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You’ve heard of “paying it forward,” haven’t you? Instead of paying back someone’s kindness, sometimes it is best to pay that kindness forward to someone else who is in need. If the independent media is trying to create a different model from the old establishment media, then, is it possible to create a model based on people paying forward their gratitude to a worthy cause? If so, how can that idea best be implemented? Join James as he muses on these questions with Aaron Smith of The Subtlecain Podcast.

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From Benjamin Franklin to Benjamin Webb, 22 April 1784

Pay It Forward

Interview 1702 – James Corbett on The Subtlecain Podcast

Interview 1806 – Dissent Into Madness on The Subtlecain Podcast

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For a PAY IT FORWARD for this episode, Aaron Smith has suggested people pay their gratitude for this episode forward to groups working on the subject of online child predation and exploitation. He has suggested Enough is Enough at as a candidate for this support. Is this something you want to support? Why/why not? If not, then what would be your suggestion for support on the subject of the problem of child predation online? Or is there a way you can pay this forward in your own life or your own local area? All feedback and responses appreciated. (Aaron has also requested feedback about Enough is Enough and suggestions for other Pay It Forward recipients via his email: subtlecain [at] protonmail [dot] com.)


  1. James, I was delighted to hear Aaron talk about his subtlecain podcast’s pay-it-forward value-for-value model on your #SolutionsWatch show.

    Since Frode proposed (when he was a guest on subtlecain) that listeners to that episode support your work, James, and since Aaron proposes (as a guest on this show) supporting an organization that’s tackling online child predation, I’d like to combine those two ideas and offer the following proposal:

    Iain Davis, whom you all know, left his career as a social worker, where I assume he interacted with and helped some preyed-upon children, and in recent years has carved out a niche as one of the foremost researchers and writers in alternative news. His analysis of the facts he digs up is always penetrating and insightful.

    Recently, Iain, who lives in the UK, has written about possibly having to stop doing this not-remunerative-enough work full-time and find another way of supporting himself. Such a move would obvious detract from the hours and hours he’s able to pour into his deep research and his lengthy, covering-all-possibilities-and-points-of-view pieces.

    At the bottom of his website ( articles of late, Iain has been adding this note: “Please consider supporting my work. I really need your help if I am going to continue to provide the research and analysis that you value on a full-time basis. You can support my work for less than the price of a cup of coffee via my donor page or alternative[ly] become a paid subscriber to my Substack.”

    Knowing Iain is humble and self-effacing, I’m sure it took courage for him to make this admission.

    His work speaks for itself. Obviously, lots of podcast hosts agree with me: Iain has been invited to be a guest on many prominent podcasts. Also, his work appears on Whitney Webb’s Unlimited Hangout (often he and Whitney team up to produce joint articles on important subjects), on Hrvoje Moric’s Geopolitics and Empire site, and on Off-Guardian’s pages.

    I’d hate to think of the world of truth-seeking investigative research-and-reporting without Iain in it — that is, without him being able to unstintingly devote loooooong hours to it.

    Iain has no idea I’m writing this; I hope I haven’t embarrassed him.

    Maybe my plea will spark podcasters who are reading this to invite Iain on your show to talk about . . . well, you name the topic, he can discuss it intelligently: Russia/Ukraine, multipolarity, BRICS+, the UN’s SDGs, the climate change scam, Hamas and Israel, the WEF, the pandemic, etc.

    That’s it, folks. Thanks for reading this–and perhaps being motivated to pay it forward to Iain.

    Blessings to all.

    • As one of the first readers of Iain Davis’ monumental work Pseudopandemic, New Normal Technocracy, back in 2021, I’d just like to second the sentiments in this comment. The world would be poorer without his continued research and contributions. A man much deserving of support.

      • Glad to have you vouch for Iain’s work, kumro.

        I guess you saw that Torus is including Iain among 10 organizations/journalists he’s going to support monthly. As Torus points out, every $1 given by a grateful donor counts.

  2. Hello James and what a great idea;

    my suggestion is to look at the work of Cal Washington at InPower; you can find Cal’s story among the many interviews he has done here:

    Cal has written up a notice of liability (NoL) and shares it with those of mankind who would like to participate in being a part of the solution;

    he has a NoL across 4 agenda’s; Vaccines – (all vaccines) smart meters; 5G; & geoengineering (cloud seeding)

    The InPower website, once you join is full of material and the support from his team is brilliant;

    Come February 24th (I think it is) he will again teach those from around the world the process of serving an NoL on those who have perpetrated harm; The ultimate goal is to take back from “them” (& we have an idea now who “them” are) what they have taken from us and return it to: we, the people;

    He will tell you, from those that have resigned their position of power, just how many NoL’s they received; (mainstream media won’t tell you that that is the reason)
    (queen of Denmark received 15 !!!)
    premier of Victoria Australia received 5
    premier of Old received several
    Premier of Western Australia received them
    so too head of the CDC and so many more I cannot recall but world wide they are falling

    Cal explained that he served an NoL to the queen & I’m pretty sure he’s served Charles!

    the work is lawful and biblical and the different podcasts on his site explain exactly how that is so;

    I joined because I wanted to be a part of the solution;

    I knew protests; petitions and the like were never going to make an impact so the question became: how do I become a part of the solution;

    Everything you need to know to proceed is on the site and if you are like me and could do with some direct education you join what they call the ‘world wide the wave’, as I did last September, and over 8 weeks you will have all the confidence you need; I’ve served on 4 of mankind so far and I’m ready to begin my next 4;

    I wish you well and may “they” all come tumbling down

    and may ‘we the people’ truly return to: ‘we the people of mankind’

    god bless; Veronica

  3. Hey James. I think this is a brilliant concept as from my understanding, the media that is alternative does not work exactly like mainstream media.

    There, the profits can come directly, while are usually coming from Cabal funding.

    However, in the alternative media, this doesn’t really work as well for better or worse. No big funds either to bring in money to producers and freedom fighters.

    That way, paying it forward might be the best way to have things go forward, as the resources can be used more effectively with another chain of commands

  4. I love Angel Studios, Tuttle Twins for pay it forward. and of course your local food pantry

  5. Thanks again, James, for allowing me to share my work and ideas. I ask my audience to engage with the world within which they have agency, as the most impactful resistance to the very real and dangerous narratives we are regularly subjected to. I hope that this Pay it Forward model for my show helps give a tangible example of how I am trying very hard to lead by example, by putting some real skin in the game. We are constantly inundated with all the ways that the world is gong wrong, and are given very little in the way of making it better. The very fact that you have Solutions Watch is encouraging. I hope that this relatively small contribution of mine to the effort will inspire others to act on the already present desire within them to be part of the solution. God bless you and your families.

  6. Paying it forward.

    Mark Steyn has 1M$ punitive damages awarded against him by a jury in the climate change trial.

    The same jury that was late to the trial every single day.

    Mann brought no evidence, no witnesses, failed to present basis for slander. He comitted perjury. He did not pay one single cent to a large and expensove team of lawyers, at a tune of at least 10k per hour.

    No case to answer.

    And he “won”.

    Hopefully this case can wake up adderall addled masses and make them see tgrough the veil. So that valiant Steyn’s effort may not have been in vain.

    Hopefully his family won’t be put in the same position as Tim Ball’s family.

  7. If you are looking for a vicious child predator near you, look no further than The State.

  8. Great stuff as always James. I’ve been wanting to support Ryan Christian at TLAV for awhile now. I’m sure everyone here is aware of the great work he and his team has been doing for quite some time.
    Also I always recommend people find local food producers in their community and support the heck out of them. We all need nutritious food and its clear local farms (if not all farms) are being heavily targeted.

  9. The propagation of ideas starts at the earliest age. If a belief is programed into a young mind using indoctrination, i.e., psycho-epistemological anti-reason, a belief becomes hard-wired, unchangeable by the victim or anyone else. It creates a psychosis, e.g., a superstition. It stunts the mind, irrevocably.
    Or, an untrained mind may be left free to form, naturally, without any force, without use of pain, or withholding of affection. This leaves open the possibility for cognitive growth throughout life.
    Or, a mind can be guided to develop, step by step, to more and more independence, for a lifetime of learning.
    Indoctrination is the norm, worldwide. It is destructive, on net, not matter the tradition instilled. This is where the focus of a humane, creative change needs to be. It is essential to humanity’s survival. It is the root of the solution to all of humanity’s self-inflicted destruction.

  10. #SolutionsWatch is my favorite series on the Web. Always inspiring! I’ve applied many of these in my own life.

    I fully support paying it forward. A simple and likely effective solution to help noble causes and independent media alike.

    I’ve heard both Ryan Cristian and Del Bigtree mention how just $1 per month from each person watching would make an enormous difference.

    To adopt this solution, I’m going to choose 10 organizations to support, and become a recurring donor at $1 a month. If we all give a little a month I’m confident we can affect a positive change.

    There are many options out there, but here’s my list…

    The Last American Vagabond

    Informed Consent Action Network


    The Conscious Resistance Network

    Operation Underground Railroad

    The David Knight Show

    Unlimited Hangout

    Internet Archive

    Iain Davis

    Media Monarchy

    • Torus, I like your list. All ten are deserving.

      (Well, I’m less familiar with AMWakeUp than the others, but I recall it features two crazy hosts and good guests and long conversations.)

      Thanks for including the guy I wrote about in the first comment!

    • I think the Internet Archive is owned (at least in part) by a globalist. Just came across that bit of unfortunate info recently. If I can find the reference I will post.

      • Please disregard above comment. I hope to find the source that linked a globalist to the Internet Archive.

        Meanwhile, Wikipedia info: “The Archive is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit operating in the United States. In 2019, it had an annual budget of $36 million, derived from revenue from its Web crawling services, various partnerships, grants, donations, and the Kahle-Austin Foundation.”

        • Well with a $36 million budget, maybe my $1 a month can make a bigger difference somewhere else. But I do find great value in their service.
          Thanks for sharing Jo-Ann

      • A “globalist” doesn’t believe in property, i.e., ownership. “Control”, as in “By force, I control this asset” would be a more accurate word.

  11. The pop culture phrase “Pay it forward” IMO is urban thinking and living folks suddenly waking up to seeking a “cure” for something missing in their lives…the recognition of others as humans, not strangers.

    A definite reduction of that mentality…live in the country and no hip phrases are needed to inspire. Not perfect but we stop for others broken down at the side of the road; share in garden and animal resources (veggies, eggs, fruit, etc.) gather in public groups for holidays without fear.

    I had a group of local Christians come out to our place on the day before Christmas Eve and sing carols and give me hugs, prayers, and a bag full of home baked gifts, not on a conversion agenda for a non-believer, but just out of love for another human.

    From my research, part of the grand plan of all the various controllers of our reality has been the same quest for centuries in various behaviors, owing to the tools of deception at hand…to break down the true gifts and nature of humanity and get control of our natural evolutionary progress and the eventual domination and control of all. The ban on teacher plants of higher consciousness and the push for infantile behavior from alcohol is one of them.

    The biggest, most recent tool of destruction is S.M.A.R.T tech being sold as a step forward in human progress. One to one conversations are waning, just like the use of other life/brain skills…navigation, reading books, exploration of reality. It is a cut and paste “intelligence”

    In the words of Shelly

    ‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’

    GET OFF THE PHONE (song)

  12. This is great James, thanks for expanding on this notion of potentiating gift economics in different ways.

    One of the things I love about gifting heirloom seeds to good people is that since plants almost always produce way more seeds than one can use themselves (and since heirloom seeds are living embryos that can only have their latent value unlocked if they are cultivated while they are still viable) those gifts encourage more gifting and incentivize “paying it forward” thinking.

    I recently heard back from three separate communities that are working on becoming increasingly capable of feeding themselves without centralized systems which I had sent seeds to over the past 4 years (one on Vancouver Island, one in Nicaragua, and one in Brazil) and they shared stories of saving seed from their harvests and plans for scaling up production and sharing seeds in their broader community/region.

    Those heirloom seeds that are beginning to feed and inspire entire communities to gift outwardly all came from my little urban suburban garden.

    It is like that thing the guy said on your Solutions Watch Episode about Food Forests where he said you can count the seeds in a single apple but you cannot count the apples in a single seed.

    The same approach can be applied in many areas of life and as we begin to weave these threads of gift economics, good will and reciprocity through our communities we all become more resilient together, more capable of severing our ties to corrupt statist institutions and more capable of becoming our best selves.

    Thanks for the heartfelt and empowering episode.

    • Hey Gavin!

      The Malus sieversii apple seeds you sent me have finished their winter stratification and are now happy little seedlings in my southern window. We got a 50% germination rate, (which I feel is pretty good for apples). Nine tiny trees with abundant potential!!! I will email you a photo. They’re so healthy! Thank you again.

      Also, for anyone in southern Colorado or northern New Mexico; You’re invited to the Sun Soil Water Ag Summit, in Pueblo CO Saturday, February 24th. An all day event with local food producers, vendors, speakers, and break out sessions. The theme this year is “People Power”. Only $15.
      I will be giving a short presentation about Social Permaculture. It would be rad to shake hands with some fellow Corbeteers.
      Solutions in action!

      • Hey Torus! : )

        That is so gratifying and heartening to hear! *beaming smile from ear to ear*

        Nine!!! That is fantastic! Thanks for reminding me about my own seeds which are stratifying, i better go check on them after I post this.

        I am really excited to see the photo of how they look. Do they have any true sets of leaves yet? Have you seen any differences in the seedlings leave shape or anthocyanin levels in the foliage?

        I started noticing distinctly different characteristics after about the second and third set of true leaves on mine last year (some had multiple leaf points/lobes and some had purple leaves).

        Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment and update. It will be fun to check back in a few years and compare the characteristics of all the new varieties of apples we will be enjoying from our 2024 plantings 🙂

        You are doing important work educating people about people power and social permaculture, I attempted to do that at a recent conference with mixed results (I called out the lithium/cobalt aspect of the “sustainable development agenda” which really ruffled some feathers of permaculture authors and speakers that are always promoting E-tractors etc.

      • @Torus

        Ps – If it would be possible to record your presentation about Social Permaculture and share it online after for those of us that cannot attend in person I am sure many would appreciate it (including me!)

      • @Torus


        Your thoughtful comment saved the day and resulted in the rescue of over 40 Malus sieversii seeds which I had forgotten about and had germinated in the fridge!!

        They are now safely in pots setting down roots.

        Thank you!

        It is like I was saying in the thread linked below, each small action we choose based in kindness has profound ripple effects we cannot anticipate. Your comment here has now resulted in 40 potential apple trees to have a chance at living 300 years and providing tens of thousands of pounds of food for countless beings, nourishing millions/billions of pollinators and providing habitat for all kinds of wild creatures to live, play and grow in (wild human children included! 😉 )

        • Hi Gavin.
          There is a nice variation between the seedlings. Beautiful colors. Each unique. I emailed you some photos.

          I’m glad you got those seeds out in time. Saving and propagating seeds is one of the easiest ways to store energy (potential energy that is). Nurturing new life is one of the most rewarding activities we can participate in. Beneficial to all beings.

          Also, I will see what I can do about getting the presentations online. There will be several of us presenting a Permaculture Sampling and it should be pretty well rounded.

          Thank you again for your insight and generosity. Happy growing! Spring is close.

          • They look beautiful!

            Here is a pic of a couple from the fridge (which you helped me remember were in there with your comment) that just sprouted today


            The 2nd year seedlings in 5 gallon pots are still sleepy and dormant in the garage, i`ll send ya some pics once they leaf out 🙂

  13. Meanwhile in Florida…

    And they have cast lots for my people; and have given a boy for an harlot, and sold a girl for wine, that they might drink.
    Joel 3:3

    And as he was yet a coming, the devil threw him down, and tare him. And Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, and healed the child, and delivered him again to his father.
    Luke 9:42

    And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
    Matthew 18:3

  14. You are welcome, James! Your work has been crucial for Miriam and me. I do not know where we would have been without you. And thank you, Aaron, for giving me the opportunity to come back on to your show. Paying it forward is a wonderful idea!

  15. The Ben Franklin letter with the following statement really did it for me;

    The account they give of your situation grieves me. I send you herewith a Bill for Ten Louis d’ors. I do not pretend to give such a Sum. I only lend it to you. When you shall return to your Country with a good Character, you cannot fail of getting into some Business that will in time enable you to pay all your Debts: In that Case, when you meet with another honest Man in similar Distress, you must pay me by lending this Sum to him; enjoyning him to discharge the Debt by a like operation when he shall be able and shall meet with such another opportunity.— I hope it may thus go thro’ many hands before it meets with a Knave that will stop its Progress. This is a Trick of mine for doing a deal of good with a little money.

    This reminds me of a story my Dad told me about the Doctor who delivered my two oldest brothers, and I have since heard similar stories from other Doctors who are now dead and gone.
    Anyway, My Dad was just a poor Teacher at the time and the Doctor told him that he could pay him whenever he got the Money. It was like a no interest loan on services that were not marked up. To add an additional twist to the story this Doctor was the same Doctor that Delivered Henry Ford’s Grandson and charged him quite a bit more. As it turns out this Doctor was charging all the rich people more and he got caught and taken to Court by one of the rich people (perhaps one of the Ford’s). In the end, the Court determined that the Doctor did not need to have a set price and could charge whatever was agreed to.
    There are not too many Doctors doing that today, eh!

    Anyway an unexpected act of kindness makes the world a better place.

  16. RE: Pay It Way, Way Forward – #SolutionsWatchDe-Damaging Developing Brains

    Your brain has been damaged. …probably. (Prove it has not.)
    My brain is damaged, but that fact is glaringly apparent.

    I contend that our society is confused about assigning mental conditions, but society also has forsaken the value of a child’s developing brain.
    I personally believe that a human being is a composite of a spiritual nature, of a mind, and of a physical body which includes a brain.

    It’s time to stop damaging fragile, developing brains. We will realize “capital gains payback” in 20 years.

    The developing brain of a child is a very fragile thing. Many types of chemical toxins, alone or combined, can permanently scar the developing brain of a child.
    This is well established in the scientific literature.
    Learning disabilities, poor memory retention, slow strained thinking skills, an inability to focus or concentrate, dispersed attention, hyperactivity, impulsive or erratic behaviors, lethargy, anxiety, nervousness, aggressiveness, easily agitated, depression, emotional imbalances, mental health thought disorder symptoms, conduct disorders, antisocial delinquent behaviors, psychopathology and criminal activity.
    – Any of these traits can result in a child who has been exposed to certain toxins during brain development.
    The developing brain of a child is a very fragile thing.

    ”…the developing brain experiences a period of rapid neurogenesis in which an estimated 4.6 million neurons are generated every hour between birth and 1.5 years of age in humans.
    Therefore, toxicant-induced damage to the brain, especially during these critical windows of development, can have long-lasting impacts throughout an individual’s life….”

    At the historic EPA Fluoride Trial, Attorney Michael Connett asks, “Dr. Grandjean, can you remind us about some of the factors that make the developing brain more vulnerable to the impact of environmental toxicants?”
    The world famous Dr. Phillipe Grandjean replies:
    “I wrote a book on this called “Only One Chance” because you only have one chance to develop your brain. And because the human brain is the most advanced in the animal kingdom… …You’re weakly vulnerable because there are so many processes and types of maturation that have to happen in sequence at the right time. And if something goes wrong, you don’t have a chance later on to remodel the brain. You are stuck with that brain you start to develop early in life.”
    –See this Dallas Press Release:


  17. (…continued…)

    Grandjean also testified:
    “We identified more than 200 chemicals that are likely toxic to early brain development. And then, about a dozen, including fluoride that were definitely. Yep, that was ten years ago.”

    Little Things Matter – The Impact of Toxins on the Developing Brain – Bruce Lanphear
    (7 minutes)

    See “Executive Function”

    Dr. Bruce Lanphear played a major role in the Cincinnati Lead Study (CLS) that took early childhood blood lead levels and followed these individuals for 30 years. Based on the early exposures, the study could predict juvenile delinquency and arrests.
    See BRAIN DAMAGE IMAGES in the link above.

    2023 Aug 1 – Study
    The association between lead exposure and crime: A systematic review
    “…the available biological evidence demonstrates that an excess risk for criminal behavior in adulthood exists when an individual is exposed to lead in utero or within childhood.”

    Dr. Bruce Lanphear MD cites public warnings about Lead circa 1909 and 1925. It took 100 years to officially state “there is no safe level.”

    “Instant” Behavior Changes – Food and other substances – Phil Donahue 1988 with Dr. Doris Rapp MD
    Fluoride (5 minutes)

    Former NTP director Dr. Linda Birnbaum says that the developing brain stops around age 25 in a F.A.N. video. QUEUED

    So, what is one of the many things that we can do?

    “If you look at where we’ve made progress in public health — It takes good science and it takes moms getting pissed off!” – Dr. Bruce Lanphear
    QUEUED Video 18 minute mark
    From the May 2016 lecture: “Crime of the Century: Our Failure to Prevent the Lead Pandemic” at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

    • Getting pissed os a good way to get started and shed fear.

    • Thanks for the resources HRS. There’s some very disturbing information here. And I’m one pissed off Mom!

      • Torus,
        I have tremendous respect for you and the path that you have carved out.
        From Permaculture to Mom-hood to Community et al, your nurturing nature stands out.

        Nurture – to take care of, feed, and protect someone or something, especially young children or plants, and help him, her, or it to develop.

    • RE: – De-Damaging Developing Brains
      EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS – Specifically “Internalizing Symptoms”

      During the EPA Fluoride Trial on Monday February 12, Attorney Michael Connett was questioning the EPA’s “expert” witness Dr. David Savitz***. The topic centered on how a neurotoxin’s damage to the brain can affect behavior. Dr. Savitz was asked about “Executive Functions” and more specifically “Internalizing Symptoms”. Eventually, Savitz conceded that he did not know the meaning of “Internalizing Symptoms”. Judge Edward Chen also wasn’t clear on its meaning.

      Online, there is a lot of information about “Internalizing Symptoms”.
      I am gonna highlight some of this information…and then…also suggest some “behavioral phenomena” which we all have observed.

      EXCERPTS from Wiki:
      Behaviors that are apparent in those with internalizing disorders include depression, withdrawal, anxiety, and loneliness. There are also behavioral characteristics involved with internalizing disorders. Some behavioral abnormalities include poor self-esteem, suicidal behaviors, decreased academic progress, and social withdrawal.
      The internalizing disorders, with high levels of negative affectivity, include depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, trauma and stressor-related disorders, and dissociative disorders, bulimia, and anorexia come under this category, as do dysthymia, and somatic disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder.

      Somatic symptom disorder, also known as somatoform disorder, is defined by one or more chronic physical symptoms that coincide with excessive and maladaptive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors connected to those symptoms. The symptoms are not purposefully produced or feigned, and they may or may not coexist with a known medical ailment…

      …Several studies have found a high rate of comorbidity with major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and phobias…
      …Somatic symptom disorder typically leads to poor functioning, interpersonal issues, unemployment or problems at work, and financial strain as a result of excessive health-care visits.
      NOTE: “excessive and maladaptive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors” “generalized anxiety disorder” “phobias”
      THUS, even in 2024, we have behaviors like…
      “I need to go to the store. Where’s my mask? I’ll get my tenth booster while I’m there.”

      I’m not saying that all weird behaviors are a result of brain damage, or because of hormone affecting chemicals. But we shouldn’t discount this factor.

      By the way, “Externalizing Symptoms” are definitely seen in lead toxicity.

      • Dr. David Savitz***
        Hired by the EPA at $500 an hour with hundreds of hours accrued, David Savitz, Ph.D., who Chaired NASEM’s committee that peer reviewed the NTP’s systematic review, testified at the EPA trial.

        Christina Jewett is a prize-winning investigative reporter for The New York Times. Her alarming exposé on NASEM was published in April 2023: “Sacklers Gave Millions to Institution That Advises on Opioid Policy: Even as the nation’s drug crisis mounted, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) continued to accept funds from some members of the Sackler family, including those involved with Purdue Pharma.”
        Dallas Press Release

        Wink-wink is a well-known strategy utilized by corrupt players who are rigging the game. It is the unspoken understanding or willing ignorance with participants when playing a rigged game. Wink-wink includes the “don’t’ look – don’t know” tactic.
        Many times during his testimony, Dr. David Savitz stated that he was unaware of the Dental Lobby influence among the participants with which he was involved on a number of projects. Wink-wink.
        Canada’s public health agency, Health Canada, commissioned a team of scientists to study the effects of fluoride on human health, but the agency did not publish the review.
        The peer-reviewed journal Critical Reviews in Toxicology independently published the study on Tuesday.
        The researchers calculated the toxicological “point of departure” (POD) for the effects of fluoride on IQ — also known as the “hazard level,” the lowest point at which a toxic effect is observed — and found it to be 0.179 milligrams per liter (mg/L) in water.
        Levels of fluoride found in drinking water in the U.S. and Canada typically are in the higher range of 0.7 mg/L.
        The National Toxicology Program (NTP) report linking fluoride exposure and lower IQ in children set the hazard level at 1.5 mg/L, and one of the key studies at the center of the trial set the level even lower than 0.2 mg/L.
        The findings also are significant because David Savitz, Ph.D., professor of epidemiology at Brown University and the EPA’s first witness, was part of the expert panel that advised Health Canada on how to interpret this study and other data.

  18. RE: “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    Mr. Corbett
    Just so ya know…At this juncture, I cannot “Reply” to my previous comment if it is in moderation. Comment strings which are larger than the 3,000 character count then do not become contiguous.

    • HRS, hopefully because no one else can see the first part of your post while it’s in moderation, and the post indicates more text will follow, you have a good chance of contiguous text. Waiting for the moderation period to conclude in order to complete your communication is a pain, especially because there is no notification.

      P.S. Glad to see you posting again after a few days away.

      • Thanks jo-ann,
        Man-o-man!…I’ve been a busy dog. A lot of short nights, and a huge backlog piling up even higher.

  19. Just watched this episode. This concept has been around a long time already. First presented formally to me in the following movie:

    Gheesh I hope it takes you directly there. Movie from 2020

    Struck me back then because when I watched way back then it seemed a no brainer because I knew that. Tried to live by that and still do because isn’t that the human way? But it set off a short lived phenomenon so do a lot of good.

    I think we can only pick and choose in our own backyards because that’s what we’re all dealing with individual yet worldwide. I’ve contributed to a few bigger picture but they’re bigger than us so better to do so at home for me at least

    But because you’re die hard and pretty much in sync with what I see unfolding I’ll continue to support you yes sadly just a bit we’re all getting slammed. Paying it back is impossible too unless to banks and taxes, well probably others 😁.

    Also one of the few reasons is your efforts I can still find some pride in being Canadian.

    The moral of that movie was you tell 2 friends and so on and so on. Isn’t that what we’re trying to do in many ways?

  20. Seeds, seedlings and plant crowns etc, are a great example of paying forward. In august last year the chap in the allotment next to me handed me some little red berries. They were asparagus berries. I extracted the seeds and let them dry and sowed them a few weeks ago. Now I have 120 asparagus plants (from only half of the berries so far) and I’m looking for people who can give homes to 100 seedlings. On my own allotment I grew a few amaranth plants (Love Lies Bleeding) I took the seeds form them and now I have a large box of seeds which gave me micro-greens to eat all this winter and I’ll never get through them all before this years crop arrives. Strawberry runners are running wild on my allotment too. I’ll be sharing them around like confetti.

  21. James, I was deeply impressed by the personal exemple with wich you opened this episode. I felt a more personal, philosophical and even spiritual take from you on this podcast and on the last article you wrote, wich emphesized the pursue of hapiness as pursue of virtue and wisdom.

  22. Hi James, Your podcast has been informative and inspiring to take action. Since the Covid nightmare, we moved from a city in Oregon, to a county that is more supportive of independent thought, a small community of 800. I attend a small church in the community, not as a strict christian, but for connection with the community, and have become active at the Grange hall. I’ve recently proposed and have the approval of starting a men’s breakfast once a month that will include a community outreach of helping the elderly with work projects for ammending fences, gather firewood, etc.. The list of interested participants is growing, and should an economic tsunami hit, I have saved your podcast “survival currencies”, and will present it for consideration.

    Peace be with you!

  23. Great stuff James. I do this on a regular basis and it really works.. at least 2 out of 10 times it really sticks.. and when it does, it is amazing. Several times I helped someone and they went on to do many good things. Why? Because someone who knows how rare it is for someone to help them, inspires them to go on to do the same. Keep up the great work. !!

  24. I first came across the idea of pay it forward several years ago. My friend was in a queue at the supermarket when the man in front of him realised he didn’t have enough money to pay for all his groceries. He was very embarrassed and started to remove items. My friend just handed him the money he was short. When the man asked how he’d get the money back to him my friend replied ‘It’s ok, just pay it forward.’ My friend was not short of money and his reward was that he felt good about himself for his small act of generosity.
    I like the idea of giving value, because value has many forms, not just monetary. I think time and skills are two of the most valuable things.

  25. While ordering garden seeds last week, I encountered an approach worth broadcasting, if you’ll pardon the pun. Searching for a particular variety of pole bean (Fortex), I found them at Uprising Seeds in Bellingham, Washington. Their online ordering offers a “Grow it Forward” opportunity, where one can purchase seed packets that someone else can order without paying for the seeds. The latter aspect of their program is offered in “seasonal garden bundles” of 5 seed packets for which the recipient is charged one dollar to enable shipping.

    It was easy to kick in to this good cause while ordering seeds for our garden. Thanks.

  26. Two more garden variety strategies: When I worked for a company that offered a 10% discount at local restaurants for employees, I would add the 10% to the tip.

    Now that I’m retired, when a local market has a senior citizens discount day, after the transaction I put the 10% in the tray by the cash register for customers short of cash.

  27. Hello everybody,

    I’m happy to tell you this is my first post as a member and this specific video got me over the edge. You see, I live unbanked since 2014 and near Liberland I am able to keep myself going, but often I can’t find my preferred payment method and then I think to myself, I bought enough pizza with bitcoins to forgive myself this expense, life is expensive enough by itself.

    I enjoy video’s from James since around 2010 and the reason why I wanted to write a response so bad is because I have my own interpretation of “pay it forward” and I’m writing blogs about it and I make video’s to explain myself. We live in confusing times, but for the character “Yoshi Livo” I believe that is something good.

    My name Yoshi Livo means “Your Children Live On” because I want to leave when this planet is in a better state compared to then when I was born. Before I get all too personal I would like this first post to mainly be a big thank you to James for all the knowledge he shares with us, it was about time I made some donation, it is more then deserved.

    I’m still figuring out how things work around here, do you have dm’s? feel free to send me a message if you want to receive a link to my x account. I try to post daily content and report about our clown world, last episode I broadcasted the Assange trial for example. Every day you can win 1 dollar of crypto on my show, I have been giving away Liberland Merits and interviewed John McAfee as one of my highlights from the past.

    Anyway, 1500 characters left but I think this sums it up for now, let’s GO! team humanity!!

    • Welcome. No DMs. But you should receive notification emails when people reply to your comments. There is a subscription setting to be filled in when you post your first comment under an article.

      • Thanks, I did receive an email about your comment, I just posted another comment on the satire video and included my most recent blogpost, I’m curious to find out if the system allows me to link to my blog.

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