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Joining us today is Michael Connett, lead attorney for the plaintiffs’ in the #FluorideLawsuit. We discuss the history of the lawsuit, what’s at stake, and how people who are concerned about the fluoridation of the water supply can get involved in the fight against this uncontrolled medical intervention.

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“Fluoride” on The Corbett Report

Interview 1352 – Dr. Paul Connett on the Case Against Fluoride

TSCA Fluoride Lawsuit (Fluoride Action Network explainer page)

Food and Water Watch et al. v. United States Environmental Protection Agency et al. – Court page

Michael Connett – profile at Siri & Glimstad

Dr. Phillipe Grandjean Exposes The History Of Fluoride’s Harms (Derrick Broze interview)

Fluoride Trial Interview – Dr. Bruce Lanphear (Derrick Broze interview)

Fluoride Trial Interview – Dr. Howard Hu (Derrick Broze interview)

In re: Roundup Products Liability Litigation (MDL No. 2741)

Fluoride on Trial documentary / conversation with Michael Connett in Dallas



  1. I’ve emailed my council member with these facts but he believes the dental lobby more than scientists.

  2. Good day James and Commentariat,

    As always James you shine the light on deeply important topics. Thank you. Fluoride has been a real problem for the avg US citizen for nearly 70 years or more. It is good to see this finally winding down.

    Question: Do you think the success of rolling back Fluoride in our water supply has anything to do with the fact that the bulk of fluoride come to the US from China and that the US is no longer a key Iron and Steel manufacturer at this time? Thus there is no longer a need to find a place like drinking water to dump this by product of metal refinement and fabrication?

    Thank you,

  3. Yesterday, Tuesday June 18, Regina Imburgia and Joe Stokes appeared before the Dallas City Council and talked about the upcoming June 23rd event with Michael Connett, Esq.
    (7 minutes)

    [Today, Wednesday June 19 is a National Holiday in the U.S.]

    On Wednesday morning an email broadcast update about the June 23rd event adds a sweet treat…
    Join us immediately following the program at the Londoner for a light bites buffet and stimulating camaraderie with a Patriot Party at the Pub.
    A joyful noise will be heard at the Patriot Party at the Pub premiere of PLANDEMIC THE MUSICAL immediately following the screening of Fluoride On Trial on 6/23 at The Londoner next door to the Angelika Film Center. This is a “not to be missed” opportunity for fellowship and camaraderie and is included with your ticket to the film!!!!

    • Ministry of Truth Film Fest – Home page
      Wayback Machine –

      TSCA Fluoride Lawsuit (2017 – Present)
      Evidence on fluoride’s neurotoxicity was heard by the Court in two phases: a 7-day trial in June 2020, and a 14-day trial in February 2024. As of May 2024, a judgment from the court has yet to be rendered.

      Here is a list of Dallas Express “fluoride” articles/opinions.

    • Wednesday June 19, 2024 at 8am – The Dallas Express
      Opinion: Famous Fluoride Attorney Comes to Dallas June 23
      By Regina Imburgia

      Virtually, there is no other highly skilled attorney in the world who is more knowledgeable about the subject of fluoride than Michael Connett, Esq. And he is coming to Dallas on Sunday June 23rd for a once in a life-time, landmark event!

      Here’s the scoop…

      The event starts at 5pm on Sunday June 23rd at the Angelika Film Center -Dallas (Mockingbird/Central). The $10 tickets are not sold at the theatre, so they must be purchased in advance at the following website which also contains details of the event: ~~WWW

      Leading off the event will be a short documentary screening of the film entitled: Fluoride On Trial: The Censored Science on Fluoride and Your Health. Following the film, the audience will hear more from Michael Connett who will also host a Q&A.

      A short Bio about Michael Connett, Esq.
      Michael Connett is the lead attorney in a pioneering federal lawsuit on water fluoridation [Food & Water Watch, et al. v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)]. The lawsuit, which is now in its 8th year, has resulted in voluminous admissions and disclosures from federal health agencies about the hazards of fluoride exposure, including risks to the brain from prenatal and early life exposures. The journalist Chris Bryson has described Michael as having “an encyclopedic knowledge of the scientific literature on fluoride,” which was on full display in Michael’s depositions and cross-examinations of federal health officials.

      Over the decades, top government officials, big business and vested interests have suppressed valid science while pushing a false narrate. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out some of the skinny.

      Ticket Price GUARANTEE – We guarantee that you will find out things that you did not know. So, for all those know-it-alls, we will gladly refund your ticket price.

      Mark the date, get your tickets and grab your friends for an enthralling, jaw-dropping experience! You will laugh, you will cry, you will boo and you will cheer! Yes, this event will be popcorn throwing fun! The theatre is bound to be energized. After all, we are on the cusp of a shifting narrative! See ya there ya’ll!

      • Friday June 21, 2024 – The Dallas Express
        Opinion: Moral Corruption and Scientific Fraud
        By Karen Favazza Spencer

        The “Fluoride on Trial” documentary about the considerable scientific evidence of learning disabilities in children caused by fluoride exposure when mothers drink optimally fluoridated water while pregnant is part NCIS drama, part spy novel, and part “Erin Brockovich.”

        The lawsuit filed by the Food & Water Watch et al. in 2017 against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) based on regulations that require the EPA to eliminate or control “unreasonable risk” to susceptible populations was heard February-March 2024 in federal court. It featured a half dozen medical scientists with impeccable qualifications who testified to the scientific fact of fluoride-induced harm to baby brains resulting in lowered IQ. The two defense witnesses wit divided loyalty and convoluted logic both were caught out in lies by plaintiff attorney.

        However, as jaw-dropping as the science and testimony were, the behind the scenes political machinations of government and corporate stakeholders who profit from fluoridation schemes were even more of a thunderbolt. Those recent political efforts were omitted from the trial, but are mentioned in this documentary. “Fluoride on Trial” also references an early gaslight and scientific fraud that involves Bartlett, Texas – and includes documentation. You won’t want to miss it.

        Since the trial ended, even more damming science has been published, including a Los Angeles, CA study of pregnant women and their children. That study found that 3-year-olds exposed to doses of fluoride before birth which are the equivalent of “optimal” doses recommended by dentists are about twice as likely to have behaviors consistent with learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorder as well as be highly anxious and have sleep disorders. The American Dental Association (ADA) dismissed this study saying that since most of the participants were Hispanic, it was not representative of the United State as a whole and consequently the ADA continues to endorse fluoridation. Is it any wonder that the Texas chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) has been on record against fluoridation since 2011?….

    • Saturday June 22, 2024 – Fluoride Action Network (F.A.N.) Broadcast EMAIL

      A New Interview on the Lawsuit (embedded video)

      Our lead attorney, Michael Connett, was featured in a new 40-minute interview this week on The Corbett Report. Connett discusses how he got involved with fluoridation, the history of FAN’s petition to the EPA and the lawsuit, the National Toxicology Program’s systematic review of fluoride neurotoxicity, the two different phases of the trial, his thoughts on the impending ruling, and how people can learn more and act locally in the meantime.

      Click below to watch and share the interview:

      Film Screening and Connett Q&A Event in Dallas on Sunday

      The organizers of the fluoride-free campaign Dallas for Safer Water are hosting a special screening of the film Fluoride on Trial: The Censored Science on Fluoride and Your Health this Sunday, June 23rd at 5PM at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas, Texas. Michael Connett, will be in attendance and hosting a Q&A session with the audience following the screening.

      For more information, read FAN’s bulletin that was sent to our email subscribers from Texas earlier this week.
      Stuart Cooper
      Executive Director
      Fluoride Action Network

      • Fluoride Action Network (F.A.N.) TWITTER ‘X’
        TEXAS – Attorney Michael Connett will be in Dallas, TX on Sunday June 23rd at the Angelika Film Center to talk about #fluoride.

        Thousands of people have been emailed about this event.
        Letters/invitations have been mailed to the neighboring cities which get their water from Dallas Water Utilities.

    • Saturday June 29 – The Dallas Express
      By Kellen McGovern Jones – Investigative Reporter
      ‘Fluoride On Trial’ Gets Dallas Premiere

      Former state senator Don Huffines and others gathered last Sunday at the Angelika Film Center to screen Fluoride On Trial, a documentary about a federal lawsuit against the EPA over the health risks associated with fluoride in tap water.

      “This is a liberty issue,” Huffines told The Dallas Express. “It is about forcibly medicating citizens without their consent.”
      “Patriots not only have the authority to question government but the obligation to question government,” he added.

      The film, produced by Children’s Health Defense, an organization founded by presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., lasted one hour. It begins with television commercials and government PSAs from the 1940s and 50s proclaiming the health benefits of fluoridation. These videos demonstrate that neither industry nor government has acknowledged any negative health consequences from fluoridation, unequivocally advocating for the consumption of fluoride. The film then switched between segments of attorney Michael Connett explaining the case he has brought and deposition footage from EPA experts conceding various points about the purported dangers of fluoridation.

      One of the first findings presented was that 80% of children show fluorosis on at least two teeth, according to Connett and an EPA scientist. Fluorosis, a condition that results in white or brown speckles on your teeth, is caused by overexposure to fluoride in the early years of life.

      A 2016 study presented in the film found a negative correlation between excessive fluoride consumption and children’s IQs.

      Fluoride can be found in some baby formulas and the tap water used to reconstitute the product. Grocers have also sold fluoridation kits that mothers can use to add more fluoride to their baby formula. Fluoridated water for baby bottles can also be found for sale. Many children’s health resources strongly recommend fluoridation.

      “[B]reastfed and formula-fed infants need appropriate fluoride supplementation if local drinking water contains less than 0.3 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride,”’s website reads.

      Connett finds this objectionable and points to recent studies that found the “adverse impacts” of ingesting fluoride were “thoroughly counterbalanced” by any claimed benefit. Nevertheless, fluoride is added to most of the nation’s tap water and can be found in many food products….

    • Sunday June 30, 2024 – The Dallas Express
      By Kellen McGovern Jones – Investigative Reporter
      EXCLUSIVE: Lawyer Sues EPA Over Fluoride Dangers

      Attorney Michael Connett recently spoke with The Dallas Express about the federal lawsuit he brought against the EPA for failing to protect the public from fluoride.

      “CDC named fluoridation of drinking water one of 10 great public health interventions of the 20th century because of the dramatic decline in cavities since community water fluoridation started in 1945,” CDC’s website reads.

      Connett could not disagree more with this statement.

      “If fluorination truly was one of the top 10 public health achievements, you would think … the other Western industrialized powers would be doing it,” Connett said. “If you look at World Health Organization data, those countries have the same levels of tooth decay or less.”

      Connett points to fluorosis as one of the primary and undisputed risks of fluoride consumption. Fluorosis most prominently affects the teeth by causing striations or blotching. However, this is not the worst consequence of fluoride, Connett said.

      One study from 2016 found a strong negative correlation between the amount of fluoride in drinking water and children’s IQs. These findings have been replicated numerous times, including in animals. Another study found a significant increase in depressive behavior among rats that consumed fluoride.

      Another startling study revealed the relationship between fluoride and hypothyroidism. An NIH-funded study found that hypothyroidism is strongly and almost linearly associated with fluoride consumption. The study concluded that even relatively small amounts of fluoride can retard the function of the thyroid gland.

      Connett noted that fluoride proponents often argue fluoride is only dangerous in high doses. The NIH says 4 mg daily of fluoride is safe for the typical adult man.

      DX asked Connett if fluoride is like inorganic mercury, where small doses can accumulate in the brain and cause harm over time after consumption, or if fluoride is like glyphosate, where the body passes it quickly but is in so many things that even supposedly “safe” doses can quickly add up to unsafe levels. Connett answered that fluoride is the worst of both worlds. Research shows fluoride bioaccumulates in the bones of both people and animals. He claimed that it is also an intentional or unintentional ingredient in so many food products that people are frequently consuming far above the allegedly safe dosage.

      Fluoride advocates argue that direct application to the teeth can help defeat cavities through “re-mineralization.” Connett accepts that dental fluoride treatments could have some benefits. However, concerns remain about how the fluoride eventually moves from the teeth into the digestive tract.

      Connett said his investigation for his lawsuit uncovered that….

  4. Hello,
    Yeah, I’m going to send this info to my Dentist, who believes in fluoride use and doesn’t know about “oil pulling” as an oral health aide. He also loves selling
    x-ray services.

  5. I would like to see presenter(s) of putting Fluoride in the public water have their bottled water be Fluoridated and a camera record them drinking some during the presentation. At the end of the presentation, show the presenter(s) the video displaying that they just swallow the water. Ask them if they are going to the Poison Center for medical help as directed on tooth paste “If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.”

    If it is dangerous to swallow Fluoridated tooth paste, why is it not dangerous to swallow Fluoridated Water?

  6. Wow who! I got my membership! #TRUTHSEEKER

  7. James – I could sense the unbridled enthusiasm of your voluntaryist self during this interview. I’ll bet you were thinking – “Yes! Let’s beg the government to do something and wait for their decision!” I think the best suggestion during the entire interview was taking action at the local level. Perhaps forming armed citizen committees like the Fluoride Unfriendly Committee United attending city council meetings in force. Armed with facts in addition to sidearms. Invite the press, including drawings of the proposed scaffolding for the mayor and city council. Or photoshopped photos of the council with and without heads.

    Interviews with local TV presenters:
    “I’m here with William Judgmentday. Do you go by William or Bill?
    “You can call me Judgmentday”
    “I understand you are the chairman of the organization. Can you tell me what you hope to accomplish and how many members there are?”
    “We don’t hope to accomplish anything. We will remove fluoride from the water with or without the government’s permission.
    “Or what?”
    “You saw the photos/drawings accompanying the invitation.”
    “Are you saying you will hang the mayor and city council or behead them if they don’t take immediate action to remove fluoride from the water?!”
    “You saw pictures.”
    “How many members in your organization.”
    “I can only say they don’t wear badges. They could be anyone. It’s difficult to gauge the numbers because there are more joining every day. I estimate a few million throughout the US and Mexico.
    “Are you sure?! How do you know?
    “We have telepaths in every cell. We are in constant communication.”

    Head shot of presenter in isolation:
    “There you have it. The chairman of FUCU himself. He sounds serious. Back to you, Rube”
    “Thank you, Luna. Our next story – GMO mosquitos. Learn how Bill Gates intends to save the Rain Forest by introducing lab engineered anopheles in New York City carrying a lethal strain of syphilis. What a guy!

  8. A necessary for me off topic seeking help…

    The two things I have loved the most the majority of my life is my motorcycle and writing/playing music.

    Unfortunately a genetic disposition, possible thyroid issue, has given me arthritis in my right wrist and has had a bad effect on my playing guitar or riding my bike.

    Anyone out here have any known successful natural healing method for this?

    I have been on a diet/supplement regime for a while now but only sporadic relief. Low sugar, no carb intake the past 6 months.

    Thanks to all.

    • try olive leaf powder, organic, a bit in tea every day

      it sends the heavy metals accumulation from the chemtrails/plus out of the body

      Pacific Bottanicals and others have in 1 lb bulk bags. Not expensive, lasts years.
      Keeps memory from slipping too.

      Using it for 23 years now. Works.

    • I have found that DMSO gives me almost immediate albeit temporary relief from the arthritis in my hands and wrist.

        • The DMSO is a clear liquid. Actually its a solvent.
          I use an eye dropper to apply it on my hands. I just rub the tip of the dropper around the area and try to keep it from dripping too much. Most folks would probably use a cotton ball but that seemed wasteful to me.
          For other types of aches and pain I sometimes mix the DMSO with arnica gel. That works well for backaches and muscle pain.
          The stuff I purchased didn’t come with any instructions so I just experimented.

          I’ll probably be judged and condemned for using amazon but this is what I purchased

          • I forgot about the Arnica Homeopathic salts I have. It says it is for muscle aches, etc. Gonna try that tonight.

            I have a stoic approach to life and your choice of using a reliable provider of a wide variety of products, Amazon, seems pretty smart to me.

            Let’s see, get well or be politically correct?? Hmmm 🙂

            Just ordered it.

            Thanks. It takes a website “village” hey 🙂

            • I hope that it helps you play your guitar with less pain.

              • Thanks.

                From playing and writing songs for hours on end to perhaps 15 mins on one has been a real shock to me.

    • Tumaric taken orally has helped me with pain and inflammation. One of my friends told me about it and she’s the type who never tries natural remedies unless they really work.

      Arnica gel topically may also help.

      • @cu.h.j

        Thanks, going into town tomorrow, will check at my health food store for all these things.

        • No problem. I hope you feel better.

    • Max dosing vitamin C to bowel tolerance is extremely beneficial to every cell of the body and also reduces inflammation in the body. Having a robust and diverse microbiome is key to delivering nutrients, efficiently throughout the body, so I highly recommend making your own ferments, such as cabbage (sauerkraut), apple cider vinegar, yogurt, peppers, etc. Of course, if you don’t already consume rich sources of collagen, that’s beneficial, as well as having a balance of both omega 3s and 6s (chia seeds are a good source). I’ve also learned that some arthritis is a result of auto immune disorders (most have been linked to vaccines). There are a wide variety of fungal betaglucans that need to be extracted through low temperature water infusion from functional mushrooms like Reishi (Ganoderma) Turkey Tail (Tremedes
      Versicolor), Lion’s Mane (Herecium Erinsceus) and Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus)

      If you do decide to use functional mushrooms, beware that a large portion of the supplements on the market are not using the fruiting body of the fungus, but are instead “mycelium based” which is wording that indicates they’re only innoculating grain spawn to then dehydrate the grain and powder the mycelium and the grain together. That does not offer the benefits that many seek. It is for this reason, I began making my own dual extracts, so I can know the product has been done correctly.

      If you do buy those, please note that most reputable and scrupulous companies will advertise that they use fruiting bodies and also publish their extraction methods.

      I hope you are able to get back to riding and pickin!

      • >>Max dosing vitamin C to bowel tolerance is extremely beneficial to every cell of the body and also reduces inflammation in the body.>>
        Dr. Berry on youtube, from the South some where and a few other doctors all talk about getting the correct formula of supplements D3, C, B12, etc. I’ll look into that.

        I am of a mind that the “arthritis” and some other symptoms I have experienced are coming from hypothyroidism. I take 1/4 grain (only med I take) of Armor Thyroid and perhaps I need a higher dosage. Thyroid issues are wide ranging from constipation and hair loss to joint and finger sensitivity issues.

        >>Having a robust and diverse microbiome is key to delivering nutrients, efficiently throughout the body, so I highly recommend making your own ferments, such as cabbage (sauerkraut), apple cider vinegar, yogurt, peppers, etc.>>
        You must be young or an Aires 🙂 I’m 82 and single, completely off the grid and 50 miles from a small town. What other urban folks take for granted, for me it is a challenging journey.

        >>I’ve also learned that some arthritis is a result of auto immune disorders>>
        Been a pure blood all my life. No needles/vaccines/etc. But I do believe my self evaluation is my issue is in the auto immune ball park.

        >>(most have been linked to vaccines). There are a wide variety of fungal betaglucans that need to be extracted through low temperature water infusion from functional mushrooms like Reishi (Ganoderma) Turkey Tail (Tremedes Versicolor), Lion’s Mane (Herecium Erinsceus) and Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus)>>
        We don’t share the same pay grades friend 🙂 The key to much of my music is “Forging words childrend can understand”

        Thanks so very much for your advise, it is well received and appreciated. Going to the Dr. tomorrow for answers to all I have been researching about hypothyroidism.

        >>I hope you are able to get back to riding and pickin!>>

        My intention.

    • I forgot to mention that the betaglucans modulate the n immune system, to balance both hyperactive and hypoactive

    • @ejdoyle

      Try fermenting some turmeric rhizome pieces in salt brine and eating a piece of the fermented rhizome with some black pepper and and healthy fat (like coconut oil, avocados or hemp seeds/oil). I do that when I get tendonitis from lifting unreasonably heavy wire basket trees and it helps a lot.

      Here is more info and basic recipe:

      • I appreciate your advice but I am off the grid and 50 miles from a small town and just don’t have the sort of resources that you have.

        I do do coconut and olive oil in food prep, and eat avocados, broccoli, and other good foods like that.

        Saw my primary yesterday with a list of tests I will get done next Thursday all relating to hypoglycemia from my research. The thyroid runs a lot of business in ones body and side effects from hair loss, joint issues, etc.

        • @ejdoyle

          Turmeric can be bought online if need be (one example of a place you could order it from: ) and a little goes a long way.

          I am not rolling in fiat currency so we grow our own when possible but even when we buy organic turmeric rhizome from the store or a local organic (greenhouse) farmer it only costs like 15 dollars to get enough to fill up a 1 liter jar filled with fermented rhizome pieces (and that jar last me at least two months for all my muscle, joint, tendon and other inflammation issues).

          I highly suggest getting some even if you have to drive to a city, order online or even do powdered and then ferment it in a sauerkraut or something.

          Fermenting potentiates its medicinal effects by a factor of 20.

          In order to ferment it all you need is salt, water and a jar.

          Health food stores, naturopaths and supplement shops tell tiny capsules of fermented turmeric powder for like 60-100 bucks a bottle but making your own cuts that cost down significantly and increases the quality and efficacy of the end product drastically as well.

          For thyroid my wife (who has issues with that) finds that chlorella and kelp helps a lot.

          Hope this helps!

          • Part of the Mandela Effect is the changing of names…Jiffy to Jif, etc. When I worked in a health food store in the 70’s it WAS Tumeric (Too Mare Ick)

            >>Turmeric can be bought online if need be (one example of a place you could order it from: ) and a little goes a long way.>>


            >>I am not rolling in fiat currency…>>
            My previous point was meant to help you understand, living 50 miles from a town that has less then 3000 people is lack of resources. More burger joints then alternative anything.

            >>In order to ferment it all you need is salt, water and a jar.>>
            And incentive.

            Your age, having a partner, etc. is good for you. I don’t have that or the ambition to do much in the way of creating my own herbal mixes. I’m 82, no potentially fatal conditions, only take the Armor thyroid, and use homepathic salts.

            Past few days I have been using Arnica Montana 30x that has given some well being.

            Got me well enough to record a new song:
            A HILL TO DIE ON

  9. Recall how they took that meningitis causing vaxxine and once discovered in the US, passed it on to Canada under new name. When discovered to be deadly in Canada, same same, moved it to UK with new name.

    Recall that what folks crow about in their swimming pools, “it’s salt cleansed”, amounts to selling them two bottles of chloride salts, which they combine at home to produce…….chlorine. DUH! That was no problemo proving. When you point out to them that it smells completely as chlorine, they deny. DUH???

    So, in the past eight years, for the first time, water bottles for sale began to appear here in Thailand with flouride in them. You have to look for a “NSE(?”) something label on it. Don’t have one now.
    I looked it up several years ago. US Chemicals.

    And this year, for the first year ever, chemicals have been added to the piped water in both Chiang Mai and here in small Pai. All drinking water is filtered, sold in 25 gallon bottles for pennies.

    Wash water was nice for the hair. Now it burns it.

    There’s no victory in moving the crap down stream. The entire planet is the west’s downstream.

    Let’s quit this stupid stroking party, as George Carlin called it out. End the makers of poisons or shut your hypocritical forked tongue lying mouths. They still use DDT on crops in Hawaii. They just separate the two ingredients, and the shit can nearly kill you.

    Lawyers. No respect for these shills as will take any amount to create the “laws” that the DOD is using to kill. No respect for those money loving lawyers. Always smiling. Creeps.

    They don’t give a rat’s ass about the people.

  10. Thanks very much for interviewing Michael Connett about our EPA trial, James.

    I was at every hearing of the trials and I have been organizing worldwide activists since 2014. All the wisdom from fluoride-free advocates including Michael and his parents, together with doctors, dentists, lawyers, politicians, chemically sensitive people and others is contained in my book “Something in the Water: 12 Steps to Ending Fluoridation in Your Town”.

    This ultimate how-to for concerned residents to mount and sustain a local campaign is available at The Book Patch, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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