! You’re wearing blinders!)

          And still insist that Jesus didn’t claim to be God?

          I leave you with this.

          “I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him: I’m ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don’t accept his claim to be God. That is the one thing we must not say. A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic — on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg — or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse. You can shut him up for a fool, you can spit at him and kill him as a demon or you can fall at his feet and call him Lord and God, but let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about his being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to.”

          ― C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

          • I can read Ezekiel 34 and then John 10 and see that being (& referring to oneself as) a “shepherd”, either literally or figuratively, doesn’t make one God.

            Yes, “the LORD (aka YHVH: God) is my shepherd” as the psalmist says in psalm 23, and David (a man) was a shepherd, both literally of his father, Jesse’s, flock and figuratively over the house of Israel, his heavenly Father’s flock. Likewise, Jesus (another man) was “the good shepherd”, figuratively, over the sheep, which his heavenly Father (God) gave to him.

            See for yourself:
            John 10:27 “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: 28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. 29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.”

            Regarding the quote you left off with, C.S. Lewis is clearly contending for Christianity, not necessarily for the truth.

            As for me, I prefer the truth.

      • Thanks Carrie, I’m a bit late to this conversation but I understand what you mean. Personally I don’t have a problem with the Bible being the ‘word of God’ (though technically it’s words ABOUT the word of God if you get what I mean? ). I agree with you that the main issue is that of people and institutions presenting the Bible in line with their own particular spin. The other main problem is that IMO, most people haven’t actually read it, cover to cover for themselves, including way too many Christians. So they have only a limited understanding of what’s in it and almost no understanding of what isn’t in it and therefore are easily lead astray. The Bible warns of this also. 🙂

        Most people who adventure down that path end up in some sort of religion with all their rules and customs instead of finding the living God. Or to use Bible metaphors, they hop on a plane in Egypt (a model of what we call ‘the world’), do a little hop-skip landing in Jerusalem (spiritually speaking the destination for Gods people) and fly straight on to Babylon (the Biblical metaphor for ‘religion’). Interestingly the 2 places God’s people were enslaved in the Bible was Egypt (the world and all it’s iphones etc) and Babylon (religion).

        Anyway, I digress, what I wanted to say was don’t throw baby Jesus out with the religious bathwater like so many others do. 🙂

        All the best.

        • Thank you, Paul. I appreciate your comment.

          Yes, it is astonishing how so many Christians have never actually read even the bulk of the Bible. (I was in that boat for most of my life.)

          I think one of the best things Christians can do is to stop listening & reading what others have to say about the Bible for a time and focus solely on reading it for themselves, over & over again, to get a firm grasp on what it actually says & doesn’t say so that they can actually be discerning when others speak about what it supposedly says. But that takes a lot of attention time & energy to do so. (However, where there’s a will, there’s a way, which happened to be the case for me about 15 years ago.)

          Unfortunately, people are warned against doing this for themselves, being told if they go down that path (you know, the path of trying to learn things on your own without having the voice of other men telling you what to think all the time), it’s very dangerous. They’re at risk of eternal damnation, they say. 🙁

          It’s more like, they are at risk of discovering the deceptions of religion and might wind up stepping into the authority, power & dominion they had all along and walking on their own two feet — out of bondage and eventually into a land, flowing with milk & honey.

          Thanks again for commenting. And I assure you, I have not thrown out the baby Jesus with the religious bathwater, as you so eloquently put it. 🙂

          All the best to you as well.

          • Thanks Carrie, sounds about right. The only thing I would add is that I have no issues with religious organisations as purely social enterprises. It’s good for people to congregate and make new friends and form communities. Religion has and does also do a lot of good work in the world (and some not so good of course).

            The main problem seems to be when people conflate Church with Christ. I can understand how that happens but as I said before, not having actually read the Bible cover to cover leaves people open to being led down the wrong path, at least for a while. I suspect it might be the same for other worldviews as well?


    • “Was that really God’s message or man’s? *(The Gospel)* According to the Bible, who is it that needs “to be saved” and “saved” from what? What does that salvation even look like? Christianity tells us one thing, whereas the Bible, when keeping everything in its proper context, produces a different set of answers.”

      (I’m replying to your first post to prevent the replies from being squeezed to the right)

      “(And quite frankly, we, in the modern age, were not their intended audience.)”

      😊 I’m now convinced that you would very much enjoy and benefit from Heiser’s teaching. You might like to browse through his podcasts. https://nakedbiblepodcast.com/episodes/

      I do believe strongly that the entire Bible, both the Old Testament and the New was meant to point to and lead to the Savior. That in my opinion is the message of both the human authors and the divine One.

      I really don’t understand what you mean by, Christianity tells us one thing while the Bible tells us something different. Would you mind elaborating on this for me.

      As far as my understanding goes, we need to be saved from the consequences of OUR own sins. Not Adam’s sin.
      I believe that the doctrine of original sin is church tradition and that it is unbiblical. When Adam sinned, DEATH was imputed to all humanity, not guilt. We don’t need Adam’s guilt. We’ve plenty of our own to condemn us.

      Who needs to be saved?
      Everyone who has ever committed a moral transgression. That would exclude the unborn child who died from miscarriage or abortion, the infant or child that dies prior to being able to understand the concept of morality or sin as well as the severely mentally disabled of any age who also isn’t capable of understanding those things.
      These individuals don’t need to be saved from judgment because they have no sin attributed to them. However, they still rely on what Jesus Christ did in order to have eternal life with God because Christ defeated death.

      My understanding is that salvation means that our guilt is borne by Christ. The only human to have ever lived a sinless life, because He was also God, and therefore the only one qualified to be the sacrificial substitute.

      What does salvation look like? I think that the answer to that will take eternity to unfold. But to simplify it, I think that it means that we have been granted eternal life with our creator. I don’t think that I or anyone else can comprehend the full implications of that.

      “I came to realize that in order to be a Christian, one must accept a particular tenet of faith concerning the nature of Jesus”

      “I no longer qualify as a Christian.”

      I definitely need you to expand on this.

      What tenet of faith do you think one must accept to qualify as a Christian?
      What did Abraham do to be called righteous?
      What did Jesus ask from his followers?
      What did the writers of the New Testament claim was necessary to be a Christian?
      Faith. Belief. Loyalty. Trust.
      Is a human realistically capable of doing more than that?

      • Christianity tells us “for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”, and we all (every man, woman & child) are in need of a Savior, so that when we die, we will not go to Hell.

        Christianity also tells us Jesus is that Savior — that he is God, and if we accept him as our personal Lord & Savior, we will receive everlasting life and secure a spot in Heaven after we die.

        However, when we read the Old Testament, we see the bulk of that text is all about the children of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, also known as “Israel”, and their grooming to become a royal priesthood among the nations. And the New Testament carries that forward leading up to the end of the 2nd temple era.

        Christianity inserts all of mankind into the text of the New Testament, however the text of the New Testament particularly applied to those living in that region in that century when Christianity as we understand it today was not even a thing.

        As for who is in need of salvation and salvation from what…

        According to the Bible, it was Israel who was in need of salvation, and they needed to be saved from the hands of their enemies. Why? Because God had handed them over to their enemies due to their sin. What was their sin? They forsook God after having covenanted with Him to be His people.

        What did they need to do to “get saved”? They needed to “repent” (change their mind), get baptized in water (for the remission of sins) and ultimately get baptized in the Spirit of God and walk in accordance to that Spirit, behaving as God’s people, acting as the “royal priesthood” they were intended to be.

        Jesus was an agent of salvation. He, being a man (& not God), figuratively acted as a prophet, priest & king in his role as “Messiah”, speaking the words of God to men, interceding on behalf of men to God, mediating between God & man, and ruling in righteousness, remaining obedient to the will of God, even to the point of death.

        The overarching message of the Bible is not about heaven or hell, and it’s not about accepting Jesus as God or embracing the notion that God sent His son to die for our sins, which is what Christianity in general purports.

        The book is primarily a story about the Israel of the Bible growing into their role of being “the body of the Anointed”: a royal priesthood, acting as prophets, priests & kings (in a figurative sense) among the nations — being a blessing and a light to the nations, and the son of David (Jesus) being the head of that body.

        At least, that’s how I see it. I realize there’s more to be gleaned from the Bible than that, but essentially that’s what I understand the book to be about.

        (In case you missed it, the Christian tenet of faith I reject is the virgin birth doctrine and the insistence that the man, Jesus, is God.)

        RE: Michael Heiser

        I’ve heard a little from him in the past. Thanks for bringing him back to my attention. 🙂

      • Furthermore, SCAH, I want to thank you for engaging me and allowing me the opportunity to share my understanding as it relates to this subject. Sincerely.

        I have sources to back up my claims, and I’m always willing to share what I’ve learned, particularly with those interested in learning and uncovering/discovering what is true/real/actual. (I have a website where I’ve shared some of what I’ve learned over the years as it relates to the Bible. It’s continually evolving as I continue to learn & grow. The site is: https://messyanic.com/)

        Please know, I appreciate it when people share their beliefs, because it gives insight into why people speak & behave as they do, and it presents opportunities for all who hear/read about them to learn & grow. 🙂

    • “I want to thank you for engaging me and allowing me the opportunity to share my understanding as it relates to this subject. Sincerely.”

      I feel exactly the same way. And I thank you.

      “In case you missed it, the Christian tenet of faith I reject is the virgin birth doctrine and the insistence that the man, Jesus, is God.”

      This makes me sad. And sadly it also likely makes anything further that I write kind of pointless.

      The deity of Christ is the fundamental doctrine of Christianity. The resurrection is the foundation of the hope that Christianity is built upon.
      If Jesus isn’t God, the Bible is meaningless and faith is a futile exercise in self deception.
      What is there to discuss?

      Personally, I don’t believe in OSAS. While I do believe that there is nothing one can do to earn salvation and therefore there is no act of moral failure that one can do to lose it. I do believe that salvation can be rejected by choosing to reject Christ. By replacing Him with another god or gods.
      As Heiser so succinctly puts it, “there are no Baal worshipers in heaven”.
      You seem to have turned from God.

      Carrie, as I noted in my first reply, you seem to omit the work of the Holy Spirit in the creation and preservation of the Bible as well as His indwelling power in the individual believer.
      But perhaps you don’t accept what the Bible says about the Spirit either. Which would explain why you seem to have abandoned your faith.

      I didn’t want to quote verses during this dialogue and I’m not confident that doing so will have any effect. Still, I do believe that there is power in the words.
      So I’ll just close with a few in the hopes that you will take them in the spirit of love with which I offer them. Along with the assurance that I will earnestly pray that you might be filled with the Spirit and regain the joy of your salvation.
      I wish you Grace and Peace Carrie.

      1 Peter Chapter 1

      10 Of which salvation the prophets have enquired and searched diligently, who prophesied of the grace that should come unto you:
      11 Searching what, or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify, when it testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow.
      12 Unto whom it was revealed, that not unto themselves, but unto us they did minister the things, which are now reported unto you by them that have preached the gospel unto you with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven; which things the angels desire to look into.

      “Matthew 1:23 – Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.”

      “John 14:27
      Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

      “John 10:30 – I and my Father are one.”

      • Steve,

        > Why would rejecting the virgin birth doctrine and the notion that Jesus is God make you sad? Have you ever investigated what the Bible has to say on these matters for yourself?

        (I know these points are fundamental doctrines of Christianity — that’s why I said I no longer qualify as a Christian.)

        These teachings *oppose* what the Bible actually says. Does that matter to you?

        > You said, “If Jesus isn’t God, the Bible is meaningless and faith is a futile exercise in self deception.”

        I disagree, the Bible is most certainly meaningful, particularly when it’s understood that Jesus *isn’t* God. What becomes meaningless is Christianity.

        Yes, faith in something that is erroneous is a futile exercise in self-deception, however, faith in something that is true is very powerful. That is why it is imperative that we audit our belief systems from time to time — to make sure that which we are latching onto as true is indeed true.

        > Apparently the basis for your faith in God is *Christian doctrine, coupled with Bible passages stripped from their context*.

        The basis for *my* faith in God is the recognition that the world we inhabit was established by a Higher Power than man, and the life that exists in this world came from somewhere apart from this creation.

        I’m fine with accepting the creation story given in Genesis, identifying “God” as the Creator and stating the act of creation took place when the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and God spoke. And I read the entire Bible through that lens, starting with Genesis and going forward.

        > You said, “…I do believe that salvation can be rejected by choosing to reject Christ.” And then, you said, “You seem to have turned from God.”

        Please note: I have neither rejected Christ nor turned from God.

        I rejected the Virgin Birth doctrine and the notion that Jesus is God. But I still accept Jesus as “Christ” (or “Messiah”), and I embrace the God of Genesis 1:1 as the Creator of this world and the Source of life.

        > You said, “…I will earnestly pray that you might be filled with the Spirit and regain the joy of your salvation.”

        What makes you think I am not filled with the Spirit and that I have lost joy?

        RE: Your quoted Bible references

        > 1 Peter 1:1 refers to “Jesus Christ”, verse 2 refers to “God the Father” and again to “Jesus Christ”, and verse 3 refers to “the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

        “Jesus Christ” and “God” (also continually referred to as the Father) are *two separate entities*.

        > Matthew 1:23 is quoting Isaiah 7:14 with the added interpretation of “Emmanuel” by Matthew. In order to understand why the author would even include this quotation (& point out the definition of “Emmanuel”) in his opening chapter, you need to read & understand the context of that verse in Isaiah 7. (See also Isaiah 8) And then also, consider the entire context of Matthew 1.

        Keep in mind: Matthew was writing to an audience who was familiar with the Old Testament.

        • “Have you ever investigated what the Bible has to say on these matters for yourself?”

          Very much so. It is a continuing process.

          “These teachings *oppose* what the Bible actually says. Does that matter to you?”

          It would matter very much if it were true. Can you substantiate that claim?

          “the Bible is most certainly meaningful, particularly when it’s understood that Jesus *isn’t* God.”

          If the Bible isn’t true when it says that Jesus is God, how trustworthy is anything else it says?

          “Apparently the basis for your faith in God is *Christian doctrine, coupled with Bible passages stripped from their context*”

          I’m far from a biblical scholar, but I do understand the importance of reading and attempting to interpret the scripture in it’s multiple layers of context. And I have zero faith in man’s traditions.

          “The basis for *my* faith in God”

          I wonder what the reason is for your faith in God. What is to be gained?
          Do you believe in eternal life?
          Do you believe in heaven?
          Is the reason for your faith only hope for blessings in this earthly existence?

          “I have neither rejected Christ nor turned from God.
          I rejected the Virgin Birth doctrine and the notion that Jesus is God. But I still accept Jesus as “Christ” (or “Messiah”)”

          Are you saying that you accept God and are attempting to find favor with Him by keeping the law?
          Are you saying that the “Christ” who takes away the sin of the world and who defeated death was a mortal human?

          “What makes you think I am not filled with the Spirit”

          Forgive the scripture quotes.

          John 14:26
          But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

          John 14:9
          Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father?

          “you need to read & understand the context of that verse in Isaiah 7. (See also Isaiah 8) And then also, consider the entire context of Matthew 1.”

          I do my best.
          Coincidentally, or perhaps providentially, I just concluded a study of Isaiah.

          “Matthew was writing to an audience who was familiar with the Old Testament.”

          I agree. All of the authors of the gospel accounts were.

          Notably, you didn’t comment on this verse.
          What does it mean to you?

          “John 10:30 – I and my Father are one.”

          • Where does the Bible say Jesus is God?

            The Bible says Jesus is the Son of God (Mt 3:17, Mark 1:11, Luke 3:22, John 1:34), the Lamb of God (John 1:29) and the Anointed of God (Luke 9:20), but Jesus is never identified as being God.

            It says Jesus prayed to God (in Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22), is raised up & glorified by God (in Acts 2-3), stands at the right hand of God (Acts 7:55), but again, it doesn’t say he is God.

            > The Virgin Birth Doctrine claims Jesus had no natural father, however the Bible repeatedly says Jesus is the son of Joseph. In fact, being of the seed of David was the prophesied qualification for being the expected Christ/Messiah.

            Matthew 1 lays out a physical genealogy for Jesus, reaching back to Abraham, connecting him to King David through Jesus’ father, Joseph.

            Luke explains Mary, being kin to Elizabeth of the house of Aaron is betrothed to Joseph, of the house of David, and she receives a word from the angel that she would conceive and bring forth a son in the future who would be given the throne of his father David (in Luke 1:32) referring back to the word given to David concerning his physical offspring in 2 Samuel 7.

            Zechariah acknowledges a horn of salvation was being raised up in the house of David in Luke 1:69, referring to the future son Mary would bring forth for her betrothed husband, Joseph.

            Mary refers to Joseph as Jesus’ father in Luke 2:48.

            Luke lays out a lineage of men from Jesus to God, connecting him through David’s son, Nathan (as opposed to Solomon), through Jesus’ father, Joseph in Luke 3:23-38.

            Those attending the synagogue in Nazareth where Jesus was brought up acknowledged Jesus as being the son of Joseph in Luke 4:22.

            Philip identifies Jesus as the son of Joseph in John 1:44-46.

            The Jews in John 6:41-42 consider Jesus to be the son of Joseph, claiming they know his father & mother.

            People in that day acknowledged “Hath not the scripture said, That Christ cometh of the seed of David, and out of the town of Bethlehem, where David was?” in John 7:42.

            Paul identifies Jesus as being made of the seed of David according to the flesh in Romans 1:3 and in 2 Timothy 2:8.

            Jesus identifies himself as the offspring of David in Rev 22:16.

            > You asked, “Are you saying that the “Christ” who takes away the sin of the world and who defeated death was a mortal human?”

            The Bible says he was. It says he did in fact die a physical death, however his body did not see corruption because *God* raised him on the third day.

            RE: Isaiah 7-8

            Who was “the virgin” that was to conceive and bring forth a son referenced in Isaiah 7? (See Isaiah 8:3.)

            RE: John 10:30

            See Jesus’ prayer in John 17:11 and in verse 21. Jesus prayed that those who were given to him would be one, just as Jesus and the Father were one. And he prayed for unity also for those who would believe on Jesus through the words of those given to him.

            Note: “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;” 1 Tim 2:5

            • Carrie, again I truly thank you for the opportunity to have this exchange.
              However, as so often happens with discussions like this is that they become a competition of sorts. While that can be fun up to a point, I think that it can also become unproductive and even detrimental when carried too far. I think that we’ve arrived at that point.

              My fleshy pride likes to win arguments. I’m susceptible to falling into that trap and must remember to be on guard against doing that.
              Honestly, in my heart, I really just want to see people come to know and love my God and Savior as I have.

              So I’ll make one last comment in answer to your question, “Where does the Bible say Jesus is God?“, even as I am sure that you cannot receive it right now.

              This is only one verse but as I’m sure that you know, there are many others.
              I just don’t think there is any point in quoting them.

              May God richly bless you.

              Colossians 2:9
              “For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.”

              • When I asked, “Where does the Bible say Jesus is God?”, I did so because I don’t believe the Bible does say so.

                For some reason you seem to think I know there are many places that make such a claim. I honestly don’t. (I know of several passages that are often misused by Christianity to support the claim, however, there are none that I know of that come right out and say, Jesus is God.)

                I’m fine with ceasing this particular line of discussion. (Although, I am curious as to what you make of all the passages I did point out. Nonetheless, please don’t feel obligated to respond any further to this particular subject.)

                Also, please know I wasn’t trying to compete with you. Essentially, I was simply giving you my “show notes” (Bible references to back up my claims).

                Thank you again, too, for this exchange. Peace. 🙂

          • You said, “I wonder what the reason is for your faith in God.” And asked, “What is to be gained? Do you believe in eternal life? Do you believe in heaven? Is the reason for your faith only hope for blessings in this earthly existence?”

            I value the life God has given me, the natural world with its natural law & order established by Him, and the seed in which life can be found.

            I value humanity and the opportunity to continually help shape this world into a better place.

            I don’t long for death or for a life after death. I long to do the Will of my Heavenly Father, which I believe is to propagate life here on the earth.

    • Hi again Carrie,
      I promise I won’t keep harping on you after this final comment.

      You didn’t express distain, (a response I commonly receive), when I mentioned Michael Heiser earlier so I thought that you might be interested in what an Old Testament and ancient language scholar thinks about what the first century Jewish religious leaders understood in regard to Jesus’s words in John 10.
      The excerpt I’m quoting is from a piece that goes into some of Heiser’s unconventional ideas.
      I obviously recommend and hope that you will read the whole article.


      “Jesus reminds his enemies that their Scriptures say there are other elohim who are divine sons—and this on the heels of declaring himself one with the Father (John 10:30) puts him in the position of not only claiming divinity as a son of the Most High, but by claiming to be above the sons of God since he is one with the Father. In other words, Jesus appeals to sons of God who are MORE THAN HUMAN as his prooftext for defending his claim that, by calling himself the son of God he is more than a man (and that’s very obviously the way the Jews took what he said). But by ALSO saying he was equal with the father (John 10:30) and that the Father was “in him” (see my discussion of the Name theology in Exod 23:20-23 for the backdrop to that phrase) and he was in the Father, he goes beyond claiming to be more than a man on equal par to the elohim of the divine council. He casts himself as Lord of the council — God himself.“”

      Have a great weekend, Steve

      • Hi Steve,

        I don’t have a reason to disdain Michael Heiser — I haven’t seen or heard a whole lot of what he’s put forth yet. (I was just familiar with his name.) I do, however, disagree with his premise concerning the nature of Jesus.

        Personally, I don’t see Jesus’ reference to Ps 82:6 being used by him to establish a claim to be God, because **he doesn’t actually make that claim**. He simply claims to be *the Son of* God.

        It appears to me that the Jews in that scene were trying to mar his reputation by suggesting he was making himself out to be God when he wasn’t, so, I believe he used the Scriptures to expose their foolishness, and then he restated his claim of unity with the Father.

        As I understand it, Jesus was pointing out that in Psalm 82, the immortal gods, who are called the sons of God in the assembly of the gods, are reprimanded for not judging justly (& thereby not demonstrating the works of God), and they are condemned to die as mortal men, whereas Jesus, a mortal man, who asserts himself to be the Son of God and *demonstrates the works of his heavenly Father*, was being called a blasphemer because he said he was one with the Father.

        Keep in mind, the passage in John begins in verse 10 with the Jews saying, “if thou art the Christ, tell us freely.” And, it was commonly understood by those familiar with the Scriptures that “the Christ/Anointed” to come was considered to be both the physical son of David and “the Son” of God. (See 2 Samuel 7 & Ps 2)

        (Again, I call your attention to John 17 when Jesus prayed for unity, and note the reference to the Father being *in* him and him being *in* the Father in verse 38 — similar to what is stated in John 10:38. I don’t know what Michael Heiser says on the matter, but I think the text is pretty clear — he wasn’t praying that they all be deities, but rather that they all be united.)

        I hope you have a great weekend as well. 🙂

  21. Concerning the subject of cows, I wrote the following post 2-1/2 years ago, sharing a little bit more about me personally & my relationship to cows (of which we now have 16). You might find it (& the links therein) interesting…

    “I Am Not A Cow Person”

    • Thank you for the link. You have a lovely, warmly inviting website with helpful information. I especially enjoyed the video of the day-old calf as I have loved these gentle creatures since I was a child.

      • You’re welcome, Jo-ann — I’m glad you enjoyed it. And thank you. 🙂

  22. New privacy SOLUTION? Simplex Chat discussed on the Watchman Privacy podcast, also posted on YouTube.

    Simplex Chat Private Messenger

    “Gabriel speaks with Evgeny, the founder of Simplex Chat. Simplex is a recent and still-developing private messaging app with a slant toward privacy over convenience. Evgeny gives his critical thoughts on other private messengers, explains how privacy software can fund itself, exposes the myth of disappearing messages, and gets into some of the finer details of how Simplex Chat has made different choices from its competitors. In particular Simplex gets rid of accounts altogether, allowing you to create as many “profiles” as you want that are localized to your device. The result is, as Evgeny says, Simplex knows nothing about its users.”

  23. This brilliant presentation by Dr. Michael Nehls, author of The Indoctrinated Brain, includes how personality and memories are formed and retained, and health benefits of Vit. D, Omega-3 fatty acids, and Lithium, all in context of immunity, prevention/progression of Alzheimer Disease, and indoctrination of people for social engineering.

    https://vimeo.com/923157611 (about 90 min.)

      • Came across these paragraphs in an article on Maladies & Remedies Substack


        Excerpt (emphasis added):

        “… “Nutritional Lithium, a Cinderella Story”. In that book, the author Dr. Greenblatt MD describes, in detail, how lithium helps with so many mental disorders including eating disorders, and bipolar. Dr. Greenblatt has also spoken about how lithium orotate can help with the impulsivity, irritability and instability of borderline personality disorder.

        Lithium orotate seems to be very safe, and very useful for these disorders. It seems to generally be considered a “mood stabilizer” and it’s great for reducing irritability and aggression. There is also evidence that it can help with OCD, tics (as seen in chronic tic disorders such as Tourette’s syndrome), depression and most neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. There are many reasons why lithium is helpful, some of which are that it helps normalize glutamate levels, it can increase the utilization of vitamin B12, increases BDNF, it lowers PUFA levels which helps lower inflammation and so on. Lithium seems to be even more effective when combined with the amino acid agmatine.

      • time where Lithium topic is introduced: about 1:15:00

    • Jo-ann, Thanks so much for those additional links and this Subthread.

      Drink filtered or distilled water?
      Mineral Supplementation – possibly Lithium Orotate (5mg – natural health supplement)

      I had a flashbulb realization moment when listening to Dr. Nehls on The Highwire. He pointed out that Lithium is a mineral that the body needs. It can reduce inflammation and inhibit a cytokine storm.

      My recent experiment Lithium Orotate:
      With the recent hot humid days, I had been noticing a more achy body. I already take certain mineral supplements and/or lots of vegetables. But it occurred to me that with “none-mineralized water”, I might be deficient in Lithium.
      I went to the backroom shelf and grabbed an unopened bottle of Lithium Orotate. I had not touched Lithium in a year or two.
      I took a 5mg tab and within 30 minutes noticed that the body aches dissipated.

      Crazy Water and Mineral Wells, Texas with its highrise Baker Hotel
      My four younger brothers and I spent our middle school and high school years in Mineral Wells, which at the time had Ft Wolters a primary helicopter training base for the Vietnam War. Our father was a civilian helicopter instructor pilot. This was/is a small town of around 15,000 or so. We boys had many, many, many wonderful adventures there.

      During the 1930’s, people from all over would come for the mineral baths and to drink the water.
      The Crazy Water Hotel had big band music and radio shows. Living in a nearby town, Mary Martin (Peter Pan) would teach dance and sing there. Her son Larry Hagman was born in that town and later became JR of Dallas fame.

      Crazy Water is named because of the legend of a lady who became less crazy from the water.
      I have a bottle of Crazy Water #4 at my desk now. It has 0.17 mg/L of Lithium in it.
      Sidenote: Dr. Kat Lindley lives in that region. She was recently in Switzerland protesting WHO.

      • Thanks for the great story. You probably found Dr. Nehls’ post devoted to Lithium: https://michaelnehls.substack.com/p/lithium-the-essential-trace-element

        About a couple of years ago I wondered if I might be missing some trace minerals because I use distilled water for drinking and cooking, so I bought Trace Mineral Drops to add to my drinking water. The label claims the daily dose of 1/2 tsp. (40 drops) delivers 1.5 mg Lithium. (Wish this product wasn’t packaged in a plastic bottle, though.)

  24. Another new privacy app discussion on The Watchman Privacy Podcast: MYSUDO: VOIP WITH PRIVACY FOCUS


    Description: “Gabriel speaks with Paul Ashley of Anonyome Labs: creators of the VoIP service MySudo. The service is essential for privacy users: it allows you to have up to nine legitimate phone numbers organized in a handy app that is zero-knowledge encrypted.”

  25. The Genius of Jesus Christ
    By David Deming
    June 8, 2024


    “Jesus taught that mercy must supersede justice. When asked how many times we must forgive a person who transgresses against us, he answered “not seven times, but seventy-seven times.” In effect, we must never seek retribution for perceived offenses. The perception of offense is subjective. The desire for vengeance masquerades as a quest for justice, leading to an endless cycle of offense, retribution, and violence. Jesus tells us that the cycle must be broken at the beginning.

    The sustainability of human progress requires peaceful cooperation. If human civilization is to endure and advance, we must find a way to reduce violent conflict. Jesus Christ showed us how to do this two thousand years ago. It is not necessary to be a Christian to recognize the genius of Jesus Christ or accept the value of his teachings. The world’s leading atheist, Richard Dawkins, recently made the shocking announcement that he identified as a “cultural Christian.” If we do not find a way to work together cooperatively and peacefully, we risk mutual destruction and reversion to a pre-industrial state characterized by suffering and misery inconceivable to modern man. The Fermi Paradox is a stark warming. Given everything we know, the universe should be swarming with intelligent life. Yet we have no evidence for the existence of any advanced alien civilization. Perhaps they all simply destroyed themselves. If we do not take heed, our fate may be the same.”


  26. This ruling could be a game changer:

    BREAKING: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules mRNA COVID-19 Jab is NOT a Vaccine Under Traditional Medical Definitions

    The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has delivered a seismic decision that could reshape public health policy across the nation.

    In a contentious case involving the Health Freedom Defense Fund and other plaintiffs versus the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the court has declared that mRNA COVID-19 injections do not qualify as vaccines under traditional medical definitions.

    The case revolved around the LAUSD’s COVID-19 vaccination policy, which required all employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by a specified deadline.

    The plaintiffs argued that the district’s vaccine mandate infringed upon their fundamental right to refuse medical treatment, as the mRNA injections do not prevent the transmission of COVID-19 but merely mitigate symptoms for the recipient.

    The court’s opinion, penned by Circuit Judge R. Nelson and supported by Judge Collins, asserts that the mRNA shots, marketed as vaccines, do not effectively prevent the transmission of COVID-19 but merely reduce symptoms in those who contract the virus. This crucial distinction undermines the foundational premise of the vaccine mandates enforced by various governmental and educational institutions.

    • Oh! cool! cool!
      Definitely, the Overton Window is shifting.

  27. In one of Maria Zeee’s latest interviews with Jason Burmas (of 9/11 fame) he talks with extreme confidence about Moderna’s ability to sequence a virus within 72 hours, both zoonotic viruses and also biological warfare agents.


    And of course many here are very familiar with Dr. Tom Cowan (of ‘terrain theory’ fame) who very recently aired his Wednesday Webinar examining the Covid-19 lab leak theory and viruses and debunks both with extreme confidence.


    Now both of these guys can’t be right, can they?

  28. Weather is on my mind too…Can’t miss it or forget it a few days, every morning – bam ! Milky sky and visible lines(at least no extreme conditions here so far). Intranquillity, that what they want, continuously asking yourself « what is going on, what for and what is going to happen ? ». I took a one-way ticket to harsch reality in 2020 (I used to question many things before, but it took quite another level of realization then !) and now I think I get it, all the aspects, dimensions of it, locally, globally, forwards and especially backwards. Some days I « over-get » it. But I guess that is what make us human beings, to sometimes feel overwhelmed and very dizzy by the deliberate constant attempt to destroy humanity. Especially when locally and generally very few still get what is at stake(or is it steak ? I struggle with spelling and words currently).In the country of « non non ! » (except for totalitarian mandates)and tasty stinky cheese, everyone now hates the government and struggles (health, inflation, confusion etc), but let it looks like everything would be « back to normal ». There is no way back to me, maskless back in the times and now, no paper mask and no social mask. There have been many deadlines given in the alternative media, by 2022, 23, 24, 25 it will be over. It was cheering and gave me strenghth during the darkest times and revelations but I’ve been realizing over the last two years that some don’t even practice what they preach or very odd combinations, and that there is a really long road ahead. There is the political aspect of it, maybe it will be a bit less worse with that one or this one, maybe trade will replace war, but it will remain a show about power struggle, and then there is humanity (it’s not specific I know), it just how it has always felt to me (in a more diluted way before), maybe it will evolve. Darkness also led to incredible (re)discoveries – many with direct ramifications to the daily life – which they are trying hard to suppress (the importance of terrain in health for ex, the properties of pure water, patent-free seeds,decentralized money systems etc). It takes time to unlearn and relearn and deconstruct the cognitive patterns of self doubt and sabotage but gradually it is starting to operate a sort of consolidation of knowldege and I feel a bit more confident to share it spontanously in a more articulate way. And figure out how to incorporate it to a way of living(financially also) But to reconcile this mind buzz to the daily circus is still very strange and tiring. I will continue to do research, I can’t help it as well, but there is indeed a tricky balance to find between searching the truth, and deriving attention from your own truth. This may sound cheesy but I have to work on that one. Realistic and cheering media outlets on the long run, locally and here help greatly on the road, so do the comments, when I have the time and brain capacity to read it. How is the weather today? Oh no. Bon courage!


    excuse me, but have you heard anything else about the Red Heifers that were to be sacrificed so their ashes could be used to re-dedicate the Temple?

    I heard they were shipped out from Texas and the Rabbis were all set up to kill them but then never heard a peep about it.

    • I know you asked James for a reply, but if I might indulge myself in the meantime? 🙂

      There is a LOT more going on around the Temple and it’s sanctification than just the perfect red heifer. And keep in mind, as far as the physical temple in Jerusalem goes, anything after around 560BC was a total religious scam. In 560BC Jerusalem and the temple was destroyed, including all the ceremonial objects, the ark of the covenant etc.

      Now go back to the original temple (which was actually the tabernacle, a kind of portable version of the temple while the jews were stuck in the desert). The instructions for it’s construction and sanctification are all there in what we call the Old Testament so it wouldn’t be too hard to replicate the physical aspects. But the whole point of the temple, both literally back them and metaphorically/mystically now is that it was the place that God (or the presence of God) resided in the midst of the people. He localised this presence in the tabernacle for the benefit of His people. The tabernacle was constructed so that the Lord would be among His people: “And let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell in their midst” (Ex. 25:8). But in an even more specific way, the ark served as the place of the presence of God. As we read in Exodus 25:22, “There I will meet with you . . . on the ark of the testimony, I will speak with you” (Ex. 25:22; emphasis added).

      The ark was destroyed around 560BC, did I mention that? 🙂

      So if a third temple was to be rebuilt you would have to also make another ark of the covenant. OK, not so hard, all the instructions are also in the texts but it still wont matter. It was what was IN the ark that made it sanctified and those items could never be replaced, nor were they meant to. Like a lot of other Biblical things, they were a type or a form of that which was to come later. From the tabernacle, to the temple of stone, to the temple of flesh and blood made from ‘living stones’ which was completed by Christ 2000 years ago. His final words ‘It is finished’.

      So what was in the ark that made it so special? The broken bits of the original 10 commandments, Aaron’s staff and some manna from their time in the desert. Those things could be faked I guess but just as they might have been faked in the production of the second temple all that would accomplish is more religious nonsense to fool the masses. Just like they did in Jesus’ day.

      My advice is to forget about all of this ‘rebuilding the temple’ nonsense and focus instead on ‘Christ IN you, the hope of glory’ as the Bible puts it. Instead of the inward transformation that is at the heart of the gospels most believers instead opt for rules and do’s and don’ts and how-to’s and religious rituals. Seek the living God and not temples and religions. And if what I have written isn’t obvious, this verse should be.

      “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? ”

      All the best.

      • “My advice is to forget about all of this ‘rebuilding the temple’ nonsense and focus instead on ‘Christ IN you, the hope of glory’ as the Bible puts it.”

        The significance of the Jews rebuilding the third temple is that it plays an important role in Bible prophesy. If it’s imminent (and it appears to be) then the appearance of Antichrist is also imminent. But more importantly, Christians believe that Jesus’ return at the culmination of history will swiftly follow.

        • Thanks dots,

          Yes I am well aware of that interpretation of revelations and what most Christians have been led to believe about it. But after a few decades of believing the same things I eventually decided that interpretation wasn’t sufficient. The so-called ‘anti christ’ is already here and has been for a long time. The term ‘anti-christ’ is better understood as the instead-of-christ rather than the opposite of Christ if for no other reason than to move us way from the hollywood, Left Behind comic-book theology version of it all.

          Here are some verses from 200 years ago. 🙂

          “and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world.”

          “Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have appeared; from this we know that it is the last hour.”

          “For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the antichrist.”

          So not ‘coming one day soon when the 3rd temple is built’ but ‘here now’ and at least for the last 2000 years since those verses were written.

          Same goes for Jesus: “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ IS (not ‘has’ or ‘will one day but he’s waiting on a building to be finished in Jerusalem’) come in the flesh”. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

          So having said that, I am well aware that the 3rd physical temple probably will get built, the Jews are a powerful force for getting their way and with the money and military of the U.S. behind them as well as the misguided good intentions of U.S. Christians they’ll probably get it done. And many people will fall for it up to and including a possible deep-fake Jesus (we’ll see).

          “My kingdom is not of this world” 3rd temple or otherwise, don’t be deceived any more. 🙂

  30. Thanks to the good people over at Twisted Tree Farm, I am gonna be propagating many Shagbark Hickory trees from seed for several Carolinian Forest Regeneration, Refugia and Regenerative Agroforestry (Food Forest Design) projects in the coming months.

    I have been applying the information and techniques in Akiva Silver’s (the owner and operator of Twisted Tree Farm’s) book “Trees of Power : Ten Essential Arboreal Allies” and have been seeing great results and improved germination rates as well as improved root health in the seedlings.

    I highly recommend Akiva’s book and his nursery for it’s high quality content and seeds/seedlings that were grown and/or collected with love (and in living soils).

    If you are in the state of New York or the surrounding area and are looking for good quality tree and shrub seeds/seedlings to enrich your garden or food forest design, I suggest checking out the Twisted Tree Nursery website:


    • That’s an investment in future! May your seedlings thrive in their future homes.

      • Thanks jo-ann! Yes indeed, it may take 20-30 years before the trees grown from seed bear nuts, but they are capable of going on producing nutrient dense nuts for centuries after that. I plant these seeds for the 7th generation and as my way to say thank you to the Earth and our fellow non-human Earth inhabitants for all the gifts they have shared with me in this life.

        I appreciate the comment.

        • P.S. The Serviceberry fruits are starting to ripen in my area. I watched robins, cedar waxwings, a red-headed woodpecker, and a few other smaller birds working to yank the berries off the flimsy branches – hard work. Mother robin was seen feeding her same-sized offspring some berries that were on the ground. One immature robin was trying to help itself by jumping up to grab low hanging berries. Funny stunt. Another robin landed on the lawn with a ripe juicy berry held in its beak, then popped it down whole. What pleasure, watching for a few moments on this glorious Spring day.

          • @jo-ann

            I was snacking on some serviceberries from one of our trees in the front yard before work the other day and there was one robin and two cedar wax wings not more than two feet from my face eating berries along side of me! I got a great look at those cool looking batman-esk face feathers on the cedar waxwings 🙂

            I leave them the top half of the tree and harvest the bottom half for my breakfasts and making banana bread.

            There are a great many robins, sparrows, barn swallows, warblers and a couple hawks at the farm I work at and I have been blessed to see them building their nests, through the spring, laying eggs (I have to check on the tree’s health as part of my job at the nursery so I often am looking right into the core of tree’s branches), seeing the eggs hatching and the parents feeding the young ones until they take flight.

            Most of them get to know me and trust my presence near their nest after a while but there are a couple especially feisty robin and blackbird moms that yell at me and take swings at my head when I walk by during irrigation (they keep me on my toes haha).

            Today at work I noticed two baby killdeer birds walking around and one of the parent birds started trying to convince me to follow them instead of working near the babies by putting on an elaborate charade where they pretended to be injured (flapping their wings in an awkward fashion and making painful sounds). It was quite a performance.

            I also gave a snapping turtle a boost from a busy road to a pond the other day and I got to see her start digging in the sand nearby to lay her eggs.

            I am blessed to be able to observe a great variety of beings living out their lives in the more than human world where I work to save up for printing my next book.

            Thanks for the vivid and heartening comment.

            • Thanks for sharing such lovely anecdotes about your wildlife encounters. 🙂

              • @jo-ann

                My pleasure!

                Today I was adding some kelp meal to potted plants as slow release fertilizer and a young male Cardinal became curious about what I was up to and hopped over to a branch tip to turn his head sideways and watch me carefully. It was a heartwarming experience.

                Here are some pics I have taken at or near where I work showing some of the winged beings I get to interact with and observe


                Enjoy! 🙂

            • > Today I noticed two baby killdeer birds walking around and one of the parent birds started trying to convince me to follow them instead of work near the babies by putting on an elaborate charade where they pretended to be injured (flapping their wings in an awkward fashion and making painful sounds). It was quite a performance.

              That must have been a scene to behold.

              • @mkey

                It was indeed.

                The elaborate movements and sounds the parents engage in to try and convince predators that they are an easier meal than the speedy little chicks is quite impressive.

                Here is a clip of one such display:


              • @mkey

                And the baby killdeers are hilarious and adorable with their disproportionately long legs compared to their tiny fluffy bodies. They go on these little fast walking spurts and wobble around as they get their footing. Sometimes I have trouble getting the irrigation done where they live in time to switch to the next zone as they are so amusing to watch that I get distracted haha

                Here is a clip that shows some baby killdeers


          • I few weeks ago I have evidenced a local unidentified bird species (somewhat similar to crow, similar size, but has at least 50% white feathers, they’re quite aggressive and smart) pick an almond right from the tree, fly off with it to another tree, lodge it safely, poke a hole in it and nab the soft inside. What really peeked my attention was the flippant move with which the bird disposed of the remaining shell.

            • Great that you got to witness the behavior! That bird sounds like a professional nut eater. In the western US there is a gray/black/white bird, Clark’s Nutcracker, but it is smaller than a crow. When I visited the UK many years ago I recall seeing impressive black and white birds that seemed similar to a Magpie, slightly larger than a crow. (If you ever identify the bird, please let us know what it is.)

              • Yes, I do believe we are talking about magpies, from the crow family.

                I’ve also witnessed these birds chase away (some extremely lazy) cats. Apparently, they do this if there is a nest nearby and they protect it by ganging up on neighborhood cats, who are otherwise completely disinterested in anything but having a laydown in some deep shade.

                Every evening they perform some flyovers and then they settle in the nearby trees, having a rather loud chat until the sun sets.

  31. Hey. Can anyone remind me of that fellow who sells merch/t-shirts with witty logos/memes etc? I don’t mean the NWNW merch store. The one I am thinking of might have been on a solutions watch and James has worn/promoted a t-shirt from the store previously

  32. Here’s my latest video, I did things differently this time. I had so many struggles with my computer to even get this one posted and I’m sorry to say that the link I’m going to post here to my website is just going to give you the video on yt, for some reason wordpress kept rejecting the file. Thanks for watching! Take care!


  33. Interesting article on the current bird-flu scam.


    A private government report obtained this week in response to questions over the decision to kill over 500,000 chickens in Victoria, Australia shows that the people making the decision had no verifiable evidence of a high risk infectious outbreak.

    The chicken farms that were claimed to be infected were so distant from any possible bird source that it was unlikely or impossible to have happened without deliberate intervention or manipulation of testing.

    The CSIRO, the Australian equivalent of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, is the closest possible source of the “outbreak” and it is not the first time they have been involved in the emergence of “new” viruses.

    The chicken cull would appear to be a manufactured crisis.

    Much, much more at the link.

  34. May be of interest to US history fans or students of “deep state” operations: substantial article tracing events and stories about the Nixon-Watergate saga in light of newly declassified records. The author concludes that Jim Hougan’s book Secret Agenda: Watergate, Deep Throat and the CIA, published in 1984, stands the test of time.


  35. The legitimacy of the ‘PCR Test’ might be the Achilles heel of the biosecurity state. Does anyone know of any legal suites filed to dispute the validity of the PCR Test? This is especially urgent now that the powers that shouldn’t be are destroying the food supply based on a digital version of this technology and preparing an mRNA ‘vaccine’ for the bird-flu. I would like to support any legal effort to discredit use of this tool as sole proof of any infection. From May, 26, 2024:

    MSM Silent As Court Holds PCR Covid Tests 97% Inaccurate – Unfit for Purpose


    “The main stream media (MSM) in Europe and the US is deathly silent as a court determines the PCR test legally useless to test for Covid.

    “The Landmark legal ruling finds that Covid tests are not fit for purpose. So what does the MSM do? They ignore it

    “Four German holidaymakers who were illegally quarantined in Portugal after one was judged to be positive for Covid-19 have won their case, in a verdict that condemns the widely-used PCR test as being up to 97-percent unreliable.

    “Earlier this month, Portuguese judges upheld a decision from a lower court that found the forced quarantine of four holidaymakers to be unlawful. The case centered on the reliability (or lack thereof) of Covid-19 PCR tests.

    “The verdict, delivered on November 11, followed an appeal against a writ of habeas corpus filed by four Germans against the Azores Regional Health Authority. This body had been appealing a ruling from a lower court which had found in favor of the tourists, who claimed that they were illegally confined to a hotel without their consent. The tourists were ordered to stay in the hotel over the summer after one of them tested positive for coronavirus in a PCR test – the other three were labelled close contacts and therefore made to quarantine as well.”

    • This matter does seem to be crux of it all, doesn’t it? Not sure what court deliberations can bring to the table, but unless superstitious belief systems are brought down, we won’t be getting off this sickening roller coaster ride any time soon.

    • I have been informed that the author of the above linked article is a “hate-spreading, white-supremacist convict” so she wouldn’t read the article. So I replied that he sounds like an awful fellow, but I was able to verify the sources of his information. In case you want to avoid the article of this awful creature, here is the original court ruling and one of the papers that the court cited in their decision:

      I found the original ruling in Portuguese and an English translation

      English – https://www-dgsi-pt.translate.goog/jtrl.nsf/33182fc732316039802565fa00497eec/79d6ba338dcbe5e28025861f003e7b30?_x_tr_sl=pt&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US

      Referenced by the court is a study showing that the cycle threshold used were too high, CT values of 35 or greater were not indicative of presence of a live virus in 97% of tests.
      Ref: https://academic.oup.com/cid/article/72/11/e921/5912603

  36. Interested in the germ vs terrain theory or debates in general? This might be entertaining and / or educational:

    VSRF Live #131: The Great Virus Debate! An Interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

    Description excerpt: On this week’s VSRF Live, Steve sits down with psychiatrist and molecular biologist Dr. Andrew Kaufman, M.D. who has risen to fame during the pandemic for his unorthodox views on germ theory and that viruses and germs, including the COVID 19 virus, do not actually cause illness.

    Scheduled for 7pm ET (USA) “live” but VSRF recorded videos are usually available for later viewing.

    • Did AK gather 1 million USD or did Kirsh back down on his preposterous criteria? What with will they come up next…

      • I don’t know about the money. P.S. I find Steve annoying, mostly because he is childishly rude and a poor loser, but I admire his enthusiasm. Also, I am aware that both of these characters might be on the same side and be mere tools of distraction or division. Just thought it might be interesting from a number of angles.

        • Not sure that I understand how can Kaufman be a tool of division considering he’s taking the stance of bodily autonomy. I haven’t followed up recently on his work, did he turn the coat and start talking in favor of the medical complex?

          • split medical freedom advocates into two conflicting divisions – virus vs. no virus.

            • “Medical freedom” advocates should be split into at least two groups: those who understand virology/microbiology is not a “hard science” and those who do not.

              I find it increasingly difficult to take seriously people who can’t even begin to fathom this distinction. The concept of “burden of proof” means nothing to these people.

              The search for truth is going to be divisive, there is no way to avoid this. The only thing that can and has to be done is to accept other people are going to have differing points of view. Disagreement is not the problem, overreacting to disagreement is.

              • Yeah, I agree that how people react to disagreement is the problem. It’s important to recognize that human beings will rarely have identical opinions and beliefs.

                It’s sort of like how some people behave with religion, trying to impose their views on others. When their views aren’t shared, some become suspicious and start condemning those who don’t believe what they believe.

                I’ve noticed this kind of thing with atheists in particular. Some show a lack of humility and narrow view of existence. Similarly some fundamentalist religious believers show these same traits, the know it all attitude and lack of listening skills and empathy is frustrating.

                It becomes a total drain to even engage in conversation with people who don’t listen. Anyway, I think you make an important point about human beings likely always having points of disagreement but learning how to deal with this is really the issue.

        • I don’t know why Kaufman is chosen for this debate. Dr. Tom Cowan does a much better job. He uses virology word for word to prove his point and doesn’t just dismiss everything outright like Kaufman.

          Cowan acknowledges that the virus particle is physically real and plays a part in disease. But he reminds everyone the original purpose of purification and isolation is to prove the virus as the primary driver of the disease.

          If you cannot purify or isolation the virus by itself and prove it causes disease alone then you disproven the virus as the primary cause. At best you can say the virus play a critical role in the disease but it is not the cause.

  37. Pepper season has started for some of you in the south and here in southern Ontario, some of us heirloom chili fanatics have been slaving away over wintering second and third year peppers plants and growing plants inside (from seed) since February so we can catch up to you guys and get a first few rare June peppers harvested. As the peppers start piling up in the kitchen it is time to make use of one of the fun recipes I share in the post below so you can infuse the flavor, heat and nutrition into a versatile condiment that can be enjoyed for many months ahead.

    Below I will share a link to a post where I share two variations I like to make with our garden harvests of heirloom chilis where I like to stack functions when bbq-ing up some sausages or burgers and I will simultaneously roast up some chilis until they are nice and charred and then set those aside for making smokey homemade hot sauces another night.

    I also sometimes make an entire night of sauce making and I will invite some friends over to hang out by an applewood, oak or cherrywood camp fire, watch the dancing flames while listening to some tunes, enjoying fermented beverages and roast up a big pile of peppers, onions, tomatoes and other ingredients (like mangos, peaches or pineapples) and then commemorate the evening by infusing it’s essence into a few dozen bottles of next level homemade hot sauce that we can all enjoy for months to come and share with family/friends.

    As my way of inviting you all to be able to experience that same sense of satisfaction and comradery when you crack open a bottle of homemade hot sauce and remember that fun night you had around the fire (and to empower yourself to take another step towards food sovereignty in the condiments department at the same time) I share the following post:


  38. For anyone interested in watching a documentary about Regenerative Agriculture

    𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐆𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝 (full film): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4kIDgDu-Mg

    (my apologies to the valiant Alphabet Corp boycotters, I could not find a non-gootube link at this time. If you have a viable Rumble/Odysee etc link please share below)

    Shout out to my man “John Galt” aka tsingi for originally giving me the heads up on this film

  39. University Migrant Smart Hubs, Private Equity and The Leveraged Buyout of America

    “According to the United Nations, “resettlement campuses are the future of higher education.” ECAR, Every Campus A Refuge, was founded at Guilford College in North Carolina, by Dr. Diya Abdo, in September of 2015, after being inspired when Pope Francis called on every European parish to host one refugee family. At least, that’s how the story is told. According to ECAR’s website, they would like to see every college and university in the world partner with local refugee resettlement agencies to house refugees on campus grounds. Their website states, “the idea is that university and college campuses have everything necessary – housing, food, care, skills – to take in refugees and support them as they begin their lives in their new homes.” Essentially, they refer to them as “small cities,” which of course are loaded up with smart tech.”

    • I did a quick scan of the paper and it seems that Blackrock and other investors have made arrangements with certain colleges to house immigrants in student housing and educate them to become activists (future ‘Brown-Shirts’ or ‘Red Guards’ perhaps?). Seems too weird to be true, but Corey has over a hundred references cited.

      • Lets use the proper term here. It’s not education but indoctrination.

  40. Spruiking (promoting) a fantastic health magazine published by Lady Carla Davis…

    Masters of Health Online Magazine
    ”We are not victims of our genetics; We are Masters of our Health”

    You will be impressed by the professionalism of this publication along with the various topics covered.
    The publication itself harmonizes with many of the Corbett Report SolutionsWatch# episodes.

    Sidenote regarding Texican bragging rights: Lady Carla Davis often spends time in North Texas.

  41. S&P 500 Index
    This closely followed U.S. stock index contains 500 stocks.
    6 of the companies are worth over a trillion dollars, with 3 of those 6 having a combined value of $10 trillion.
    (The U.S. national debt is around $34 trillion.)

    Of the S&P 500…
    33% is 6 companies
    67% is 494 companies

    Literally, about 6 companies move the stock market.
    Look at the weighting.

    Pensions and Hedge Funds and ETFs often throw money into the Index.

    On Monday June 17, 2024, Gareth Soloway of Verified Investing gives a wonderful, easy-to-grasp overview of this situation, the market and foreshadowing economic conditions.
    Epic Divergences, Rate Cut, Stocks, Crypto, Gold, Silver, Oil

  42. Did James ever talk to Marshall McLuhan? I thought James released an old conversation from early Corbett Report days with some elderly Canadian man in recent years, but maybe it wasn’t McLuhan. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

  43. Glenn Greenwald interviewed two orthodox Rabbis for his show yesterday. I found what they had to say very educational. https://rumble.com/v52i3gf-interview-orthodox-rabbis-on-condemning-israels-war.html

    The interview sent me on a kind of rabbit trail this morning.

    I’m just discovering how the Bible teaches that Israel will be gathered together once in unbelief, as apparently took place in 1948, and then gathered together again after the remnant of the Jews finally embrace the Savior upon His return in the Day Of The Lord.
    So, the modern secular state of Israel is prophesied in Ezekiel 20 for instance. This verse jumped out at me. Ezekiel 20:37
    “And I will cause you to pass under the rod, and I will bring you into the bond of the covenant:”
    Taken in context it fits very well with the history of the state of Israel.
    What is becoming more and more obvious to me is that there is a sifting process that is beginning. Not only of the ethnic group of people who call themselves Jews and live in a particular area called Israel. But a sifting of “Israel” in it’s full biblical sense.
    The people who calls themselves Christians are “Israel“ in the spiritual sense. The support and approval of Zionism by a large number of American evangelicals. The fact that congregations have been taught by their leaders for generations now that the Jewish people are somehow exempted from John 14:6 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”, is shameful.
    When God told Abraham in Genesis 12:3 “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”, God most certainly isn’t instructing true believers living today that they are to supply Netanyahu with bombs and weapons in order to slaughter tens of thousands of innocent civilians on the other side of the globe.
    There is nothing in my memory that has brought the Name of Jesus Christ into such disrepute as has the choice of so many gullible, ill informed, deceived baby Christians to support and attempt to justify the demonic disregard for life that is being exhibited by the unbelieving modern secular state of Israel.


    • Continues,

      And I wouldn’t want to be a church leader who has twisted the Word of God to better support his own politically motivated preconceptions on the day that he has to stand before the Prince Of Peace and try to explain why he ignored the parts where Jesus said “Blessed are the peacemakers”. And said to love and bless your enemies. To forgive 70 x 7 times.
      I wouldn’t want to look Jesus in the face and try to explain why I didn’t teach how Jesus forgave those who were crucifying Him at the very moment He was giving up His life for all humanity. And how He was willing to take upon Himself the most unimaginably vile, horrible, burden possible. The sin of every human past, present and future. All because He loves us and wants to have a relationship with those who love Him.
      I can’t imagine what a believer will say to Jesus when He asks, wasn’t I clear when I said to “follow Me”? When I said that the two commandments that encompassed everything is to “love God with all your heart, soul, mind and body and to love your neighbor as yourself”. “Wasn’t I a good enough example for you to follow”?
      “Don’t you understand that being created in my image means that you are to represent Me?
      I haven’t heard anyone quoting the WWJD cliche lately. And its no surprise.
      No one can honestly say that Jesus would support what is happening in Gaza and still claim to love the God of the Bible that we came to love in Jesus. Its impossible.
      And yes, I fully understand that God hasn’t changed. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever”.
      His arm hasn’t gotten shorter and His voice hasn’t gotten weak. He is just as much a God of justice and righteous judgment today as he was in ancient times and as He will be when He returns in wrath someday. And He still DOESN’T NEED OUR HELP!
      When He wants us to do something, He is still capable of communicating that to us through His Word, His indwelling Spirit and good old common sense.
      He spoke directly to the prophets and the kings of Israel when He wanted them to eradicate the polluted bloodlines of certain groups of people.
      If God wanted His Body, His beloved Bride to support the wholesale bloodshed and devastation that the modern, God rejecting state of Israel is perpetuating on the Palestinian people. I am convinced that He would make it abundantly clear.
      Unless it is part of a sifting process. Because it sure seems like the tares are becoming plain to see. And there sure seems to be a lot more than I thought there were.
      Pray for discernment fellow believers. Its needed now more than ever.
      Just something to think about.

  44. Last week on The Duran, Alastair Crooke mentioned the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome and the Bilderberg group. I almost fell of my chair.

    None of the material below is terribly new here. It is merely interesting to observe it bleeding into more mainstream channels.

    The origin for the interesting comment is his article:

    European Mutiny at the Illiberal Order, Alastair Crooke, The Unz Review, 2024-06-14

    it in turn refers to this:

    The Dark Origins of the Davos Great Reset, William Engdahl, William Engdahl, 2022-10-22

    The Duran episode is:

    West Sleepingwalking into Major Wars – Alastair Crooke, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen, The Duran, 2024-06-15

    Crooke would do well to enjoy some of JC’s work, particularly that on Maurice Strong.

    Have fun.

    NB: Sorry for the max link trigger, JC. I like to be thorough.

    • I am suspicious of this interview. The voices were masked yet pilot each gave outlines of their careers that could be used to identify them, if indeed they were truthful accounts. Would be more credible if links to named documents were provided in the article.

  45. Happy Summer Solstice and Full Strawberry Moon to all!

    • We have had no direct sun exposure for two days now. It appears all Sahara sand is on top of our head. Who could have thunk it!

      • No worries mkey,

        NASA said in their April 19th, 2021 article Earth Day Connections: NASA Study Predicts Less Saharan Dust in Future Winds:

        “…With projected global warming, the research team used model data from the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project 5 (CMIP5) that indicate at least a 30% reduction in Saharan dust activity from current levels over the next 20 to 50 years, and a continued decline beyond that…”

        So despite the trivial three-year delay, what could possibly go wrong with “model data”?

        My advice: Just hold your breath.


        • I have to hold my breath anyway, with all that shite floating around in the atmosphere.

    • Happy solstice to you. Good to see your name this morning. You’ve been missed.

      • I appreciate your message! Hope you’re getting on in this crazy world and even enjoying it!

    • Thank you!! So wonderful to read your comment. I have missed you. Your thoughts, comments, and contributions here have been enlightening.

      • Thanks cu.h.j! That’s always nice to read! Hope things are well with you!

  46. Corbett should host Adam Green and talk about the Judeo-Christian forces of the world that are controlling many aspects of our lives.

  47. James. Re: climate change. Is it true that the Russian scientific consensus is for a ‘mini ice age’ from 2030 to 2050?

    It does appear we are heading for a grand solar minimum. Possibly in the next solar cycle.

  48. I know that Corbett has expressed doubts about the credibility of Julian Assange in the past. I’m not sure about how authentic all his reporting was but nevertheless I think that its pretty clear that he was unfairly treated by the state.

    I’m happy that Assange has apparently been released from prison after agreeing to a plea deal where he pled guilty to one felony in exchange for time served.
    I just hope that the man hasn’t been damaged too badly.
    Nice to have a good story for a change.

    “BREAKING: Julian Assange Strikes Plea Deal, TIME SERVED. To Be Released Soon.”

  49. [dr.dk | 24.06.24 | excerpts | machine translated from danish]


    On Monday evening, a long-awaited agreement on, among other things, the CO2 tax on agriculture came into place.

    After five months of negotiations in what has been dubbed the Green Tripartite, the government and the organizations that have participated in the negotiations have now come to an agreement.

    The result of the agreement will be “a realignment of our area and a realignment of our agricultural and food industry”, says Economy Minister Stephanie Lose (V) at a press conference where the agreement is presented.

    From 2035, Danish farmers will pay 300 kroner per tonne of CO2 they emit. Before it comes into effect, there will be a phasing-in period, during which the tax will be DKK 120 from 2030.

    This will make Denmark the first country in the world to introduce a CO2 tax on agriculture. A fact that Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen highlights at the press conference.

    – I have been involved for a long time, but I cannot remember that I have helped make a political agreement with an awareness that what we have agreed today is something that is written. It is not something that passes away.

    – It is an extremely long-term project, where we create more nature, more biodiversity, but at the same time we also have in mind that we must have a strong and viable agriculture, he says.

    archived: https://archive.ph/ZCDW8
    original: https://www.dr.dk/nyheder/viden/klima/klimaafgift-paa-dansk-landbrug-bliver-til-virkelighed-efter-flere-maaneders

    • Another conspiracy theory off the wall.

      Farming certainly involves “sequestration” and in better part it’s a circular process, but nobody cares about that. To even start playing their insane game means one has lost.

      The very idea that there were “negotiations” for this to happen is completely ridiculous. Like two brothers plantation owners negotiating how many lashes should be imparted onto that pesky slave with a bog mout. Is it 15 or 25? They’ll lose count anyway and just start over.

    • @Frode

      Thanks for the heads up on this.

      Obsessing over carbon emissions while governments expedite clearcutting old growth forests for their “sustainable” biomass burning energy generating schemes. Total insanity, Orwellian doublespeak on steroids and completely antithetical to life.

      They are doing it in BC, Canada (https://thenarwhal.ca/bc-pacific-bioenergy-old-growth-logging-wood-pellets/ ) and they are doing it here in Ontario where they clearcut Boreal Forest to build Lithium mines (because they are so “green” and “sustainable”).

  50. Never mind what I said about no Mounsey Minute for June under the Regenerative Ag Solutions Watch episode, we ended up doing one and here is the link! 🙂


    The subject for this month’s Mounsey Minute on Media Monarchy was BBQ-ing with a Permaculture Twist!

    I talked about how I do not do flag waving celebrations (with Canada day and 4th of July coming up as big bbqing events) as I think statism is a scam, shared a bunch of fun bbq-able recipes and info on how to enrich your soil and compost with ashes or charcoal from the bbq.


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