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Between fighting the online censors and fighting to break through the wall of noise distracting the average smartphone zombie, it’s getting harder and harder for activists and infowarriors to reach people online with real news and information. So, what can people do in the real world to gain attention and get the word out about important events? From postcards to trash can fliers to good old fashioned homemade signs, join James for this week’s Solutions Watch as he explores the exciting world of guerrilla marketing.

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2023-11-29 — Ernest Hancock & James Corbett (The Corbett Report) MP3&4


  1. April 10 – 15th,2024.
    Mid-fest event in North-Eastern Oklahoma. To be held at Camp Copperhead ,Spavinaw ,Ok

    Anyone want a round of freedom golf?I’ll buy you fly.



    I’m very much looking forward to the Ideas of others. The above link includes links to download the templates that can be edited for your local uses. The phone numbers on the flier are news desks of local media (Newspapers – Radio – TV) and sometimes when appropriate we may include government departments.

    We also have provided ready formatted templates for Newspaper production.

    Over the decades (millennia) it has become clear that Narrative Control – Credibility – Reach has been the target of those that wish to harvest humanity. And James’ documentaries are an extremely valuable tool to educate questioning individuals. forwards to http://www.WeKnowTheTruth.Online that forwards to http://www.OpenSourceEducation.Online

    The opportunity available to others is that the page is capable of listing many such efforts that will forward to sites such as OpenSourceEducation. As time passes and the need for such communication avenues increase we will be adding other #Solutions.

    James and I have demoed the effectiveness of these methods and have provided material and examples to help jump start individuals ready to engage.

    Please share your ideas.

    ‘In the end, Freedom Always Wins,… It Just Gets Really Messy First’ and these peaceful information campaigns help reduce the mess… a lot.

    Ernest Hancock
    Publisher –

  3. Excellent! Great ideas, though I suggest a great disguise if using the garbage bin tags because of the prevalence of home security video systems.

  4. Love it. Ernie is a creative genius. I can’t say that I’ve come up with anything even a 10th as brilliant, but I am inspired to try.

    • BUMP

      CBS Channel 5 TV News – …he basically said, “You are going to go to jail!”
      (2 minutes)

      Added, clever, INSOUCIANT BONUS at end of clip…
      Footage from 1958 movie “The Blob” (Steve McQueen’s his first leading role)

  5. Part 1 (of 2 or 3)


    In 2014, “North Texas for 9/11 Truth” ordered 100 stake signs printed on both sides. The whole package of 100 signs and stakes, including shipping, cost us $350. $3.50 cost per sign. The full cost would had been $50 less if we printed one side.
    PHOTOS and description of our “” CAMPAIGN
    A battery powered LED, “” banner – Street Actions
    September 2015 Actions (Note the signs)
    Roadside sign IMAGES

    -SIGNS on Truck in MLK parade
    TV Cameras – Cindy Sheehan protest at George Bush’s home – 9/11 SIGNs
    Dallas 9/11 Truth Group at a MLK Parade – SIGNS
    A Protest – 9/11

    — Guerrilla Marketing — Signs and Flyers
    I’m old. Between my business ventures and activism, I would estimate that I have utilized or distributed many thousands of signs, and perhaps I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I’ve been responsible for over a million flyers distributed. I think both are more cost-effective and probably have more impact than TV/radio/newspaper media, per surveys of customers in my business ventures.
    It takes a lot of time to put flyers on doors. IMAGE example:

    Handing out flyers in areas of high foot-traffic, like a downtown area are good. Putting flyers on car windshields is very fast, but you don’t wanna stay long at the parking lot because the business may not like it.

  6. Part 2 of 2

    After the lockdowns circa March 2020, I WAS PISSED OFF!!
    Corbett had his Bill Gates documentary by summer 2020.

    August 8th, 2020…*****5 Star Article by James Corbett
    Why We Must #ExposeBillGates – #ExposeBillGates “Day of Action”
    James Corbett makes this 8/8/2020 comment below his article:
    “Thank you in advance to all those members of The Corbett Report community who help to spread the word about this article and this information as part of their #ExposeBillGates day activism.
    Feel free to spread the link to this article directly ( or to repost this article, in whole or in part, to your own blog or website. Also, feel free to copy/paste any of this text into your own emails, flyers, social media posts or anywhere/everywhere else (with or without credit to me).
    Please keep us informed of your #ExposeBillGates day efforts on this thread:

    I made a bunch of signs. And Flyers…ended up putting out 2,150 flyers on cars.
    [By the way, cardboard and printer paper (using large font) are a quick way to make homemade signs.]
    IMAGE – FLYER on CAR –
    IMAGE – Flyers on line of cars – Older flyer version of Aug 6th
    IMAGE – sign OBEY –
    IMAGE – sign Bill Gates says We Own You
    IMAGE – sign Bill Gates Your God Obey

    More IMAGES and related news of the time…
    RELATED SUB-THREADS #ExposeBillGates “Days of Action”

    Corbett Member Hanky made these bumper stickers…
    Mask Pinocchio
    Bill Gates
    Beware the cashless society
    Covid 1984 2+2=5

    I’m out of gas. I’m done for the night.

    • Wow! Thank you for all the links and for raising the bar for the rest of us.

    • The LOV3 cards were Christmas Cards that we first distributed the Christmas of 2007 in New Hampshire for the Ron Paul r3VOLution and was a demonstrated to be very effective. They started their distribution on Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving because all of the Shopping Malls etc. were full and distribution was fast. They are card stock so they are stiff and high gloss quality and very Christmasy. This allows for the slipping into the driver side mirror with the “LOVE” very visible. This allows the driver to quickly and easily to examine and they rarely discard it as they do other fliers… AND they do not go through the annoyance of getting sat in their car and then have to get out to take it off of the windshield.

      The Ron Paul versions had a lot of information on the back but these evolved into the use of QR Codes – Landing Page & a Simple message that resulted in a “Made You Look”.

  7. I love this, great work guys!

    I do something which is kind of like a combination of Guerrilla Marketing and Paying It Forward with cards I made for my regenerative gardening book. I printed out a few hundred cards with my website on it and I slip them into a little envelope with some good quality heirloom seeds and label them as “Free Heirloom Seeds”.

    I bring these with me when we go road tripping/car camping and give them to random gas station people, people on forest trails, grocery store clerks, road workers and I slip them into trail map boxes in parks, into brochure holders in tourist information centers, in the corners of bulletin boards in town, in seed libraries, in “leave a book take a book” thingies and everywhere in between.

    So far a couple dozen people have written me to tell me that they planted the seeds and ordered a copy of my book after finding the seeds/card. Some of them were people wayyy up in northern Ontario that do not usually go online so they probably would not have found my book if it wasn’t for me putting my card and the seeds in some trail map box in Algonquin or Killarny park.

    I dunno if it would be fiscally rewarding if one was paying for the seeds, but I collect, dry, sort and package seeds from my garden so i just pay for the cards and with my time. It has felt good to make those connections and hopefully help empower people to be able to grow more of their food and medicine so I would keep doing it even if I only broke even.

  8. Business cards and fliers are super easy and reasonably cheap. The Light Paper is an excellent example of Truther News and also has an Irish version. Lots of local but plenty global, and of course what comes around… has them both and a zipped archive of all past issues.

  9. Here in the UK someone in Leeds has recently been sent to prison for 2 years for posting anti immigration stickers online
    Not that I agree with his stance after all the UK in the past invaded and stole the wealth from many countries I believe that people should be able to live wherever they choose and no-one should have the right to stop them but as the article points out much worse is being done by some imagrants without recourse

    • The immigrants today are being paid to move to our countries as an act of war.


      Read Hoppe and you’ll understand. Nobody before 10 minutes ago thought that unlimited immigration was a human right, not even Merikans, the statue of liberty not withstanding.

  10. I am thinking to write some messages on good ole cash (while I still can) as in paper money (only it’s plastic now), and put it into circulation. like “wake up.” or “they will kill cash sooner than you think – do your research” or “they know who you slept with last night and where you are right now. Sever yourself from the matrix”
    or whatever.

    I remember reading little odd messages on paper money years ago, it will pass through many hands and no one can do anything about it…..

  11. I love Phoenix Freedom Ernie; he speaks like a grown ass man, like Gerald Celente. Clear, consice, honest adult language. A breath of fresh air in the current clownworld.
    personally I love the calm way in proper english that James does but the combo of them two is awesome


    These two links demo a bit of how we made signs. Laser cut Stencils in various sizes AND the projector method when we wanted to promote an effort of Mr. Corbett.

    One of the pictures (which is what made me think of these) is with their new found skills they made a bunch of #ExposeBillGates signs that was inspired by James Corbett

  13. A nice little attention getter, is a shiny finished flyer printed to look like a UK £20 note on the one side, and on the other side a few reasons are given as to why we need to keep cash going…re CBDC’s. Our notes are now plastic, no longer paper, and so the flyer has that shiny finish and when folded, money looking side out, and left on the bus/train or dropped on a shop floor, it looks just like a genuine 20 quid, people inevitably will pick it up, and though in some cases may well throw it away again in disgust, “What? It’s not real!” In other instances I’m sure it gets attention when unfolded. I know I was impressed when I first saw it.

  14. I recently had an exceptional human being (by the name of Ken) reach out to me via email and inquire if I wanted to trade a copy of my book for some of his homemade organic Nova Scotian Oat Cakes. He said he would pay in “non-edible currency” if I preferred that but I said no way! I want edible currency please! 🙂

    Anyways, after receiving some of the superb oat cakes he promised I discovered that he and his partner take the time to print various inspiring, subversive, hopeful, mind opening and wise messages on the backside of the label in each oat cake bag.

    Check it out:

    These guys are not only creating delicious oat cakes using locally sourced organic ingredients, they also print empowering, evocative, mind opening, informative, heartening and humorous messages on the otherside of their oat cake wrappers, making them what I would describe as experts in “Guerrilla Marketing”.

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