Is Opposing Israel Anti-Semitic? – Questions For Corbett

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Questions For Corbett, Videos | 129 comments

The genocide in Gaza continues and world reaction is turning against the state of Israel. But does this mean the world is growing anti-semitic? Join James for an important exploration of the situation in Palestine and why there can be no exceptions made for anyone when it comes to basic morality.

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  1. Is buying into Hamas propaganda indications of a bias? Frankly, citing Ryan Christian, who is a proponent of Hamas, UNRWA, etc., would seem to indicate that we are only looking at ONE side of this conflict, supported by our bias. For example, the numbers coming out of Hamas regarding ‘women and children’ are suspicious.
    Would we have accepted such a graph from, say, the CDC during covid? Do we accept the numbers from Ukraine?? No, of course not. But it is acceptable in the Hamas/Israel situation, because that’s what we prefer to believe. Doing your own ‘due diligence’ when you only look at ONE side of an issue, is absurd.

    • This “Hamas”, created by “Israel”, has the same incestuous relationship to it’s progenitor as “Al Queda” has with the US.
      It’s all smoke and mirrors to keep the wars going. They’re profitable.

      • Hamas is actually an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was created in the 1920’s. Originally, in Israel, it operated under religious, political and ‘nonviolent’ means. Hamas fought the PLO in Gaza, and yes, Israel believed that Hamas was more moderate. However, it was not created by Israel.

    • Must be hard running a media site like corbett, “a conspiracy realist” site and constantly haveing to back track and explaiing every single thing bc a huge portion og the audience hear/ read and interpretate what they hear to fit their own perception or understanding oin whatever topic it might be, love the “factcheckers comment from him, the destain in his voice 🙂
      Poor guy..
      All the annoying people out these is starting to take to much space sometimes..
      Anywho.. Great work. always looking farward to hear you, and yours, take on events..
      Keep up the good work

    • Who cares what ‘hamas’ or some graph claims, just look at the pictures of Gaza. Its probably one of the most desecrated and destroyed places from bombing thats ever existed on planet earth apart from maybe the Japan atomic bombs. How many people are missing and likely burried under ruble? I don’t know how anyone could survive in that place to be honest. Talk about bias… woman and children are dying everyday from bombs being dropped on their heads and you’re trying to make an argument about ‘numbers’ and ‘graphs’… gtf outta here

      • The point is that you are believing Hamas propaganda. Perhaps you also believe Ukrainian propaganda as well, and think that Ukraine is winning?

    • Considering that Israel was founded upon terrorist attacks and the destruction of the infrastructure that others could make a living by, and has been ethnically cleansing the locals since it came into existence I dont have any trouble believing even the worst propaganda about what it gets up to.

      That said, its not like the muslims are a paragon of peace loving virtue either and as far as I care they can kill each other off as long as not one western life need be wasted on either side.

      • Oh Duck!
        That’s pretty harsh to wish that on anyone. Don’t get me wrong. A Roman Governor said much the same thing when he had to deal with the Jewish legalese of his day. With good reason he feared the mob that took heed of the legalese manipulations over his occupation army. History is repeating itself. The new recruits of legions are massing at the borders looking for a ticket into Uncle Sams ride. The legalese are giving them all the cues of where to go and what to do. Is that the western life you refer to? Whose going to be sacrificed this time for Zion? The preemptive strike now will save western civilization. The obvious target of Zionism and the one that Hitler missed

        • generalbottlewasher

          “…The preemptive strike now will save western civilization….”

          Nope, its too late to save because something like 90% of people have absorbed the culture that this group created with mass media programing. Most folks see the world thru a jewish cultural and moral lens.

          You can not save people who have absorbed toxic culture to the point that that even those who complain about things now really just want to wind things back a little, say to the 90’s or something.

          The only way that civilization could be saved is for people to mass reject a life time of programing, and I dont see that happening TBH

          • Duck, to be honest, that is the question. I see your point of toxic culture. Can you clean up a toxic culture with anything less toxic ?
            I had this idea of where the neutral countries came into play during the
            1930s and 40s. The non belligerent, and those that have no history , which I consider the ones that cannot be scrutinized. The financial contributors and the financial managers. The hidden force behind the toxic.
            Had Mr. Hitler taken his twisted toxic ideology to the Swedish Jewish banking families and the toxic Swiss Jewish banking families history would have looked much different. Would it be any less toxic? To a painter of pictures, or a historian, probably not. Which, as you say can’t be dailed back to a less toxic starting line. So, as most Americans are blissfully unawares how toxic their waters are , that they patriotically swim in, history is bound and determined to repeat itself. So with that I see how through our history a cynic is never born but formed out of the ability to observe and think.

            • generalbottlewasher

              “….Had Mr. Hitler taken his twisted toxic ideology….”

              NOT a fan of Hitler, but the idea that his ideology was anything except a reaction to the situation is 100% a creation of the false history programing we have all been subject to- he was just a politician reacting to the the imminent threat of soviet style revolution in germany post WW1.

              We all know about the beer hall putsch but almost no one talks about the multiple Communist attempts to take over German states, or the horrors of the Hungarian Soviet. AT THAT TIME everyone knew the fact that the vast majority of the Communist revolutionaries in Europe were jewish.

              Even Churchill knew and wrote that the Soviet revolution was a jewish operation (though he did not talk much about the US jewish bankers that funded it)

              Hitler didnt appear to have much PERSONAL animosity towards jewish people, he was reacting to the well known fact that the minority population was ‘terraforming’ the west into something that suited them better and harmed the majority population.

              The contention in Germany that the army had been “stabbed in the back” by jews was BASED on truth, in how the strikes and uprisings that collapsed Germany and forced them to surrender, at least 2 years before they would have been forced to, were mostly done by German jewish socialists who appear to have been directed in this activity.

              Add in the hyper inflation where jewish folks with access to outside capital were able to buy up stuff at pennies on the dollar (as happened in post soviet Russia in the 90’s) and its n wonder that the middle classes chose the Nazis (who were at least nominally ‘on their side’) over the Communists who had ethnic and class animosity towards them.

              That said, I’m NOT in favor of Hitler but the more I learn about what was going on at the time the more the nazis and the war looks like normal politics that has been painted as ‘evil’ or ‘madness’ by a mythology crafted to hide the OTHER bad actors of that time.

  2. The comment section under the Bitchute video for this issue has always been disabled. I wonder why. When you read comments in Bitchute, it’s a fair observation to see that most of them are legitimately ‘anti Jewish’, talking about Khazars, tiny hats, the Talmud, etc., etc. And yet the one sided reporting of the Israel/Hamas issue strengthens those comments. Why disable them, when this is what such videos invite?????

    • I recently noticed that The Corbett Report odysee channel has had all comments disabled. It looks like someone took the time to go through every single video in the history of the content of that channel to delete and disable them, which raises questions…. why disable feedback and open dialog?

      • I suspect that it is actually James that is disabling the comments, not Bitchute or Odysee. I can theoretically understand the reason why, as those comment sections become a real ‘shitshow’ of hatred, emotion, misinformation, etc. And I also suspect that when someone puts time and effort into their video, whether I agree with the premise of the video or not, the comments tend to indicate the intellectual capacity or understanding of the audience. Understanding the level of many of the responses may be quite disheartening to the creator.

      • All of these sites have been quite infected for a while from my experience.
        AS far as bitchute comment sections are concerned, those ones are as rancid as banned’s. They’re a waste of time.
        Rumble is a mess, too. Lots of weird stuff has come through there, comments in my name that I never made, a question someone posted in my name on their own site which I had never been to, a question THEY were asking me…????…. that somehow ended up in my box, when I asked how the heck did you do this? disappeared
        Commenters with sites with no posts whatever. Also, certain trashed comments that I knew were phishing, and when looking for such in trash, gone. They vanish.
        It wasn’t haters and internet evangelists at first, but now they’re everywhere. Well invited and welcomed by those who saw the opportunity to collect mucho paid subs by claiming a sudden public posture of religiosity. It caught on like wildfire across the field a couple of years ago, and has been a literal pain to the heart, mind, and soul since.

        I swear, it’s like having a truly retarded housemate who thinks it’s funny to constantly hide your stuff so you have to play “red hot-cold” with them. Or leave their stuff in your room so they can fake accuse you and hold a mock trial.
        The internet is rife with retards. Which is probably why the military released it to “the public”, to collect lots of them. Like Aragorn’s Army of The Dead. Or something….

        • All of my words are available for all to see, except those that were deleted by the administrator). HomeRemedySupply I am not trying to stir up any trouble. You’ve already made it clear that you despise me.
          Thanks for linking the thread. I hope that James is able to be much more reasonable than you are, and set his emotions aside and read the actual words that I have written, not adding to them or taking away from them.

          Have you made it your mission to vilify me and troll me to defamate my person?

          I would suggest not doing so.

          If I make a false statement in any way, I will accept correction, rightly. When my character and intentions are assaulted, that’s not correction, that’s childish.

      • @setatliberty

        Just FYI… Corbett has said before that the ONLY place he reads comments is right here on his own website.
        I’m not the least bit surprised he would disable comments on other platforms if he has no intention of reading them.

    • Perhaps the reason comments are disabled on The Corbett Report’s various channels is because being able to comment on TCR material is a perk for being a Corbett Report subscriber? I don’t know for sure. I’m just speculating.

      • Carriew, Unless he explains, it’s only speculation. We cannot know for certain his motive or his intention, but we can know what has been done and yes, he had disallowed open discussion from his viewers on those platforms.

        In February open thread, as invited, I shared my thoughts and mentioned how disappointed I was when James Corbett deleted a section of my comment from TCR on a thread that was topically discussing digital currency. James immediately took offence and in his haste said that he didn’t delete or censor my comment, but he called me a liar and then tried to shame me by linking the wrong comment, saying that my comment was cut off for having too many characters. That was not true and another subscriber actually found the comment I was referring to from 2016.
        He linked that comment in the thread, which was vindictive on my behalf. I was not, in any way trying to insult or otherwise commit libel. I made a factual statement that expressed my disappointment because censorship is a very very useful tool of the war on information. James has been censored, so he knows.

        I do not think that James has an ulterior motive of malice. I do think that he does some things in haste, looking with great diligence to the things that he deems to be the most important.

        And James, if you’re reading this, I’m a nobody here. Just a man that loves truth and I really do value your work. That’s why I’m subscribed. You calling me a liar and doubling down in (what I believe was) haste, to find the wrong comment, and further vilify me, was wrong of you to do.

        I hope you make the time to revisit that and set aside your pride and emotions. I’m not your enemy and I do not desecrate your name all over the internet. Contrary wise, I praise you all over the internet and with everyone that I meet offline, that has a desire to discover the truth of many matters. I have been one of the most ardent supporters of your work, constantly directing people to your website for well over a decade.

        It’s a bitter thing to me to be dismissed by you, but that will not prevent me from valuing and supporting you and your work.

        The only reason I’m even bringing this up is because the topic of censorship and disabling comments has appeared once again.

        I do not think that your actively censor comments here. It was that one time back in 2016 that felt like a wound of treachery to me.
        And last month when you dismissed it and labeled me a liar and further accused me of defaming your name all over the internet. I have not done so…

      • @carriew

        Yes I think that is a logical and reasonable speculation.

        It seems like this setatliberty person is trying to engage in character assassination with a pretty weak (albeit relentless) attack. I think I heard someone else refer to this tactic as “Sea lioning” ( )

        Anyone who knows James Corbett’s work can clearly observe that being able to comment here is the only significant “paywalled” function (which is quite generous in my opinion considering how many other writers, journalists and researchers paywall most of their in depth content) and thus they can extrapolate why commenting on other platforms would be (understandably) disabled.

        I do appreciate you taking the time to comment and point this out though, as I also see the potential for some new comers to be potentially confused by the sea lion barking in the background.

      • Another very good reason is that comments usually only detract from the content presented. Which works against content maker’s efforts, it would be safe to assume.

        They also have a certain capacity to negatively affect the authors attention and disturb the time management required to produce content on regular basis, as well as maintain sanity.

  3. Cool now do the same mockery on the no virus issue. Oooooh that’s right. Never a peep in 4 years for possibly the greatest fraud known to man. No James, this isn’t a ‘threat to leave’. And yes, you do avoid this issue. Like no other issue, ever. Despite it clearly ticking every box in your wheelhouse.
    C’mon Corbett sycophants…. let me have your 15 mins of hate! James needs your protection!! Lol.

    • I doubt that James needs any protection from you or your view of things. If he did, he wouldn’t expose himself here. Right?
      In any case, this is the same bs that goes on on so many sites. Nothing matters but the “poison” question, which is the meaning of virus.
      Can you possibly understand that the real etymological meaning of the word “virus” is “poison”? Let’s start there. Do you need every poster on earth to do a video on allegiance to the “no virus” theory? It’s misnomered, to begin with, because yes, there are poisons. Don’t believe it? Try this…no? OK.
      We’re on the same page.
      Now, why don’t you start talking about “virus particles”? As discrete objects which cause infection and can spread from host to host? Can you handle?
      Is this the only valid topic now? I just don’t get it.
      And, what will it be next? Do you post a list of every lie currently circulating the earth?
      Does every poster on earth now have to give a disclaimer before every posting, saying that they do not ascribe to the virus theory?
      Get over yourselves. You learned something. That’s good. Keep going.

      • the etymological meaning is irrelevant at this point. It was essentially a placeholder. Something they could not find so assumed it must be there. Now, there is a hard and fast definition as you allude to. And that is the dangerous part as it brings about vaccines, a huge portion of big pharma and in turn the nightmare of the last 4 years. In reality, this new definition, the only relevant one, has been no more proven than the ‘poison’ simply assumed to cause illness hundreds of years ago. The truth is the current unproven virus model has only arrived at its current definition through all previous iterations, from poison to infectious protein being disproven by reality the more we learned.
        James is big on science and scientific fraud. The foundational papers on all major viruses fit squarely in this category, but he does not want to touch it. His silence is bad enough being this topic should be right up his ally, but instead, he will also go on CHD (it seems you are not a fan of them) and talk about viruses as facts and mutations and all kinds of mythology with Meryl Nass, further embedding the virus narrative. Then he has the gall to make videos about “how to stop the WHO” without ever challenging the most powerful narrative they have. Thats the big pharma James rails against, remember? Weird huh?

        PS, James needing protection was sarcasm. But you have defended him as I knew would come. And someone that compares him to Jesus I think would be a working definition of a sycophant, so thank you for proving my point.

        • At this point, as you follow the formula of telling me who and what I am and labeling me with name calling, all I will reply is why don’t you have a site of your own where you can continually call out everyone who is not covering what you consider most important at this time now ?
          I’ve disagreed with James many times in the past, and expressed that here. Your black or white requirement is your chosen blindness, not mine. No one human has ever known the truth about everything, and most likely not a one ever will.
          Please correct me if I”m wrong. If you are acquainted with a human who knows all truths of all time, do introduce them.

    • James said that he doesn’t talk about or not talk about something because of pressure from anyone.

      I would be greatly pleased to see James do a deep dive into the open source information about “germ theory” (falsely called a theory) and get into the very scientific (non- scientific) publications that are used to prop up the very tyrannical allopathic medical industry. I see why this is so, so important for everyone on earth! People are being poisoned and have been for over a hundred years, enmass. James did an interview last year where he did explain why he’s not going to address this issue and he sees it as divisive, which it is. Yet, there really cannot be a cohesion between the two and this is certainly one topic of investigation that will set a man into a whirlwind of information that can be daunting.

      When you discover the truth about it, there’s no going back.

      The virus and bacteria causing sickness and infection narrative is much like the 9/11 narrative, in that one side realizes that millions of people have been killed and people with a conflict of interests are making trillions in the wake, while those that believe the official narrative believe those wars and invasion are justified.

      I would love to see James Corbett read “The End of Virology” or look into the work of many astute scientists, doctors and ex-virologists like Stefan Lanka, Dr. Sam Bailey, Andrew Kaughman, Tom Cohen, etc that have been intellectually honest in their research.

      But he’s not going to do it in response to pressure from either side

      • Yep, I agree with most of that, except the ridiculous interview he did where he spewed logical fallacies that are clearly beneath him, and which he is clearly aware of, to defend his position seemed disingenuous to me.
        He shouldn’t do the deep dive because he is being pressured. He should do it because it is clear scientific fraud on the highest scale, with ramifications that stretch into every realm that this website talks about. It is essentially for all intents and purposes a topic that is custom-made for him. So why doesn’t he? Cause it is divisive? Again, I don’t buy it.
        We are not talking about high-energy beams or holographic planes bringing down the towers. It is provable fraud as clear as day for anyone who cares to look. So why doesn’t he? Never mind a deep dive. He won’t even say why such monumental fraud is not an issue of importance. That would be something. But that is not a tenable position, so silence is the only way forward.

        • Being honest, I avoided that topic for nearly an entire decade after learning about the Milton J. Rosenau M.D. experiments 1918, because I thought it was preposterous to conceive that viruses don’t cause disease. The sheer amount of anecdotal evidence with my own bias and what I believed was empirically proven to be true, kept me from diving deep and you have to dive deep to get to the truth of the massive fraud behind virology.

          It was not until 2021 that I revisited the topic because I had discovered that the health department of Ireland and the health department of Chinada (formerly known as Canada) were ordered by their high courts to present scientific evidence that SARSCOV2 had been isolated, purified and shown to cause COVID-19. Both health departments stated that they could not present that information because this has never been done.

          Then I addressed contradictions in what I was believing and began researching and analyzing and as you well know, that takes a lot of time to sift through.

          If not for people like James Corbett, Dr. Mark Bailey, Steven Falconer, and many others that have taken the time to drudge through hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours of analyzing information, I would probably not have 1/10 of the knowledge I’ve been the beneficiary of.

          I know James is extremely busy, so I can see how this might look like a divisive topic like directed energy weapons bringing down the towers, or alien invasion coming to a blue beam theater near you 🤣

          I hope he does make the time though. It’s really much more important than he might think and the body count eclipses every conflict 9/11 has, in its wake.

        • @Nick


          I am wondering if you would be willing to take a step back from the hyper-centralized laser like focus on the virus/no virus thing to engage in a thought experiment in the interest of fostering an amicable and collaborative effort to work towards common goals.

          Lets make a list of decisive actions each and every one of as can make as individuals which serve to enrich our lives, communities, society and health regardless of if there is such a thing as viruses or not.

          As in, what things can one choose to do that improve our health and the state of affairs in our broader society in both a reality where viruses do not exist and a reality where they do?

          Please comment below and share any suggested items we can add to the list.

          Thanks for your time and consideration.

      • I would love for every man and woman to read all of the classic feminist writers, male and female writers.
        I would love for every one to read most all of Michel Foucault’s excellent works.
        I would love for every one to learn from the Electric Universe scientists and thinkers, and all the diverse amazing brilliant professionals who contribute there.
        I would love for everyone everywhere to truly listen to and respect children.

        “When you discover the truth about it, there’s no going back. ”

        Indeed. Agreed.

    • @Nick

      “The addiction to fighting draws from a perception of the world as composed of enemies: indifferent forces of nature tending toward entropy, and hostile competitors seeking to further their reproductive or economic self-interest over our own. In a world of competitors, well-being comes through domination. In a world of random natural forces, well-being comes through control. War is the mentality of control in its most extreme form. Kill the enemy—the weeds, the pests, the terrorists, the germs—and the problem is solved once and for all.

      Except that it never is. World War I—the “war to end all wars”—was followed by another, even more horrific, soon after.

      This pattern of thinking is called fundamentalism, and it closely parallels the dynamics of two defining institutions of our civilization: money and war. Fundamentalism reduces the complex to the simple and demands the sacrifice of the immediate, the human, or the personal in service to an overarching ulterior goal that trumps all. Disciplined by the promise of heavenly rewards or hellish punishments, the extreme religious fundamentalist shuts down his humanity in service to what his religion/church says God wants. Disciplined by economic exigency, millions of people sacrifice time, energy, family, and what they really care about in pursuit of money. Disciplined by an existential threat, a nation at war turns away from culture, leisure, civil liberties, and everything that is of no utility to the war effort.

      This is the mentality of sacrifice to an all-important end. If we agree that the survival of humanity is at stake, then any means is justified, and any other cause—say reforming the prisons, housing the homeless, caring for the autistic, rescuing abused animals, or visiting your grandmother—becomes an unjustifiable distraction from the only important thing. Taken to its extreme, it requires that we harden our hearts to the needs in front of our faces. There is no time to waste! Everything is at stake! It’s do or die! How similar to the logic of war.”

      (from: )

    • Nick says: …”the no virus issue. Never a peep in 4 years for possibly the greatest fraud known to man.”

      Nick, You absolutely KNOW that what you said is NOT TRUE. You were shown.

      I’ll direct you here (AGAIN)(6 months ago)…

      James Corbett’s statements about Covid & virus

      Is The Virus Real?
      by Meryl Nass

      Does the Virus Exist?
      Del Bigtree is interviewed by Derrick Broze

      Dr. McCullough & John Leake

      “What James Corbett talks about.”
      Also, see mkey’s comments…
      mkey: “Wait, James Corbett is again putting up content on his website in accordance with his own wishes? HOW DHARRRRE HE!?!?!”
      …and in reply to Nick’s “we consume it (Corbett material) with anything other than complete credulity”
      mkey: “James has stated on many, many, MANY occasions that he does not expect people to believe him. Hence the extensively sourced content.
      Your argument holds water like a desert.”

      • anyone seen a debate between virologists and those claiming virology is an unsubstatiated grim tale?

        • No. basically both sides blame the other for not coming to the party. There is currently a challenge for those who wish to argue virology’s case to at least agree on a definition and then come to the table for a discussion. No takers so far. Maybe Zyxzevn can get his Jeff Green to take them up on this offer. Unfortunately virology cant get off the ground because nothing claimed to be a virus has ever come direct from a human sample, and a control study is impossible because you cant remove your variable for a control when you have never found your variable to begin with. It is an exercise in pseudoscience. Something which should be clear to James in 5 mins.

      • Sorry HomeRemedy, You are a stalwart of the community and I appreciate your input over the years. Ill give you the benefit of the doubt and assume its my stupidity that leaves me unable to find any ‘peep’ from James in the 4 years. I see a list of contributions from others like Bigtree and McCullough (who have major monetary incentive) and a softball interview from Derek. Like I say, Im happy to say Im wrong if that’s the case. Im certainly not knowingly lying, but kindly point out where the ‘peeps’ have come from James. Im pretty sure I can tell you every mention of them in 4 years. 1. A mocking comment in a short clip he did about divided truth movements which amounted to about literally 5 seconds and 2. The farce of an interview with Broze where he was fed answers and committed logical fallacies it is hard to believe he would commit.
        Im sorry we don’t see eye to eye on this and when I speak of Corbett sycophants I did have you in mind, as your assertion to others that I have ‘lost my way’ 6 months ago I found to be bemusing, righteous and presumptuous, but to each their own I suppose. I will await further direction. Like I say, I may just be too stupid to follow your links properly. Where is the corbett stuff that you suggest I am lying about?

  4. So funny James you need to refer those people that critisise your program saying you don’t cover Ghaza (which I know you do – even though i have just joined). Just refer them to Children’s Health Defence – because THEIR SILENCE on the issue is the reason people are not voting for JFK!

    • One amongst many issues. CHD is not only silent, they have silenced many from their comment sections, including yours truly.
      Never trust a suit.

    • I thought RFK was the only viable choice, as an Independent. Until I saw an interview with his stance on Israel. No way will he get my vote. No one is. His involvement in the CHD alone makes him a hypocrite. It’s about right and wrong. Emperor Kennedy has no clothes.

  5. Well put by James as usual

    To paraphrase Lenny Bruce, “jews are leaving the zionism and going back to God”

    if not today, then tomorrow

    • Most religious Jews follow a religion based on the Babylonian Talmud which was written by Rabi’s, centuries after the Crucifixion and them being driven out of the lands they had inhabited.

      Its pretty hard to return to God if your following a book written by Rabi’s who are men, and not very nice ones at that. Just as the Bible veneered a thin coating of human decency into western culture the Talmud has tainted the cultures that grew up around it.

  6. There’s only one James Corbett and it’s no coincidence his initials are JC. That other JC was a universal thinker, too.
    I think I’ll have to post this in two segments.

    James, there’s a lot of this going on on the internet lately. Lots of angry “voices”?, coming in with just about zero background reality. They don’t try to find what one has posted regarding a topic, they just jump in and attack. Or they continually bring up a favorite side thorn of their own, insisting the poster agree with them or they’re not credible. hmmm….trolls?
    Or they interview with no preparation. They basically ask the interviewee to repeat everything they’ve said in countless videos and interviews already.
    I ran across an old Susan Sontag interview like that. The interviewer was so cartoonish and out of his depth; cartoonish as in two-dimensional. Maybe that’s being a mite generous.

    ANYWAY, I had no experience and no opinion of Jewish people the first time, in college at eighteen, that I was accused by Judith Mandlebaum of being …not liking Jews, or whatever they’ve got going about that. I cleared that up quickly, and being a very intelligent and radical friend, she got it.
    But frankly, after all these years since then, I can say this. I’ve had some friends as was Jewish American that I would give willing service to, they were stellar persons. This attitude however of so many Jewish persons, of constantly accusing everyone in creation of being “against” them, is boring and tiring as hell. It’s they who separate themselves from the rest of humanity, so what the hell are they asking? What are they looking for? It seems like a fight.
    I can say from much experience that the packs of Israeli soldiers that invade tourist towns in SE Asia together are pretty aggressive, scary, and strange. There are also hip young Israelis, they were here immediately in October, and they knew what was up.
    But many are so unpleasant, they only hang together and rarely smile. They’re rude as heck and let their kids walk all over restaurant furniture with their shoes on until I object. I’m talking ten to twelve year old boys. A man from France related to me how they harrassed a woman into giving them “discounts” on one and half dollar fruit shakes, the first time they ever walked into the shop. Not only did she refuse, but in front of them handed my friend a shake “‘for free”. Those boys went ballistic, asking why she gave him a free one and wouldn’t discount theirs? “I’ve been coming here every morning for two months, that’s why” he replied. “And I never once asked for a discount. ”

    So, what to say? People are people everywhere, and those folks signed up for a real shit ride if you ask me. But the Trojan Horse has somehow never gone out of style, eh?
    One of my favorite people in the world and closest of friends moved her entire family to Israel years ago. There is a large and continuous peace movement there, also.
    Let’s hear from them.

  7. Part Two of my comments:

    Maybe Shai could reflect on the fact that the Europeans’ claim to the Americas is only one-half century old. Perhaps he’d like to comment on that? Would Israel be able to carry on as such if the Americas were Native American? I doubt it.

    Too much time wasted continually having to stroke these and assure them they’re okay, and we’re okay with them, yada yada blah blah. There’s a tired old agenda behind this and I think that the Jewish folks need to look into this crucifixion complex and sort it out, cause it ain’t getting anyone anywhere, and plays quite well into the divide and conquer necessary to keep everything heading down the drain. They’re either being played, or playing along with this one, and they need to decide for once and for all. Shit or get off the pot kinda deal.

    Darned tired of these religions, Talk about conspiracy theories. Geez. Come on. Sure, sure, most humans have a strong enough herd instinct to want to be part of a “group”, defined by inclusions and exclusion.
    How about the “human” group? Would that do? We got enough on our plate dealing with those that ain’t.
    That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

    • Aboriginal uncles and aunties (wise elder types) have said, “I’m colorblind” &”every mob on earth has at one time or another been abused and nearly demolished”. “thats enough now”,,,

      A version of one dreamtime story of battle finds the two adversaries exhausted and both near done, the protective Goanna and the assaulting giant serpent lay trying to recover, and are visited by a little bird (finch I think?), a messenger from the “grandmother” (big boss), landing on each of their noses to tell them “the war is over, thats enough, stop fighting now”

      Its been a shock to see racist behavior rearing its ugly head here (locally, eastern most oz). ,,sleeper cells awakening to the pain body’s attachment to intergenerational trauma. happily it seems to be small, neverthe less,, our darkest memories tend to wait til the last minute to reactivate.

      recently old mate reckoned that if the shit does hit the fan, this land will be an ugly brutal place because of the scale of racism that will rear. He told me its worth keeping up with the yoga practice, so when it does hit, one will still be able to kiss their ass goodbye.

      • The friends I’ve made from Oz are not racist inclined, as far as I know. I did visit there for more than two months, and experienced the intense inbred racism there of the …colonial population. Because I am dark haired, small, and my Native American heritage gives me “leaning toward asian” features, I too was forced to step into the street as they passed on the sidewalk absolutely unwilling to give. Australians are like the British Empire on meth, very very aggressive for the most part and the second most addicted to alcohol on the planet. I can certainly agree that if it gets worse, it’ll be horrid.
        It was only in the 1970’s that the Australians ended the random and accepted killing of natives; this was also one of the ways, militarily, and available to “citizens ” of the beast through bounty, that the US was colonized. Like Vietnam, guys gladly got paid to kill.
        The Grand Mother/s of the People is she who appoints the “chief/chieftess/boss”. She, or he, is her appointed functionary, the messenger of her decision to the people. See?
        Do you know why? I do. Because males remain under hormonal influence their entire lives, and this is not a stable place for decision making for the entire tribe/people.

        What is the source of men’s endless terrors which create war after war? Is it the adolescent erection? Is it the combination of the feeling, which becomes an identificatory conviction, of limitless power, leading always to the reality of empty powerlessness? “Get some BALLS!!” they screech, and then spend eternity protecting the tender, sensitive, vulnerable things. Or is it a memory of another time?

        The Sky is Always Falling, and The World is chronically About to/the End.
        ” Fixing the roof don’t matter now, honey, me and the guys are heading to the bar to figure out what to do. We’ll be voting on war, our favorite camp out with the guys away from “the missus”.

        Sir, the “shit” hit the “fan” more than ten thousand years ago

        .Humans carry traumatic memory of a cosmic churning of the planets, and maybe Granny can tell you or take you out for a roundabout and show you the images that recorded this, everywhere on the planet, on the rocks and stones. The chorus of stones.
        Or you can check out some folks who’ve been listening to the stones. At Thunderbolts Project/Electric Universe. I advise having your mind blown entirely with the full documentary, “Symbols of An Alien Sky”, for starters.
        That’ll give you much to reflect on while you repair the roof.
        The serpents, the great serpent in the tales worldwide, always represent the basic primary electromagnetic forces that are the channel of creation.

        Men will learn to step aside with their endless fears, and allow those who birth fearlessly to lead humans back to a human existence. Or they will leave with those they serve. No reason to fear. Simply decide. Cast the die. Don’t complain that they’re loaded. They’re yours, you made ’em.

  8. I would describe James’s position on this as consistent and right. You cannot more succinctly say “war criminal”.

    • James’ misunderstood position on the Israelo-Palestinian conflict is actually anecdotal. The core of the matter that’s hiding behind it, is really about the Jewish community. To reduce the topic to very basic and radical parameters, some believe Jews conspire against Gentiles while others believe exactly the opposite, that Gentiles conspire against Jews.

      The former perceive Jews as a supremacist group bent on exploiting non-Jews, that they view as cattle, through different means such as economics, politics, lobbying and propaganda.

      The latter claim that Jews have been throughout history a targeted minority, libeled, held as scapegoats, for all sorts of misfortunes the Gentiles suffered, due to some superstitious misconceptions.

      But perhaps the whole issue is more subtle and complex than how I’ve presented it here.

      • Dalesco
        “…The core of the matter that’s hiding behind it, is really about the Jewish community…….”

        Yes. Thats the truth that people have been trained not to see.

        People are individuals but every individual exists inside the identities created by relation to others- mother/father, son/daughter, ethnic group and ideology. Black, Hispanic, arab and jewish people, and others, have zero issue thinking that they have group identity and group interests that will help, or hurt, them as individuals.

        People who try to stand totally alone will (to steal a phrase from the US Founding Fathers) ‘hang alone’….possibly worse they will be blind and stupid to understanding what is actually happening around them

        • In the context of group identities and what defines them when the interactions between two or more groups are detrimental, I think feedback loops exist and that it is at least partly the case here.

          This means both sides will be right to an extent and because of it, the most unfavorable portrayal and hence hostile attitude each has towards the other keep getting justified.

          It must be said that in this type of dynamics, those who typically pay the price are the common people.

          I hope that makes sense.

          • “….hence hostile attitude each has towards the other keep getting justified…..”

            Yes, it makes sense. I read in Macdonalds “Culture Of Critique’ that negative jewish behavior by certain community members to close ranks because the backlash affects and scares them all.

            such is life 🙁 People are tribal, or at least the tribal ones will always win out over the non tribal ones, same way that the Quakers got dispossessed from their own areas in the US because they were so welcoming.

  9. Hi James, good episode but you did not answer the question in the title “Is Opposing Israel Anti-Semitic?”. There are so many angles there already. First who are semetic people? (bloodline of Sem?) Does that include the Khazarians? And is criticism anti-semetic, or do you need to vent a negative value judgement about “Jews” (or Jewish state perhaps?)? If one has criticism on Rothschilds,is this person then a supporter of nazi-germany ideas of a powerfull jewish lobby that controls everything?
    In any case, I believe the following: in the past one was anti-semetic when he did not like jews. Now you are being anti-semetic if Jews do not like you (other way around).

    • Actually, I think he did answer the question, though not directly.

      He stated he’s not anti-Jewish or any other people, but opposes TPTSB, regardless of their race or nationality. So he opposes “Israel” (actions of the globalists, such as the Palestinian holocaust), but is not anti-jewish people (anti-semitic), and the answer is ‘no’.

      • dmay

        But there is no “Israel” without the action of ‘jews’ who spend much money and effort making the US Government vote them masses of aid and vetoing UN complaints against them…..

        The STATE of Israel would be a minor issue without US based jewish lobby groups and jewish media folks and jewish Bankers who are often NOT “Israeli’

        • Seriously people. Just james doesn’t talk about a certain subject right away he’s all of sudden some shill. Some folks has some mental issues. Very quick to judge. It’s no wonder we are in a mess.

          • He has mocked those that point out the disproportionate power Jews hold globally.

  10. I think James has been very journalistcally neutral on the topic of Israel, publishing the truth (as best as he has discovered from publicly documented sources) without “picking sides” apart from the side of the blood of innocence that’s underneath the massive campaigns to kill people.

    Being a born again believer in Jesus , the Lord, having been forgiven much, I was naturally drawn to the corporations that label themselves “churches,” naively thinking these are “the churches” we read about in the scriptures.

    Among many of the lies that are taught in those businesses, was the narrative that the state of Israel (as recognized by the United Nations) is the Israel of God. That narrative comes with an affirmation of faith, as we read what the Lord has to say about “Israel,” the man, the children, the nation and his people. This becomes a narrative that recruits the emotions of those that believe in the Lord and in his words. It really wasn’t until I exited churchianity that I began to realize the great contradictions between the scriptures and the narrative. I find one of the best ways to discover the truth about anything is to set emotions aside and analyze information that does highlight contradictions and address those contradictions, honestly.

  11. as always James is sharing solutions to problems, indeed a problem is always a solution too, otherwise it is not a problem

    • I’ve seen this here before, so just echoing for those that missed it:
      There is no “solution”, therefore there is no problem.

    • Bible believer & student and information critic here 👋🏼
      The Bible has much to say about the “Israel” of God, yes. Documentably proven globalists currently occupy and dominate the small bit of real estate that is recognized by the United Nations as the “state of Israel,” They chose to name the state “Israel” but it is absolutely NOT the nation that the Bible speaks of. I’m also somewhat suspicious of those that say they are Jews by genealogy or religion because most of them are Caucasian, whereas Abraham and all of his descendants have the adaptive genetics of those that dwell in that region, having more melanin in their skin tone. Even the scriptures say that Jesus has bronze skin.

      These globalists that took over a very small fraction of the the real estate that was once trodden by Abraham and his descendants, do not appear to be the seed of Abraham by decent of seed or by faith.

      It’s an emotional alliance, to be sure and to have an open mind is important, but to have an open heart is folly because the heart is the most deceptive thing of all things (Jermiah 17:9)
      We would all do well to guard our hearts with diligence and not allow ourselves to be led by emotions.

      • Hear Hear!!! Emotional knowledge would prevent you from glorifying war.

    • I watched a good portion of one of Chuck Baldwin’s videos on YouTube, linked on that page you gave. He was rightly dividing God’s words,, exposing the flaw in the popular idea that the state of Israel is the fulfillment of prophecy. He was one of the first preachers I heard expose the 501c3 contract and (if my memory serves me correctly) he also exposed the FEMA Clergy Response Teams, which I have researched quite a bit.

      One thing that is disturbing to me is that he has disabled the comments on his videos. Disallowing open discussion from viewers or listeners, severely controls the narrative.

      I do not like that and that is always cause for suspicion and concern.

    • Did you know….that in Dante’s “The Inferno”, hell is situated, as was thought for hundreds of years, beneath the city of Jerusalem? Isn’t that a HOOT?!?!
      That would shed more light on the motivations of those expensive Crusades the boys in black dresses funded.

      That’s about equally interesting as learning that the meaning of the word, the name of the city, “Jericho”, is Moon.
      No one in the bible had a bible, so there were some amazing intellects about who were able to memorize all of those thousands of years of “begetting”. Either that, or the insane obsession with and fear of sex impressed itself upon them magnificently.
      Maybe they were just lousy at diagnosing autism.

  12. also remember the “The Gentleperson’s Guide To Forum Spies ” 😉

  13. When the language is controlled or distorted rational dialog goes out the window. The words Jew, Israel, Semite, Holocaust and so many more have been weaponized for political purposes. So examine the words Jew and Israel from the Bible or Tanakh. My attempt can be found with: “Why the follower of Christ should NOT endorse the country of Israel” (

    I wholeheartedly agree that is it not the people, but the political entity that is the concern. That should be kept forefront.

    Christian-Zionism is a non-sequitur as one word describes the follower of Christ and the other the follower of politics as Theodor Herzl made clear.

    • Distinctivist

      ‘….not the people, but the political entity that is the concern….”

      The issue with that idea is that the entity only exists because of the people.

      The only reason the State of Israel came into existence is because the PEOPLE who wanted it to happen had vasts sums of money and leverage which they used to MAKE it exist. Just consider the Balfour Declaration which was basically the British Empire offering a bit of land they did not own for a jewish state IF POWERFUL JEWS WOULD HELP THEM WIN WW1.

      The STATE of Israel would not be an issue if jewish PEOPLE did not have congress by the short and curly hairs when it came to support and funding….the state of Israel would be even more maligned if the media coverage of their activities was not managed and edited (for decades) by jewish people.

      The issue is not a State, its the powerful jewish people who exercise their power ON BEHALF of that State

      • Duck
        “The issue with that idea is that the entity only exists because of the people.”

        You seem to make the assumption that all those who declare themselves to be Jews have a common objective and therefore their leadership follows the people. I hope you know, or at least most in this audience know, that people follow leaders, not leaders following people. It is the leadership that is molding the culture of the people that is a concern.

        But you missed the point of my comment. The foundation they stand on, the terms “Jew” and “Israel” have been changed to meet a modern objective. The idea is proclaimed that thousands of years ago the Lord granted the modern Jew the land we now call Israel. However, the Tanakh does not support that, and that was my point.

        On this issue or so many others, we shout about current events and assume the foundation. Look at the foundation and check to see if it solid and being used correctly. My contention is the Tanakh or Old Testament is solid, but is being distorted for political ends by Zionist ideology.

        It is the Talmudic Jew or atheist Jew that is driving the Zionist political ideology of today. The Orthodox Jew, those who believe in the Tanakh repudiated Zionism and are often persecuted as much as the Palestinian.

        • “…. The idea is proclaimed that thousands of years ago the Lord granted the modern Jew the land we now call Israel. However, the Tanakh does not support that, and that was my point…..”

          The Tanakh does not veto UN resolutions against Israel….Nor does it force US politicians to support Israel…..nor does it send Billions of Dollars and weapons to Israel.

          Certain Jewish PEOPLE who are often NOT OFFICIALLY AFFILIATED TO ISRAEL have used their power to benefit their own ETHNIC group by distorting US politics and US Policy….so whatever the tanakh says or does not say is not relevant……and it is the ideas of the TALMUD that have warped jewish culture not the Old testament books.

          The Trotskite communists who shape shifted into Neo-Cons were BOTH serving an Ethnic agenda and today we are fighting with Russia because the descendants of Eastern European jews who hated Russia still hate Russia.

          Jewish bad behavior towards others is rooted in the Talmud and again and again jews- regardless of their ethnic background- tend to do the same bad things that upset their host nations

          “……..Look at the foundation and check to see if it solid and being used correctly. My contention is the Tanakh or Old Testament is solid, but is being distorted for political ends by Zionist ideology…….”

          ‘The TALMUD allows what the Torah Forbids’….the Talmud and the Bible both shaped their respective peoples cultures and just as the ideas of the Bible have shaped western ideas about right and wrong the Talmud has tainted jewish culture and made it hostile to gentiles…..

          Those ideas are not limited to religious jews any more then your average ‘christianized’ atheist is suddenly in favor of murder.

          • You seem to be missing the point of my linked article and the case I am setting here. It is clear that the leadership in the country of Israel and the US are driven by Zionism. Agreed. But there is a mindset in the Christian-Zionist community that is self-contradictory.

            For the Christian or Orthodox Jew, they have the same foundation of the Old Testament/Tanakh. For them and me the Tanakh DOES overrule the UN or any man-made institution. However, the Christian-Zionist is misled by the politics of Zionism which has infiltrated the US and therefore the UN, and notably by the Scofield Reference Bible, much of the Christian community.

            This is foundationally done by using Zionism’s definition of “Jew”, “Israel”, and even “Semite”, rather than the Tanakh they claim to follow. I suggest they consider Exodus 20:3 “You shall have no other gods before me” as they have setup Zionism as a god.

            People of any persuasion who are somewhat or fully led by Zionism are endorsing or even participating in rather heinous things. My effort is to point those in the Christian-Zionist community to their foundation and therefore abandon Zionism and return the foundation of love (Leviticus 19:18), which includes those claiming to be Palestinian, Israeli, or American. Let’s also include Canadians.

            • Distinctivist

              “…For the Christian or Orthodox Jew, they have the same foundation of the Old Testament/Tanakh. For them and me the Tanakh DOES overrule the UN or any man-made institution……”

              The issue with Jewish hostility, and negative actions, towards gentiles- ESPECIALLY Christians- predates zionism.

              Judaism after the fall of the temple is NOT IN ANY WAY the same religion that was practiced by jews at the time of Jesus- it is debatable that if most jews even truly worship the same God at this point. It would appear more true to say that they follow a blasphemous man made religion based on remaking the world and ‘fixing the world’- in other worlds Revolution.

              Christians have been persecuted and abused by jews whenever jews were able to do so.

              This hostility extends beyond any ethnic considerations and IMO is rooted in the Talmud which teaches that non jews are vile creatures and that Jesus is boiling in shit.

              From the Kitos war where jews engaged in horrific barbarity to the Bolshevik Revolution which was 90% a jewish take over of their ethnic enemy Russia, to the bad behavior that inflamed Russians and Poles into pogroms there is a pattern of events that repeats because the drive to hostility that jews historically display always results in a horrible backlash.

              Not a Lutheran but this podcast is historically accurate for those that dont want to read Dr em Jones book

    • distinctvst
      “I wholeheartedly agree that is it not the people, but the political entity that is the concern.”

      I reckon
      political entities are abstractions, psychological smoke and mirror, but there are people with names hiding amoungst it. If this sounds too obvious, I dare you to try accurate naming sometime and see if you can get a more useful response.

      the game of pulling the curtain back to see the little man pulling the levers, may well be a process that takes the entire procession of the equinox’s? after 25000+ years of spurious name calling, especially now with all this hyper net dot connecting, I’d a thought we can might finally name the perpetrators accurately.

      bref: to disempower the little man, we need to know his name. In these days of the sprung lie, using group names is just supporting the little mans chances of hiding

      • “Standing next to me in this lonely crowd, is a man who swears he’s not to blame.
        All day long I hear his voice shouting so loud, crying out that he’s been framed. ”

        Any day now, I shall be released, for I have seen the enemy, and just as the ten thousand enemies became ten thousand angels whens seen through different eyes, I have seen the enemy, and it is us.

      • Vadom
        “…political entities are abstractions, ….”

        Yes, but that does not make them Un-real.

        We exist in a sea of abstractions, no one has an identity outside of the relations that they have with others (sister/mother/brother/father)

        The leaders of a group most properly act in the interest of that group and are followed, most properly, because they act in those interests. A single person has almost no power to protect their own interests from a cohesive group.

  14. James,

    For about 15 years I have watched you lose hair, gain some weight and a beard 🙂 and produce an amazing amount of material for those on a path of waking up.

    Also in that time the web has developed various tribes of anonymous know it all folks who do nothing more then be snarky and picky often about nonsense stuff to push their own opinions and life agendas and nothing more. The only ‘activism’ they show is keyboard commando dribble.

    Apparently they don’t visit the other ‘alternative’ sites (BlackListedNews, TheGatewayPundit, Brietbart, etc.) run by Israel supporters who will block, throttle, and shadow ban anyone who tries to post facts about “gods children,” the pandemic/vaccine lie, etc. Using the comment application Disqus, another Israeli supporter, these sites have a lock on what is “news or truth.”

    I think it is amazing that your posting rules are so simple and free. Don’t let all these comment cops here today bring you down.

  15. As humans we are tribal by nature. It starts in defense of our families and extends out from there. War, be it intellectual, physical or espionage has always been a part of our existence and warriors are needed. Warriors of the past fought with purpose and valor and a code of honor. Even most civilian men would defend their own if a foreign legion landed and began to ransack their country – regardless of whether or not the events were orchestrated by politicians. But now war has become evil and cruel, genocidal and distorted. There are no rules of engagement and human life is cheap.

    • >>As humans we are tribal by nature. It starts in defense of our families and extends out from there. War, be it intellectual, physical or espionage has always been a part of our existence and warriors are needed.>>

      You obviously have not really studied the true history of human development. You are speaking the controllers lies about “human nature.” One must consider that most everything people under 50-60 know has been harvested from the propaganda arm of the controllers…the “entertainment” business.

      The entertainment industry has ignored history, portraying the people of Old Europe in cliche images of barbaric tribes, remything our past.

      New understandings in anthropology/archeology show for the most of our existence we weren’t a male dominated, warlike, and “nature conquering” species. For thousands of years a respect for goddess energy or the creative force, and a cooperative or “partnership” effort was the norm (as Riane Eisler has clearly described it in her excellent books—The Chalice and the Blade and Sacred Pleasure.)

      [The recent discovery of Gobekli Tepi in Turkey of impeccable high quality construction “ruins” built before the Younger Dryas ice age 12,000+ years ago]

      The old Europeans had temples several stories high and were living in spacious, multi-room plaster brick houses. Some houses had clay ovens with chimneys. Most built in lush valleys. Their choices were the beautiful and convenient with good water and soil, not those for defensive posturing and domination. The old Europeans were forced to raise the sword out of survival necessity in the later days of their development for protection against Indo-European invaders.

      Current “philosophers,” educational systems, religions, etc., are all based on what came after the dominator control. They are founded on values of power, greed, and control issues of ownership of land, money, systems, war, and they’re maintained by using fear, and teaching revenge, victim hood, and nationalism. These dominator beliefs are co-regulated by the organized religions who have been the major dissemination of fear, judgment, and division.

      And for all of us, we have been lied to about all ‘known’ history. The recent Mud Flood and Mandela Effect researchers show evidence of a possible re-set of humanity in what is known as the 1800’s…horse and buggy culture building gigantic structures without electricity, power tools, or motorized transportation to move multi ton marble and granite into place from hundreds of miles away??

      Your heart is definitely in the right place but IMO your facts aren’t.


      • ejdoyle

        “…not those for defensive posturing and domination….”

        IF that is a true reflection of pre-IndoEuropean life (I suspect its not since we find evidence of paleolithic massacres in Europe) then the fact is that it was totally unable to protect itself from “dominator culture’ and such an outlook is a dead end (literally dead, LoL)

        People are fallen creatures, there is no Noble savage and even if their were his existence ends when he comes into contact with a superior culture

          • I did not say you were a liar.

            I said you were IMO wrong.

            I also said that IF such a culture did exist outside of academic fantasy it was not able to survive contact with more aggressive rivals and was thus a dead end.

            re accedmic fantasy i point to margret mead and her lies as well as the silly witch cult theory

    • ludio,
      Your sense of war reads as if hollywood propaganda.

      “But now war has become evil and cruel”

      War is and always was evil
      war is cruel beyond description

      To romanticize merits of war is perversion. Its likely the very mind- kontrol used to steal the faith of “soldiers”

      • @vadoum
        Indeed. I try to always go easy on others who have not shed their propagandized beliefs as being “ignorant” means a lack of facts (the stove was hot) but after being offered the facts…9/11; Sandy Hook; etc. and one still resists, it is on them.

        “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”

        JOHN TRUDEL MAY 1980 (speech)
        – Henry Kissinger

        • thanks for that clip,
          brought memories of being a teen, and getting introduced to a close friend of leonard peltier. It kinda marked the beginning of the end in my faith in the cartoon some call government, (or as someone? recently wrote govern:control ment:mind).

          • As a reporter for KPFA, Pacifica Radio in Berkeley, I helped organize the July 1980 Long Walk For Survival that took place at the foot of Elsworth air force base located just outside Rapid City, South Dakota. 2 weeks of classes an ceremony with people from around the world.

            Worked with Dennis Banks, John Trudel, Wynonna LaDuke, Buddhist Monks and Nuns, and others to organize it.

            Then at the gathering with Wallace and Grace Black Elk, Lenoard, a Hopi elder, Thomas Banyacya and others. Saw Thomas years before on a B&W talk show talking about the sacred drawings predicting the madness of today.

            I posted the “govern-ment” quote here weeks ago. Perhaps that was it??

            Regarding the “cartoon government”…
            WELCOME TO CLOWN WORLD (song)

            [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

    • You’ve been to war? Enjoyed it? Want more? There’s plenty of them in play, Sign up for one. Anyone will do, evidently.

      Ever define just what it is about war you are so unwilling to give up?
      Were you raised in Lake Woebegone?

      It would surprise you to know that Cotton Mathers left copious records regarding the utter cowardice of the males of his time? How these settlers would run into the woods and let their wifeys defend home and children from attacks?
      The myth of the hero will die hard. You know, Die Hard, so beloved.

    • Can you recall when and where you were fed this discourse?
      Have you ever tun across any discourses which contradict this one?

    • ludio
      “…As humans we are tribal by nature. It starts in defense of our families and extends out from there.,,,”

      True, but the modern human clings desperately to the lie that humans are infinitely malleable and focused on pleasure. This is a kind of cowardice that we see at the end of the cyclical ‘good times’ and such weak people are normally over run and enslaved by harder folks. Its an excess of feminized males who have been over socialized to fit into their artificial, civilized, ecosystem.

      I would quibble, however, that war was ever anything but Fallen, cruel and wicked- you find massacres of helpless folks even in the stone age. Head hunting savages acted in exactly the same way up until modern times and it even some tame humans will act with unbelievable savagery when the time comes. Human life is still cheap.

      Many wont adjust in time, though, and will just end up dead or enslaved.

  16. What?, what kind ah-va question is that? What’s the perspective of the askers or that of the answerers. What’s the goal?
    Well Jimbo, plump and hairy as you may be, you must remain firm here as editor and chief. Your perspective, is the only one that counts. So 100% that you must adhere to and defend is decidedly saying it is not anti- semitic. However outside the editors hands, the question has been past to the public, and here the truth has now changed to another perspective, another veiw. The answer now is tainted and is less than the ultimate truth you claim. The tainted truth is built of propaganda and will certainly be considered Anti-Semitic with a capitol A & S.
    Using criticism of some preconceived ideas of some order, makes you a cop. So listen up, no matter the level of human suffering being experienced, a cop can come along and make it worse … I say you have a nack of exposing them as they try to become the victim. That’s not a popular thing to do. If that’s the goal, to make their lies miserable, and victimhood manifest, then you have succeeded. It’s hard and necessary with the hard of think. Some aren’t even aware what they criticize is what they do.

    • “Some aren’t even aware what they criticize is what they do.”

      we call this “a.r.r.s.”, accusative responsibility reversal syndrome, used by pro-deceivers.

      • Vadoum,
        The elocution of that acronym is big as Texas. I know of some of the biggest arrs’ in the world. They have what we call e.g.o.. Error Going On, also used by pro-deceivers.

  17. I have watched the anti-semitic card being successfully played over the years. It was even used against Mel Gibson when a Jewish Synagogue Leader claimed money from him, on the grounds that Mel’s words hurt the congregation. Even Mel’s movie ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ (true story of Desmond Doss who received a Medal of Honour), was held back from being released for many, many years, inflicting financial loss. Also Desmond had died during this time, so missed the movie-release. It got a nomination, though public opinion awarded it an Oscar. My question remains ‘Is it anti-semitic to be pro-palestinian? On the other hand, I saw this video ‘Man carrying a ‘Hamas are terrorists” sign is arrested and dragged to the floor by the police’ on, under UK News, posted by Neil Hague on March 10, 2024. James, what does this say about Freedom Of Speech, despite his views? These are troubling times.

    • :…. These are troubling times…..”

      History is returning….we just had that cosy period before decadence when people forget how things really are. Its just part of the cycle of civilizations as laid out by John Bagot Glub and others. a narration of his “Fate of Empires” the same channel has a naration of ‘search for survival’ by the same author

      The ‘end of history’ has ended, Lol.

  18. In an age when big, macho, muscly dudes are getting themselves and their children injected with poison and doing all kinds of other goofy go-along-to-get-along craziness, one skinny guy wearing glasses and a sweater says ‘I talk about what I want, when I want, in whatever way I want, and if you don’t like it, I don’t care.’

    So refreshing in 2024. Thank you!

  19. Mr Corbett is probably the best news source on the internet, but like EVERY other human being he sees the world thru his own ideology and mindset. People are unreasonable IMO to expect him to cover everything- he has said himself that he is not a guru or a leader and there are MASSES of sources that will cover the issue with jewish influence if people want to know how the world works in that regard.

    The first thing people who want to understand what is happening must do is purge their mind of the idea that history is ANYTHING like we are generally programmed to believe and the is a painful process even for people who freely accept that 90% of the modern news is lies.

    The best source on the history of jewish influence and how its shaped the modern world is Dr E M Jones of Culture wars magazine- the 2nd volume of his “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” lays out the shaping of modern America into what it is now.

    There is also “Culture of Critique” by Kevin macdonald which covers some of the same ground.

    For those who dont like to read they can listen to historians like Thomas777 who pops up on the Pete Quinoes show quite often posted is part five of his talk on the JQ.

    The jewish issue is not the ONLY issue, but history makes little sense until you understand how a single ethnic group has been instrumental in everything from the Bolshevik revolution, ending world war one, mass immigration, abortion and mainstreaming homosexuality, suburban sprawl, socialism and the rise of the American Empire as well as Transhumanism and the Trans stuff.

  20. thank you as always for your lucidity—would that i could get my Kennedy for president friends to listen to this episode- (you make so many wonderful, logical points)–as they cannot hear my perspective as to why i can no longer support him- RFK jr has stated that the israelis have been ‘kind and patient’ , provide ‘roof knockers’ , and say that it’s ok to drop white phosphorous on the civilian population – although it beggars belief that his number one point on his platform is the end of ‘forever wars’ , does not deserve support , whether or not one believes that the voting system has any validity left to it at all, if indeed it ever did. I

  21. Interesting discussion here.
    For those who claim there are no solutions, and have sworn off imbibing those yummy dilutions, one must wonder, has it helped you to see, more clearly, all the delusions?

    • Doesn’t he claim to be a Christian?

      • He is in the Russian Orthodox church but was born into a Jewish family and knows the Jewish religion, culture, and way of thinking perfectly well.

        • kalat

          Like Johannes Pfefferkorn he knows what their thinking is and he turned away from the evil.

          Sad thing was that Pfefferkorn was slandered and called ‘a jew’ despite his clear conversion, by alleged christians who were eager to take up jewish magical practices like Kabbalah.

          • I have not heard of Pfefferkorn. I will read about him. Thanks for bringing him about.

    • Thx. Saw the interview & Bro N. He said he’d read the bible over 100 times yet he still wears a dress and is admittedly Orthodox. I wonder what bible he is reading. Clearly a catholic bible. Anything after 1880 is a catholic bible. The words of Jesus are very clear in my King James Bible, Math 23, Mark 12, & Luke 20 warning about pple who love to go about in long clothing & such like…

      • He would give you an extended answer on this, I don’t doubt.
        Try to reach him and ask.

    • @kalat Didn’t see your msg until about a wk later. 2wks b4 could get back on the net. At that time utube had removed NickF. video. Not sure why. Nothing untoward was said in the whole of the video. Still not sure how to ck for msgs on this site, but will try to keep up w/ this query. Seems to be solely on email…blech! & i keep forgetting to include @name…oi!

      Finally found B.Nathanael on the twitter & interview w/ AdamGreen of rumble. Still don’t know how my msg went ’cause couldn’t figure out how to call up my pg of what i write. So much has changed since i’ve been on same. Recall old account i could pull up every joke/convo ever written.

      As i was fighting w/ the twitter i listened to the interview. It was painful. They should have defined terms. Especially (((jew))). All could have been answered by a seasoned saved person w/ a right bible. Both guys are prolly not saved, yet arguing about things that cannot be answered by an unsaved type. A.Green primarily uses NWO bible version NIV (non-inspired version) & other preverted docs like Septuagint & Tanach, which only breed confusion. B.Nathanael didn’t call him on this fraud & suspect he has traded 1 cult for another.

      Said i would try to check twitter & rumble again today. Saw a snail mail contact & may just go w/ that bc i know that could be sewed up & tied PDQ.

  22. Brother Nathanael is proof that there is no DNA of bad behavior in jewish folks- its all down to the evil culture of hatred towards gentiles that grew up around the Talmud.

  23. I found the following article very informative. Info is organized in 7 questions

    The Unz Review
    The Jewish Roots of the Gaza Rampage
    Mike Whitney Interview with Ron Unz
    Monday, March 11, 2024 • 5,900 Words

    Responding to Ducks comment: ‘its all down to the evil culture of hatred towards gentiles that grew up around the Talmud’.
    Yesterday, on YouTube, I saw a video of a dog eating a Palestinian Child midst Israeli Soldiers’ background laughter. Other videos were on shooting children midst civilian laughter in the background flaunting their accuracy for the targetted body parts. Brings to mind the target practice on the American Indians of the Badlands (a region of multi-hued canyons and wind-sculpted hoodoos in southern Alberta). Are we back to the Roman Colosseum or worse?

      • Miss King,
        All the info is heady. It’s like learning new languages on politics, economics, science etc. I began in 2013 by simply listening to Corbett and hardly understanding anything in the beginning and it gradually came together as one comprehensive language of one global agenda. I just tried the above link and it opens. The audio is 46.45 minutes, includes a PDF, no Video. It opens at the same link:
        Ron Unz is a great writer and his website is where you can subscribe for the newsletter. All the best.

    • @Lumen i beg your pardon! Glad is working okay. I tried 3 times! Maybe was too late at nite for me.

      News is easier to take w/ Mr. Corbett. He can make us LOL.

      Our head gaskets would blow if we had to take same all at once.

      Many thanks for the info. Don’t have good sources on the (((jews))) since my foray down that rabbit holey & ran into some nice white nationalist types. Still a bit miffed i couldn’t get the 1st episode of Europa, but someday…maybe. *sigh* Cursed penchant for serials!

  24. James, have been waiting for this to be discussed and as usual articulated with common sense, humaneness and intelligence.

    The dancing Israelis on 9/11 and USS Liberty are just the start of much deeper corruption and murderous insanity.
    October 7th, the Israeli government need to be exposed, their tentacles rooted into the American government and justice for the murder of innocent Palestinian, Israelis and American citizens.

  25. James, if anything, you should start avoiding the subject of stupid.

    • This is why you’re the best James. Just solid logic and facts. Perfect answer to the 2,000 year old deed stuff!

  26. I am annoyed for James that he has to make a video about his own website that people can freely visit or not on topics that are easily researched on his own website.

    Imagine inviting yourself over a friend’s or relative’s house then persisting you stay for dinner and have the audacity to critique their cooking and food choice without saying thank you one time.

    That’s you.

  27. Friends, the word salad is dead. Long live the word salad!

    “Semite” is a biblical term desceibimg the sons of shem (one of Noah’s sons), and …akshually, arabs (like judeans) consider themselves “semites”.

    “Israel” is the name of Jacob (Abraham’s grandson). It is also used to describe the 13 tribes spawning from his sons (and 2 grandsons).

    Modern day Israel uses the biblical branding as camouflage to what at best is Neo-Judea, and at worst, Rabbinitopia (utopian rabbinicism).

    Many will say the name, Levi, is a “jewish name.” Its a great example of how word-salad confused modernity is with this dirty biblical snowball.

    (btw, “Levi” is from Aaron’s lineage, not Judah’s).

    The State of Israel occupying the galili, the golan, or the negev to elat, and justifying it with biblical claims does so only by shapeshifting camouflage.

    Biblical Judea is not anything similar to State of Israel borders.

    Moreso, there is no “Right of Return” for non-jewish progeny of any other biblical inheriting son of Jacob.

    In a fit of spinning it in bad connotation, one can very accurately say that the jewish identity movement is attempting to steal the “semitic” label from the arabs, in just the same manner they have stolen the biblically blessed lands of their cousins, the other 12 tribes of Jacob.

    For the student, there were 12 sons, yet Aaron didnt inherit (his faction became the Levis), and Joseph didnt inherit, but his sons Manashe and Ephraim did in his stead (hence, 13 tribes).

    Its an easy word salad quagmire to try to stumble through, even for the beltway american protestant who thinks he knows his bible.

    As accurate as a poor connotation i described above, its equally accurate to say that the members of the jewish identity movement are eager and passionate dupes, to what always happens when you have fervent mobs of willing dupes- they are led by sociopathic tyrants.

  28. PINNED
    What James Corbett Talks About…

    Monday 11 March 2024 – Is Opposing Israel Anti-Semitic? – Questions For Corbett

    James Corbett says:
    6:46 mark
    …But at any rate, I will start my response today by pointing out, as I had caused to point out in (QFC) Questions for Corbett Number 100, isn’t it weird how…
    People always start their accusation, their finger pointing with:
    “You never talk about, You’re totally silent about, You’ve kept your mouth shut on this issue”. “What are you avoiding?” “Why won’t you say anything, James?”…

    12:25 mark
    …So the idea you never talk about is flatly, blatantly, demonstrably untrue.
    And, of course, when you point this out to the people who accuse you, why are you so silent?
    It would be, well, “You’re not talking about it ENOUGH!”
    Which, again, is the unwinnable argument.
    I’m not playing that game.
    Anyway, people can decide to watch or not watch or listen or not listen to anything I do at any time.
    That’s completely their prerogative.

    But it is 100% and totally my prerogative that I have always adhered to and will always adhere to:
    I talk about whatever I want, whenever I want to, in whatever way I want.
    I compromise for nobody.
    I don’t talk about something or not talk about something because anybody…says anything or intimidates me or threatens, “Oh, I’ll withdraw my support”.
    I don’t care.
    Do what you’re going to do and I will do what I’m going to do.
    And you wouldn’t want it any other way.
    But anyway, that’s just to put that on the record.
    No, I am not silent and I’m not avoiding any issues….

  29. For someone/anyone to be Semetic they have to have descended from Shem, one of the son’s of Noah. Since the so called Jew’s did not descend from Shem then they cannot be considered as Semetic or Shemetic. If you care to do some serious digging you will find out that the Jew’s descended from Cain through Esau/Edom. Those were the very people that Yahsuah/Jesus called out in the book of John as liars and impostors. They were also not descended through one of the 12 sons of Jacob/Israel named Judah. See Rev. 2:9 and 3:9. Much more could be said.

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