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In an effort to clear the decks and make way for another deep-dive, focused edition of Questions For Corbett, today James run through a dozen or so quick questions. Enjoy!

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Your Guide to Fifth-Generation Warfare

Interview 1816 – The WWIII Script on Macroaggressions with Charlie Robinson

How Will WWIII Be Fought? – Questions For Corbett #062

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Questioned About Zionism, Calling Palestinians Pampered.

Are Pro-Palestinian Protests Being Hijacked By Marxists To “Destroy Capitalism, Freedom & Democracy”?

What Is Safeway and Who Really Owns It?

Episode 449 – How BlackRock Conquered the World

How Vanguard Conquered the World.

The Future of Food

Regenerative Agriculture

How to Boycott Big Food

Solutions: Guerrilla Gardening

Community Gardens – #SolutionsWatch

Eat Ze Bugs or You’re Racist – #PropagandaWatch

“An Open-Minded Spirit No Longer Exists Within NPR” – NPR Veteran Excoriates Outlet Over Hunter, Russiagate Activism

Punished NPR Journalist Resigns After Calling Out Partisan Trainwreck

New NPR CEO Gave Ted Talk Asserting “Truth” Is A “Distraction”

NPR Scandal Should Kill Taxpayer-Funded Broadcasting

The BBC Exposed (2013)

Episode 050 – The “C” Word

I Am A Conspiracy Theorist

CIA Dispatch 1035-960

Interview 1885 – Whistleblower Reveals US Cover Up of Israeli War Crimes (NWNW 557)

The Corbett Report . . . now with CAPTIONS!


  1. Look at the percentage that Blackrock, Statestreet, and Vanguard have in these companys.

    Ever ask yourself: how can these companies have such huge sway in all these companies they don’t own a majority in?

    The answer is actually rather simple. You might have heard of the 80/20 rule or the 90/10 rule. It only requires a small percentage of a population to cause huge problems for the rest. After that, it’s important for the effects to be swift. Now you know where places like E-Trade come in. Retail investors will see a bunch of shares dumped on the market and panic sell. That will drive the stock price down even further and… well, you know the rest. The only difference is instead of the informed investor not taking the bait, the average person who knows very little can easily be swayed.

    • As a Canadian living in Japan, why is James so interested in American politics? It makes perfect sense why you would be concerned when it comes to foreign policy or monetary policy used as a weapon etc. These things really tend to hurt a lot more than just Americans.
      I’m wondering why James would dive so deep on topics that really only seem to affect Americans. Fluoridating the American water supply. America’s vaccine mandates. Fighting back in the American court system. Things that only seem to matter if you live in the states. Is it just because so much of James’s following is American and it makes sense to cater toward your audience? Is it because James thinks “as goes America, so goes the rest of world”?

        • I agree. I more or less mentioned that fact in my question. Which I probably should have submitted as a Question For Corbett. Oops

  2. “If wars are started by lies, then they can be stopped by truth.”
    – Julian Assange
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “We don’t learn from war; we repeat it. We don’t prevent war; we perfect it.”
    – Heather Mallick
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.”
    – Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970)

  3. While I agree with you on the selection of the popular US presidential candidates, there seems to be one who is different: Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai.
    In case you are not familiar with him (he’s not as well known, but perhaps should be), here a glimpse of his work:
    His websites: where he offers suggestions for SOLUTIONS where he offers free and low fee education on understanding how systems work, be they the world, society, politics, economics, the body or what have you.

    And here just a few short videos: or or

    He likely is not one of the “selected” candidates. What do you make of him?

    • Who “elected” him to “run”? Or is he a “self selected”politician. No one asked him to run, he just wants to?
      “Back in the day”, candidates were “chosen”, at least locally, by citizens’ petitioning them to “run”. Like, it wasn’t all about self advertisement. You needed a “base”, in reality. In a place.
      Now, well, there’s this “space’ of media, which is not a “place” anywhere real that any real being “lives in”.

      • Yes, I believe he is a self-selected, independent. He’s actually not a politician, but an MIT teacher. Quite clever guy who says we need to get educated or stay enslaved.

        As far as I’ve seen he promotes an offline activities, where people meet face to face to promote the Truth Freedom Health agenda. Seems legitimately grassroots to me.

  4. Loved this one. So much info just in answering the questions. And I despise it, because it makes it evident that I need to go through all you’ve offered one by one from the start. And that’s intimidating. because it involves this machine.

    Ah, NPR. Many decades ago we disappointingly began to refer to it as National Petroleum Radio. More recently, National Propaganda Radio.
    I used to mail my local a few years back and ask the “news” announcers how it felt to lie like that?

    Music programs took a dive too, with some generation of high pitched voices running the shows. Sycophants of music in the digital age. Yawn. Lots of good local folks did a lot of fund raising to get those transmitters way up into the mountains of the west, and also to get programs other than classical music. And were very successful for some time.
    Every thing that creative people build, the yups aren’t far behind to take over. The Money comes, and the Creativity leaves. Town after town, enterprise after enterprise.

    Kennedy threw me off his CHD site a few years back. Didn’t like me pointing out how much money lawyers and the courts make from allowing Pharma as well as their suppliers, Monsanto, etc. to carry on with an occasional “fine” that allows these supporting players to get in on the “killings” through. Come on. “Pfizer” fined TWO BILLION, THREE HUNDRED MILLION IN 2006, for bribing doctors and falsifying trial results, and they carry on?

    I have a burning question I’d like you to cover, Mr. Corbett. Will send specifics in mail. I have had this one for two years or more. Finally not the only one asking. About the fact that Pfizer is but an agent of Biontech, and this is quite evident , and has been for a long time. Germany has supported the WHO pandemic agenda far far more than any other nation. Financially.
    Also, have some lead on an upcoming video documentary titled “11/9” Trump and The Twin Towers.
    Anyone else run across this recently?

  5. I think that this QFC Clearing the Decks – Questions For Corbett was one of his best!

    There is some profound insight and wisdom here as Corbett’s anarchist mindset reverberated throughout.

    I’m playing CC (Corbett Catch-up) as I have been so busy that I have missed a week of Corbett material.
    Dang!…it is hard to keep up with the guy, much less catch-up.

    • Difficult to keep up, indeed. I’m telling myself it’s OK to miss out on stuff now and again, while I’m hoping that what I skipped won’t turn up in the big exam.

  6. I wanted to mention this video (and a few around the same timestamp) that demonstrate Jimmy Dore is growing. I think he’s well into the “good people” area of influence.

    He’s mentioned already many times how he bought the narrative from the get go, but soon grew wiser due to all the dissenting voices he wasn’t tuning out but listening to.

    He also mentions some of his “friends” attacking him for speaking up. I don’t think it yet dawned on him that the reason they are doing this is that they hate him for having integrity and courage to put everything on the line for something he believed in. While they themselves are just yellow belly gutless cowards willing to sell everyone down the river for a few sheckles and a morsel of food.

  7. You answered my question!! That was awesome. Another great video, James. Thank you for your wisdom and all that you do to share it with the world.

  8. Newer videos show a number of guitars in the show background. So I thought I’d ask, what sort of music you like, and like to perform?

    Do you know about the Canadian ‘punk’ band called Propagandhi?
    [ Here is a cover of one of their older tunes, “The State Lottery” ]

  9. Were ‘the sex pistols ‘ TRUE Anarchists ? OR

    Did George Soros OR SOMEONE OF THAT ILK finance the ‘ sex pistols ‘?

  10. It is an unwritten “law” that you have to publicly support Israel if you want to be president of the United States. It has been true for years. That said, Kennedy is the only one to seem to have a brain. I watched the debates between Trump and Biden and it was really funny to see the faces Trump made while Biden was stumbling. The puppet show is on. But the first time I heard the main stream journalists stating that there is a large part of the population that do not like both Trump and Biden. It certainly would be a step in the direction of change to see Kennedy elected but I won’t hold my breath as the system is so well rigged to not allow any real democracy. Thanks for the show, good info.

  11. A question for James Corbett:

    I am following your work since many years and I do regard it as one of the most enlightening sources of information about what is going on in the world of human beings in these times.Thank you for doing what you do.

    Another conspiracy realist I am regularly listening to is David Icke. who has been ridiculed, ignored, attacked etc. over many years for his pointing towards a non-human force which is ultimately behind all the manipulations on the geopolitical stage.
    What is your take on that?

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