Interview 1890 – 9/11, Internet, Gates and Grub on The Jimmy Dore Show

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via The Jimmy Dore Show: James joins Jimmy to discuss 9/11, internet censorship, Gates, the future of food and more.



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  1. Great podcast. I hate to say it, but these big pro interviewers like Jimmy Dore and Glen Beck somehow bring out the best in people like James and Whitney, in terms of general public communication effectiveness at least.

    • I agree. It has to help increase the audience reach. A pleasure to watch.

    • Jimmy Dore makes a living communicating with “Normies”. It is interesting that he brought up the “All you need to know about 9/11 in 5 Minutes” video which a lot of Normies may have seen but didn’t take the time to dig into the details which most of the Corbett Report followers should have been familiar with long before the video went “viral” as they say.
      That said, perhaps the timing is right for an “All you need to know about COVID-19 in 5 Minutes” or how about “All you need to know about Operation Warp Speed in 5 Minutes”.
      Here in Michigan, where the Demoncrates took over the corporate government in 2018, the State Health Agency is still paying for advertising propaganda designed to lure people into getting these EUA experimental injections.
      I think it is time to expose just how corrupt these New World Order Politicians are. Not only is Whitmer responsible for the death of thousands of elderly in 2020 prior to the roll out of the experimental injections, but she is also responsible for pushing these injections on everyone else. It is interesting to note that she went to Florida during the time she ordered Michigan into Lock down, has spoken at Devos, and was instrumental in putting Biden in the White House. So, how did she get re-selected in 2022? Well, I guess it’s like Stalin said; “it’s not who votes or how they vote, but who count the votes”.
      Anyway, this Witch is very deceptive, or perhaps just brainwashed. She kind of reminds me of Hilary Clinton in the since that she has blind ambition not to do great things, but to simply make a name for herself.
      Perhaps people are ready for another sarcastic overview to show that the Events of 9/11/01 still go on

  2. I remember how it was before the www when it was just the internet. I remember my favorite place to go back then was The Well. Jerry Garcia use to put up articles in fact I have a couple of his articles in print. You could enter the internet called the network through Outlook. Those were the days pf true freedom of speech. It still remains but it’s now called the Dark Web.
    Stay safe my friends

  3. Great interview, James. It should make a big impression on folks that are unaware of your work. Even I am still amazed by your ability to recall details and tie everything into the big picture. Wow!

  4. Enjoyed this very much. Jimmy Dore is nowhere near the researcher you are, but he’s always good for a laugh. Especially when he dissects mainstream media articles and stories. I’m glad he’s questioning more and more.

  5. Amazing discussion.
    It’s not only the debt, but the effects of the poisons they are dealing with. They are suicidal applications. One of my teachers said that any word ending in “icide” is a form of suicide.
    That concise brilliant no holds barred 9-11 video ought to be played in every classroom every morning, instead of the pledge of allegiance.
    It’s Big Oil which Makes the chemicals.
    They also eliminated access to local seed there in India when they rammed GMO down them to steal their land.
    Anyone unaware of this horror could watch the documentary “Bitter Seeds”, initiated by the daughter of a land owner who suicided with the chemicals that ruined their lives. That’s how the farmers ended their lives. They knew

    I can’t say why, but I’m not sure that’s Gates there.
    It’s not climate change, it’s climate destruction. And control. Bet he’s big into geoengineering, of course.IF what they are doing is not climate control, what is it? The climate is out of control as they knew it would be with all those Ionosphere Heaters (Haarp, Eiscat, etc. ), so they have to attempt to “control” it as that was their plan in the get go.
    Yes, all this microwave warfare for control is actually burning the planet down.
    If you can’t understand this, review Lahaina, and Paradise. And Redding. And ………

    Yeah, dude, if they cry wolf enough times, you’ll “ignore” them and become ignorant. Precisely their plan.
    Keep laughing, but make sure you know when the joke’s on you.
    I wonder how much “solar radiation management gunk” spray out of those “private jets”.

    As I’ve pointed out more than once recently, sorcery is the first technique/technology.

  6. Icke speaks to centralization of control also today. Interesting how this happens.

  7. Errr…. [hand raised]….

    Wasn’t Jimmy Dore a frequent contributor/guest on YouTube’s darling channel The Young Turks (TYT) for years?
    Just like gay conservative Dave Rubin, who also left TYT?

    Isn’t it odd that so many influential speakers start out on a “left” platform and then end up on a “right” one. One would think they might be…. pawns in the binary political systems that we are all increasingly being enveloped by.

    Avoid the binary.


    • I’m not going to die on a hill defending Jimmy Dore, but he often targets TYT and its views. I’d actually never heard of them until I saw his show.

      He still considers himself a “leftist,” though many of his views sound “right-wing” now. Honestly I think those terms are so convoluted we shouldn’t use them anymore.

      He does have a habit of looking to centralized so-called “solutions” (“free” health care for all is his biggest one), then turning around and berating the centralized government entities in existence.

      But I’ve watched him move further and further away from mainstream thought. He was injured by the covid “vaccine” and took 2 doses of it. It’s since then that I’ve seen him question more, though I’m not familiar with his work prior to 2020.

      • I used to be a Republican for Fiscal Responsibility and Limited Government (until they implemented war and torture, while still claiming to be prolife), and a social moderate for pro-choice, because I care about women and children in poverty.
        Now I am nothing, there is no political term for me, although that doesn’t stop others from giving me a label. Labels should be ended, they are a form of bullying.

        • How about becoming an “Independent” which I was for over 30 years until 2003 when I decided to use the political system as a means to expose it’s flaws. In 2004 I ran as a Libertarian for a State House position under a platform of Sun-setting existing Laws (No New Laws).
          Indeed, Political Parties suck, but when you can’t beet them, sometimes you have to find like minded people to cooperate with.

  8. Really hope this will bring more people to your brilliant work. Been watching since 2008. Never once disappointed me, hands down the most valuable site, and no GD clickbaits.
    Thanks james 🙂

  9. Loved this interview and seeing this combination, having been watching Jimmy for years and watching his evolution has been great. I think Jimmy also preparing himself for the potential of his channel getting pulled from YT, he has been pushing the censorship line to the limit throughout Covid period. I think YT knows if they cancel him, they risk significant blow back as well.

    Somewhere in this interview is the perfect formula of the Noticer and the deeper investigator which is a great dynamic in presenting content of these critical censored topics.

    Cheers to more collaboration hopefully!

    • I love that distinction: “Noticer” and “Deeper Investigator!”

      I’ve always been rather bookish but can’t stand when people put down “Noticers” because they’re not “Deeper Investigators.”

      I do have trouble with people who can’t distinguish between credible researchers and bombastic YouTubers, but that doesn’t apply here IMO.

      • jld44 says:
        I love that distinction: “Noticer” and “Deeper Investigator!”

        Ya’ll are dancing with an important, profound observation.
        Communicating to broad audiences is a tough go, but this duo approach targets a mix of audiences.

        The pairing works well together.
        It makes a topic conversational.
        And everyone is at home with conversations, but many folks would never attend a college lecture.
        With the “sound bite” culture, this pairing approach can penetrate.

        With NWNW, we have a duo act.

        Actually, ya’ll’s comments made me think of all kinds of pairings and how it set-up the communication. e.g. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby

  10. Whe Bill and Melinda Gates visited Norway twenty some years ago, the Norwegian government donated x million dollars to their fund, and shortly thereafter the seed bank construction on Spitsbergen, Svalbard started.

  11. I don’t trust Jimmy Dore, because he was/is TYT affiliated, making him possibly controlled opposition.
    I don’t trust Whitney Webb because she believes the official story of 9/11 and says “they allowed it to happen.”

    • So you haven’t watched jimmy dore in a while eh? He does nothing but throw TYT, cenk and anna under the bus for all their fake bullshit. He’s grateful that he left and nurtured his own show

      • Yeah, I stopped watching in 2016.
        I’m reluctant to listen to this podcast with Corbett, because I was disturbed that Corbett was being tainted by an association with someone from TYT.
        My initial take was a feeling of betrayal and nausea that Corbett is cavorting with agents of the WEF. Like, ick.
        But if Jimmy Dore has turned his back on Cenk and Anna, then it might be worth listening to.
        I hold grudges, though. I still don’t trust The Last American Vagabond for interviewing George Clooney without even grilling him for being a WEF Young Leader and pushing WEF agenda.
        I stopped watching that guy after I saw that.

        • Yeah Jimmy has talked openly for years about how he saw TYTs message shift to that of the oligarchs’. He berates them every chance he gets. And he left them in 2016 because Cenk & co were big Russia gaters, where he was trying to expose them on their own show.

    • I just read Jimmy Dore’s 2014 book “Your Country Is Just Not That Into You”. (Signed my copy at his Comedy Tour in Palm Springs CA this past March).

      While Jimmy acknowledges (in the back of the book), the boost that working for TYT gave him, even in 2014 he had plenty of wit and wisdom well ahead of 90% of the population.
      He’s a comedian for crist’s sake and can still be “trusted” far more than any MSM comedians at CNN or Fox.

      I am guessing he might like to retract his remarks about Michele Bachmann and the vaccine injury from the HPV vaccine. One parent told me all 3 of her teenagers developed severe anxiety after that shot. Certainly a forgivable bad joke considering the hundreds of great ones in the book, and well before the Covid Vax nightmare.

      • I remember Jimmy Dore, Anna and Cenk yelling at Alex Jones in person about “Reptiles,” and all I could think was “That’s David Icke, dummies,” that they couldn’t get their Conspiracy theories/theorists straight.

        Now I’m wonder if this is all controlled opposition.
        If Alex Jones works and is owned by Time Warner, and that exchange with the TYT crew was preplanned, Jimmy Dore is also controlled opposition.

        Which now leads to some doubt about Corbett.

        I cancelled my subscription to Corbett a couple months ago, because I got the heebee jeebees about Corbett.

        Then I just recommitted to a year, because I wanted to discuss.

        People I’ve been talking to were commenting about how David Icke is still alive because he’s been designated a channel to release truths about the Illuminati agenda.
        Corbett might be similar to David Icke, except he’s got a more sincere, organic veneer that makes him appear authentic.

        But is he?
        Whenever he’s got guests on like Jimmy Dore, it leads to more questions.

        • Why do you even care who’s controlled opposition? There’s nothing to be gained by playing the man.

        • How long have you been a paid subscriber of Corbett?
          Controlled opposition means that Corbett/Dore is either compromised by cash or blackmail.
          What evidence is there for either of them giving false reports by way of those kinds of influences?
          What reports have specifically led you to believe it’s not honest, factual, or simply a free speech opinion from them?
          You are just saying guilty by association? That’s a very broad brush you are using to paint Dore, who has a right to change his mind and opinions as new information is presented, like EVERYONE.
          James Corbett reporting has been excellent and sorely needed for those of us without any real objective news media to rely upon.
          Only in this century have we come to realize just how duped we have all been by the likes of Time and Life /CBS/ABC/NBC Corps, covering up the JFK murder (that’s a biggie), continuing even today to hold onto and repeat those same lies about Oswald, despite congressional hearings in the 1970’s that proved they were lies, barely scratching the surface of the actual facts. Facts still covered up with the help of Trump and Biden!
          911 -again more lies. Did anyone, journalists or viewers, pass math in school? Is someone holding a gun to their head or are their families threatened? After the Anthrax attack aimed at the Democratic Leadership in 2001, people may be afraid to talk truth.
          Many still believe in those lies, but you want to start denigrating the one person willing to uncover and report on the truth about those lies?
          Get outta here.

          • Yes, guilt by association, exactly.

            I actually love James Corbett.

            I’m playing Sacred Clown / Devil’s Advocate right now, which got you to post that excellent defense.
            Brilliant. Best response, ever

          • Now I know what it feels like to get bitch slapped by James Corbett.

        • I think it’s great JC was on the show because it allows him to broaden his audience. It’s important to have a wider audience in order to change the narratives. We are still largely kept imprisoned by our own compliance with the system.

  12. It was good to see James talking to someone in the public narrative ey and Jimmy asked questions that James needed to air to a wider audience, great to hear this Podcast lots of the most important questions of the day. My son was also injured from the 2 vaxes he had and since then has had his eyes widened – I said to him that the workplace should not make him – but he went along with it – never again.

  13. Great interview. I was waiting for the Eugenics shoe to drop, but hopefully new people will get up to speed by watching your Big Oil and Bill Gates docs.

  14. Good interview. A nice, wide audience. James was very well spoken and left a great impression. Jimmy and Kurt did their best, being jag off comedians and all that.

    BTW, extra kudos to whoever can fish out a comment I have posted several years back when someone on Dore’s live chat superchatted a plug for James Corbett.

    • mkey,
      I couldn’t find it, but I seem to remember something along those lines.

      But I found this relevant nugget…

      mkey says:
      “Jimmy Dore talks to Dr. Leroy Hulsey about building 7. Venerable dr. seems quite a bit disillusioned.
      It’s a solid 1 hour conversation that is seen by 100k people in the first 6 hours.
      At around 34 minute mark they play our’s truly 5 minute 9/11 gem.”

      Classic mkey humor:
      “Worth a watch, especially if you suffer from a bit of constipation, material like this will open you right up.”

      mkey is referring to a CNN reporter lady in Syria who closely sniffs a bag which might be contaminated with poison gas.
      Jimmy Dore featured the clip.

      • I could not find it, either. I think I had made a screenshot of the thing and posted the screenshot here, but the whole affairs seems to be deeply memoryholed. Oh well.

        Btw, you still get the extra kudos.

        • mkey have you been able to work on your comment editor since the site change here?

          Or will the old one you had still work?

          • No, I didn’t yet. I have to get my feet wet and see what will be the amount of work required to get it going. Other sites for which I made scripts have also broken stuff for me recently, and the weather is nice, the sunlight (as cancerous as it is) is bright, the air is fresh (well, currently very humid, but still), and the sea is very refreshing.

            • Ok thanks for the heads up.

              I can understand that you are busy with other stuff and just enjoying life. 🙂

              I noticed too that currently it’s not even possible to go into our ‘Profile’ like the way we could before the site change.

              • Usersrcipt relies on styles and html structure to figure out where to make changes. When sites go through redesign, all of these references get completely broken.

                I do have some motivation to do something about the crazy indentation in the comments section 😀

  15. Always remember about manipulation and propaganda: Propagnda is not created to lie to you, propaganda is created for you can lie to yourself.

    Most people don’t want to know the truth, they would rather live in a fantasy world created by the powers that be. But such wilfull ignorance is starting to come home to roost, ignorance about the evils of ZOG America is acceptable when they are destroying Libya, Siria, Iraq… but ZOG is now focusing on destroying US.

  16. Gates is just a front man for the global organized Jewish supremisists. They want to control food now, but in the future it will be about starving the population. They don’t want us feeding ourselves, they will outlaw small farms, anything that allows us to live outside their comunist system.

  17. It is interesting to note how much of the world’s growers use mono culture and cloned plants. Oranges, banana, Avocados, and so much more, are extremely vulnerable to a genetically created disease that the Zio Communists could easily desimate in these monoculture envirnments, all to destroy our food supplies. I am more than sure these systems were created to be so vulnerable.

  18. You can see the ZIoComs ratcheting up their war on civilians in CA:

    This week one of the largest insurarers in CA, State Farm threatened to leave CA if they did not want to get the rate hikes they wanted, this following a rate hike earlier this year. They want a 30% INCREASE, all because of “climate change”. It has become more expensive to build homes in CA, why, who knows considering lumber is a resourse America has tons of. Increaes are being engineered for more reasons than one.

    Then we have the “drought”, where the CA Water resource board has pushed a perpetual water restrictions on all CA residents. This coming right after one of the wettest winters on record in CA. But of course Newsom and his Commie cronies are purposely letting all that water run off into the sea, “because they care about trout”. NO, these POS don’t give a shit about nature of any kind, they are purposely creating a drought situation to justify the strangling of CA citizens. Of course they wrap it in “incompetance and liberalism”, neither are true in the least, this is a war on Americans in CA. They are trying to drive people out of that state.

    The other day I saw a JooTube video illustrating where all these “climate refugees” from CA would move to in the US. “Clinate Refugees”, a term I am sure we will be hearing more and more in the future. They control the media and the politicians, they will herd us like cattle to the slaughter in ever smaller areas under ever increasing tyrany.

  19. Oh yes, “Global Warming’, that which they have been planting in our heads for decades.

    Watch Soylent Green, it is filled with predictive programming. The movie is set in the year 2022, which was far enough off when the movie was released in 1973, they could lie their heads off and no one would remember when we actually got to the year 2022.

    These Zionist Globalists can get away with this garbage because the media never calls them out on it.

    Nevertheless, that endless propaganda has worked all too well, few people doubt “Global Warming”, and if you do, you see how for many, that is a bridge too far.

    I live in Arizona, it gets hot hear, but you can bet, when it gets hot, we start hearing how this is Global Warming in action. Tellingly, when we get an uncharicteristically cold day, this is looked at as a localized event, “this is weather, not climate”. Yet when it gets hot, its all about the climate. So easy to condition people when they are not aware they are being conditioned.

    The other day we had a “record 118 degree day in Pheonix”. Is 118 degrees hot, yes, but it is rare in Pheonix in July, no. When I moved here is was 122 degrees. I told my spouse, I was highly skeptical 118 was a record, considering the temps we have dealt with there, but she was skeptical of my sketisism. I told her they often go back and lower previous temps to make current temps look worse. In know this because I sued to be a weather recorder for the local TV station. Many of us would call in our temps to the staion. But now I often see significant variations from my records, I am told that is because differant places the temps are recorded, but interestingly, the temps are always lower than what I have recorded.

    They have big plans with this narrative: carbon tax, water restrictions, travel bans, climate reffugees…who knows, but you can always tell, the more they push a narrative, the more important it is to their evil plans.

  20. A happy day to see my two favorite pundits on the same page!

    This is great guys, I hope you can join forces and do more reporting together in the future.


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